LAIR Score Now On iTunes!

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Lair on iTunes

Hello, it’s Ryan again and I have some exciting news about Lair’s music.

First, it was announced last week that the soundtrack for Lair received a BAFTA (British Academy of Film and Television Arts) Video Game Award nomination for best Original Score! Hopefully some of you have now unlocked and experienced all of the high-fidelity surround sound music in the Concert Hall within the game’s Extras, and can agree with the nomination. If you haven’t listened to the music in the Concert Hall, you’re really missing out—it’s fantastic in showcasing all of the nuances that John Debney so masterfully weaved into the score.

And second, for those of you that would like to be able to listen to the music outside of the game, we now have Lair’s official soundtrack available on Apple iTunes! Just search for “John Debney Lair” in the iTunes store and it should come right up. I think it’s amazing how different the music sounds outside of the game setting and how well it works on its own, and yet how reminiscent of the game it is and how much it adds to the gameplay experience. Happy listening, and hope you enjoy! (BTW, we’d love to hear about your favorite tracks, so please post comments below letting us know…)

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  • Nice a Mac OSX PSP theme maker please! so the REAL creative people can make some GOOD themes.

  • I’m with Zapruder!! I don’t have a PC.
    Anyway this should be put on the PSN Store. Great music

  • PERFECT!!!!!!! YIPPEE!!!!!

    WTF is this? Salt in the wound of the community?

    I can’t easily get songs from iTunes onto my PS3.

    Wow. This just keeps getting better.


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  • Hmm well I have heard good things about the music.

    Oh btw some of you havent probably yet noticed but:

    Check what Famitsu tough about Lair

    Lair – 9/7/8/9
    (for those who dont know, Famitsu is the most aprecieted gaming magazine in japan)

    Guess those japanese arent as narrow minded as american ppl. (Do not take this personaly, there are those who aint just refering to reviewers usualy, and copy cat reviewers)

  • How about a non Itunes version for those of us who dont use Itunes. How about a PSN version, would that be too hard?

    Also, how about including these things on the discs and giving us an option to offload to the PS3, be it wallpapers, songs, icons, whenever we buy a game.

  • Like so many before me I will state, use your own PSN. The PS3 needs more media, and last time I looked Sony was a decently respected media company. Please tap into your own resources or make a deal with itune, napster, or whatever. I know I will be willing to make some purchases if the options are there.

  • its funny how people think that this stuff is pointless blog entries…there wouldnt be anything to get excited about if everyday they announced something about home, gta4,mgs4,etc.

    Lair wasnt a complete failure, some people liked the game. I thought it was a good rental and yes the score was great.

  • This WAS a failure…visually stunning but all show no go!!!

    yes the soundtrack kicked ass so kudos for that!…but iTunes??? c’mon

    thats almost as bad as releasing a new model of PS3 to TRY and sell more units or even releasing a new edition of Warhawk without bundled headset to try and boost sales of THAT failure…oh Sony when will you ever understand what we truly want?

  • Oh man!

    Good soundtrack! i don’t even have a PS3, and this is great!

  • I will not buy Lair, renting it was bad enough. The musical score, yes I would buy that. Putting the score on iTunes over the PS-Store? Will Sony actually tie iTunes in with the PS3? I would truly enjoy surfing iTunes and having the ease of the iTunes browser on my PS3 over current options. Yes I could spend 50 bucks on a router, wire my PS3 to my Linux, MAC and WinXP systems and then download iTunes to whichever I am using to then move the files(slowly) to my PS3, but why?
    Anyone remember or had the Sony Location Free device?
    Oh, lastly, is the Lair iTunes score in 320kbs or higher?

  • @56

    Man……now I will have to tell my friend to check it out—he wanted Lair but backed out due to poor reviews—I am not into medieval esque games that much so it didn’t phase me but that is sad—I tend to view Famitsu as the end-all-be-all most conservative (in terms of giving points in reviews, not political) game mag on the planet—so maybe we allowed editors to pick our opinion for us and should have at least rented it-.

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  • Why not have the LAIR score available for purchase on the PSN store???
    How bout the Heavenly Sword score? Where can I find that?

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  • I just rented LAIR and it was completely different than what I expected based on the previews and trailers I had seen. Granted, I’ve only played through the first 3 to 5 (or so) levels, but I was expecting something much different — and more of a story around getting to use the dragons… And I haven’t experiences any land combat other than spraying down troops on the ground with my flames — I dunno. What’s the deal with this game?

    the music is good, but I agree with everyone else .. It’s great to have it on itunes for that audience — but wouldn’t it make more sense to give it to your core audience first??

  • Maybe you guys should make a PSN demo for Lair so we can all judge for ourselves whether it is good–it is starting to sound like the North-American and European reviews might have been a little slided–I would like to judge for myself although I am not big into renting stuff.

  • Going against the norm, I’d like to actually THANK you for doing this. I wish more games would do the same. The Lair track that I downloaded from the PS Store was great. I love this type of music and will eventually purchase the rest of the tracks! iTunes is a good choice, but so is the PS Store. I hope to see it there on Thursday for the uncompressed files! Now if only we could get the Resistance soundtrack…

  • Great I was hoping you guys would do this! :D

  • Man people say that this game sucks haven’t even played it have you guys seen the picture of the ign reviewer that rated lair.

    he looks like he is 12

  • haseeb: interesting I guess, but I’ve played it… The controls were ok, but not perfect. They certainly are not horrible either. To me the game just feels like it’s lacking something. I still have the game rented so I’ll probably try it a bit more to see if I enjoy it any more, but I think I’d rather just play some UT2004, Warhawk, Resistance, or twiddle my thumbs on the net until some better games come out…

  • Just bought it! I absolutely LOVE the score for this game. =)

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  • This is great. I don’t care what people think about Lair as a game, but it is undeniable the audio and soundtrack has excellent production values. It is one of the best I’ve heard in a video game, hell even a movie. So kudos to the guys that worked so hard for it.

  • My favorite song is the Ballad of the Crappy Control Scheme.

  • @ SadSkepticalFan – nice… I couldn’t find that one on there. Can you point me in the right direction to find it? LOL :)


  • iTunes … not impressive
    Sony Connect … more impressive.

    Get it up and running Sony. You already have a download service… improve it and use it.

  • WTH moderation on a PR blog? Classy Sony, really classy.

    This place is garbage.

  • To the people who think Lair may have been unfairly panned and didn’t play it themselves yet, do yourself a favour and find a copy somewhere to try. I do believe it would be worth a demo, but at the same time, it would be hard to demo without the training grounds.

    As for my caveats: I had no problem with the controls. However, the game does not feature an overhead map, so people who can’t navigate in 3D naturally are somewhat screwed. The fighting requires real effort to balance what’s important at any given time, attack other dragons, or take out turrets, or lash out at the troops, or destroy incoming war machines. The game doesn’t often force you to do things in a specific order so you make decisions that may cause failure, some people can’t handle that I understand.

    Its a great fun game, if you like that type of game, the graphics are beautiful, the sound is serene, and the plot is quite good. The story is well told, and the levels aren’t too hard unless you want gold medals on them, which is a worthy challenge to most gamers.

  • What about those of us that don’t use ITunes? How about a CD release?

  • I would definitely get the soundtrack if you had a DRM-free version…

  • Look I don’t understand why some one who pays $50 to $60 for a game should have to fork over more money to have seperate access to the songs which are part of the media they already purchased. How nice would it be if you could listen to the songs from the games you purchased when you wanted on your PS3 as a courtesy.

  • erpdgmer


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