40GB PS3 Coming Nov. 2, Price Reduced For 80GB Model

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PS3 SpiderMan3-set (by You)

With all the speculation and buzz out there regarding the 40GB PS3 announcements in Japan and Europe, I am very excited to confirm that the new $399 PS3 model will be coming to North America on November 2nd, making that particular configuration available worldwide. In North America, the 40GB PS3 comes bundled with the block-buster movie Spider-Man 3 on Blu-ray. Also, effective today, we’ve lowered the purchase price of our 80GB model by $100 to $499.

This move has been part of our longer term business strategy for PS3 since early on and we believe this lower priced model, combined with our broad line-up of content will appeal to a great many of you who want a lower entry price without sacrificing any of the core components of PS3. With today’s news, we’re strengthening our position approaching this holiday season and beyond with the intent to provide you with a choice and an excellent entry point into HD games and movies.

Adding to the appeal of the new retail pricing is the great PS3 lineup that will help further drive our momentum this holiday, including Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction, THE EYE OF JUDGMENT, Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune, Heavenly Sword, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, Assassin’s Creed, Haze and Rock Band. And that’s just the beginning: This holiday lineup will be followed in 2008 by highly-anticipated Gran Turismo 5 Prologue, Grand Theft Auto IV, Killzone 2, LittleBigPlanet and, of course, PlayStation Home.

Our goal this holiday season is to make PS3 even more affordable and to offer you greater choice to suit your gaming and entertainment needs. Again, I want to thank all of you for your continued support throughout this past year and I look forward to the months and years ahead.

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  • Jack! How can you forget about Metal Gear!!!

  • This is incredible news….
    Glad to see you guys taking a serious step forward for this holiday season…

  • woops a few typos… really need to look at what im typing but… i was saying i want the PSP to act as an “ADVANCED CONTROLLER” for the PS3… and creating a game that can rival Halo 3 popularity( just make a FPS with some comedy, drama, few good theatrical scenes during gameplay and make the hero someone that we all can identify or aspire to be and u have a hit)

  • I live in England and Sony are not going to make anymore 60GB PS3’s so no more PS2 B/C for us(+Europe)!!! :-/ We will only have the 40GB version(Not sure if they’re going to make a more expensive PS3 console with PS2 B/C???). I’M VERY DISAPPOINTED!!! Can’t understand(+when i tell people the 40GB PS3 can’t play PS2 games they say ‘YOUR JOKING,WHY NOT???’)why they did this for??? To save money i guess. So all you people in the USA better get the older PS3!!! All people wanted was a PS3 under £300+Full B/C+Top Games+A Rumble pad!!! Sounds easy!!! ;-D

  • with that said can u say MGS4 anyone?

    PLZ let it have a good multiplayer

  • @Nick212004
    In a market so heavily dependent on the concept of installed base, it is so mind-baffling that an early adopter would complain about a price drop. Are you that dumb? What do you want, Nick212004? Do you want SCEA to lose money, just so that you can get $100 gift cert. for a product you should have already paid off from your credit card balance anyway? You said that you waited 24 hours and paid $600 back in November ’06? I, on the other hand, waited 30 DAYS and paid the same amount you did in Dec.’06. I understand how the video game industry works, and I am thrilled that they’re gonna release a 40GB for $399 (more console owners = more developer support = more games, duh). You should be too. The iPhone is different. It’s amazing, it’s Apple, but it’s not an entertainment system that will benefit greatly from a substantial installed base… the PS3 is. Please don’t use that analogy. Dude, I’m sorry, but, you are really stupid.

  • Qbrain,

    I seriously doubt it…

    From what I’ told, the 40GB PS3 contains no parts or transistors from the PS2 unlike the 20, 60 and even the 80GB. Were the 40GB to be backwards compatible, it would have to be solely software-driven. According to Sony, software driven BC would be too costly to make happen since the PS2 library is still expanding and the existing PS2 library requires different components of the PS2/PS3 to work. Even the 80GBs may lack the PS2 EE (Emotion Engine for those who don’t know…) but still has some other PS2 parts.

    If anything, you should be focused on the 2 USB ports instead of 4. How are we supposed to play Rock Band with 4 instruments using only 2 PORTS?!

    Also, Sony has said from the beginning that the biggest difference is the HD space which, since th 20GB and 60GB systems came out, could be swapped on the fly. Why do they feel the need to release another SKU?

    But on the lighter side, at least they’re not Microsoft, who has to my best knowledge Core, Premium, Elite, Halo 3 version, and the upcoming Arcade SKUs available at the same time which could confuse new adopters. Sony has the 60GB (if you can find it), the 80GB Starter and next month the 40GB.

    p.s. Yes I’m aware that there are gamers who don’t give 2 s**ts and a f**k about Backwards compatibility, but I do and it was a factor in me getting my 20GB AT LAUNCH! (the other factor was MGS4, but that’s another story…) Just thought it’d be nice to get this off my proverbial chest…

  • you know, i don’t care if this is in the wrong spot, i’m a little fed up with the people at psn. i am a loyal sony guy, but i too often feel like we are getting screwed. what is with the updates? one week info goes on out wednesday, the next the update doesn’t even hit until 8pm… much less any info about what will be in it. if you idiots can’t tell what will go out for at least a week in advance, you need to hire new people. this is all putting aside the fact we only get updates once a week and japan gets them on any day. there is no reason for such inconsistancy. ms doesn’t do this to its’ customers. sony needs to step it up… you can only go so far on rep, then you actually need to produce. let’s see you have the ball to respond to that jack…

  • Well, It’s great and all, but was there any point announcing it? We’ve pretty much known this for about two months and every other announcement you guys make can be seen coming from hundreds of miles away.

  • Though Im excited for the lineup, I feel very upset for purchasing the PS3 at launch. I bought into the hype for $750(cdn, after tax), and now there’ll be one for $300 less?! I’d understand if I had a lot to play with and never regretted the purchase, but since launch all I’ve been doing is waiting. Waiting for in-game XMB, waiting for some really good games. I’ve never been so disappointed as a consumer. I spend a great deal of time surfing the web and forums, and all the time I get 1 word: Wait. I could’ve easily waited and saved $300, but unfortunately, I had to buy in and be disappointed. You guys over there are so secretive, and it’s like you ignore a lot of questions because it seems like you have no plan for them. Ex. Today, Jack, N’gai Croal asked you a bunch of questions and 1 of them was about not having a unified online experience. Did you answer? No. Come on! You know we are dieing for more online features like in-game XMB, but you are leaving us empty and personally making me regretting buying in at such a high price point and lack of content.

  • @58 gmoney.
    You’re right – this isnt’ the right spot for your rant and you need to get your facts straight. The week that the early announcement went out was the week they had a late update on Thursday – not a week apart.
    People betched about wanting to know what was coming early.
    Sony posted early and people betched that they had to wait for the update.
    Sony posts when they publish and people betch about not knowing in advanced.
    Can’t please everyone, I suppose.
    Personally, I’d rather have updates on a regular basis on just one day rather than having to go to the PSN Store and check every single day. It’s what they do with movies, musics, and video game releases; why should this be any different?

    On topic – super happy about the new bundle. I picked up a PS3 at launch and have been trying to get my friends to get one too. It’s a great price for their cheap arses to hop on the boat.

  • Good work Sony! I knew you’d never let your proud supporters down. . .

  • When can we preorder a 40gb on the SonyStyle online store?

  • Japan it will domintate

    Europe it has dominated

    Now only thing left is US…

  • Wow I am going to chime in on this before trollers and fanboys get in on this blog.

    This is great news, but I am sure you know that no PS2 BC will be a issue for alot of people. Personally it does not affect me nor the people that do not have a PS2 or do have a PS2 and want a PS3.

    Can someone please inform people everywhere that you are at least looking at software BC with the 40 gig SKU.

    I know you want to focus on PS3 stuff with the PS3 and PS2 stuff with the PS2 but ever since the 40 gig info was released forums across the net have been plagued with Sony bashing because of this issue.

    So please any information that you are at least working on it will be extremely helpful against the bashers, trollers and flamebaiters as well as give people peace of mind when on the fence about the 40 gig PS3.

    Thanks for your time.

  • Can we see a list comparing the 20 to the 40 to the 60 to the 80? I’m a little confused as to what they can do. and how specifically they are different.

  • We might get a new Heavenly sword trailer today. Japan got one, it lets you play with kai.

  • Can we get the PSN update earlier in the day? ( much earlier)

  • People need to stop complaining about it’s lack of BC. Here’s what I think is going on, (feel free to correct me) SCE is making an attempt to really focus their time and development on the PS3 games. By not including BC on the lowest-priced SKU, they are making their first baby step in GRADUALLY phasing out the PS2. Some of you have complained that PS2 is getting more support than PS3, so instead of Sony stop producing PS2s, they are cutting costs by simply removing backwards compatibility from the PS3. Microsoft did the same thing at about the same last year. They stopped manufacturing Xbox consoles and put more focus on the 360. Hell, the 360 still can’t play all of the Xbox games, right?
    It’s simple, if you want the 40gig and BC, get a 40GB PS3 and a PS2. If you don’t want a PS2 but want BC, just get an 80GB, or even a 60GB… right? (60GB PS3s are still out there somewhere)

  • They do have an add-on you can purchase for backwards compatability. It is called the PS2 and it is $129

  • Well said Brambler!

  • Yeah think of it as a Playstation Store (a Wal-mart, a Best Buy…) add-on. You can virtually walk in to the store and buy the PS2 add-on for just $129! No broadband required…LOL!!

  • Even though I think that taking out BC is an idiotic move, making the PS3 cheaper is a great move. One thing that should really get worked on are the Playstation Cards, I still haven’t bought anything from the store because I don’t feel safe using my credit card online. Please get on that, you want me to give you money…right?

  • Lower-priced PS3 plus Spiderman 3 equals good deal!

  • Great idea to slash the prices, but I personally think that the 40 gb will flop like the 20gb did. For $100 more you get to play all your old PS1 and PS2 games..AND get Motorstorm…AND get 80gb.

    If nothing else this new model needs BC.

  • Note that I have a 60gb and I don’t really care as much about that, but the players that do their research will, IMO, immediately discard the idea of buying the 40gb once they read that there is no BC. It’s just how it is…

  • And the 60 g versions will ramain in the same price! i want that version!!

  • now time 4 the take over

  • Sheen: yeah.. and 4 usb. still — 399 for a blu-ray player and a casual, but more tech gamer — not bad at all…

    $350 for the lowest priced MS 360 + $50 (pretty automatic for most people) for Xbox Live — well, that’s 400 and no hd player —

    If this doesn’t lead to much more competition I’d be surprised. Still Sony has some interesting competition against itself that may lead potential buyers to be really confused about what model to buy…

  • nice..but i’m still waiting for an üBER PS3 with let’s say 250GB and 2 HDMI to replace my 60GB… cheaper isn’t allways better. 2 of my friends got a ps3 yesterday the 60GB is a good deal both didn’t wanna loose the extra’s but where waiting for the holiday season now they where forced to get one fast… don’t know how happy they are about that at the end of this month :-P

  • Very nice, a real shame I still can’t afford it. Most of my money goes to bills :(. I hate them.

  • I don’t understand how can you price the 60gb versions the same as the 80gb versions? If thats going to be the case..those 60gbs are going to be collecting dust on store shelfs.

  • I’m sure I’m the 81st person to whine about MGS4 missing from Mr. Tretton’s post. I recommend you edit and update this post to include the biggest selling title for the PS3 in 2008.

  • surprising, never heard any rumors about this one /sarcasm

  • @42
    “and Darsh… forget about BC compatibilty witht he PS2… cuz we all know if u have a PS3 you most likely have a PS2… no ifs, ands, or buts, about it…”

    Yeah, because everyone wants to have a TV full of systems left over from last generation right? No, they don’t. People were able to trade in their PS1s easy since they can keep their games and play them on it. These same people cannot do the same if they want a $399 PS3. Making it a pain in the ass for your customers is never a good thing, even if you have managed to slash your price down like they have.

    I’m giving them all the credit in the world for dropping the price $100-200 in under a year. However, I will definitely call the decision to nix BC a stupid one. Especially since there are still PS2 games coming down the pike this year and next that people should easily be able to put into any PS3 and play. If I couldn’t play PS2 RPGs still coming out on my PS3, I wouldn’t buy them at all, which would cost Sony even more money.

    If you want to put the spotlight on PS3 games, there needs to be PS3 games worth buying. So far, there’s not too many of those which is the other problem Sony has to deal with leading into 2008.

  • Ok
    $400 PS3, check
    Rumbles, rumbles rumbling, check
    Seems I’m missing a couple of things
    Playstation Network Card…
    50 dollar price drop on 60GB…
    Giving us $20 on our PSN account for christmas…
    An external GC chip for the 40gb…
    GT5 Prologue demo for US…

  • In my opinion just have a commerical that will blow everyone away by showing PS3 games and upcoming games i.e. Warhawk, Heavenly Sword, Uncharted, Resistance, Motorstorm, Ratchet and Clank, The innovative EYE with Eye of Judgement, PS3’s eye candy LittleBigPlanet, etc. also the online features, plus Bluray and at the end just have that one announcement guy say all this and more now starting at $399. I bet you people of Sony my 60GB PS3 that marketing like that will make PS3 the must have gift this Holiday.

  • White version… I need it.

  • Wait I just noticed stores will never sell a 60GB again. What?

  • Ow. PS3 only moved 119k in a 5 week sales period in September. This price drop better work. =/

  • How could you forget the big two games? Metal Gear Solid 4 and Final Fantasy 13! Those are undoubtedly going to be some of the best games next year, on any platform. I could easily imagine either one being the 08 Game of the Year.

    I think you guys did a good job. I think four USB ports are nice but I think two is all you really need. And the hardrive and the USB Ports will be fine so you don’t need to worry about Memory Cards (SD, CF, MS). As for BC, I don’t get why people care. If you have PS2 games than you probably have a PS2 to play them on so your only issue should be shelf space.

    Hopefully this will help Blu-Ray to. I don’t know whose idea it was, but that Disney buy one get one free sale was the PERFECT Transformers counter. Spiderman 3 is also a good movie to bundle in. But when will you guys make Warner see that HD DVD will never win. I think you should pay them to see the obvious. (Harry Potter Movies are HUGE)

  • After being slaughtered by the competition in the September NPD, Sony better hope this price drop does something, else it’s gonna be worse during the holidays.

  • NPD numbers are bad for September Sony and that is with some big name games out there. You guys need to lay off all these SKUS and stick to one with the lowest price possible. Forget the 80 and the 60 and the 40 and what ever else you have planned, you are confusing the consumer.

    Stick to ONE console, forget these skus.

  • This is a smart move, keep it up. Price is the main reason why the PS3 isn’t selling as well, then games. The games will come naturally as sells pick up.

    Sony needs better marketing and tv commercials. Be more aggressive and informative.

    Also, for those who still don’t know, you can replace your PS3 hard drive. I just bought a 200gb hdd for my 60gb PS3…sweet.

  • Just bought the 80GB PS3 last month! :( Hope Sony provides some store credit or a free game at least!

  • Lower price = Good.

    Now, how about going back to $50 games instead of $60? When a game is multi-platform (Xbox360 and PS3), there’s no incentive to go with either so it’s a coin toss. However, $10 will make me choose PS3 100% of the time.

    Also, if you’re going to modify the USB ports in the future, add some to the back. I don’t like the way it looks with cable coming from the front. Just a small request.

  • @95

    It’s mostly games. Believe me. I have 5 friends who switched from PS2 to 360 this month alone all because of the hype around Halo 3 and Bioshock. They are average consumers, not core guys, so they don’t know much about Killzone 2, or MGS4. Neither do they care. They pretty much see what’s there now and what they can play as soon as they plug it in. Unfortunately for Sony, Microsoft offered them more. They all bought either the Halo 3 edition 360 or the Elite. Even though PS3 was only $50 more and I told them about a potential price drop, they all pretty much said “No. 360 has better games, more of my friends have 360 so I can play with all of them.” Guess what else? 4 of them bought the wifi adapter for $130cdn. Just the wifi adapter alone and 360 costed a lot more than PS3, but they were already spending hundreds, so I dont think they’d mind spending that extra money if they could justify it. Unfortunately, it comes down to games, and I dont think Sony can justify buying PS3 over 360 based on games alone, which will lead to low PS3 sales and high 360 sales, which will mean less games.

  • Mr. Tretton,

    Great job, this is exactly what consumers were looking for.

    I noticed one thing: in your 2008 lineup, you did not mention Metal Gear Solid 4. I believe MGS4 is in fact Playstation 3’s most important exclusive, and Sony should work with Konami on a bundle with the PS3 console when the game ships in early 2008.

    That would push systems like no other game in 2008. I hope Sony advertises that game as ambitiously as Microsoft has advertised Halo 3.

  • Sony YOU RULE!
    I got some friends who were waiting for this announcement for some time now. I can finally pwn them in Resistance Online rather than in my living room.

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