SCE Canada Holiday Preview Event

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Hi Everyone, I’m Kyle Moffatt, the Public Relations Specialist for Sony Computer Entertainment Canada. Yes, there is a Sony Computer Entertainment here in Canada and we also do cool events like the one held this past Wednesday.

We hosted an exclusive preview event for the Canadian media. We took over a venue in downtown Toronto and filled it with the wicked games that will be available this holiday season, and early 2008, for PlayStation 3, PSP and PlayStation 2. Media who attended spent time with:

* Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune
* Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction
* God of War: Chains of Olympus
* Buzz!: The Mega Quiz

And many more top SCE games

We also had tremendous third party support as Ubisoft, EA, Activision, D3, THQ, LucasArts, Rockstar, 2K Sports, Capcom and Sega attended.

Some of the playable third party games included:

* Haze
* Rock Band
* Need for Speed Pro Street
* Call of Duty 4
* Guitar Hero III
* Dark Sector
* WWE Raw vs Smackdown 2008
* Star Wars Battlefront: Renegade Squadron (playing on the new Star Wars PSP of course!)
* Manhunt 2
* NHL 2K8
* Devil May Cry 4
* The Golden Compass

I’d like to thank the third parties as well as my counterparts at SCEA for taking the time to help us build such a successful event as well as sending spokespeople to demo the games. This holiday season is going to be the best gaming season I’ve ever been a part of and I can’t wait to play! I hope you’re all anticipating it as much as I am!


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  • Sounds cool;)

  • big bang

  • I wish I got invited to this, I live just down the street from it. :-P I saw it on the news for 2 seconds but all they showed was Rock Band.

  • Damn… I so want to play DMC4… I hope a Demo comes out soon.

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  • look really nice ….but haze not supose to be an exclusive ??????? :( Dont do that sony you need that games and i know you can do it :)

  • poop Toronto, come to Vancouver lol

  • I was Hoping Sony would do the “Big Bang” today but I guess it was a lie.

  • Can you also explain the irrational game prices in Canada?

  • how bout you have that event at my house next time.

    I’ll bring the ps3, you bring the games.

  • Looks like a lot of fun, Kyle. It’s nice to hear about the global events Sony puts on, not just the ones in the US.

    I’m also happy to see that the prices of new games on the Canadian PSN store reflect the recent change in the Canadian dollar.

    Hope to hear about other Canadian events in the future.


  • Sounds like it was fun. Good job showing what PS3 has to offer to the public.

  • canada has population of 32 million and has been a heavy supporter of playstation 2 over the eight years. my fellow canucks will soon turn to the ps3 especially when the price comes down. one complaint with the games for ps3 too expensive. small in size but global in thought canadians appreciate the mention

  • All i see is games i am not lucky enough to play yet!! Luck bastids!!

  • the reason for saying the games are too expensive…i want to buy more of those games but my monthly buyfor this month is fifa 08

  • quite a few of animators in the us come from toronto’s sheridan college. one lead animator from there worked on star wars

  • Hi Kyle !

    Dare to do some type of event here in Quebec city too ?


  • That’s pretty sweet. Jon Mak, the developer of Everyday Shooter is from Toronto.

    and i agree with everyone else, THE PRICES OF GAMES NEED TO COME DOWN $10

  • Glad to see you guys heading up to Canada.

  • yea can you please explain why in canada we have to pay $60 more for a PS3 when our money is worth more? I understand there are taxes and stuff involved but come on, $60?

  • Its not the taxes etc…

    The retailers in canada are expensive. And thats why the ps3 cost more and games cost more. In Canada. Since the retailers charge alot of money,

    Also Ratchet and clank got a 9.7 O_O

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  • Yeah, would have been cool to got to an event like this.

  • Hey Sony, Where the [DELETED] is my GOD OF WAR PSP DEMO, you guys promised like 2 weeks ago, you guys keep lying to the consumer, and quite frankly I am getting SICK of it!!! I am a Sony fan since day 1, and recently your company has been ticking me off, not with a demo either, as a whole, constant lying to consumers!! GET YOU [DELETED]ACT TOGETHER!!

  • It looks like a cool showcase event for ps3. i agree on the pricing issue. i am from the netherlands and had to pay 250 dollars more for my ps3 than an american at launch. games us 60 dollar holland 65 euro. the dollar is really low at the moment so it is not fair. but still a lot of Americans are complaining about the price. that’s the thing i don’t like.

  • - Gadgets on the web » SCE Canada Holiday Preview Event

    […] unknown wrote an interesting post today!.Here’s a quick excerptWe hosted an exclusive preview event for the Canadian media. We took over a venue in downtown Toronto and filled it with the wicked games that will be available this holiday season, and early 2008, for PlayStation 3, PSP and PlayStation … […]

  • I was at this event, and I gotta say I had a good time. Much thanks to SCE Canada for this, It was great. Drake’s fortune is looking.. Holy crap guys.. Like you really don’t realize till you see it in person. The eye toy and eye of judgement were fun to play, even though someone before me screwed up the deck lol. It was fun to play and really sucks you in, especially if you enjoy TCGs. Rock band was great, they had an early build so it had a few glitches, but even with them.. wow. The guitar is amazing to hold, it looks and feels real and the drums gave my buddy quite the challenge, in a fun way, he can’t wait to play it some more. Guitar Hero.. Rock you like a hurricane.. Battle to the death and I loved every second of it. Dark Sector is awesome, and I heard fromt he guy it’s being developed right in London Ontario, which is sweet. I sliced like two legs off at once with his throwing glaive.. Sick! COD 4, the first level was there aswell, and the scripted events in the single player campaign, just on the first level alone made me salivate and sit there with my jaw dropped. Oh man.. I could keep going on and on… Last game hsout out is for Army of Two.. Find a buddy to play it with, and find him now, because damn… Keep the faith boys, it’s going to be one expensive holiday.

  • Yes, I will be spending a ton of money on my PS platforms this holiday season. Also I am loving Folklore right now, that 9/10 that IGN gave it is well deserved.

  • Anyone have any idea how Haze plays?

  • Nice to know that Sony remembers that Canada exists.

  • Wow looks cool! Very classy decoration!


    That’s a great list of playable games!

  • Can you please tell me why you guys never come on tour down here in Miami, Florida?

    I have yet to see a Playstation Truck! :(

  • In Europe we could only Dream of having the sweet prices you have in Canada. Of course, an even better dream would be if we had the prices they have in Japan ;)

  • GOGO Canada!


  • Excellent, I’m looking forward to the PS3 tour of the UK which has already started. Can’t wait for it to get to Victoria Station.

  • How… did I not know about this…?

    TyranX- You and millions of others. It’s not like they’re just avoiding you (well, as far as I know- but just FYI: I’m avoiding you. :P ).

  • Famitsu just announced MGS4 and FF13 going multiplatform

  • @darkendless

    Famitsu said that 3rd party games should not be exclusive

    THEY didnt say $hit about FF XIII or MGS4 you vgchartz nintendo troll.

  • I’m sure that’s all very nice, but since we’re talking matters Canadian, when can we expect more realistic pricing for Sony products and PS3 games?
    The Canadian dollar is currently worth more than the American, yet we continue to pay much higher prices here. Why?
    The Sixaxis controller, for example, is retailing in Canada for $60 (US$61.20), while Americans are paying $50. That’s 22% more for those who are counting, and I am. The 80Gb PS3 with Motorstorm is $600 there, $660 (US$673) here, a 12% price hike. Other hardware and software is similarly badly priced.
    Why the price difference, and more to the point, when can we expect to see an across the board price drop?
    Do you want me to cross border shop, or buy on eBay?

  • gellow gamers are complaining about demos…etc…problem is where is my gst check…did yours come in the mail….do not they know my credit card is max FELLOW CANUCKS KNOW WHAT I MEAN


  • You guys need to pass through Montreal sometime. :)

  • Okay Sony, it’s starting to drag now.

    We are really starting to need more Killzone 2 info to chew on. Over a quartal since the announcement and not as much as a beep on the radar.

    A hefty Killzone 2 update before Christmas, make it happen.

  • @Clinton514
    Actually Sony had a similar event in Montreal last week, only it was exclusive to Sony staff. It happened at the W Hotel, right here downtown.

  • No Eye of Judgment? You guys need to be pushing this game way more than you are.

  • OMG! You lucky son of a gun! Haze, Smackdown vs Raw 2008, Need for Speed, Uncharted, Call of Duty 4 and Ratchet!!! Damn! Will we get screens or videos of you guys playing those games??


  • 43: @Clinton, at least you got them for the Motorstorm contest. Well, they went to Laval…

    So far, I don’t think I ever seen one Sony event in Canada’s capital, Ottawa. You’d reach people from Kanata (which is called Silicon Valley North, tons of gamers there), and every other towns around.

    @Kyle: As other have said, Canadian dollar is currently higher than U.S. I could understand a difference with hardware, but what about PSN download? Or even just games… New games coming out should reflect U.S. prices.

  • This would be a great time to start announcing firmware 2.0. I am sure it will get many people happy, and sell some ps3.

  • to 48: well, I don’t understand the different prices for hardware anymore than software. All this stuff is made in China or Japan, why should Canadians have to pay more for it than Americans? (My Sony HDTV was made in Mexico) Given that there are certainly slight differences in import duties, I could see a difference of a couple percent this way or that, but I’ve shown examples where we’re paying over 20% more for the exact same product. Why? Actually, I don’t care why, I want a price drop.
    I urge everyone who can to either cross border shop or buy on eBay, until Sony and it’s suppliers start treating Canadians fairly and stop gouging us.

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