Folding@home Petaflop Barrier Crossed (Update)

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This post comes on the heels of my previous post, which talked about the crossing of the Petaflop barrier. The influx of gamers supporting this cause has grown so greatly that we’ve actually broken a second record within a week! This time the aggregated computation power of the PS3 consoles — by themselves — has crossed the Petaflop line!

As can be seen from the stats page over at Stanford, PS3 consoles are delivering 1020 TFLOPS (that’s over 1 Petaflop) from 41,145 participants.

I’d like to encourage people that really want to learn more about what Stanford’s doing with Folding@home to read the project director’s blog. He recently blogged about how processors such as the Cell/B.E. can produce that much work for the Folding@home project.

So, for all you Folders out there… how does it feel to be part of the most powerful distributed computer network in the world? :-)


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  • @ topic: it’s great to be part of the F@H project.

    off topic: I’ve got a question, since there are so many folders in here: (SCEE support couldn’t help me, and the PS3 forums didn’t provide any answers…)

    Every time my PS3 starts folding there is a strange (hissing) noise. It’s not the fan. And it does not appear when F@H is started or is downloading/uploading the package. The noise starts as soon as the actual folding process has began (it doesn’t matter at which level the fans are running).

    It stops as soon as I quit folding and doesn’t appear anywhere else – neither while playing games, nor while watching HD movies.

    Thanks for your help.

  • great news

    @sony and folding team

    could it be possible that by folding we can get some kind of credits as reward, so that lets say after half a year or folding we can by an arcade game frome the shop like locoroco…

    think if this will be the case the next record will be broken quite fast, since now only 41000 of all PS3 owners are folding

  • dont get me wrong i love the folding project, but i dont like using it, because i should be playing GAMES on my system, but also i like the autostart up function, it would be cool if remote play would auto start, that way i could just turn the system on and it would run remote play AND folding @home automatically, unil that auto start function for remote play comes out i refuse to fold

  • I can’t believe people complain about EXTRA functionality…YES! we all bought this system to play games..

    BUT! Why complain we also get a media streaming device, a Blu-ray player, upconverting DVD player, internet accessibility, FREE online gaming, Picture/home video slideshow display using all the media slots in front, stream/sync to PSP, full 1080p , AND the supercomputing Cell folding capability?!?!?

    that’s just crazy! I say, give us more options!!!

    @ 26 and 27 about the PS3 overheating..

    i got my PS3 at launch, and have kept it on ever since, almost a year.. i have only turned it off ever when restarting for Firmware updates…and my PS3 has NEVER crashed or overheated!

    Overnight Folds ROCK!!!

    @ 40 cal and Noam Rimon.. sign me up for that night of Power Folding!


  • whoa my posts just flip flopped! wierd!

  • Feels great to know I am contributing. Not sure what specific disease my work units went towards, but hopefully cancer.

    Lost my mom to cancer when I was a kid, and I actually might have it myself, so hits close to home a bit.

    Can’t wait to see what all of our PS3’s work has been doing. Will we ever get updates on when the medical teams analyzing the data have made breakthroughs/discoveries based on what the F@H did for them?

  • Yeah PS3 rocks.
    Free psp games movie and metal gear comics:

  • 51: Singularity: Are you absolutely sure the sound is not coming from your speakers? High pitch sounds are quite often hard to pinpoint. Try it with pretty much any amplifier around off.

    Not an expert, but since FaH is very heavy repetitive calculations, it’s likely cranking the highest source of RFI (Radio Frequency Interference) If you’re not using HDMI or Optical Fiber, RFI could be picked up by the audio cables and coming out of an amplifier around you.

    From all the internal pictures I’ve seen from the PS3, there’s technically nothing that could make a high pitch noise, except the fans. No speakers, no piezo, etc. That’s why I would suspect external amplifiers first. (Though, sure enough, I would suspect the fan first).

    Good luck.

  • Belkin Pre-N Router Problems!

    I have one but i am unable to get my PS3 to function properly with it. Does anyone know what settings i should use to get the router to work properly with the PS3. I bought this router because it was shown to be one of the best out there. Someone please Help me! Thank you.

  • @51, 58 –>Na, thats the background noise to F@H. Dont ask how come theres a hissing noise. But the sound changes when you zoom in and out of the folding unit. Its like a quiet ocean. Its the client thats making that noise.

  • I am very proud to be a part of F@H. Thanks for the update.

  • 60: Togenshi: Noise coming from your PS3 or the speakers?… I’ll definitively crank the speakers tonight : ). Come to think of it, I start FaH before I go to bed, and shut off every appliances, so maybe it’s been there since the start. Though if the noise would come from the PS3, I’m pretty sure I would have noticed it. Sure enough, it does get the fans going : )

  • Congrats to folders everywhere!

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  • I am very proud to be a avid F@H user in my team I’m the king with 467 WU .
    26 & 27 stop been x-trolls I got my ps3 @ launch and since F@H come out I have my PS3 on 24/7 except for my vacation time when I took a week of and took my system with me and I haven’t have a issue with my system if you think I’m it’s a lie check my stats here

  • Folding at Home is for a good cause, but in general I’d like to hear less from Sony about the “raw horsepower” of the PS3, and more about games.

    If the system is supposed to be so much better than the competition, the games should speak for themselves.

    What we consumers want most right now is a stronger game lineup and a price drop or a new lower end SKU.

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  • alright ps3 owners hey were doin good fighting for a good cause.

    p.s. just a general question, i was wondering why is it when i change my name on the folding thing it reset my numbers online? anybody got any answer as how i’m able to get my old numbers back? just wondering, not a biggie but just wondering….

  • @azulx3

    When uninstalling or reinstalling F@H you will lose the current numbers on your ps3 … as long as you put your same username and team # then those stats will reflect appropirately online.

  • ahh
    I’m running solar but our level is up 4 times since last year. Gotta slow down with the folding for a while unfortunately.

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  • That’s pretty cool. I try doing that once in a while, but there’s games to play, so I don’t spend a lot of time there.

    I suggest Sony make Folding@Home more fun by adding some games for us to play while we’re folding.

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  • @58/60: Sorry folks but it’s neither an amplifier, nor the ocean sound nor any other electronic devices. It’s definitely coming from inside the PS3. It is even heard if all the other electronic devices in my room are turned off!

    @62 It’s not coming from the fans. I do NOT hear the sound when the fans are running while playing games. NOT at LV1/2/3 fan speeds… It only occurs while folding. There are others reporting this noise (PS underground forums), but no one is able to tell what it is…

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  • singularity0821

    even when your PS3 is turned off right?
    you got your ears damaged :D go call sony and get a replacement stop crying about it and call before you post in a forum..

  • singularity0821

    The sound you are hearing is “coil whine”. Every elecrtical component does it more or less. F@H stresses transistors inside Cell so much that they make this sound. I can hear same coil whine when I play with my PC.

    Some Intel motherboards were notorious of having very annoying coil whine. What PS3 does is only something very small… you only hear it if room is completely silent.

  • @78 THX

  • Excellent News for PS3s helping everywhere, We have foldinghome team currently ranked at 2008 out of 81893, any new PS3 are welcome so we can go for the best team ever. Our team number is 70092. Join Us for PS3 processing domination.

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  • With all this advancement in technology you’d thing GT mobile be here by now. Where the hell is it? Hurry up Polyphony Digital!

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