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Colin in the Gaming Lounge @ E3

The fact that we’re even talking about E3 in July rather than in May illustrates one of the many changes to the annual gaming blowout. This year’s expo was more exclusive than ever and a big departure from the E3 events of years past. That meant fewer throbbing lights and screaming gamers, and even fewer non-industry insiders in attendance. But that doesn’t mean we’re not looking out for you. In fact, we gave 50 Gamer Advisory Panel members the opportunity to attend the SCEA E3 Press Event on July 11. Better still, we have two G.A.P. members, Trina Schwimmer and Colin Bennett, on the inside attending further E3 events. They’re reporting back with all the eagle-eyed observations and candor you need to get the gamer’s-eye view.

So check out their posts to get a glimpse of what’s going on this year at E3:

Sony PlayStation G.A.P Member Colin Bennett @ E3 2007Sony PlayStation G.A.P Member Trina Schwimmer @ E3 2007

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  • I’m just sooo proud of Sony at this year’s E3…..You guys really did great.

  • sorry but I WANT HOM3

  • Well done at E3 sony!

    The PSP is made more portable than ever and some amazing games where announced!

  • what about interactivity with the PSP and Home? If cell phones can do it shouldn’t the PSP????

    demos? why no store update today?


  • Date for open beta? date for any demo?

  • isn’t most of this old news?

  • Niceee..overall you had a nice work at E3.

    Although I’ve been giving a lot of critic commentaries in the past topics, E3 was a big success. Just keep it that way.

  • E3 was nice.but can we please get this pricing issue straight?

  • Fantastic E3, poor price tag.

  • SCEA I have some very important requests!
    Please respond in any way possible even if you email me! Please! You may email me at

    Many people are confused as to when the Open Beta for Home will be released. At E3 ‘07, Phil Harrison said it will be released in July, then he said the Open Beta will be released in Fall 2007. Which is correct? Could you please announce this or at least send out emails confirming the actual date of release for Home Open Beta? Or at least the correct month. Please.

    Also, I believe you are struggling in sales with the PS3. This may seem scary but if you reduced the PS3’s price by $200 (from $599 to $399, and I mean the 80GB model because the 60GB model will become obsolete), you would sell PS3s at about a rate of 1,000% more than you are now. I GUARANTEE IT! Please consider this! Because if you sell more PS3s, then game developers will develop more exclusive titles for PS3 which in turn will boost PS3 sales again because in order to play the game, they’ll need to purchase a PS3 and this will also rack in money for you at SCE. I know you will not do this but I have to try to convince you.

    Please respond to me in any way because if you don’t, well, then I guess you aren’t listening to us.

  • Nice setup!

    Oh, here is a really nice ps3 ad:

    How about making a flickr set for the print ads you’ve come up with to date for the people that are into that, including me :)

  • Excellent E307 SONY!
    Lots to look forward to, I’m getting the new PSP also.

    Give us more content on PSN, specially the EU one.


  • Sony, We know you’re hearing us. response 13# plz!

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  • Hahahah Read the first line in Collin’s blog about Killzone two..

    “I rolled up to the joint…”

    At first glance that’s not what I thought I read…lol

    Good articles by both attendee’s.

  • Kratos_ate_Snake

    LOL that is funny… For a sec I though he said something else too.

  • You guy’s really delivered this year. Just can’t wait for those games to get to shelves!

    Also where is my SOCOM:confrontation content/media!
    NO site has it yet! I am dying to see some more details, please help me out!!!!11!!11!1oneoenoneelevenhundred1!11.

  • I wish I was there :(. Oh well, as long as I get into the Killzone 2 beta I’ll be aight.

  • Great job, and now one idea is if you had HOME anywhere. where my cell phone and PSP are all conntected to Home with ofcourse the PC

  • where can i get that phone with the xmb that kaz was using???
    i would love if you people could send me a free one…as a sign of appreciation for my loyalty to sony also if you could bundle a nice psp star wars edition, you would make a very happy gamer

  • One thing I still do not know what will the price of the new PSP be. I own one but already and would like to get another one but do not want to have to pay 200 for the system. So if the Daxter one is 200 that comes with that game and memory card and and UMD movie. I want to know how much the Star Wars one will be 180 may be. So could the core then be 150 or is there not going to be a core and both the Star Wars and the Daxter will be 200.

    I for one hope not seeing as the Daxter one comes with more stuff. Also seeing as the core is 170 now. I hope the new PSP will be cheaper then that. Seeing as it will be cheaper to make. So I want to see a 150 PSP that would be a sweet spot.

  • I think you guys are doing a great job this year. I’m very proud to be a beta tester for Home and if I have any good ideas I will give them to the Home Team.

  • Kratos_ate_Snake

    I was so happy with all the E3 announcements, and can’t wait for the the other big announcements at TGS (rumble, store revamp and more games.)

    Even though we did not get any demos, I was OK because I knew that they were making a big impact on those without a PS3 and market share is so important.

    But now that I see what they are doing with the 60gig, I just feel sad. I can only hope that they know what they are doing, because if they drop the 60gig and don’t drop the price on the 80gig. No one will buy it, no matter how many controllers they stick in it.

    At this point they have the best deal ever, with the 5 free B-ray movies. If you are waiting for the 80gig, don’t waist your money and time on that. buy the 60gig now with the B-ray movies, and buy a game or two with the “remaining” $100.

  • Exactly, if you can afford the 60gig it has everything that even my 20gig didn’t when I bought it at that price so it’s not worth waiting for an extra 20gigs of space, you can upgrade your HD later for less than the $100 difference for even more space and enjoy all the fall games.

    The Wifi and the memory stick slots of the 60gig is now $100 less than it was, that’s pretty nice and since I’ve had my 20gig system for over 6 months I think it’s great for anyone who’s wanted the 60gig but felt it was $100 too expensive since it might convince some more people to buy and bring me more games from the selfish 3rd parties who like to hear themselves talk despite being all about greed for doing the least amount of work possible.

  • You guys need to get on TV and publicly tell us whats going on.

  • I want someone to do a blogcast with Major Nelson… it would be interesting.

  • @TMadd

    I have a sad little story to tell you, about the cost of manufacturing and retail margins. The cost of the Playstation 3 at retail right now is defiantly sufficient considering the hardware configuration inside the box. When first released, Sony was losing roughly $200 USD on each console sold, bringing the total cost of manufacturing in somewhere around $820 per unit. While these numbers do decrease over time, bleeding edge technology such as Blu-Ray and the Cell processor are extremely expensive to manufacture early on in their lifespan as a consumer electronics product, and do decrease slower than older, more matured technology. Hence, the high price point of the system, and the lack of initial consumer feedback. They did not, and I cannot express this enough, as I am defending Sony from the standpoint of a third party consumer, and avid admirer of technology, they did not put the price point so high because they think it is worth that much, but as that with any lower price point, they would be losing over 50% margin on every unit sold, basically providing Sony Computer Entertainment a shovel to dig their own grave. From a business standpoint, that kind of blatant disregard for the companies well-being and fiscal management would be, to put it lightly, unacceptable. Over the next year, the PS3 will decrease in manufacturing cost, but not by nearly as much as people are expecting, as that right now, I would estimate, and these are guesses mind you, that Sony is losing no less than $150 per unit. Now that is the number for a unit selling at $600, not $500 USD, so keep that in mind as I explain the following statement. The 60GB price drop that happened was to help garner in some of the lost money over the last 6-8 months due to the high price point. Hoping not to give people a discount because they are losing sales, but to give a taste of the power of the system and the things they can expect to come from the system down the line, hopefully justifying the high price point that existed beforehand. This move was, in a matter of speaking, devious, but, it will garner more attention towards the console, and it’s place in the market. Going back to what you were asking for in your comment, I hope I have given you some insight as to why they cannot, and most definitely will not drop the Playstation 3’s price point $200. This kind of move would be a move of desperation, one that would inflict very harsh repercussions on the company from stockholders and give them a very horrific number on their fiscal reports. The loss per unit would be tremendous, leaving absolutely NO money for them to use on say, gaining exclusive titles. Sony needs that money to help provide one-on-one development time with third party developers and publishers. Yes, their sales may pick up if a price drop that severe was initiated, but the loss would be so great that the ripple would be felt for years in their company. Give it a couple years and the price point will easily hit $200, but for this period of time, fully exemplified by Kaz Hirai’s statements of how the current price cut is only temporary, signaling the phasing out of the 60GB model, leaving the $600 80GB model remaining. This will remain the case until the margins tell otherwise, or in leyman’s terms, until it is cheaper to make them, giving them actual income per unit sold, and then they can (and will!) pass that saving on to us, the consumers, the gamers. Sorry, they will not respond to your statement, because it is too difficult to explain to fussy consumers who do not understand the big picture of things like this, as they do not work in the industry, but this is how these things work, and will always work. Don’t expect a response, as that I just gave you one, and believe me, this is about as good as you’re going to get.

  • For all that is holy on peoples eyes?Will you clean that up??

  • Sony tanked E3…Big time! I was never really too interested in UT3, and a bit interested in HAZE, but now I can guarantee you I’ll have my copy on release.

  • To Dave Karraker:

    I just want to say I really appreciate the fact that you read the comments in this blog and reply to us.

    This is a change in attitude from the previous Sony, and it’s a good change. SCEI is doing the right thing by becoming a more humble company, and we consumers appreciate it.

    And please consider dropping the price of the 80 gig to $499 when the 60 gig sells out.

  • Lol. So GAP is real! I’ve heard of people calling Sony and the reps didn’t even know what it was. Congrats to those two people. I wish I was in Gap, but all that luck sorta stuff never happens to lil ol me.

  • @ tearsofash…..

    Yes the GAP (Gamers Advisory Panel) is real….I am a member of it.

  • Good to hear. Thanks.

  • My ex shopped at GAP. LOL!!!

  • CitizenInsane27 | July 13th, 2007 at 5:46 pm on the spot man you got it,

    I never regreded that i bought the PS3 on day one in Europe Iám playing every day and try to figer out how everything works, And to my surprise it is dead easy..I love the XBM a verry great system…Sony You owned the E3 this year thats for sure,,,,, with to many great games that are coming to the PS3……

  • how do you get to be a G.A.P. member because, I want in!! lol

  • @derrickgott007

    lol. I knew it was real, it’s just I keep hearing people who call Sony and they don’t know what it is.

  • epiphaniesarefun

    Dear Sony,
    I wanted to make a suggestion to you as a long time customer (nearly 15 years) and a staunch supporter. There is one area of gaming on the ps3 that I feel that you have not addressed as well as you could — especially with the resources at your command, so I would like to leave my humble suggestions here.

    RPGs. Role playing games. They are practically non-existant on the Ps3 in America. Yes, we have Folklore, White Knight Story, and Folklore all coming…but in a long time. There is a supreme starvation currently in the U.S. Ps3 market for rpgs. So here is my suggestion.

    Create a small segment in your entertainment division to work like, say, Nippon Ichi and search out some rpgs (which, arguably the Xbox 360 right now has many coming out now). Nippon Ichi (to use a concrete example) has 5, yes you read that right, 5! full time employees. They average about 7 localizations a year.

    What started me thinking was a post on PS3fanboy which was pining that all these ps3 rpgs were coming out in Japan, but very few of them were being brought over.

    Please, Sony. Please, just think about it. Seriously, take a few minutes and consider it. I think it would go a long way.

    I really love the blog and the avenues of communication it opens up.

    Thank you for your support and dedication,

    Edward Smith
    P.S. if you wish you may contact me at

    Thank you.

  • Incredible job at E3! You stole the show and ran with it. Loved the Home opening, the characters look great and the new center is incredible.

    Can’t wait for the new lineup of games– especcially looking forward to seeing Killzone 2 as a finished product. That was particularly awesome! Everyone said they couldn’t do it– and well, you proved them wrong.

    Keep it up!

  • Good job at e3 sony keep up the good work.

  • Good work guys.

  • Great job at E3 this year Sony! Please keep this blog going strong. Thanks!

  • FirstTtanks for all the info from E3

    @CitizenInsane27 | July 13th, 2007 at 5:46 pm
    Great post the only thing you forgot was the millions Sony had invested in the ps3 before lunch.I don’t think people realize quite how much money it takes to make a net gen console.But to make a console with parts that were also payed to be developed buy them.just think of how much money Sony put into the Cell

    @epiphaniesarefun | July 13th, 2007 at 7:10 pm
    Ill agree I need some Rpg’s for my ps3 there about all I play and I have least give me some old school rpg’s to download off the store like Chrono Cross,Xenogears,Final Fantasy(all)Breath of fire 3,4 just to name a few,put any of these on the store and every rpg gamer will buy them.I could probly list at least 20 other that would sell great but I am sure the Folks at Sony already know.

  • When can we expect some PSN demos like Heavenly Sword, LAIR, Uncharted, and perhaps Assassin’s Creed???

  • I so hope Home doesn’t suck! So far so good! Great job with the bad jokes Tretton. They were very humanizing. Great picture for this post!!!

  • @wh0am1

    A demo of Assassin’s Creed will not show up on the PSN neither Xbox Live. Ubisoft has confirmed that a demo will not be making its way before the title’s release.

    A demo of Heavenly Sword and Lair would be great though…

  • well at least a PS3 trailer then
    all we’ve seen so far are 360 versions

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