Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction Coming Soon(er)

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R&C Tornado Launcher
As frequent Playstation.Blog readers will remember, about two weeks back we announced Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction had gone gold and would ship to stores Oct 30th. Well, due to some unexpected quickness at the factory, a vast majority of retailers have already received the game. With that, some retailers are choosing to release the game next week instead of waiting until the 30th, which we are all too happy to allow :).

Official launch date remains October 30, but for those who can’t wait to use your trigger fingers on the Tornado Launcher (or any other weapon in Ratchet’s arsenal), check with your local game retailer next week.

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  • Hmmm, I wonder if this applies to Europe as well.

  • This is really good news. I hope its out on the 23rd at the Circuit City by me because that way i’ll only have to wait 4 days to play it.

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  • Is it next week yet?

    This GAME is a must buy!

    Stellar Graphics and Ultra-fun game play…AAA Tiltle in my book.

  • AAAAAAAAAAAAA Title in my book ;)

  • I noticed EB/Gamestop changed the ship date for this game back to the 23rd when I looked at their site yesterday and wondered about that. Good news.

  • Sony – Where is the marketing campaign for this game? This should be a game you use to sell some systems, you should probably get moving with that.

  • Wow you guys just gained a large and undisclosed amount of cool points for being cool about this and allowing it rather than wagging the finger and pouting like a kid when someone’s playing with his toy…..or something.

    Thanks for going with this….convenience. I know you guys need all the game releases this Fall that you can get so this is a good start, and it’s nice to see something moving forward rather than backward.

    Crossing my fingers I can get my copy next week!

  • but now I have to finish Persona 3 before next Tuesday – this sucks!

  • Yay, a great game that supports 1080 output… Can’t wait. I’m new to the series but the demo totally sold me on this one.

  • Excellent. I’m getting this, Uncharted, Assassins Creed and Heavenly Sword, along with the 80GB and motorstorm!

  • Great news loll but i wanted to get Eye of judgment next week loll i guess ill buy both :)

  • For people worried about commercials – at least in the EU look here:


    £1 million is a lot of money!

  • Wait, good news about a PS3 game? I thought we only got delays! Sorry, I’m a bit jaded but this is awesome news. I’ll definitely pick this up.

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  • Hey, maybe if this could happen to R&C…maybe MGS4 is next!!! WOOOOO!!! thatd totally kick the other companies in the sweet spot!

  • No that won’t happen. Just like SONY is never going to release the PSP camera in the US.

  • Nice. TRU needs to redo the B2G1 sales, or it’s rental time instead.

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  • Ha! When I saw this in my e-mail I was exstatic! Very nice.

  • Great, I’m going to buy it!!!

  • YES!!!!!! I’ll be stopping by the store on the way home everyday next week. Can’t wait to continue where the demo left off. Thanks!

  • You guys are COOL thanks for the early release. Can we expect Uncharted in two weeks AWH maybe I’m thinking to much.


  • nice date.bad game so no difference..

  • Marketing for the PS3 in the US is pretty awful. Please Sony, you need to advertise to let people know how great the PS3 really is. This game should be a huge hit for the system, but there is not much hype at all for it because of the lack of advertising. I love Sony and have every Playstation product, and even I admit your competition knows how to market a lot better even though their products aren’t close to as good.

  • Maybe Sony will finally start the TV ads now that they seem to finally have their hardware problems ironed out.

  • They said the ads will start November, they put 1 million dollars into it or something like that. To run throughout the holiday season. I read the link someone posted earlier. Thanks btw to that person

  • this is great news for once!!

    i will have this game as soon as i can find it!!

    thanks guys!!!

  • i reserved the game today at EB Games can;t wait to get it

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  • I also went ahead and reserved the game at the evil GameStop empire today – I don’t trust other retailers to put it out before the 30th even if they have it.

    @80 What you’re referencing is the European ad campaign, which they’re dropping a million pounds on – that works out to $2 million US.

  • the demo of this game rocks!
    its gonna kick a**!!

  • cool news, looks like i’ll be getting it a bit earlier-

    that is of course if they ironed out the lack of “invert view” option!

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  • NICE, getting this one day 1. Thank you.

  • Nice, hope I can get it in Brazil before Christmas!

  • getting this!

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  • excellent, i’ll be picking this up on launch

  • after only Warhawk proving itself as a worthy game out of the herd of 1st party titles (Heavenly Sword, Lair, Eye of Judgment, Folklore- all average or below), hopefully Ratchet will follow Warhawk.

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  • see you in November Ratchet :(

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  • yes! I wasnt to bummed that ratchet was delayed a week, but now it gives me more time to enjoy the game, before every other big title gets released in November. ( cod 4, uncharted, assassins creed, haze) and so on.
    I fell in love with resistance, ( so much that i play it frequently since launch) and i know i will love insomniacs second title for the PS3.

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