Another E3 Winding Down, Plus a Quick Clarification

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Well, we’re in the home stretch! A new format for E3 brought a new look and feel, a few challenges and most importantly a great opportunity to show off our wares for all PlayStation platforms. All the planning, preparations and hard work has paid off into what was a great E3 for SCEA. Congratulations to everyone involved in making that happen! And a thanks to all of you guys for your positive comments regarding the press conference and what we showed there. I know Jack was checking out all the comments on his post and really appreciated your feedback. I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing our games via the trailers on PlayStation Network. I just wanted to also let you know that yes, we hear you, and we are working to make those great games you saw into more interactive content and demos.

One quick thing before I head to the show for the last day. I just wanted to clarify something. I’ve seen a lot of posts this morning related to the 60GB SKU and the comments by SCEE President David Reeves. As we announced this week, SCEA’s product offering in North America consists of a 80GB PS3 available in August and a 60GB PS3 available now for $499. We will have ample supplies of both models to meet the needs of consumers for the foreseeable future.

Talk to you again soon, once we get back from Santa Monica.

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  • If sony does indeed drop the 60 gb unit… i might as well go hand my a$$ off to microsoft now, because sony would have just handed theirs over.

  • I’m glad the situation is cleared. It kind of sucks that fanboys of other consoles are having a field day with this news, but then again I was giving them a hard time over their console showings.

    Anyway, glad everything is cleared up and I can’t wait for more awesome PS3 games this Fall.

  • Ample? [DELETED]. I just saw the video completely stating from kaz’s mouth that the 60 will be discontinued and the 599 version will remain. So what happens when that “ample supply” runs dry? We get hit once again with the 600 price point?

    Thats doing us dirty sony. Completely dirty.

  • I find it amazing you call people who are having a “field day” with this news fan boys, I own all of the consoles and I’m far from a fan boy of any of them as I love them all.

    But when a company can’t actually clarify things some of you really are in the frame of mind to believe what they say to you everytime and while Sony have improved over the last few months, it is hard to believe anything.

    But when you have two main people at Sony telling you the 60GB has been discontinued then you know it has been…despite what the PR side will try and tell you now.

  • Ok. I’m just happy to know that you guys are actually paying attention to what we’re saying; that’s great news in and of itself.

    Now, about that Home beta . . . when exactly is that going to launch, how many people are going to be signed up this time, and how to said people apply? I’ve seen, and it doesn’t seem to be updated ever.

    I’m a GAP member, I’ve registered my PS3 on the US playstation site . . . what more do I have to do? I’m looking forward to getting some playtime with that in early so that I can start giving some feedback.

  • To come back and clear 1 thing up really quick… I’d like to say that anyone B*****ing about this whole thing really needs to stop (even me) Ps3’s are 500 bucks as of right now. There are probably 2 million Ps3’s sitting around in the us right now, unsold. If you want a Ps3 for 500 bucks.. go get one. Simple and clean. You have no reason to complain and cry about it. GAMEFAQS!! If you do, well, you probably weren’t getting one anyways. This news doesn’t affect anyone until the Ps3 is no longer 500 bucks and the 60 gig is no longer available. Deal with it cry babies!

  • Well it’s good to know that Sony is not so out-of-touch that they’d ruin the new price point, but could someone explain this:

    If Kaz Hirai says it, it obviously has some truth to it no? I just hope Sony realizes that the issue with PS3 sales is not that people don’t consider the PS3 to be a $600 console, it’s simply that people don’t consider spending $600 on a console, period.

  • It’s been clear from the beginning Sony wasn’t going to make the 20 and 60 GB models for long, since they had the EE chip in them. It’s also clear Sony is losing money on all the PS3s. And it’s pretty obvious that the 80 GB model costs less to build than the 60 GB, so… how does one go about getting the 80 GB model selling at a lower price point when there’s a ton of 60 GB units in stock?

    The best answer I can come up with is sell the 80 GB as a bundle until the 60 GB runs out, then drop the bundle. Unfortunately, you’re supposed to make it so the bundle would retail for more seperately, just tossing in Motorstorm shouldn’t make a $100 difference.

  • nice to see you guys are listening.You guys and the best e3 showing this year.

  • I just have to say.Can you clear this up a little bit more?Because people still think after this month of july the 60gb will not be seen?

    Also as a suggeston.Don’t leave out our foregin friends in EU and aus.When droping the price they need that just as much as we did.

    before i get a ps3?Is the 60gb here to stay?

  • can u plz sony clarify it there are many idiots over the net that are making really bad pr about this can u plz clarify it a lot more, like the 60 gig will get discotinued eventually but not right now???

  • Well good point. And thanks for clarifying those things but..

    What does it mean to you foreseeable future? I mean, it could be till november and right before Christmas or it could be after it, so the price might remain intact.

    I already have a PS3. I dont mind about the price. I care about the future.

  • Well maybe someday we will get demos. Keep hearing about Heavenly Sword, DiRT, All Pro Football 2k8, Lair, and a few others i cant think of at the moment, but if we could get a demo every other week, i would be happy.

  • Umm, that doesn’t sound exactly like a denial. Did he say that they were still manufacturing the 60GB systems? Reading between the lines, it sounds more like he said, “We have plenty of stock on hand to keep selling the 60GB PS3” — what he didn’t say was, “We are definitely continuing to manufacture the 60GB system and we will have it in stores through the holidays.”

    As I said, sounds more like spin than denial.

  • Majmojo

    Kaz Harai said the model has been discontinued (the 60 GB)

  • Awesome news I’m looking forward to the demo/s

  • Good news about the 60gig being here to stay I was reading that you were going to drop it once the current supply sells off. This blog is turning out to be very good thanks for the ibfo.

  • Sony needs to make an official announcement regarding whether there will still be an SKU available after the current supplies of the 60 GB PS3 run out. The size of the HDD or inclusion or exclusion of the Emotion Engine, although important, are not the key issues. IS THERE GOING TO CONTINUE TO BE A PS3 WE CAN BUY IN STORES FOR $500 OR NOT?!? And what exactly does “foreseeable future” mean? Thanks for the quick initial reply, but we need more information and this problem is leading to bad press and PR all over the internet. Please address this quickly.

    By the way, good job on everything else at E3. Just make sure you guys don’t undo all your hard work by doing something stupid like discontinuing an SKU of the PS3 that is actually selling!

  • thank you for admitting we need more interactive content, that way we are not just watching the same trailers over and over for months just staring like zombies, wishing we had something to play, if you sell more systems dont lower the price show potential customers you are taking care of current users, i know anyone who comes into and asks about the ps3 , i tell them to forget about it there is not enough software to support the system, and there are all of like four games you can only get on ps3 everything else is on pc or xbox or will be in the future. Again, if you sell make us your salesmen by makin us pleased with the purchase, you guys lowering the price is a cop out, the system is only 8 months old, no matter what Tretton says the ps2 did not get cheaper that fast. Obviously you guys were not first to market, but that should have given everyone more time to get it right. This crap that goes on like selling a bonus level for game for six bucks on the psn, for spiderman, that level came with the game when it came out 2 months ago. The system did not get packed in software either, I remember in november sitting outside the game store waiting all night in the cold for my chance to purchase that system. what happens but the manager shows up in the morning and says you guys know we only have two right?… Two … TWO!!!! for a freakin launch, that was pathetic, and who got the two, two guys who worked at the store that showed up right before the raffle, yeah a raffle, waiting all night meant nothing. The only way I could get mine was on ebay, it was positively disgusting the overhead these guys charged when they showed they had piles waiting to be shipped. But no actual stores did. would i recomend a sony product, just give me a reason even with everything at e3, tell me it’s worth it. just to have some playing games, was any of it worth it, its nothing but a big show no real care or sincerity ever is given to the die hard fan,only to those in the industry.

    anyways cant wait for a demo, or a new game hope its not a dumb puzzle or clone of blast factor, looking for something original, and worth playing, anything

    sony rules

  • can i make a suggestion? get a muzzle for all these execs and their loose lips. while good news is definitely going to help, a little inconsistency like this can quickly deflate the strong positive momentum sony is building up currently.

  • @thechosenfew88

    Exactly. That´s what I thought.

    Are the two models still in production? Or you are just using the current stock of 60Gb models to hold till holidays?

    I think I rather know it now than in 3 months. And we will know that it was like that. Be sure.

  • Yes, please clarify the Europe situation too. I don’t want to have to buy a bundle when I buy my PS3.

  • Seriously, you have the best machine with the best games coming out. BUT, you’re messing this up. JUST ISSUE A (real) PRICE DROP. Everyone that was interested after your stellar E3 line up now thinks you’re a joke again.

    I’d rather not see a future without Playstation in it, now LISTEN TO YOUR CUSTOMERS.

    Your past fanbase cannot afford your console. End of story.

  • @AKS1

    Everyone needs to copy and paste his comment over and over. Simply said…. Make sure to use quotation marks!! LOL

  • It is still not clear on your intentions for the 60GB model, Dave. Yes or no–will production for the 60GB be stopped?

  • This is great news. I hope we can see the demos soon.

  • “Sony needs to make an official announcement regarding whether there will still be an SKU available after the current supplies of the 60 GB PS3 run out. The size of the HDD or inclusion or exclusion of the Emotion Engine, although important, are not the key issues. IS THERE GOING TO CONTINUE TO BE A PS3 WE CAN BUY IN STORES FOR $500 OR NOT?!? And what exactly does “foreseeable future” mean? Thanks for the quick initial reply, but we need more information and this problem is leading to bad press and PR all over the internet. Please address this quickly.”

    “By the way, good job on everything else at E3. Just make sure you guys don’t undo all your hard work by doing something stupid like discontinuing an SKU of the PS3 that is actually selling!”

  • @Majimojo

    Is that debunked as in the 20gb debunk by the same people? Read that article again and it’s clear no one there even knows what the right hand or left hand is doing.

    Clearly the 60gb inventory is being sold off and you’ll be left with the one option at the full price, just like happened with the 20gb.

  • @Majimojo1985
    It still doesn’t clarify the comments made by Kaz in this interview

    Seconding Zero’s contribution. Maybe Kaz will make a contribution to the blog himself.


    “SCEA has reacted with puzzlement to the European perspective, suggesting that there may have been an incorrect interpretation. The spokesperson said, “Those quotes [published by a UK-based game industry website] from David Reeves are not accurate.”

  • What do you mean by “Working on getting demos”? Is that the same as “Working on getting in game XMB access”? or “Working on Socom 3 map packs?” or “Working on Update 2.0”?

    You really need to clarify and state some DATES that we can expect DEMOS. I understand that the XBOX 360 gets demos first because half-assed developers seem to like to develope on the 360 and then port (Ugh the P word) over to the PS3. But what about all these PS3 developed games? Where’s our demos for those?


    Any of those titles ring a bell?


  • I think its all about reducing costs. So I think its all about the EE chip… maybe we won’t see the chip in the “newer” 60gb modells. But that won’t be so bad i mean in all PAL teritorries their are no ps3s with that EE chip. So i still don’t get those “angry americans” who complain over that :P

    Because I’m from europe I’m more interested about sonys plans for europe…
    I mean it’S nice that there will be this “ps3 starter pack” for 599€ but what about those “single” ps3 that are in stores ? there must be a price cut!?! it won’t make sense to have the same price for the boundle as for the single ps3.

    Well I think time will tell ;) and I am patient cause MGS4 won’t come this year…

    I would appreciate to see all announcements from sony regarding the ps3 here at this blog first insted of reading it first on other web sides.

  • SCEA I have some very important requests!
    Please respond in any way possible even if you email me! Please! You may email me at

    Many people are confused as to when the Open Beta for Home will be released. At E3 ’07, Phil Harrison said it will be released in July, then he said the Open Beta will be released in Fall 2007. Which is correct? Could you please announce this or at least send out emails confirming the actual date of release for Home Open Beta? Or at least the correct month. Please.

    Also, I believe you are struggling in sales with the PS3. This may seem scary but if you reduced the PS3’s price by $200 (from $599 to $399, and I mean the 80GB model because the 60GB model will become obsolete), you would sell PS3s at about a rate of 1,000% more than you are now. I GUARANTEE IT! Please consider this! Because if you sell more PS3s, then game developers will develop more exclusive titles for PS3 which in turn will boost PS3 sales again because in order to play the game, they’ll need to purchase a PS3 and this will also rack in money for you at SCE. I know you will not do this but I have to try to convince you. This is why the Wii is outselling PS3 by like 4 to 1.

  • I just can’t understand after 10 years of clear and deserved domination you can mess up the future of this great machine I paid £425 for so much!

    I have a 360 but for want of a better word it’s being ‘recalled’ (over a 3 year period).

    Please don’t leave us with the frickin’ Wii as our future….jesus…

  • If anyone actually watched the Kaz Hirai interview, he said that the 60gb is no longer in production in the North American market. He also said that after supply runs out, we’d be only at the new $599 SKU. He did not say that that SKU would still be $599 at that time. He said they are trying to just move to one SKU instead of having multiple price points. I do agree they should have just left it at $499 and not even had an 80gb or limited edition version, especially one that may be missing the EE. However, we cannot take it as FACT that the SKU being sold after the 60gb is going to be $599 again.

  • I will be very upset if they just leave us with this. Much more explaining is needed.

    I just want to know if they’re honestly planning on keeping the price at $599. I don’t need any more details that that.

  • @TheHeartlessHero

    So logic would say you sell the 80GB at the $499 and the discontined 60GB lower.

  • We need a clarification of what Kaz Hirai said about the 60 gb model.! We need to know that the 60 gb model will not be obsolete!

    People are impatient and the videogames forums are bursting with this news.

    Please don’t ruin your excellent E3, and tell us the truth please. We need a true drop price.

  • “”
    1.48m mark!
    there is NO use ignoring it.

  • @ Malpractice…

    If you really want a PS3, stop waiting for it to drop in price and get it at $499 while you can. Don’t forget you can always rip out the HDD and put in a 250GB drive.

    It amazes me how people want another price drop already… I paid $599 for mine and I am loving it. Well worth the money, and I didnt even get ANYTHING free with mine, NO TALADEGGA NIGHTS, NOTHING…and it was still worth it.


  • Hopefully this means Sony hasn’t lost its mind. However the video with Kaz still bothers me, maybe Sony just went through the tons of angry letters and comments and wont do that incredibly dumb move of getting rid of the 60 GB. Hopefully they won’t make that move either.

    I dont think the 80 GB model will even sell well. They should have just stuck with the 60 GB at $500 and none of this would have happened. Please Sony, Please let the 60 GB assembly lines still running. Dont be stupid.

  • @byron_hinson

    It’s a better strategy then what you suggest. If they lower the 60gb to say $399 then the 80gb to $499. When they discontinue the 60gb, people will expect the 80gb to naturally follow to $399. The way they have it now, their sweet spot is $499 thats why they are selling the 60gb now for that and when that’s sold out, it’s logical to assume the 80gb will replace it as the primary sku at the same price point of $499.

  • @ derrickgotti007

    I bought a 60GB PS3 at launch, and I’m also very happy with it. I’m not whining, I’m just concerned about the success of the console that I spent $600 on. Most people are obviously not willing to spend that much.

  • No mention of the Kaz interview? You strangely word it as “available now”. Either way, good E3, thanks for the games.

  • UK 60GB price drop?

  • So let me clarify, are they still making 60 gig units or are they really being “phased out”, because they’re gonna be here for the “forseeable future?”

  • @Malpractice….

    Just because we own a 60GB model doesnt mean that it will be obsolete…. It’s still exactly the same just with a smaller HDD and a REAL EE chip in it. No loss….It will still play games just like the 80gb one will…..

    Just get a 120GB hdd online (as low as $69.00) and BOOM!! Your 60GB model is now better than the 80GB model.

    Simple as that.

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