Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune Launch Date: November 19th

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Hi all – this is my first PlayStation Blog post so let me first introduce myself – I work in Software Product Marketing and lucky enough to be working with Naughty Dog on Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune.

I’m sure you’ve heard some rumors that Uncharted will be hitting stores November 15th. As much as we’d love to get the game in your hands earlier, just wanted to let you guys know that we are still on schedule to be in-store November 19th…so you’re going to have to wait 7 more days ;-). But hopefully the demo and DJ Shadow track will keep you going till then.

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  • Lets hope they have actually fixed all the graphics issues I asked about in one of the other threads from Naughty Dog, don’t know if they actually played the demo before releasing it but in places the tearing is so bad is spoils the game, one place being the big waterfall at the start of the demo, if you go by it and just move the camera around the waterfall rips in half…

  • I never got any tearng, but this game just got 8.5 across the baord at EGM, which means it isn’t a AAA game for Sony and that sucks. They really needed this game to do well. I’ll buy it, but the masses won’t. Sony’s just gonna have to start shelling out more money for exclusives if they want to be successful. All there is to it.

  • This game is AAA.

    I have never seen graphics like these and the gameplay is so much fun and the environments wow…

    It’s a lot of fun, it may re-invent the wheel but who cares, don’t we want to be impressed visually and have great gameplay? I think so…

  • Just noticed someone say gamespot gave ratched 7.5 LOL

    I don’t go there for reviews and you shouldn’t either…lol

    Uncharted is an amazing game so far…

  • I think Sony needs to put more money into their developers cause 8.5’s aren’t what Sony needs right now. They need 9.0 + as an overall average for their exclusive games. We’re not getting that. The only game to ever score a 9 is oblivion and Call of Duty. … Wanna explain this Sony? Why we bought 600 dollar Ps3’s for mediocre games. Thanks alot.

  • Hey for those who are so much concern about those “professional” review score for the game. Aren’t they all just human being and gamers(some are anyway). They are just like the movie critics, most box office don’t get high score, except those OSCAR material getting high scores. I don’t buy games just based on high score. I got my Mario Galaxy yesterday, i thought was ok game but definitely not 9.9 score game, to me anyway. I will still buy UNCHARTED, because i like it and not because of other people influences. I am sure we all have our own personal view and type of games we preferred. So….SONY i think this is a great game. My opinions anyway….Cheers

  • This will be the last game I buy for the Ps3. I’m going to experience and enjoy it… And come December 1st I’m trading my Ps3 in with all the crap I’ve bought for it. I’m done with Sony and their mediocre crap. 8.5 for their AAA games?? Please… We paid a premium price to play shoddy ports and 8.5 scored games? I don’t think so. too much money and faith invested in Sony. I’m out after Uncharted, finally! thanks Naugtydog, it’s been a great ride, but I’m sure I’ll see you on the xbox 360 after a few more weeks of the Ps3 only selling 64,000 units in the us. haahah.

  • i think it will come sooner for some reason.

  • I just got a call from Gamestop to go pick up Uncharted Tomorrow Friday 16. YEAHHHHHHHHHH

  • Doesn’t anyone else think it’s ironic that so far, two of the most over-hyped games so far this generation of games haven’t lived up to the hype, and are getting mediocre reviews, while Uncharted hasn’t gotten the glorified spotlight that comes with most games of it’s caliber, is doing well with reviews across the board, and is bringing something NEW to the scene, instead of a generic FPS with too much bloom-lighting or a run-of-the-mill sandbox game?

    I do.

  • Hi Asad, Gamestop/EB is releasing the game tomorrow the 16th actually.

    Anyway I just want to write to you because I think the marketing for Rachet and Clank was a disaster. Why? Because you guys are waiting a week after the game releases before commercials hit the air. If you want to create hype and anticipation around a game then tell people it’s coming. Simple as that. Make people wonder what it is, and do research on it and tell their friends. From the looks of it you are running into the same mistake with Uncharted. The game comes to us tomorrow and no one besides hardcore gamers on the internet know about it. Extremely poor choice. You should have had an MTV special, something!

    I am really puzzled that you have not learned this yet. Motorstorm was one of the highest selling PS3 titles because just about everyone knew it was coming. Uncharted may be the biggest flop of this holiday unless you do tell people about it.

    Also who is handling retailer relationships. PS3 section in all best buys and toys r us I go to seemed strip bare. They hardly have any titles on display meanwhile the competition has walls of restocked choices. You guys really need to get your act together.

  • I walked over to my local Gamestop to ask the employees about this on saturday the 17th…. as soon as I mentioned “uncharted” they said it was in and pulled out a copy for me… So I forked over the cash in exchange for the game……… I freaking love it!!!

    You guys created an excellent game here. It’s my personal favorite on the PS3 and it’s going to be hard to beat.

    …19th huh ;)

  • @Gamesblow, why don’t you just go and S***k up your a**? What is the matter with you? If you like it then buy and enjoying it, else just don’t bother with it ok? Why act like a cry baby? Nobody force you to buy the PS3 or any other games. Just because the review is not as good as u think might be and the sales might not be as hype as Wii, do you decided to sell the PS3? This is the most hideous reason i have ever heard. You know what, you really should be a Wii owner(i got one too) because then u can go and show off to people because it got a good reviews and it sells well. but then leave on your table collecting dust. We are here,because we love it. Sick of all the people whinning! I hope you really sell your console, so we won’t be seeing u crying and whinning like a big soak here anymore. Hooraeee!

  • I love and have played the demo many times….

    Just picked it up today finally. Can’t wait to get home and play it but for now must work…haha

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