One Of Our New Heroes

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Matthew Lovo and Dad
Oregon boy saves dad’s life, gets a PS3.

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  • Nice story!

    glad he’s ok!

    That should keep the kid busy for a while!

    have a good day everyone here at the forums!

  • yeah this was a crazy story here in Oregon. Way to step up Sony.

  • Wonderful Story and very happy for the boy!

  • Ummm… For all the good he did why’d you go and give him the worst damn ps3 games out therE? Resistance is nowhere to be seen… No warhawk? Please…

  • whats the story? the video wont play is there a text version??

  • @4

    I think he is a little to young for Resistance. ;-)

    Glad to hear they are both all right.

  • Nice story, what a great kid…now lets reward him by keeping MGS4 exclusive.

  • @ 6

    I think he’s a little young to be trauatized by Sonic the Hedge hog. Worst game … ever, for next gen. His dad fell asleep driving a rig… I can bet your bottom dollar he’ll fall asleep for sure watching his son play Sonic the Hedge Hog.

  • Awesome story.

    Motorstorm for ’em? He should also get Resistance, GRAW, RB6V, and Oblivion, no matter what the rating. He can drive/signal a tractor trailer, and you have to be 18 to do that, so hah :D

  • Thats actualy very cool of you Sony. The main thing is they are both ok.

  • Next time his dad falls asleep the kid will be too busy playing ps3 to notice. He could of grown to be a hero, now he will grow to be your average lazy gamer.

    What have you done Sony? :-(

  • Nice job Sony!

  • @ 8

    I agree wit that. But Sony and Sega have to get rid of the copies of Sonic some how. ;-)

  • He isnt Sr PR manager for nothing. Haha, great public relations move sony, got a lil bit of free coverage AND a moral public image in one go.

  • This story makes me feel :) inside.

  • Way to go SCEA! That was very nice of you. Its nice to see that there are still some good people in the world.

  • He got 9 games… two of them are covered up in the picture.. if you look at the large pitcure you can sorta make out what they are. To get a PS3 and 9 games is a great deal.

    I’m glad they are both alright and hopefully his dad is more careful about pulling over when tired.

  • That Kid has got bravery and taste.Good choice kid.Sony is so sweet.This makes positive advertisement too.

  • I heard about that on a forum i go on, and that he wanted a PS3 for his efforts (clever kid, huh). Glad he finally got one. And a healthy stay of games by the looks on it :)

  • Low blow, guys, you gave him Sonic. That’s pretty mean. =P

    Seriously, this is a really good thing. Nice job. :)

  • Very sweet story!

    #20 remember the kid is under 10 y/o, the games they give him have to be rated for his age. :) No Resistance and the such!

  • Why was this boy given a PS3. Why not other life savers? I don’t understand.

  • Good job little man.

  • What an ungrateful kid….award enough should be that he still has his dad…but no he wants a ps3 in reward for saving something thats worth more to him.

    It was very nice of you sony but that kid is gunna have some serious issues when hes older if he prefers materialistic objects.

  • Good job little guy!

  • and not even a 60gb, tut-tut dad

  • ok , now i have to treath my dads life , and then rescue him… just for a ps3 for MGS4 …
    It shouldnt be too hard isnt ?
    Just kidding :D

  • He definitely deserves the PS3

  • lol free advertisement for PS3 since they don’t put out any good commercials anywhere

  • Sony might want to contact them and tell them that they shouldn’t put the PS3 on carpet. Not a good idea ;)

  • Damn the ps3’s so shiny! love it :D

    Nice story man, heroes deserve such a great system + more!

  • im from Oregon!!!!!

  • Smart kid asking for a PS3 instead of that motion sensor controlled pile of monkey crap that looks like a Mac.

  • wish I saved my dad’s life and that it got put in the news so that sony would throw me a free system and some games. oh yeah, I forgot I’ve had mine since launch. my bad. Anyways touching story, kid deserves it.

  • Good Job Sony!

    Now this is the kind of press Sony and the PS3 NEED!!! I am so tired of all the negative press surrounding Sony. This story is a like a breath of fresh air. When I read this story a tear comes from my eye, just like the creepy baby in the PS3 commercials.

    We love ya SONY, Thanks for this story!

    PS. As for all you posters, All see you guys on the Warhawk battlefield

  • Nice bit of free publicity, although why you’re putting it here on the Blog is beyond me.

    Thankfully you didn’t give him Warhawk. He’d probably get so frustrated with all the network errors and whatnot that he’d start throwing the controller at the TV, bean his dear ol’ dad in the head. That wouldn’t look quite so good for Sony…

  • Guys, the reason Sony gave him those specific titles is because they are appropriately rated for him. Resistance and Motorstorm are out of his age range I believe.

    Either way, it kinda looks like his dad is forcing a grin like he would rather his son not actually have it! :p

  • OK the stories nice, good reward. But the 20GB Sony? Shame on you…. :D

  • Wooohaaa that´s the way to do good things
    Nice Sony!!

  • Smart kid, lol.

  • @ 26 + 39

    That is not a 20gb ps3. Look closely and you can see the chrome molding running across the entire length of his system.

  • Nice!
    Though it would be nicer if Playstation thought to distribute the gaming system to children’s hospitals or even retirement homes. Gaming would be a great past-time for older folks and if young kids volunteered to play games with them (and a PS3 is a pretty big attraction to bring the kids in for volunteering!!) then this would be ideal!

    Old folks are often so lonely! Gaming offers something interactive, fun, it can be done while seated or in a wheelchair… and it keeps the mind active.

    (then again, I’m 45… maybe I’m just hoping Playstations are standard in old folk homes when I get there! LOL)

  • **Starts slow clapping***

  • @enrich

    It’s a 20GB, it’s obvious, the whole front would have been chrome otherwise. The thing you are seeing is some dust in the crevice, I have it on my 20GB too and from that angle it makes my 20GB look like a 60GB too.

  • I gotta hand it to the people at Sony for doing this. It’s nice when a company makes a kid’s wish come true.

  • Nice job Sony, only two good games there are Sonic and All Pro Football. But the kid did a good thing for his Dad and deserves it.

  • SONY has been doing a pretty good job with PR lately. Props to them for donating the PS3 to the kid as a gesture of goodwill.

  • good job for sony and specially for the little man.

    hope enjoy your games boy, (that is if you see this message)

    now sony, give me HoMe and update 2.00 ….


  • that’s a great story and a really lucky kid!

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