PlayStation.Blog E3 Recap

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E3 has come and gone, but for those of you that are either new to this blog or are still chewing on all the show news, I’ve gathered up a collection of our E3-related posts here. Enjoy!

Get That E3 Feeling
Another E3 Winding Down, Plus a Quick Clarification
Sony PlayStation Games @ E3
Images From E3
We’re Just Getting Started…
New PS3, New Price & More News Coming

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  • Thanks for the recap.

    And sorry to ask for something AGAIN but…

    I thought we were going to be able to download the Sony’s Conference of the E3. Is there any plan for that?

    And sorry to repeat. The Tv Stream of the new psp, is it going to be available in the old psp? (Firm update)


  • tgis is BS.

  • I want to ask sometime important about a possible problem with my PS3:

    Sometimes when I start a game, it doesn’t start and my TV keeps switching from a black screen (HDMI) to a no signal. For some reason the black/white unclear one we know from old analog channels.
    It keeps happening till I turn my PS3 off, this then takes a few seconds more than usual too by the way.

    I’m wondering if this problem is with the PS3 and if so what can I do about it?

    I bought my PS3 at launch in europe and this problem occurred maybe once every two weeks at first but now it’s happening more and more often.

    This only happens to disc based games and I’m not sure if this is a cable or PS3 problem.

    What should I do?

  • Kratos_ate_Snake

    WOW… amazing, now I don’t have to scroll down to look at the stories.

  • I would leave some questions but then I would be copying Blizzards q’s. So …..yeah….I have the same questions as blizzard.

  • BTW I really like the new header on top, looks cool. :P

  • Kratos_ate_Snake

    I hate gravatar.

  • @Patrick Seybold
    Are we getting a post on the firmware update today or next week?

  • @8

    I was about to ask the EXACT same question ;)

  • @west: Early next week, we’ll have something on the firmware.

    Kratos: not sure what the gravatar issue is. if you selected it after determining the image rating, it should sync with the email you have used to register for your comments here.

    The new banner is now in rotation with the others. We’ll continue to add these types of banners as time goes on and keep them fresh.

    I’ll check into why the press conference hasn’t hit PSN yet.

  • @Patrick

    You basically answered all my major questions in 1 response :):):)

    I was extremely curious about the press conference, and the firmware post. Thanks Patrick!!

  • PLEASE! not another E3 trailer for PSN…LOL

    i would say give us the Darkness demo that UK/Australia got but i already downloaded it :)

    So for those with no access to the International Stores…YOU complain :)

  • @ Patrick

    Can we expect any final fantasy ps1 classics to be released in the near future on the playstation store? Can you please respond and great work on the blog.

  • @Kratos_ate_Snake

    I hate gravatar.

    I agree man.. I can’t even get the blue gravatar like you :P

  • Thank you Patrick Seybold for you responses. One thing I want to ask about is the rumored delay for Lair until Oct 26….Any word is if it is true? For the PAL regions(?) or otherwise?

  • Thanks Patrick!

  • @ Patrick

    Cool.. I miss PS3 firmware updates. :)

  • Sweet. Can’t wait for the update on the firmware.

  • You have to wait atleast 24h hours for the gravitar to kick in…

  • Can’t wait to see what the new firmware update does, thanks guys, keep up the awesome work.

  • Thanks Patrick for answering the questions of others that I also had interest in asking myself. If this blog would continually stay like this, with getting quick replys,(with the exception of major events like E3,TGS, cuz I know you guys are busy), it would be great. And we would feel valued as a customer. Thanks once again! :-)

  • could we please get some more demo’s and could the PSN store be updated more than one a week, it could be updated daily ..

  • Could you please stop posting about it? They know people want that kind of content, and they’ve already said they’re working on it. Of course I want that content too but spamming makes conversing with Sony PR a little difficult.

    I watched the Sony E3 conference from the stream available on gamespot (I think it’s gamespot) and I must say I was amazed by the quantity of content that was shown there. Keep up the good work! I can’t wait for Heavenly Sword, Warhawk and Lair to hit the shelves this fall.

  • @StormLord: I take it you dont work a 40 hour week. They’ve done a great job so far with everything. Yes we’d all like some demos, however, asking for anything more than a once a week update is just silly.

    @Patrick: Keep up the great work man! I look forward to the Conference video in HD, and the next firmware update.

  • thanks Patrick

  • Patrick, how about instead of USELESS CRAP like this, you get to the PSN department with Eric Lempel, and get your asses out of your chairs


  • Thanks for asking the question first Blizzard182. I asked the question on the prior post but maybe Patrick didn’t catch it. I will post my comment here about it too.

    I have not been able to see the conference yet. Not the whole thing anyways. I would like to see it in HD so that is why I haven’t seen it anywhere else. If it is too big of a download maybe you can do it in three parts like they did on XBOX Live already.
    Thanks for everything, Patrick

  • Watch the firmware be some POINTLESS [DELETED] we doing need. “INCREASED SCROLL SPEED, AND A BRIGHTER XMB!”

    “Newer XMB COL0RS”
    “Pointless enhancements to the ingame interface (zero)”
    “Still no WALLPAPER!!”
    “We don’t listen but we make blogs saying we do…but we dont’ address the IMPORTANT issues such as a frikken 5,000+ Signatured INGAME XMB request”

  • Kratos_ate_Snake

    I have done everything to try to get the avatar to work, but I just gave up on it. I even made a cool pic with Kratos and Snake side by side. OH well, thanks for caring Patrick.

  • Thanks for the recap.

  • @29

    But if they added that, what would you complain about? :)

  • Thank you for the updates Patrick! I can’t for the firmware update news and I am looking forward to downloading the PS3 E3 2007 Press Conference when it hits the PS Store :)

  • Kratos_ate_Snake

    lol zefie

    we will find something.

  • Patrick can you get the US more PSP colors like japan?

  • I would also love to see the Sony conference in the PSN. I’ve been waiting for that too.

  • Thanks Patrick and keep up the good work. Nice to see PS3 back on top agaig today at Amazon :) I am looking to get a new PSP, my first one. I hope they add more interactivity with the PS3, like controlling the PS3 as an advanced remote control and the best features you see in the slingbox system. The PSP could be a cool tool when you are away from the PS3.

  • Everaldo-players

    Hey Patrick!

    For please the hardcore fans a announcement of a game project by Fumito Ueda will be great. Ico and Shadow of the Colossus are awesome pieces of art :)
    Maybe Leipzig ou TGS events?

    And… some news of God of War 3 too :)

  • Thanks for checking on the press conference for PSN Patrick, I was wondering that myself. Also nice to know info on the next firmware is coming shortly, thanks for the update. I know you have to be pretty tight lipped about a lot of new stuff, but it’s good to know that your trying hard to keep us as informed as possible. Keep up the great work.

    On another note, whats the status on new PS1 games coming to PSN. Like joel was asking, the ps1 final fantasy’s are something I’d love to download and I’m sure they’d sell like hot cakes, as well as many other AAA titles for the ps1 like MGS. I know it has a lot to do with the publishers but if it is something you guys are working on please let us know so we know that they may eventually come. Thanks.


  • How big of a FW update are we talking about here?

  • my gavatar thing or whatever its called isnt working either and i did it 2 or 3 days ago.

    and cant wait for the firmware even though i know nothing about it yet lol. i hope they actually say whats in it thought like how PSP FW updates are. PS3 showed it only like 1 or 2 times.

  • That’s very nice!!! I like!!!

  • firmware update 2.00? sounds delicous… i hope its everything that we are wishing for guys. well at least in game xmb we’ll see next week i guess when they announce it on here. in the meantime lets all sit back and play HOME.

  • You guys had a very good E3 and I can’t wait for inFAMOUS. Sure it might have the same sandbox idea as Crackdown but I don’t think Crackdown had the good and evil choices.

    I just hope those choices really affects what your doing and not just are there and will lead to the same place as if you’r good.

    Anyway, great E3 Sony.

  • Hello Patrick,

    My question is where is Lair demo? It was announced for this month right?!


  • Classic Multiplayer Elite (the space trading game) would be brilliant to be on PS3

    In my view, a game that should have been written for the PS3 and the PSN network and would have been a brilliant example of using the sixaxis would have been a 2007 enhanced version of Multiplayer Elite (the space trading game) with 2007 graphics and multiplayer.

    That would have been fantastic as a multiplayer game with bluetooth headset functionality and would have been in my view a AAA title. This would be a title that could have helped sell PS3’s to the older gamer who played it constantly years ago, along with the successful Super Stardust HD.

    The players that used to play this game were from the early 80’s and therefore will now have the spending power to buy the ps3 as well.

    Great Idea to be able to contact Sony about the PS3. With all the negative feedback from the media and the web about the PS3, it’s a great console but I do think that the advertising campaign was bizarre to say the least and did not get the message across about how amazing the ps3 actually is.

    Sony did win E3 and has now started to fight back. When Lair comes out, Sony should show how the sixaxis can be used properly as well.


    Please also fix Hardware Online arena (ps2 game) so that it plays on the PS3. It works up to the point you try and play an online game and then get a blank screen. This was a brillant PS2 networked game in which the network portion seems to work but the actual game doesn’t.

    Please, please, please allow more video formats to be natively played direct on the ps3 such as avi and DIVX support with the next firmware upgrade as it won’t play all media types straight out of the box which as it’s touted as a media player, is a bit daft.

    And lastly ingame xmb access is badly needed. It’s daft to have to come out of a game to the xmb to read mail and then find out the invitation to a game has already passed.

    That’s my Two Penneth worth. Sony keep up the good work, it’s an amazing console and overall really happy with it and use it every day.

  • Why in the ps3 pal is impossible to setting 60hz in a tv crt? Please, is important for us european, include it in a new firmware!!!

  • I rather have the PS3 region free for all PS2 games as well. It will probably never happen but I really hope the PS3 will play all region PS2 games in the future.

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