Yes, The Heavenly Sword Demo is Coming …

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Heavenly Sword Box Art

Hi, this is Kyle, I’m a producer here at SCEA’s Santa Monica Studios. One of the titles I am working on, and quite frankly playing most often, is Heavenly Sword. I’ve read a lot of your comments on this blog about this title and I’m happy to confirm the reports that we’ll have a downloadable demo coming this week to the PLAYSTATION Store.

The complete game is still set for September, but I think you’ll find this demo is a great sample of what’s in store and it’ll certainly give you a good idea of the look and feel of the game. To set the stage here, at the beginning of this demo, our heroine, Nariko, gains consciousness after a violent encounter with the evil King Bohan and his army. Nariko learns that Bohan is holding her father, Shen, prisoner inside a massive temple complex so she sets out to fulfill her destiny and embarks on a quest for vengeance against the invading King and his army.

Keep a lookout for the demo on the PLAYSTATION Store this week, I’m anxious to read what you guys think of it.

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  • HA , HA , I got 100.

  • I just want third party demo rehularly like every week. But the special firstparty demos on special days

  • !

    really, cannot wait!


  • blink18214re thats ok no big deal.

    At first when I saw what you wrote. I was wondering what I said that made it sound like PSN was behind.

    But after I saw you make a new comment I new it was no big deal.

  • Assassin it was spaming

  • 101 hahaha noob

  • @Kyle: Can not wait, at first I was not interested in this game, but then I saw the E3 videos and now I just can not wait.

    @Travis: You are not THE Travis Williams, right?

  • Yah!!! I can’t wait!!!! This demo is gonna rock!

  • good [DELETED] keep it up

  • I’m giddy with tingly excitement! Tingle, tingle!

  • Wow guys, I posted this up and went back to work. Come back a couple hours later and y’all are busy. Hey, Travis, don’t you have work to do. ;) Let me finish reading and I will start responding.

  • thank God I thought that Nariko was gonna die in the first game but it is comin two more h s games
    .please kyle dont kill her in the third game.

  • Great to hear the new demos, will really get me amped to get this game…been kinda on the fence about it.

    Keep up the good work!

  • @Kyle Shubel

    Call Travis tell him we want his review.

  • Hey 40cal, as for SIXAXIS support, I do have some details but am going to post them shortly. Rest assured that we are supporting it!

  • sweet i cant wait to play it

  • As great as demos are for the PSN, it won’t play as significant a role as you may think later in the year. People complain about not getting many demos but that’s because of the lean amount of PS3 titles out right not. In the next few months, wanting demos won’t be THAT important, what with GTA4, Heavenly Sword, Lair, R&C, and more coming.

    People also complain about certain features they want in the PS3 firmware. Personally, what will give the PS3 a great advantage against the 360 having the equivalent of Xbox 360’s “Achievements.”

    The sooner Sony can implement this the better. Right now, when a title is released for both the PS3 and 360, the 360 has the advantage because of have achievements. I find myself leaning towards the 360 version every time because of this.

    Sony says there will be “entitlements” in their games that will integrate with Home, but they better hurry, especially with so many big titles coming down.

    If possible, I’d like someone from Sony to post some news about that, how it will work, when it will launch, what titles will have it, etc. With GTA4 just around the corner, will this be another missed opportunity?

  • @kyle

    we want 3rd party demos

    and info about the rumble-axis

  • demo is exactly what we wanted the most !!!
    thx !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • That is great news but you guys need to step up your game on the demo releases, no offense. sometimes the demo comes out after the game. the more demos the better and I’m waiting for an ASSASSINS CREED DEMO. an a LAIR demo would of been great but its already releasing so theres no point. hopefully this changes.

  • good [DELETED] sony
    some kinda gamer score
    that shows all the games you played

  • Awesome man! Keep it up guys ;) I’ll be ready to download this baby on Thursday :D

  • i’m very concerned about the amount of traffic this demo will pose on the network. this will definitely be a good test of its strength. get ready sony…

  • @ Kyle

    thanks for news

    do u have any other info for us? :)
    *cough*home, new sixaxis, ingame xmb, r&c demo, lair demo*cough*
    come on i promise we wont tell anyone we’ll keep it a secret. ;)

    @ travis. i didnt know humans worked for sony…. ur the first guy to post replies like a convo with someone (40cal)

  • You know, Kyle, I’ve noticed a pattern with this group. Everytime we’re given something someone complains that they it’s not enough. I swear if you cured Cancer they’d say, “Great, but what about those millions of people with AIDS?” Never enough. Now I shall duck as the flames of enraged fanboys fly. >,

  • Cool I am looking forward to it!

  • @JordanBlack68, the demo will be releasing in Europe as well, so keep your eyes peeled.
    @Jeigh, hmm, misunderstood, interesting thought. You let me know what you think after playing the full game. ;)
    @killgtx, ahh, Travis may not have LBP, but I do!

  • @AssassinXIII

    And WE (the collective Playstation community) would like you to stop spamming and just go away for a while. Not forever, just, for now…


    Awesome stuff dude, cannot wait to play it. If you could, I’m sure someone else has mentioned this, but are you planning on supporting integration with HOME? I would love to hear some ideas from first or third party developers about what they think of this style approach, versus the Xbox’s Achievement system. I have a feeling that the PS3’s Entitlement Trophy system is much more unique and innovative. It will definitely be interesting to see!

  • in-game xmb


    sony ps3 messenger


  • i didnt spam

    i’m just asking

  • please stop doing this

    i’m just asking

  • @ Kyle and Travis.

    Ok you guys realy need to pull my address out of the blog data base AND START MAILING ME STUFF. LOL

  • I can’t wait for this demo. How much space does it need? Anyways I’m hoping we will get a Lair demo soon as well.

  • sweet news. can’t wait to get my hands on it.

  • This is awesome. I can’t wait to play the demo.
    The box art looks great by the way. Really HAWT.

  • @kyle

    info about IN-GAME XMB



  • Cool I cant wait to play this.

  • Gonna be sooooooo goood!!!!

    Sony, this is exactly what we want… Give us more!!!

    Nice work guys!!! Keep it up!!

  • awesome

  • Thanks for the reply Kyle, Im glad there is nice people that read all the comments and reply.

    Ive already preordered this game, hopefully the demo will be ace.

    Thanks Kyle

  • yea what up with LAIR demo
    it comes out b4 Heavenly Sword

  • Great to see some red this time!

  • Kyle Shubel I WILL KILL YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i need create levels…and create something big with my friends!! any info on beta? i need to play now!!! im going crazy!! hahaha :D

  • Yo Travis,

    What you need to do is send a package to 40cal’s address and make it look really official with sony and heavenly sword printed on the outside. But when he opens it up, all that’ll be inside is a note reading “HAHA PSYCH!” ;)


  • PD: My wallpaper its LBP sKate, what Wallpaper Background you use?

  • @Assassin
    We know, they know, everyone who’s read the blog in the last month knows.
    You are acting like a five year old. Stop it.
    And yes you saying the same thing OVER AND OVER is spamming.

  • i dont know how im gonna pass the time while the demo is downloading, but when I get the chance to sample this game i’ve been waiting for ever since the ps3 was announced…o man thursday cant come soon enough.

  • my wallpaper is kratos

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