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Since we launched the blog we have been extremely liberal in our monitoring policies because we wanted you guys and gals to get to know each other and share ideas. Lately, however, we have been getting complaints that there is so much noise accompanying each post that people can’t separate the good meat from the chatter. We definitely hear you. So, we are going to step up our moderation of off-topic, nonsensical posts or posts on topics that we have already addressed (Yes, we hear you on wanting more demos … consider that box suitably checked). If you have suggestions not related to the particular topic of a post, please use our comment form.

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  • its great to know that you guys listen to us consumers. first we have the in-game xmb update announcement, now this. well done. but there are some few stuff people want. and i know they want this because im also in the forums 24/7. this is entirely up to you guys, but some people want moving wallpapers (GIF). and lastly, i think its about time you reveal the PS prepaid card. not everyone has credit cards. and plus, having the card will really boost up sales. just add some ps1 titles and your done. add games like resident evil, resident evil 2, metal gear solid 1, tekken 1 and 2. these games will without a doubt. boost sales.;) thanks for taking time to read my comment.

  • Apologies, Sony. I know I’ve had my fair share of going off topic. But I guess it shows the demand for some things, eh? (in-game XMB, demos, future plans, firmware update, etc.)

    I’ll try to make a better effort to keep on topic

  • I so wanted more moderation here.

    The 360 fanboys and the whiners were really dragging down this place.

    And don’t get me started on the ones who go off-topic.

  • I’m sorry but I’ve got to post again. We don’t need monitoring over our posts. What we need is games to arrive soon and most likely on the date it’s supposed to come out. A game that goes gold hasn’t really gone gold if it’s still testing….Stop lying to peoples’ faces and we’ll be happy.

  • sony why not just creat a request section. and all of our request for the psn and fw updates can be in one place.

  • I don’t want more monitoring, I want more DEMOS DEMOS ! :)

    haha I’m just kidding. This blog is realy coming up nicely and I always enjoy my visits here. Thanks ! :)

  • Da ChinPin #156 “Stop lying to peoples’ faces and we’ll be happy.”

    No one is lying to anyone. If you ever understood or reasearched what “Mass Mentality” is you understand why in many situations you have to fabricate to masses, because they act completely differently then individuals.

    A perfect example is the EGM review of Lair. Look at the uprising of 15-20yr, when they read that news. (proably not even reading the FULL review, but just looking at numbers). Those are the kinds of things that define “Mass Mentality”.

    When i’m late on a project, I speak with my boss and explain the reasons, solutions and an educated assestment of when it will be completed. Imagine doing that to millions of Kids, Teenagers and Adults. Understand what they have to do to keep “us” the mass from being idiots.

  • Bravo Sony.
    You guys gotta understand, this is the Playstation blog. This place is to discuss relevant topics with other posters.

    This is NOT the playstation complaint box. You do not come here to stuff the box with complains after complaint about features or things that you desire when there already skilled and highly paid people creating and implementing the same ideas.

    Honestly, the fact that Sony extends itself just the slightest to develop a rapport with its fanbase and many people interpret that as the perfect opportunity to:
    1.) Complain
    2.) Demand unrestricted free speech
    3.) Make Demands
    sickens me. Go find a blog for another multi billion dollar company (if they even exist) and see how much you can get away with there. We’ll see you back here on Monday.

  • ERROR: Your remarks is invalid.

    This is all I can get when I try to use the comment form!!!!

    (not the best way to make us feel like our opinions matter! I like to think my opinions ARE valid!)

    Please address this issue so we can do as you directed us to, not post off-topic!

    thank you

  • ^same problems here! :(

  • I was getting the error as well–try shortening your comment–that seemed to work for me—I have no idea what the limit is tho…

  • I was getting the error as well–try shortening your comment–that seemed to work for me—I have no idea what the limit is tho…

    Ah! I see!! Shortening my comment did work, but I wasn’t able to express my problem fully…


    Is there a way we can get the limit on our comments lengthened? It would be nice to be able to say what we mean in full!


  • Of course I mean the separate comment page you directed us to in this topic’s posting by Patrick Seybold, not the comment box at the bottom of this thread.

    just wanted to clarify that!

    (another good reason for an “edit” button


  • Thanks very much. Last week we got the Heavenly Sword demo and we got demos for GRAW2 and The Darkness. Though I think we should have gotten the demo before it was released I still greatly apprecciate it. Just keep the demos coming :D

  • 25.year.old.german.child

    thanks for deleting my questions. thanks for not hearing someone who is paying a lot for stuff he can’t get.

    take at least a look at this, before deleting my comments again.

  • i think. with creative new titles being released over the playstation store, and more customization options like wallpapers and such, you could create a giant lead over xbox’s marketplace. also a deeper way to communicate with online friends would also be very user friendly when wanting to play with a friend.

  • Here’s a constructive comment for you. Let us change our PSN avatars to our own pictures! Either that or put some better ones up there. Maybe more PlayStation related ones? I can see you might not want us to use our own, on account of porn and all that, but better ones would be nice. Oh and ask Ubisoft and Free Radical if they can hook us up with a Haze demo sometime soon.

  • Thanks so much for the GRAW2 Demo :) I really didnt think I’d be able to control a tactical FPS with the sixaxis. the tilt aiming function really helps!

    With his new firmware update the user+pass inputs dont give a pop-up keyboard type screen which makes it so hard to read tiny next on sites. This also applies for any type box on a screen, and it runs slower than the older PS type box. It’ll be nice to have the old version back. I dont know, what do you guys think?

    I cant wait for the R&C demo!! Hopefully we also get an Uncharted demo soon :)

  • thank you! XD

  • They took my post down…LOLOL

    cuz i said

    @158 LiQuiFiEdArT

    Lying is not right whether its “fabricating to the masses” or lying to a single person.

    now lets see how long till Sony takes this one down…NOT COOL SONY!!!

  • cccccccccccccoooooooooooooooolllllll

  • I am glad that Sony is reading this comments. I don’t know if they read old Posts Commments so perhaps they should make a Post specifically to Demos where people request them and a list can be created and crossed off as they are brought out. My two Requests are….

    1.Pirates of the Caribbean at Worlds End
    2. Harry Potter & the Order of the Phoenix

  • How about showing a graph of trends of requested things… or current backlog of development priorities would be even more cool :)

  • 166 posted a serisous issue and i think its only fair for Sony to give them an official word. Just think if us in NA purchased a $600 console only to feel left out. I somethimes feel that now with our store content.

    Points is wth somethign so criticial why was the post deleted? I am glad we can use the comment form, but I think there sould be some type of resonse from the person that has read it. (NOT A GENERIC RESPONSE)

  • Anyways, I feel like the moderation is a great idea, sorting through hundreds of comments only to find the good ones suck. Also, i think it was a great idea to have Sony staff members comments in red. I jsut hope it doesn’t turn into the PSU Forum, where if you mention MS or Nintendo you thread will get locked or deleted. I know if may be difficult to spot fanboys at time but many times is PS users tht have had both system that make these comparisions or new PS3 owners that hvae jstu made the decision or are trying to.

  • If this was truly for the fan then it should be 100 percent self policeing. However their is a problem in that. If someone says things that a majority of posters don’t like they get the hammer. I think their should be few things that happen.
    1. You should go and do what Major Nelson did and link usernames and PSN names so that we know right away we are talking to someone who at least has a system(or knows someone who does)
    2. User controlled posting. Post should have ratings and reporting ability. People who report should be logged so other users can see who reported a post that is now blocked and read it for content. A post that maybe is negetive to something that most people thing positivly on should be put back on the board by power users if the content is not offending or breaking rules.
    3. Maybe adding some kind of cudos system to usernames may even help… also an ignore button would be nice.
    4. Make sure under no no cercumstance do you follow the guidlines of your playstation forums… this is a blog and if your did something stupid or your competitors did something awsome you should allow people to voice that. It may not always be constructive, but try and understand that people don’t always type with a calm head… we know how fanboys get, but they are just as important as anyone else.

  • I wanted to mention a small concern… there is a link to the True Real Winner of the Chop Chop Master Onion Contest at

    Yet, when I click the link on, I get a different “Winner”.

    I Do Not Know Who To Believe! Do I believe the Official-Rule-Violating adamstackhouse, or do I believe the Honest, Autistic CWCSonichu?

  • I hope you guys have something up your sleeves to counter because Microsoft just announced their price drop on the Xbox 360.


    Theres another box added to the list. =P

    A redesign of the PS Store which looked like that… would be spectacular in my most humble opinion.

  • @Kinglink – You just complain and complain and complain some more. That’s all you want to do? don’t you?

    Personally, I don’t want to hear your complains. Once is enough. More than that? No way. I think that is what’s going to get moderated. Spam comments…..and that has been done before.

    People wanted the comments to be moderated. The majority of the people did.

  • Thank you posts are just part of the noise. I think they should be deleted and that we should refrain from such trivial posts in the future.

  • Than maybe you should have forums instead of a blog Patrick Seybold // Sr. Manager, PR. And i would add a thumps up and thumps down instead of a digg this crap you have in every blog we are not robots and like to able to at least vote on something that we don’t like even if you don’t agree. Because we are your paying customers. Unlike most of the cheerleading squad you have on this site that agree with everything you post and waving there little pom poms and blowing you kisses at you sony people. :p

  • @sainraja: I usually hate comments like the one I am about to make but here i go.

    If you don’t like kingslink or what he has to say, then don’t read his posts.

    Isn’t ironic that your posting a complaint about him posting complaints. Do you not see the immaturity there?

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  • Here is a vital comment on product feedback.

    SONY should open a very specific link so that users can provide targeted feedback on what is desired and what bugs require fixing, etc.

    For example on the PS3Forums there is a very specific post about what video features are DEMANDED on the PS3 like support for latest Flash player, playing Real Player or Quicktime videos, etc for M-peg4 etc.

    Please chime in.

  • i cant get my dam Gravatatr working!

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