Firmware 1.90 Coming Soon

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UPDATE: The Firmware 1.90 update is available now; I’ve also included an update below that addresses some of your comments here.

Firmware 1.90 brings with it several new features, many of which readers of this blog have requested – I’m happy to report.

Customization is one new feature: you can now personalize the wallpaper on your XMB with a photo. This was one of the top three requests we received via the blog’s contact form. When viewing a photo, simply bring up the options screen by pressing the triangle button and selecting “set as wallpaper” from the options displayed. Additionally, you can now change the order of the games displayed under the game icon on the XMB.

Another new feature focuses on added communication elements: When you’re sending messages to friends on PLAYSTATION Network, you can now use emoticons. We’ve added a bunch of emoticons that can be easily accessed from the virtual keyboard. Also, another cool addition is, when an avatar is displayed during voice/video chat, the avatar will move in response to audio.

Finally, on the more technical side, you can now play AVCHD videos saved on a Memory Stick or digital video camera, and we’ve added the ability to upscale audio CD output from your PS3. Now, there are two requirements for this feature: the device you’re outputting to must support a sampling frequency of 88.2 kHz or 176.4 kHz, and your PS3 must be connected to that device with an HDMI cable or digital optical cable.

Oh, and one more thing: you can now eject discs using your controller by selecting “Eject Disc” in the options menu after you push the PS button.

Several other minor options will be included in 1.90 including a few new display options that will allow you to adjust your display while playing PlayStation, PlayStation2 and Blu-ray movies.

We’re working on additional features for our next update that will incorporate more of your feedback, so as always thanks for all of your support, and please keep those suggestions coming!

The link on the SCEA website is now live, you can get the full info on firmware 1.90 here. Also, I noticed a lot of your comments were directly related to accessing XMB features in-game. We understand this is something you want and we are working on it. For the sake of keeping all the comments below on topic, please understand that we hear this request and are working toward a solution. When I have some more info to share on this, know that I will do so here on this blog.

Now, with all of that said, thanks for the feedback. I decided to address some of the consistent comments in the body of this post instead of within the comments. One thing you have noticed is that under sorting your games, when you sort by creation date, it sorts by the date you downloaded the content. Sorting videos is done by the date that the videos were added to your hard drive. You can also ‘go-to’ a specific time in any of the videos on your HDD, by hitting triangle and then selecting the specific time from the clock at the bottom.

Something a few of you have noticed as well is that you don’t need to have the SIXAXIS controller connected to PS3 through the USB cable anymore to complete the update, which I know is something some of you were asking for.

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  • Out of curiosity, are we going to be getting any news on PSP updates??
    I REALLY would like PSN access from my PSP as I am going to college in a few weeks and won’t have access to my PS3 for a few months, but would still like to maintain contact with my PSN friends.

  • It would be great if we were able to change the text colouring of the XMB. If you change the background to a picture that has very bright colours sometimes it becomes impossible to read the text on the XMB since the colours all blend into each other. This may sound odd but I would like to be able to edit the controls of any ps3 game directly from the XMB. Time and again console developers have proven themselves incompetent when it comes to properly testing the control schemes they create. It’s high time that the player is given the same level of control that PC game players have had for over a decade.

    I am very tired of having to chase down information on the available control functions in various games only to find that even if the games do in fact support southpaw/legacy they situate the buttons in such a way as to render the player crippled because using a given function while using (the sticks usually.) other controls becomes physically impossible. For example try playing The Darkness with reversed sticks (Southpaw) you will notice that it is no longer possible to move and jump without switching hands, Rainbow six Vegas has the same problem.

    It would be wonderful if there was a single unified control configuration interface where the games would register themselves and allow the user to modify all of the mappings to his or her liking. The trick would be to engineer the system such that no matter what defaults the developers set all of the mappings remain mutable without the developers having to code the game for this sort of thing explicitly.

    If it is not already possible I would like to see support for streaming media from a Linux based machine.

    I would also like to be able to play xvid and divx avi’s through XMB, it would be wonderful if we got mkv support along with srt and ass/saa subtitle support.

    Please add Flac and ogg support to XMB converting all my music into aac is not an idea I relish.

  • i would love 2 be able 2 play madden and listen to the music i have downloaded 2 my playstation 3

  • I would love for PS3 to be able to upscale its own games…It’ll upscale PS1 & PS2 but NOT its own

    You can switch resolution settings in game on PS1 & PS2 but NOT its own


    someone should be fired for this nonsense!!!!


  • now an update on the web browser flash player can be good cuz my bro uses the only pc we got ,btw is very slow, so i use my ps3 to surf the web but the falsh player is only 6 when the most recent web sites use 8 or 9, between the 2, and i cant evan see trailers on your main u.s. web site, nor any of the web sites from your 1st party games. theres more on the list of sites i cant see but just letty you guys know it really sucks that i have to wait for my bro to finish using the pc to see most of vids on some sites i could see on my ps3 which happens to be faster browser than my pc IE 7… can it be done sony? PLZ!!!!!!!

  • Would it be possible to set up some sort of system where we could send PSN games to friends as gifts, so I could buy another copy of Super Stardust HD and send it to a friend?

    I guess once the Playstation Cards are released, it’ll technically be possible to give a friend a PSN game, but I personally view that as a gift card, which is only a slightly nicer way of saying, “I didn’t know what to get you. Here’s a 20.”

  • the next update need in game XMB, with the ablity to play tracks while in game, and a clock!!!! like the psp one, and also when you press the ps button it comes up….
    fed up with having to get up to find the time lol

  • hello ps blog,
    i oh so want to thank you for this sweet ass system, an that last update. i do agree with hindahouse; the cross-media bar does need to encompass a clock. its jus more helpful that way. besides the obvious(in-game xmb getting those in game messages an having to cancel the game an go fetch), lets try cross game voice chat, and definately a HOME INVITE! YEA

  • This is my first post… so I’d like to SUPER-thank everyone at sony for all the hard work. It’s obvious that you really do want to be the best. I’ve been reading a lot but just haven’t posted yet. There’s only one thing I would like that I haven’t seen mentioned:

    A sleep timer with the clock (assuming you add a clock). I think a lot of people like to fall asleep to music or a movie. I think it would be great if my ps3 could shut itself down after a certain amount of time or after something finishes playing.

    Thanks, and keep on truckin’

  • oh i forgot one thing in my last post that i dident know at the time… i would like to see a update that would fix the problems with Metal Gear Solid 3… i would love to play my game so i could get MGS4 when its out in the stores =)

    thank you

  • All I want is in game xmb for checking messages and a real freaking web browser.when you can’t use sony’s own websites properly something is definantly wrong!!!!!! Also upscaling of ps3 games from 720p to 1080i would be a dream come true.I am amongst the millions that bought a hdready tv that dosent display 720p. I have 480i/p or 1080i.720p is useless to most ps3 users as is 1080p.just my 2 cents though :)

  • 2 channel audio support…

    These days a lot of bluray/dvd’s (if not all) only support 5.1 audio or higher. it would be nice to incorporate something to process 5.1 to a standard 2ch output. considering not all of us can afford a decent home theater to go with our ps3, i think this feature would benefit greatly to less fortunate ps3 owners (including myself) who enjoy watching a good bluray/dvd, but do not have a 5.1 audio setup.

  • Is the eu backwards compatibility still being updated? Because MGS3 Subsistence has been at noticeable issues for quite a while. It freezes a lot.

    Anyway just thought this game would be fixed early as a lot of people will want to replay it before 4 comes out.

    One thing I’d like is to have the ability to play music in the background while using the XMB.

    And maybe be able to have music automatically start when you start up the system.

  • Forgot to add MGS3:S has a lot of slowdown as well, especially during the Fury battle and when there are a lot of enemies in the area.

    Just want this game fixed ASAP.

  • how about a bandwidth limiter for the download speed and online gaming, because if you have more than one computer or device on 1 broadband connection the PS3 uses up all the bandwidth on the network and all the other computers cant even access webpages.

  • Can you add some better support for those of us using Hi-res monitors with 16:10 aspec ratios?I hate how the Ps3 stretches the image vertically in order to fit the monitor. There should just be two black bars on the top and bottom so the image does not get distorted. Also, you could support monitor resolutions instead because that would also take care of the problem (1920×1200). I’m using HDMI with my monitor and everything is perfect except the stretched image. Thanks

  • Gonna shoot my comment out one more time: SCREEN SHOT FEATURE!!! thats all i have to say, i think it’s a damn nice idea if i do say so myself.

  • Didn’t read all the above messages so maby my comment is unnessesery, byt i’ll post it anyway.

    First off. The browser really really needs a lot of work. It’s functions and loading times are a bit poor.

    It would be nice to have some sort of (graphical) time and date in the home screen of the XMB.. so I can watch the time :)

    Now with the option of backgrounds it would also be nice to have the option of changing the text colors of the XMB.

    More screensavers (Something with photo’s for example)

    An equalizer function for the music player would be cool :) (oh.. and of course more visual styles)

    The option of making your own file structure.

    And last but not least. What I would like most is the option of using my PSP as a remote control for playing audio files on my stereo with the PS3. The remote streaming is very cool, but it only plays the audio files on the PSP. I would very much like to turn of my TV, browse and then play the music I like in full 5.1 surround sound :) Hope you ad this feature soon!!!

    Thank you for listening.

  • I wish Sony would quit spending so much time wanking off and attending they’re play-time conferences, which leaves us with the crappy updates they manage to squeeze out in their spare time. Oooooh, i can change my XMB background and my avatar is animated. I just couldn’t wait for that update. I dont want to see time-lapse videos of E3. I want to see more PS3 updates. i.e. maybe divx, xvid compatibility ?? My $100 divx player from walmart is a better media center than the ps3.

  • @fasuXe

    If you install tversity on your pc, you can play almost any video file format.

  • Hi, just a quick question to ask when the next update is due ???

    thanks for keeping us ahead Sony looking forward to my ps3 always evolving


  • I stil miss one of the greatest features, that the PS3 could have. The conection between a mobile-phone to your PS3 via BLUETOOTH!!! (sending fotos or short movies from your to your playstation3) But most of all “Where are the PRE-PAID CARDS for a verry easy way, to pay on the PSN?”

  • thanks big for the updates first off but yea you can hit the sweet spot of you customers if you add divx and the in game XMB. but something i personally noticed was that when i moved the ps3 from my hdtv to a standard tv i cant change out of the hdmi out setting. it would be nice for the ps3 to sense which cables are being used and adjust accordingly

  • Please,please,please. Can you have bluray 1.1 compliance in the next firmware. I just wanted you to know there are alot of us looking forward to the features it offers. Thanks.

  • have more wall-poster varaties, IM massanger, home avatars more exciting…..i duuno how though, more formats flexiablity with video, and audio more demos if possible

  • A lot of people loved the addition of the upscale option for dvd. One more feature which would make the ps3 closer to being the ultimate dvd player, would be the support of PAL broadcast standard dvds. For instance this would allow ps3 owners to play dvds of foreign friends who recorded their holidays from a camera.
    An idea would be to convert the picture from PAL 50hz into NTSC 60hz for it to be compatible with tv systems in america. PC softwares even easily display both NTSC and PAL dvds on a monitor, so why not the ps3, especially given its powerful processor?

  • Has anyone noticed that shuffling photos is no longer a feature. It was when I first got my PS3, but with concurrent updates, it got removed. I would really like to know why and could we have it back please? Also when you’re trying to rename tracks that have been imported, there is no option for multiple track edit (for when you’d like to edit album title for instance on multiple tracks).

  • Perfecto, siempre es bueno mejorar el rendimiento del software, ojala sigan sacando mas y mejores ideas de como mejorarlo.

  • I must commend Sony for their updates thus far but some important things still arent being addressed;
    1. Full Bluetooth capability , like the ability to transfer data and pics etc.
    from my phone to my p3 or vice versa

    2. the lack of an up 2 date web browser
    on a nex gen system

    3. the in game xmb

    4 the PSN Prepaid cards

    and the list goes on and on
    i thought sonys goal was 2 make the ps3 the most sought after device ever but many things are still lacking. Anyway, keep up the good work and i thought of an idea, it would be awsome if on the psn store we could download Darkstalkers for ps1 and Marvel vs Capcom 2 for ps2 since those games are impossible 2 find and are like the best fricken fighting games ever.
    Also, id like if i could cut off the annoying sounds made by the ps3 at start up or at least customize it.
    Morover, it would be nice if i could turn off the hints that pop up in firmware 1.9 since like most ps3 owners i already kno how 2 operate my system

    thx a mill sony and keep up the good work

  • There is one thing that you guys should put in the next update, the option to use the 720p by default when you are in the menu even if your TV supports 1080i or 1080p.
    If I use 720p the game won’t detect that I have 1080i avalable.
    I hope that this makes sense…oh and anti-aliasing for PS2 or PS1 games.

  • make so i can play music in the game like xb0x has

  • Please add the ability to have surround sound from media played from an external device (hard drive, memory stick, etc). I use my PS3 as a DVD player and when I am authoring my own DVDs, I like to check my surround sound mix and it is a pain to have to keep burning DVDs to check it when I could just dump them to another device. Please add this!

  • you kno what, i kno that sony is the best and all that but …thing is i dont think that they will read of this. sheesh i came real late to say what i would suggest for the next firmware up date. i mean every one has alot to say, even me. but the thing sony should do is have a post on when they can actually startv distributing the updates.


    It would be great if you would allow the playback of 5.1 audio with AVCHD formatted m2ts files on the PS3. Using Sony HDR-SR8 files, the PS3 currently only plays back DD 2.0, it does not playback all 5.1 channels. I would think we should also be able to stream the files or attach an external hard drive and the PS3 should be able to play the raw M2TS file natively with the 5.1 audio track. I’ve loaded the file up in Vegas and can see all 6 audio channels there, but the PS3 currently will only playback 2 channel stereo!

    Please fix this!

  • The ability to start remote play when the PS3 is in standby.

    Leaving the PS3 in Remote play standby mode just incase you may want to access you’r media when you’r out isn’t really the best.

    It would be much better if you could remotly start a remote play session when the PS3 is in sytstem standby.

    This would save power (used by the PS3) and battery life on the controller since you cant turn the controller of once remote play standby is activated (as far as i know)

  • I think that clarifies PhDFatty’s point

  • I would like to see the search option such as one found in creative zen, it helps when you have thousands of songs and you need to play one immediatley, also can we expect more video codes to be compatible with PS3 ( divx, vob….). If we want to see PS3 as a multimedia hub, we need to fill all those small little gaps that cud someway or the other hinder the objective.

  • So are these suggestions or complaints that everyone has been making?

  • Spidersprog
    You do know that the Remote Play puts the PS3 in a low power state and if you left it like that it would cost you $2 a month?

    But I would like to see a merger of Remote Play and Folding@home.

  • I find it weird that sony hasn’t worked something out with Apple so that the iPod will be reconizabe and usable on the PS3. Wasn’t part of the PS3 made with Apple? Shouldn’t the iPod work? Please fix that. I know that you can use the triangle/show all files thing, but it is annoying! Thanks

  • I want to see in the next update is xmb in game and the possebilty to play al video’s in a row it very irrtating to go back to the xmb

  • Please add Custom in-game abilities to listen to our own music! I also asthetically think that alowing us to change the color of the “PS3” wave to whatever we want instead of monthly change would be awesome! And tun on/off the time of day change, I play mostly in the evening and I dont even get to see the colors… its black cause’ its night time. Thanks Sony!

  • UPDATE 2.0 should include this very SIMPLE IDEA ive had, hopefully someone sees my post down here: Adding a “Sleep Timer” like my TV, stereo, dvd player (although i use only my PS3 for that)…but watching a movie late at night when i know i will fall asleep in less than a hour, it would be nice to have my PS3 turn off like my TV and stereo…anyways just a thought a “SLEEP TIMER” -Thanks

  • It’s a great idea!
    Sleep Timer!
    Yeah do it!!!

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