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Hi all. My name is Frank Simon and I’m a senior producer on Secret Agent Clank. I wanted to provide you all with a quick update on the game since we recently introduced it.

Well, I’ve just returned to the states after my most recent trip to TGS and am suffering jet lag that always seems to accompany such trips. Hopefully, this entry will make some sense. As you may have read, we announced Secret Agent Clank, an original PSP title coming out next year from the development team at High Impact Games, at the media cocktail party during TGS. We are finally giving Clank his time in the spotlight!

One cool feature we showed off was Clank-fu, a full action move set for Clank as he takes on the ninjas, guardian robots and other nasties in his pursuit to free Ratchet – who is accused of a crime he didn’t commit. We also showed a new line of gadgets and devices and rhythm gameplay where Clank dodges and weaves through a laser field. One of my favorite sections so far is the boss fight with Jack where the player gets to play as Qwark. It’s about time that the big guy put his money where his mouth is. High Impact has done a great job of listening to the R&C fanbase and letting them play what they have always wanted to play. I’ve included a couple of shots from the stuff we showed for those who weren’t at the show (one above and below).

Look for more on Secret Agent Clank soon!

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  • Looking forward to this game. ALSO, looking extremely forward to Gran Turismo Mobile for the PSP. When on earth is it coming out?

  • just experienced psp slim’s new feature…umd on my widescreen hdtv and watched van helsing…for a portable to generate james bond class of reproduction is rewarding….orbio you deserve a brownie point for making the purchase

  • Clank vs. GT… ??? GT >>>>>>>> Clank, along with all the games ever created or in-development.

  • Gonna pick R&CF up. I would also like to pick Gran Turismo Mobile up. Where the hell is it. Hurry up Polyphony Digital.

  • i cant wait for r&cf.. i dont have a psp for this but it looks good.

  • Can we get a FFVII remake on the PS3 or even a PSP version? Thatd be awesome!

    The Clank-fu sounds kinda cool…but i dunno how in depth it’ll be besides some weird lame button mashing thing…like SQUARE, SQUARE, SQUARE!

  • This is completely off topic, but I have to ask. I know you guys are coming out with the 40GB PS3 and you are announcing it on the 12th, but everyone already knows about it. So you will make some other announcement on that date won’t you?

  • I love the fact that HIG has been listening in on everybody about wanting to play as Qwark and wanting a Secret Agent Clank game, good work guys!

  • I own the original Rachet and Clank game for the PS2 and its awesome and I do own a PSP so I don’t see why I shouldn’t buy this one!

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