Resistance Map Packs Coming Tomorrow and Other Musings….

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I wanted to let you all know that the Resistance map packs are scheduled for release tomorrow (Friday) on the PlayStation Store. Normally, the Storefront only updates on Thursday, but we wanted to make sure you had something before the weekend with a special Friday release because you’ve been so patient with us and waited for this. No sense in making you wait until next week. We should have it up on the store by the early afternoon PST.

For those that have been following this saga since the beginning, this is not the first release date for the maps and content update. It is, however, the final one. We have completed testing on the global server and after many late nights, gallons of coffee and takeout dinners, we’re ready to go tomorrow. The team down at Insomniac, as well as us here in SCEA PD, are really excited about this launch, and can’t wait to get going with some of the best RFOM players on these new maps. Yes, these are global servers, so we’ll be competing with our friends on either side of both oceans as well.

And for those who are joining us late, all you need to remember is this:
• Downloadable content for Resistance: Fall of Man will be available this Friday, June 29th.
• There is a free content update which includes global play along with several other enhancements.
• There are two brand new, online maps that can be bought in a pack from the PlayStation Store for $7.99.

Full details on the content can be found here

See you in Westmorland.

Oh yeah, and next week we’ll have some Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction news, featuring a sneak peak of what will be shown at E3.

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  • Thank you Sony, we’re on our way boys and girls! We’re on our way…btw…#101!


  • Yes, thanks sony and insomniac. Im going to download the maps and update right now. Resistance is one of the best games ive ever played, and its nice to keep getting support like this for such an awesome game.

  • COOL! i love this game and the new update is sweet thanks!

  • awesome!! thanks a lot!

  • rip-off maps not worth the 8 bucks!

  • After updating RFOM and installing the map pack i am unable to get online in multiplayer mode. What is going on.

  • stennex: We had to bring the servers down and restart them. They will be back up shortly.

  • 25.year.old.german.child

    answer to the message from sony, that germany doesn’t get the Map Pack 1:

  • “Login Failed” is appearing on my screen…Is this as well apart of the restart?

  • The maps are tight too..I never saw SNOW in real life..except for the SNO they sale around the corner(lol)..Nice hooking a poe man up..

  • Great job, MORE DLC for other games as well would me nice Ahem, Oblivion!?

    Insomniac can you guys please take over A Jet Motto (ps3)Project ? I feel like your team is above par for it and would reinvent a “road rash” genre. Your team has done amazing with RFOM. The best feature in my opinion has to be the Co-op splitscreen. Which by that, was a awesome expirience and actually helped me get my wife into gaming! Of coarse patience was required!

  • 25.year.old.german.child

    got the maps from the us store, they are really great. poor germany :'(

  • “Network connection Failure. Disconnecting from the network.”…Before this it was “Login Failed”..In between I was able to get a peek at the new Main Menu..then..”POOF”..I got “Login Failed”…I still have faithe (Greg Phillips) your team will pull it thru…Slow in steady wins the race(lol)

  • From US store too,Fu** Germany

  • Greg are the servers online now if so well i am still not able to login.Sorry for the hassel i am just itching to get online and kick some butt.

  • ya i got the two maps and updated but i can not play online…………it keeps saying login failed …..i can go on the playstation store and play motorstorm fine but i just can not play RFOM online its driving me crazy ……… this happning to anyone else

  • Thank you Sony. Thank you guys for fixing the problem this is why i love you so much.

    Sony forever!

  • Alrighty then…..Guess Rainbow Six can began to collect some DUST

  • Me again :)

    As some of you have noticed, the servers were acting up for a bit. They are back up and running now.


  • TY. G.Phillips for keeping us informed..Hope to it you in the hip online(lol)

  • Why are we florida residents not able to sign up for RFOM tournament?

  • Never fails.. I get the map pack and jump online and some guy is trying to convince me to send him them for free. No idea if it’s even possible but.. .they’re 10 bucks!

    Why would they make more add ons if ppl are just going to share them out?

    oh and 6 lives in conversion was fun :) don’t know if that’s part of the new game upgrade or the mappack.

  • roadclimber: the six lives in coversion is part of the content update. The full list of changes can be found here:

    stennex: Certain states were ineligble to register for the tournament due to state laws. Sorry.


  • new maps sound sick, but what would make the 8 bucks more worthwhile would be if there were some new weapons to compliment the maps

  • Greg, can you talk to the strategy of charging $4 per map. My thought would be that you would create more volume of players buying the packs and ulitimately generate more revenue because of the increased volume if you charged less per map ($1-2). As it is, it’s a big hurdle for me to purchase 2 maps for $4 each when I realize I will not see it much online because only a small subset of resistance purchasers will opt to get these packs. Thoughts?

  • i just can’t believe we have to pay for the maps!!!!

    $60 for this great Resistance game, and we now have to actually PAY for extra maps?!!?

    I am a 100% Playstation loyal customer, and got my PS3 the 3rd day it came out way back when in November…so it pains me to say this, but has to be said- This sucks!

    and i mirror what CndBacon said, if other players don’t have/ can’t afford the maps after paying $60 for the game, we can’t play with them..

    I’d just like to remind you all we’ve paid $60 for this game, and $600 for the PS3..

    and now we have to PAY for more maps?!?!?

    it’s really sad and disappointing that being such a big fan and proponent of the PS3 I have to post this bad comment…


    The first day i set up Windows Media Player 11 to stream my music and files to my PS3 it worked great, but now it can’t find any files?!?!?

    I can still access all my songs through the .m3u playlists??!?!?

    Anybody else have this problem??

    Anyway, i love my PS3, and i want it to succeed, i just had to share my opinions on this matter.


  • I hate this update.
    Why the F*** the headsat vioce is coming from my TV!
    Party invt. dont work.
    My mates from EU have jpn flags. WTF!
    And now I cant go online.

  • ^ I have the same problems. New update sucks!

  • I like the update but the price for two maps I am not to pleased about seeing all competition and the flags are great

  • Luvin’ it…lol

  • ziomek: Once your friends logon once, the correct flag will appear for your buds. Regarding the other issues you mentioned, we have a lot of traffic on the servers right now (which is good) which is causing the reoccuring login failures (which is bad).

    We’ll be addressing the load issues in the coming week and (hopefully) the flag issue as well.


  • @Greg Phillips

    Why now my Motorola H500 headset don’t work?
    It was fine before update =[


  • id love to get the maps but I dont have a credit card, I would love if you guys would release those “PLAYSTATION CARDS” . You would get a lot more buisness on the “Playstation Store” from me and alot of others.

    That would be great, Thank You

  • I am really disappointed that there are so many “bugs” with the new update and the new map packs.

    I am constantly getting login failures, cannot create parties, and the servers not finding ranked games.

    While the new content and new maps are amazing and should allow users a fresh experience, the bugs are so rampant throughout the online play now, I have simply stopped playing my favorite PS3 title.

    I hope Sony & Insomniac fix the issues quickly.

  • I’m sorry to have to dwell on this fact, but why exactly do we have to pay for these new maps?!?

    The new Rainbow Six maps on Xbox360 are now free, so why for these?

    I’m simply wondering-

    It seems it just raises the price of the game itself to about $70!!!!!

    Resistance is great! We all love it! This was the “flagship” “launch leader” game we ALL bought because it was the only real awesome Next-Gen game we could get at launch…

    It just seems that this is the new way…

    instead of Developers supporting the built up fan base for the great games they make, they instead exploit the very same gamers to get an extra $10 per gamer..

    I can’t wait to pay $5 for horse armor on Oblivion now..or $7 for new earmuffs for Solid Snake……I think you catch my drift..

    Don’t let my tone mislead you- I love my PS3 and just want (like all of us here) it to be the best system out there!!

    I honestly believe this blog can be one of the single BEST ideas you’ve all had lately to make up for the *coff* troubled launch and subsequent lack of support and games-

    You can actually hear what we REALLY WANT!

    great idea!

    Thank you for listening!

  • These maps rock!

  • When is the PS Store service going to be available in Latin America?

    I live in Mexico and even though I can access the store, I cant buy anything, for example this map pack.

    It doesnt take credit cards with a local address. When is this going to change?

  • Is the server still being tested?

    Everytime I try to login I get an error somthing to this line “disconnected from network”. but on the 3rd or 4th try..I can login to RFOM. Last time I got an error was last night.

    I’m still logged in on my PSN account.
    Not sure why. I got an error.

  • microtransactions need to disappear or become reasonably priced. Sony needs to choose as $8 for 2 maps is not a sustainable strategy. Your consumers are bright enough to add $8 to $59 and understand they are paying way too much for one game and the value they get out of it. MS is taking the low road, Sony needs to take the high road, similar to its statement on not bribing to get exclusives.

  • Darn, was hoping the new maps would be a free update. Bought the game for $60 already, and I am constantly having connection problems with RFOM, so as unfortunate as it seems, I wont be purchasing two maps for the extra $8, especially since I get disconnected every 5 minutes, and with 2 million copies sold..even $5 would be huge.

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