More PS3 Ad Spots Now Airing

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By now, there’s an excellent chance you’ve seen at least one of our new PLAYSTATION 3 television spots during your favorite programming in the last two weeks.

You guys have all been really great about letting us know how much you like our ads and we really appreciate it, so we just wanted to send a couple more your way that have already started airing.

Last week, Peter Dille revealed spots showcasing the PS3 as an entertainment powerhouse and exciting 1st Party titles. But that’s only part of the story. We have excellent 3rd party titles hitting the PS3 this month that really complement our game lineup.

This first spot highlights Activision’s Call of Duty 4, which arrived in stores this past Tuesday and has been getting amazing reviews from the gaming press.

The second spot features Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed, which will start showing up on store shelves on November 13th. Assassin’s Creed has been one of the most anticipated games of the season, and in this spot you’ll see why.

You’ve all been asking for more PS3 games and we hear you. Call of Duty 4 and Assassin’s Creed are just two of the great third party games coming to the PLAYSTATION 3 in the coming months. Exclusive titles such as Haze from Ubisoft and Metal Gear Solid 4 from Konami, plus Burnout Paradise, WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2008, and Time Crisis 4 showcase a varied lineup that you can only find on PLAYSTATION 3.

Keep coming back because more spots will be unveiled in the next coming weeks. And, before you ask, yes, we are trying to get all of these spots (including the PS3 brand ones) onto the PLAYSTATION Store.

Thanks again for all the great feedback and being so passionate about our brand!

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  • I’m loving some AC. Can’t wait to but this baby. When is it out in Europe again?

  • sony,

    honestly, speaking on behalf of a frustrated customer/gaming community, we dont care about anything but 2 things.

    1. in game xmb right now.
    2. raise the cap of friends (i have 50 ppl waiting to be added to my buddy list that i cant play games with because of the limit)

    want proof? and the podcast playstation nation that is posted there. new episode goes up in 30 mins. 2.0 chat with 5+ reviews tonight.

  • sweet cant wait awesome!

  • ^^ speak for you self. no one chats with 50 friends , ever all most of the people like you do is add friends and never talk to them so its pointless, even if they are clan members and people want to be able to access their music and send messges during games, the whole xmb would be pointless.

    Anyway i think these commercials are awesome and i applaud you guys for them. COD4 looks great.

  • I’ve already seen several PS3 ads tonight during WWE Smackdown, including one for Call of Duty 4 and two different ones for Assassin’s Creed. Both games look awesome! It’s good to see Sony and their third-party partners are stepping up their marketing efforts.

  • That store is a mess. Just make it another XMB and let us change the backgroungs and theme.

  • I would love to see the full length Universe of Entertainment tv spot in 1080p on the psn

  • Nice, the more TV ads the better. Can we get some of the adds on the PSN?

    And where are the PLAYSTATION CARDS?

  • I like the TV ads for these games. especially at the end. :o

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  • @8 read before you ask

  • Boom
    Do you want it!
    Do you need it!
    Let me hear it!
    Ladies and Gentlemen!

    Nice work Sony. The Advertising Gears are churning at an rapid pace.

  • Like the current commercials, but why show Home this early? Anyway I was beginning to wonder why there was hardly any advertising for the PS3.

  • this is cool now some people might think Assassin’s Creed is only on the ps3 because it din’t show any xbox360 sign. Good job Sony!

  • Nice to Sony get back to some really good marketing. The new campaign brings back memories of the u r not E clever marketing days.

  • cool and awesome!!

    ps3 is the future

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  • Holy crap!!

    FIRST EVER PS3 footage of Assassin’s Creed!!!

    I hope that wasnt the CG trailer we’ve seen ages ago!

  • Very cool you guys.

    I am finally starting to see some commercials on TV now. Keep it up.

  • is the new commercial from the E3 06 trailer??!!

  • cool adds, now it is time for Haze and Metal Gear Solid 4 and Burnout Paradise, WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2008, and Time Crisis 4 adds.

  • Excellent commercials. Continue to let consumers know that the PS3 is, first and foremost, made for playing GAMES.

  • Sony will get a hit. Just keep coming out with exclusives. If you keep swinging, your bound to make a home run.

  • Nice! I really love the entire campaign! Way to step up Sony! I have one question, can the Playstation Store please be remade, into software that is? I mean making it a webpage has caused you guys a ton of trouble with updating and stuff. And a new look would be cool, please? Oh yeah, two questions, Network Cards? Please? Do it for your favorite consumer! ^_^

  • Sweet, you guys are kicking ass. I’m hoping to see a major push for Haze from Sony as well. There’s a new Haze promotion up called “Streets of Britain Video” that is HILARIOUS. I would love to see this on the Playstation Store along with more of them!

  • I’m loveing it.

  • Really cool, guys!

  • nice ads! cant wait for these games.

    and for those asking about PSN cards, they’ve already been released in japan and asia but i do not know about the US.

  • i just saw the Assassins Creed one, but i have a question, are there any HD version of this tv spots??? if theres any can you tell us where to find them??, i saw one of last week spots on tnthd, but it wasnt pure hd, it was more like a stretched version, ( tnthd tends to do that with everything ), thx.

  • Hd version will be on the store Thursday. read the end part of the post.And, before you ask, yes, we are trying to get all of these spots (including the PS3 brand ones) onto the PLAYSTATION Store.

  • The ads are great ^_^!I havent seen the COD 4 ad,but I’ve seen that Assassin’s Creed ad and I saw another AC ad that included the theme music of “House”.Keep the commercials coming!!!!

  • i still dont get the big deal about in-game xmb.. i simply could care less about that feature, if it was never implemented, i’d be fine with it.. why would i need it, seriously???

    as for the ads, they look great.. but i think maybe there should be one that features more family-friendly fare… to maybe offset Wii ads or show people that you can find something for everyone on there.. i think showing a lot of violent games with war or car crashes or whatnot could alienate some tv viewers..

  • hey sony let people know online is free

  • LOL do a Super Rub A Dub ad! And no I am not hating on that game, I love it and got all the gold medals in it :-) I just think it is funny how I seem to be the only person on Earth who liked it.

    Honestly people, stop moaning about stuff—if you politely post it they will look into it–you might not get your answer right away but soon enough—according to PS3 Fanboy’s contacts they (Sony) are working on in-game XMB so, while they handle other issues people have had with them (such as marketing), why not give them a break since they are working their tail off to please us huh?

  • I’ve been seeing PS3 ads on TV, in magazines and online. I love them. I find myself always making sure I check them out. They are great and very well done. I agree with ‘chase,’ you should drop lines about online play being free. That’s a great selling point. I own COD4 and love it. I can’t wait to get AC. Hopefully soon I’ll be able to enable media server connection. And hopefully my Samsung HDTV will start cooperating and stop with the HDMI drops. Then I’ll be even happier than I am with the PS3. Looking forward to the great things to come with regards to the PS3!!! Keep it up!

  • I have already seen some ads, I like them, keep it up.

  • Again awesome job on the ads Sony!!!!

  • One thing, i dont like how the 360 has these same spots but at the end it says 306 ” jump in”. Sometimes you nvr see the ps3 one all you see is the 360 spot. It makes it look like the game is for 360 only. Im still very happy that sony and the marketing team has upped there advertising. Lets see uncharted get a few commercials, more than one would be nice. Good job nonetheless.

  • Call Of Duty 4 is KICKASS

  • These are nice, but not as good as the PS3 ones :)

  • Pretty good. It’s nice to see the massive ad campaign.

  • This is great, finally Sony is marketing the PS3 properly and ads of big multi-platform games like these featuring the PS3 can only improve things. Please Sony, keep it up. Also, please give us a decent firmware update! Thanks.

  • @ Kim Nguyen // Marketing Manager, PLAYSTATION 3

    We want the commercials in HD in the PSN store… And couldn’t you take a swing by the Sony Bravia people and ask for all the Bravia commercials in HD?

  • Err….before asking for HD. Do any of you guys have problems playing those videos? I have a DSL line with 16mbit downstream (in Germany) and i cannot play these videos without hickups. Gametrailers in HD – no problem, YouTube no problem. Something must be wrong here. Is anyone else having these problems?

  • Cool spots… now fork them over in HD over the PSN store or the PlayStation site. Like the other guy (your marketing VP I think) said, you should be flattered that we are actually *asking* you for your ads. LOL. So hurry up already!

  • Funny, I just ordered both a few days ago. But I go with the 360-Version of AC (because of the achievements) and the PS3-Version of CoD4 (free multiplayer ftw!)

  • The PS Store needs to be better intergrated into the XMB.

    And god give us in-game XMB!

  • I’m I the only one thats confused as to why Sony is advertising multi-platform games as if their exclusives to the ps3?!

    It’s nice to see Sony finally getting out of those stupid/weird ass commercials of “this is living” and the one where the ps3 is in the white room..God whoever created those should be FIRED!

    I think Sony needs to start advertising the PSN as a FREE service (online-play) I can see that would put Microsoft in a bind with their $50/year online gaming service.

    Anyway, Sony still needs to educate the “average joe” what the Ps3 can really do and what services it offers and the EXCLUSIVES its bringing..Have no idea everyone of my friends want a 360 because Sony has failed with the “average joes” and with it still being $399 thats still alot of show them why they should pick one up instead of going with the 360 which is cheaper!

  • Yes the times of non-existant game selection are getting to the end. The next months will be cool. Thanks

    Please stop the whining about ingame XMB I am sure they are working on it but it will be hard to do technically, they start a new OS when games start so that isn’t done with a finger flick.

  • Big improvement over the horrible ‘white room’ ads. Be even better if these two great games were PS3 exclusives….wasn’t Assasin’s Creed a PS3 exclusive once upon a time?

    We need more of this type of ad, and fewer ‘high concept’ ads that didn’t even show gameplay.

    I expect new ones for Uncharteds release very soon…..

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