Warhawk v1.1 Patch and Arbiters

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Hey everyone, its been awhile since I last made a post here. The team and I have been cranking away on support and updates for Warhawk and I thought it’d be a good idea to give you all an update as to what the hell we’ve been up to.

So … since my last post, we’ve launched Warhawk in South-East Asia, Korea and Japan — which now means our community spans 15 different languages!

warhawk languages (by You)

We’ve also been working on a lot of fixes, server-side updates and client patches. Because lets face it, while the team and I were really happy with our launch and players around the globe were having a blast playing, there were some problems that players encountered once we rolled the game out to the masses (stats, connection issues, etc). I’m not going to sugar coat that with a strawberry-flavored, pink, PR candy shell – it’s the truth.

All of that said, we have been hard at work to address the big issues that our Warhawk community currently is experiencing. We have already addressed the majority of our stats-related issues with the deployment of a few server-side updates. These were updates that we rolled out “on our end” without any of the players having to download an actual Warhawk patch. These updates also fixed many of the connection issues. But not all.

The remaining core updates have to be delivered as a client-side patch, hence my next topic – the impending global release of our Warhawk v1.1 patch.

Now we actually have been working on 2 patches — but I’ll talk about the second patch in my next post.

The first update, the v1.1 patch, addresses the critical issues with stats and connectivity. Those two points were the focus of this patch and while they may seem small, they had a huge impact on our player base.

The v1.1 patch is in the last stages of testing right now and should be deployed worldwide by the end of October. Here’s a change list for the server-side updates that we’ve already made as well as what’s upcoming in v1.1:

Server-side updates
* Stat database stability improvements
* Improved server stability
* Max Clan limit changed from 32 to 64
* Viral Rank-up bug fixed and correct for players that were accidentally ranked up.
* “Time-in-Vehicle” Stats fixed so certain awards can now be granted properly.

Client-side updates for Patch v1.1
* Stat connection, fetch/post fixes
* Significantly improved client connection stability
* Quad “????” Ping display bug fixed.
* Added support for Player-Ranked Servers.
* Game synchronization fixes due to fluctuating network conditions (packet-drop).
* Crash fixes for end of game and split screen.

These updates make a huge improvement to the stats and connection issues that some players were experiencing. The team and I know how much of a pisser it is to not get the award your worked for or how frustrating it can be to try and get on to some of the busy, popular servers.

The v1.1 patch makes the world a much happier place … ok, maybe not the world, but at least the Warhawk universe :)

We are also responding to complaints about players that are stat-padding, griefing or just messing with the Warhawk community in general. This is incredibly frustrating for players and we are not taking it lightly!!

Warhawk_Arbiters (by You)

A few weeks ago one of our mods made a post on the Warhawk forums letting people know that kind of behavior will not be tolerated. That was just a warning. Now, to protect the Warhawk community and preserve the legitimacy of our worldwide leader boards, I am announcing the existence of the Warhawk Arbiters. These are members of our online services groups in both the US and Europe that will be overseeing the leader boards, community stats and will also be “in the trenches” joining game servers for first-hand observation. Their PSN account names will remain a secret. They have the authority to warn players, call a player out to prove his or her skills, or render judgment … think Judge Dredd.

Judgment can take many forms, an email warning, forum post, a kick, temporary/permanent ban, or the Warhawk Arbiters can request your Warhawk stats be “cleansed.”

There are thousands and thousands of good, well-mannered players. We will not tolerate a small few messing with our global community. So be warned!!

That’s it for now; I’ll be posting again very soon to discuss the v1.2 patch…

As always, Rock on!

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  • Good job, guys. I’m looking forward to it.

  • Wait, so you guys CAN erase stats? Do me a favor and wipe mine. Name’s snozzb3rry. My PSN account is registered with the same e-mail as this site, if you can wipe them upon request but need a confirmation.

  • I was wondering is the v1.2 patch the one that will allow the dropships that were talked about in Gameinformer. Plus I also heard there could be a motorcycle and hovercraft added. So I want to know if this is true or not. Also please allow there to be new maps when the new vehicles get added.

  • all i can say is about time…. this is the longest patch wait…..ever…!

  • yeah can i request a cleansing too?

  • Dylan thanks for the update. We know you are working hard!!!

    PLEASE give us downloadable maps!!! I’ll pay a few bucks if I have to!

    Lastly, thanks to you and the team for making the GREATEST multi-player game I have ever played. This game ROCKS!!!

  • Warhawk is the best online multiplayer game there is.I simply love it.I just recently got it (I waited ’cause I was afraid my 3mb down NAT Type 3 internet connection would lag) and I was nicely surprised that there was no lag.Not once have I experienced lag.I did have some of the problems that this patch will fix though (my best game ever was never counted).So thanks and I can’t wait for the December expansion.

  • I’m glad your fixing the rank issues, i have only 300 points but im a commader which requires 70000.

    Dylan, thanks again :)

  • good news! :)

  • Dont know if this is exactly related, but it came about due to Warhawk, so here goes.

    I found a tank glitcher in a game, and used the sony report form to report him for cheating, Never told him that I was or did report him.

    A few days later, I recieve a message from him on my ps3 ‘hahah you reported me, i cant get banned, i handle files for SCEA, haha too bad’ something like that. My question is, How could he know I reported him, And is he telling the truth that he works or is somhow afiliated with Sony, and if that is the case, why is he cheating, and why is he messaging users who report him for cheating? Seems very fishy to me

  • Is it just me or you guys are also already tired of Warhawk? I thought it would last a lot like Gears of War and Halo 2 (which are still fun one and three years after release), but it didn’t for me… I guess the hard time I have connecting to play because of these awful bugs (3 years developping a multiplayer-only game with as little as 5 maps are aparently not enought time for Incognito to make it reasonably bug-free) take part of the blame!

  • I gotta tell you I totally was into Warhawk, but when all the stats problems and ranking issues and connection issues kept happening…it really took away from the enjoyment of the game. It was completely frustrating and many times I just turned it off.

    But, I still kept coming back because Warhawk is the shiznit and I had to get my fix some how.

    I do hope you price the expansion relatively fair due to all the problems we the faithful have encountered since the release. Give us pocket friendly 1.2 as a peace offering and then hit us up with more stuff soon after (maps, vehicles, weapons) and I would gladly pay for it all because I enjoy it that much.

    Reward all the games who have stuck with you through all the problems. Believe me, the fans of the game would continue to support you guys, knowing that you guys were here not to just make $$$ but to truly provide high end, quality, next gen gaming and entertainment to gamer community.

  • Awesome, glad the stats are being fixed. I was wondering, does that mean that are rank will go down to where it needs to be as well?

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    […] Warhawk v1.1 Patch and ArbitersHey everyone, its been awhile since I last made a post here. The team and I have been cranking away on support and updates for Warhawk and I thought it d be a good idea to give you all an update as to what the hell we ve been up to.… […]

  • Dylan:

    I just wanted to take this quick opportunity to thank you and your team for Warhawk. It is without a doubt one of the most addicting games I’ve ever played in my life. I also just wanted to tell you that because of your game, my best friend is going out to buy a PS3 within the next week. All because he can’t get enough of Warhawk. Thank you for all your hard work and I look forward to playing this game for a long time.

    On a side note, any chance of us maybe getting one new map before December? That would be great!

  • To Dylan,

    Quick question… I’ve played a game in the past where I was flagged/penalized simply because sore-losing opponents (who outnumbered me greatly) complained to admin/authorities of the game and their decision was an instant albeit temporary ban. What made it worse was that I was not able to defend myself or appeal the ban. My only course of action was to wait it out… but I ended up not playing the game anymore.

    Now I’m not saying that the Warhawk Arbiters will be unjust, but my question is that if something like an instant ban or any penalties were to occur, will there be somewhere or someone a player could contact to appeal their “rendered judgments”?


  • Wow, Incog/Dylan. You guys are FINALLY going to patch Warhawk. Yay…?

    I loved this game but haven’t touched it for about a month due to all the problems it has, especially with all the point-cheaters cheating their way to the top of the faulty Leaderboards. I see that you said Arbiters will have the power to reset the cheaters’ stats, but what about all the cheaters that HAVE BEEN cheating for the past month?? Will every one of their stats be cleansed? Because that’s the main issue at hand.

    Oh, and it’s cool to be able to play in our own ranked games, but I can’t believe this will now be an option. Even with the Arbiters, this new ability given to players will be abused to no end. Have fun moderating Warhawk now that this option is available, lol.

    Thanks for at least announcing this update, even if it’s 1 month too late. I hope to maybe play Warhawk again and hope that this game can finally achieve greatness.

  • thats cool and everything but i already got rid of the game…the headset works well with my cell phone too…but the game totally did not live up to the hype!!!

  • oh and i didnt want to “sugar coat that with a strawberry-flavored, pink, PR candy shell – it’s the truth. “…i couldnt say it any better then that!!!


  • Dylan how are the Arbiters going to handle all the players at the top of the leaderboards with padded stats? One at a time? There are easily a couple hundred players that have entirely illegitimate stats.

    How long will it take for things to be cleaned up?

  • Thankyou Dylan. I was one of those who complained on the forums because I really love the game but the deliberate team killers and tank glitchers were ruining it for me and I felt I could not recommend it until those issues were sorted out. I’m really happy to hear that you and your team are working on the problems and you are listening to the fans. All the best.

  • Could you tell Polyphony to make engine, clutch, and shifting sounds more realistic for us? Thanks mate

  • Wow dylan ur heaps better that the guys at zipper and slant 6! U make them look like crap since u post alot!
    Well done. Keep up the good work. Dont do what zipper and sl6 did, posting for a while then vanishing for no reason.

  • Glad to see some issues will be fixed!

  • Dylan pwns all!

  • Dylan… first, great game. Love it!

    One thing i really hope is that you put a small option in the screen setup menu that allows you to dim or make transparent the heads up display for those who play this game on plasma screens.

    I find after playing for some time, that the bottom right bars and weapon select in the lower left burn slightly into my screen, and it prevents me playing the game anywhere near as much as i would like to as i always fear permanent damage to my screen.

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE add this mall option. Looking around at other posts, i know i am certainly not the only affected by this.

    I really hope that game developers start taking note that a lot of people play games on plasma display panels, and not just lcd, and its a problem that concerns us all a lot!

    All we ask is that there is the smallest of options to allow on screen heads ups to be dimmed down or made semi transparent. Thanks =)

    But again…. wicked game, and enjoy very much every time i play it. Just hope i can play it a lot more in the future if this is fixed =)


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  • * Viral Rank-up bug fixed and correct for players that were accidentally ranked up.

    i hope so, i was upped to commander and can’t play anything lower than a lv4 server, the game suddenly stopped being the fun it was using ranked servers due to being pwned by those gamers that have actually earned their ranks.

    respect to you guys!

  • Thank you soo much for being dedicated to your game! It really makes a huge impact! Thanks again!

  • awesome
    hope to see more soon

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  • -A PN/Mail function for other Player would be helpful!
    -or a ingame switch to the xmb!
    -a clan intern voice chat with open mic!

  • The Arbiter thing is a great idea, let’s hope it’s executed well! Anyway, well done on the good support for the game. Who’d think Warhawk would’ve become so good? Any chance of a single player? =P

  • Thanks for your continued hard work! Now that you mention it … humour us with a Canadian flag. Don’t make us contrive a whole new language just to get our props! LOL


  • Thanks for the new patches :D

    can’t wait for it to come and thank god the glitches are going away (was fun hunting glitchers to kill though)

    oh there are some ideas on Gamefaqs that might be interesting in the Warhawk board that might be added as downloadable content

  • Good to hear that things are being fixed. Warhawk is my favourite game at the moment, initially I couldn’t get enough of it but it’s starting to wane due to the issues noted above. Expecially the stat issue, “General” level games are always full and seem to be hit and miss, more often than not there’s a real team of General level players against a team of “noob” Generals (like me, or my mate who was promoted within an hour of playing) so one team (usually mine) gets slaughtered … but because of our levels we can’t join lower ranked games and play against people of our own abilities.

    Although regarding the teamkill issue … I don’t think it’s fixed yet, or if it is it seems very hit-and-miss. In one game a guy kept on TKing our team, the flag carrier etc etc. I died at least 5 times by him but … no kick. Then in the same game I got kicked cause some blokes decided to repeatedly chase enemies into my minefields and a snap-shot on our flag carrier killed a team member. Just last Saturday I was playing a CTF and some guy ended on -101 points. How many TK’s do you need to get -101 points (and they weren’t flag-carriers either … because we didn’t capture any flags)? Yet there he was, in the next game, doing the same thing … and the next … then I quit cause he clearly wasn’t going anywhere. Why didn’t I just TK him back? Well I certainly didn’t want to be kicked as I has before, did I? But he seemed to be able to do what he wanted with no problem.

    Although as an aside I think there are 3 things which should be implemented:
    1 – Being TKed shouldn’t count towards your K/D ratio. I was somewhat displeased when I was trying to play the game properly and the -101 dude (who I was trying to ignore) killed me 10+ times and I discovered that they counted towards my death count. WTF is up with that? Hey, I’ve got a cunning plan to increase my K/D ratio … just do what he did. But wait … I get banned for TKing.
    2 – Mine-kills shouldn’t count as a TK as mines are only tripped by enemies or when shot. So if one of your team wants to blow themselves up chasing someone onto your mine or shooting it it’s not exacly a voluntary TK (like shooting wih a rifle or tank), is it?
    3 – Respawn, PARTICULARILY in zones matched. I really don’t think you should be able to respawn at a zone you were just killed at. It’s SO frustrating killing a lone defender then waiting to capture the zone … and waiting … and waiting … and waiting. Meanwhile that guy has respawned at that base and knifed you in the back or blown you up in a tank or something. I don’t think you should be able to respawn at the base you were killed (except, obvioulsy, your “home” base).

    But those are just my ideas. Any news on that expansion (god I can’t wait for it, Warhawk was the game I was most looking forward to all year and an expansion can only make things better).

  • Does this patch mean I’ll be able to get in a game in less than an hour? Yes an hour of sorting through and clicking X over the server list.

  • while I’m at it, I heard Incognito might be disbanded/support for Warhawk will be prematurely disbanded. Any truth to these rumors?

  • Awesome. Thanks for doing this and supporting the community. I’m having a blast with Warhawk.

    Also, if it isn’t too hard, could you guys put in a split screen option so the 2 screens split vertically rather than horizontally. I have an SD TV, and want to play with my friends, but we really can’t as when it splits horizontally neither of us have any peripheral vision. THanks.

  • thats good to know. i will hopefully now wont have to worry about joining games.

  • I agree with Violater. Last few games I have played there were guys abusing the mic.

    I was actually in a fantastic CTF for about 2 rounds and then some guy joined and he non stop held his mic down and kept talking babble like a baby! For no reason, the whole game and into the next he kept “blah waaa blah waaaa…I killl you…I kill you…ooohh yah yah.” Even after repeated attempts by everyone telling him to shut up.

    However, in a game of 32 players, its not easy to pinpoint who is the one abusing the mic. Is it possible for you to somehow display who is talking? Maybe in the same place you show kills…display “MR_KnumNuts is talking…” or whatever…then the group has a way of identifing mic abusers, plus then we know who has mics without having to actually see the the player and his mic symbol.

    This allows teams to communicate better cause I know which teammate is here or there or doing this.

    Just a few thoughts for ya.

    Keep up the great work!

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  • I’m glad that Warhawk is getting a patch/update/expansion/whatever. But what about the less popular games? I think they all deserve an update or patch to fix whatever might be wrong with them. Genji for example had a few costumes months ago…not an extra lvl, harder difficulties,anything? Thanks for the $60 of garbage!

  • This is great news and I highly appreciate the update.

    I’m interested in being a part of the Warhawk Arbiter team. I’m on almost every night and I CAN’T STAND glitchers.

    If you’re interested in adding me to the team my PSN is TheFuzz-

    Thank you again for the update, I can’t wait to make my own ranked games! =]

  • Yeah I would like to know who’s talking, to know who I should KILL! And the vertical split screen would be better, it just seems more logical. And I have a question, can I use the Eye’s Voice function in Warhawk, so I don’t have to use the headset. Please for v1.2

  • Great News!!!
    The Warhawk Arbiter is goin to make the game alot better.

  • I really hope Incognito gives us the ability to filter the server list better. It’s currently very frustrating and the solution should be quite simple to implement.

  • how about hearing from a developer that doesnt sound like a 16 year old! seriously whats up with the language!

    thanks for the post though nice to see updates coming along

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