Get That E3 Feeling

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Colin in the Gaming Lounge @ E3

The fact that we’re even talking about E3 in July rather than in May illustrates one of the many changes to the annual gaming blowout. This year’s expo was more exclusive than ever and a big departure from the E3 events of years past. That meant fewer throbbing lights and screaming gamers, and even fewer non-industry insiders in attendance. But that doesn’t mean we’re not looking out for you. In fact, we gave 50 Gamer Advisory Panel members the opportunity to attend the SCEA E3 Press Event on July 11. Better still, we have two G.A.P. members, Trina Schwimmer and Colin Bennett, on the inside attending further E3 events. They’re reporting back with all the eagle-eyed observations and candor you need to get the gamer’s-eye view.

So check out their posts to get a glimpse of what’s going on this year at E3:

Sony PlayStation G.A.P Member Colin Bennett @ E3 2007Sony PlayStation G.A.P Member Trina Schwimmer @ E3 2007

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