Blu-ray Summer Promotion

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I’m guessing some of you saw the announcement this morning, but I wanted to make sure you knew about the Blu-ray Summer Promotion that starts this Sunday, July 1st. Basically, you can get five free Blu-ray movies (from a predetermined list of course) when you purchase select Blu-ray players. And yes, PS3 is one of those players. The participating movie studios are: LionsGate, MGM, Paramount, 20th Century Fox, Buena Vista, and of course, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment.

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  • @ Patrick Seybold

    what would it take for me to get some downloadable PS1 titles on the playstation store?? its been over 4 months. where is legend of Dragoon, Tomba, Spyro the dragon ect.

    i sent you guys countless messages and you guys have yet to respond. Japan just got 19 or so new titles. seriously whats taking so long?

    thank you

  • Aww to bad I already got one :P Can you send claim forum to people that already own PS3?

    I don’t own any DVD, just copy of them, 5TB of 12 x SCSI 160 12 drive rays. Grr no money for Blue-Ray drive.. So might have to start owning them grr :( Maybe just one free movie, I love the The Fifth Element, look even better on Blue-Ray..


  • When will the UK get this promo?

  • Hmm maybe little better at promoting PS3 even showing my friend the PS3, Games, and HDTV working in sync. He still going to buy Xbox 360, ohh well not my place to change someone mind, that Sony job :P


  • Just for my 2 cents Blu-Ray movies are MIND BLOWING!! They make Yer DVD’s look like VHS in comparison. Most of you lot lucked out with Casino Royale as a freebie I got Adam Sandler’s “Click” lol not why i bought my PS3 obviously, would’ve preferred Casino .
    Cheers all!
    Great Blog

  • Is this coming to the UK too?

  • I bought my PS3 mainly for the BluRay aspect and have a few movies I know some peeps at work who just might jump at this oppertunity

  • PsychoEddie,

    The only thing foolish is the assumption that a console that isn’t even a year old is going to be over flowing with games. NO system on the planet earth has ever launched and with in a year has had a HUGE library of games. Not dreamcast, not ps1, not ps2, not Nintendo, not Xbox. You either need to take a history course on video game systems or give up this hobby all together because it just doesn’t work like that. A year from now will be a different story.

    I have had every system under the sun with the exception of Neo Geo, Jaguar and any Nintendo product made after N64. However I get all of the video game magazine and follow the industry and every system has that post launch drought so you really need to get over that.

  • Consumers who purchase a Blu-ray player from Panasonic, Phillips, Pioneer, Samsung, Sony Electronics or Sony Computer Entertainment can take part in the mail-in offer.

  • Some of us got Talledega Nights not Casino Royale tho XD

  • I bought my PS3 at launch. Can I get free movies? I’m guessing not.

  • Sony should have in the beginning spent more money in the games. Then introduce us to the extra multimedia features after. I see people who when they see now for the first time the upcoming games they are moving towards buying the system. All the tech that the PS3 is great but i have come to realize that unlike myself a techy and my fellow techies who realize that there are more average game players out there who just want great compelling games. At the end of the day its all about the games.

  • Anyone who wishes they waited to purchase until now, don’t. The list of movies is pretty bland and lackluster. Still, it’s making me purchase one soon since I’m sure this is going to be the best deal for a while…. but it isn’t anything major. These are the movies that are offered:

    Black Rain
    Blazing Saddles
    Chicken Little
    The Corpse Bride
    The Devil’s Rejects
    The Guardian
    Hart’s War
    The Italian Job
    Kiss of the Dragon
    The Last Waltz
    The Omen [2006]
    Pearl Harbor
    The Phantom of the Opera
    Resident Evil: Apocalypse
    Stir of Echoes
    The Transporter 2
    Underworld: Evolution

  • Sounds great, but it would make more sense to bundle about 2 games with it. If you look at PS2, you sold over 120M units without many multimedia features and no DVD bundled consoles. The console was bundled with games, not movies, and the games was your focus last gen, which lead you to success.

    For PS3, I’m extremely happy with features and services you’re providing like Home, Warhawk, Little Big Planet, and other services Im sure you’re planning. But you also focus on a lot of things that don’t have games at the center of the experience, like heavily promoting Blu-ray. People will rush out and buy PS3 #1 because of the experiences in their games, not because the new blurays are coming to PS3 which has a bluray player.

    Sony, you need to get back to having games at the core of your offerings, and all multimedia as external offerings. Improve our GAME experience by doing things like messaging and custom soundtracks during the game experience, or let us have our own profiles surrounding our experiences that involve community features, rather than focusing so largely on things like AVC support for music or putting Blurays in PS3.

  • is there any possibility of a new list of movies to pick from in the future?

  • This is an awesome deal… too bad I already own a ps3 or I’d take this offer in an instant. Blu-Ray movies ROCK!

  • I never recieved any free BluRay movies with my PS3. Kinda stinks to see everyone else getting freebees just becasue I paid my $600 PS3 entry fee in the one single month when there was no free movie promotion. Before I got it there was Talladega Nights pack in. And ever since I bought it I’ve seen free movie promotions galore at BB. Now there is an even better one (BB was usually 2 free ones). Darn it! >_

  • I enjoyed reading that interview. I’m going to have to go off the subject for a minute though.

    What’s the deal with The people over there seems to really hate anything Sony with a passion. Every single article that deals with Sony’s consoles and games always includes a bit of sarcasm and negativity. The writer never seems to be satisfied no matter what Sony tries to deliver. It’s a damn shame that a writer can be sooooo one track minded.

  • North America?

    Last time I checked Mexico was north america in the map as well as Canada, Denmark, Cuba, etc.

    So we get the freebies too?

    I know this a US blog, but can Sony Lunch local blogs? because I understand this is only a local one and directed towards other parts.

  • hi, I’m from spain, greets.

    I see SONY is doing some promotional stuff everywhere, but, I’m sorry…that’s crap!!!!!! I think I’m talking for everyone: we want GAMES man!!! I sold my Xbox 360 to buy a PS3, and look at this machine!! everyone is talking about this cell processor, it isn’t better than the 360 processors!!! c’mon sony people, you’re boring us!!!!!!!! where is lair??or heavenly sword???i’m sooooooo bored with my brandnew ps3!!!!
    oh, and she is toooooooooo expensive for what she offers.

  • @OrchoJay

    she is toooooooooo expensive for what she offers

    Yes, but aren’t all beautiful women that way?

  • @PsychoEddie

    Not bulky ones, cause they don’t offer much

  • #71 has a point,
    I love my PS3, but Sony needs to ramp up on the games, not the movies, Blu-Ray is on it’s way to winning, there’s no question about that, now just get some more games out there and all will be well.

  • I have a PS3 but sadly dont own a blu-ray disc yet. I still watch dvd’s. Once i get a HD TV i will start buying blu-ray discs. Also putting a blu-ray player into the PS3 was a very smart decision. Keep blu-ray strong and win the format. By that time games will come and it will be an awesome year for SONY.

  • I ordered “Planet Earth” from Amazon. It’s a 4-disc set and is one of the most amazing titles I ever saw. Great for kids at home too.

  • Planet Earth is a really amazing BD–the picture is breathtaking. I highly recommend it.

    As for this promo, really cool, but it would really be nice if it extended to us early adopters as well. Sad panda…

    E3 needs to hurry up and go away. I am tiered of waiting. Its Summer time.

    P.S i think you guys at Sony should invest in Konam’s soccer game. Fifa looks a bit different but i doubt it really is going to be that much EA just sucks.

  • @mustaphadamus

    The only thing foolish is the assumption that a console that isn’t even a year old is going to be over flowing with games.

    I’d have to agree.

    NO system on the planet earth has ever launched and with in a year has had a HUGE library of games.
    Not dreamcast, not ps1, not ps2, not Nintendo, not Xbox.

    Going to have to disagree with you there Sparky. The ps2’s backwards compatibility with the PS gave it a ginormous game library at launch and a lot of very hard working game developers pumped out a butt-load of badass games within the first years launch; so much so that Micro$oft copied them with the release of the xbox. The PS3 also has a large library of backward compatible games, the difference is that all I hear from Sony about the PS3 is “MOVIES, MUSIC, games too”, this is very different from the PS2’s “GAMES, GAMES, GAMES” marketing.

    You either need to take a history course on video game systems or give up this hobby all together because it just doesn’t work like that.

    Now I understand your first statement. You’ve foolishly assumed that I made the foolish assumption that the PS3 would have an overflowing game library by now. WRONG!
    What I did foolishly assume, is that Sony would have learned from it’s previous failed attempts to market one-stop media/entertainment machines and that they would go with their strength; a badass GAME PLATFORM.
    Given their current marketing trend, I see I was wrong.

    A year from now will be a different story.

    Brother, from your lips to game developers ears.

    I have had every system under the sun…blah…blah…blah…childish drivel…self important posturing…

    Let’s see, you started off slow and started to build, but ya got no finish. Work on that.

  • Psycho Eddie,

    Again I had a PS2 and no one buys a new console to play old games. Ps2 has squat in the form of new PS2 only games. If you go back and read the media reports when the Ps2 launched until a year later you will see the exact same complaints you are seeing now which is, not a lot of games. So either you have a selective memory or something is a miss.

  • Hey Mr. Koller,

    I purchased a Sony Vaio FZ with a Blu-ray drive 2 days ago, and I was wondering if I will be elligible to receive this deal?

    I hope there’s a grace period in cases like mine :). I have a PS3 and I ‘ve been hooked on Blu-rays since the launch. I wouldn’t mind adding 5 movies to my 39 Blu-ray collection ;).

  • Great deal, Sony but you know Toshiba will get desperate and release a simalar deal.

    BTW WTF.

    Warner Bros screwed the pooch with “300” and no extra features!
    Only on HD DVD!?!?! Sony I suggest adding some kind of buy “300”, get a rebate catalog or coupons to combat that BS.

  • Stennex, Pro Evo 2008 from Konami will absolutely kick FIFA’s ass! Been a Winning Eleven guy ever since the old famicom days–there’s no better soccer experience. Well except if you actually play it…but I have nonexistent coordination so yeah…

  • @mustaphadamus

    no one buys a new console to play old games.

    Arguable, but I agree with you.

    Ps2 has squat in the form of new PS2 only games.

    I’d like to agree with you as God of war II and Socom Combined Assault were the only two games released in ’07 that I thought were worth the price of admission. To be fair though, there were a lot of “titles” released in ’07 that one might loosely refer to as “Games”.

    If you go back and read the media reports when the Ps2 launched until a year later you will see the exact same complaints you are seeing now which is, not a lot of games.

    Correct, I believe the PS2 was launched in October of 2000 and it wasn’t until Christmas of ’01 that some real ass kicking games were released. I’m holding a list of PS3 games to be released between now and Christmas ’07, and it doesn’t have me sporting wood.

    So either you have a selective memory or something is a miss.

    Yes. Something is amiss. All the marketing focus I see for the PS3 is: MOVIES! BLU-RAY! MUSIC! HDMI! BLU-RAY! DOWNLOADABLE CONTENT! also plays games VS. the PS2 marketing focus GAMES! GAMES! GAMES plays dvd’s and cd’s too

    But, that’s just my opinion.

  • PsychoEddie:

    Anytime I see the PS3 mentioned on TV it is always for games that are out or coming. I can not think of any commercial are marketing I have seen that show off PS3s blu ray stuff.

    I am sort of lost as to what you have seen from them which makes you think they are not touting the games.

  • This is NOT just for the PS3. People saying “this won’t get people to buy a PS3, or way to shaft current PS3 owners don’t realize this is more a push for Blu-ray in total than PS3. He mentioned 5 other makers participating with their stand alones….

    I think this is a great deal

  • I’m PISSED. This is a great offer, but they could have done us the courtesy of advertising it a little more than 3 days before! I finally decide to plunk down $600 for a PS3 (which I love) last Sunday. If I had waited 7 more days — which I would have done if I knew about this — I would get 5 free blurays. Sony, do you hear me? You owe me credit for 5 discs…

  • Psycho

    how are you doing the quote blocks?

  • @mustaphadamus

    how are you doing the quote blocks?

    Like this

  • @mustaphadamus

    well that didn’t work.

    use the html tag blockquote

  • I’m not really pissed at this.

    I gave up 2 birthday presents (2 years in one) for my PS1.

    I gave up 1 Xmas and Bday present with $50 cash for my PS2. (i was like 14 at the time)

    I gave up 1 week waiting in front of the mall until early in the morning the manager of GS told me the PS3 is ready for pre-order. I got 2 (one at 2 different stores, second PS3 is for my bro-in-law)

    I am also fine with UK getting a good CASINO ROYALE and us getting RICKY BOBBY (wow what a waste of movie footage).

    The only thing that kinda hurt me, was the fact that people in the UK got a free SONY HDTV Bravia.

    I have been buying Sony personally since 1990. My father has since Sony came out (mitsubishi before them).

    I don’t have a HDTV yet. Sony can you spot me one? :) You got my email. Let me know. Hopefully its a yes !

  • Oh and also. The movies on the list aren’t that good. I think it would be nice to put maybe Underworld 1 and Underworld 2. That way it makes sense. Than again it wouldn’t because from a financial view people will buy the other Underworld on BRD.

    I dunno. I have Casino Royale and Ricky Bobby. (RB got for free CR bought).

    The only next BRD i plan on purchasing is that PLANET EARTH from the Discovery Channel.

    All the old movie classics like Pulp Fiction – Godfather, and Heat – Once Upon A Time In America i have on DVD. And I give great applause to Sony for upscaling DVDS. Because i’m definitly not going to buy those again on BRD and im keeping them. Though now I will start to look at BRD depending on what movies. Sony shows they care for Upscaling movies so imma show my loyalty of sticking to Sony. Keep up the quality Sony.

  • When the PS3 first came out one online store here in Norway was giving away 2 free Blu-Ray movies with every PS3.
    Now they dont do that anymore and I dont want to pay the same for only the PS3 with no movies.
    I’m just waiting for some little extra reason to buy it now (and not wait for the good games this fall).
    So I hope they will do something like this in Europe soon.
    It does not have to be anything big just a little extra is always nice.
    I hope that PS3 MotorStorm bundle is not just a rumor.

  • The PS3 Motorstorm bundle is true. I seen it in SAMSCLUB in america yesterday. It was a little more expensive i believe. It was about $648.99

    Not bad though. You save about $10 i think. Or they had something else so you save more. I wasn’t sure because i already own a ps3. Good luck though Trond.

  • I demand the same promotions or similar to Mexico or/and LA.

  • Thanks :)

    By the way I’m guessing 500,000 people in Europe have registered their PS3s by now right?
    So no free Casino Royale on Blu-ray for me right?
    Oh well.
    I guess Sony dont want my money untill this fall then :)

    Folklore looks realy good by they way just watched the Intro over at GameTrailers.

  • This is one of two reasons I’m buying a PlayStation 3 next month. The other is, of course, the games coming out for it (oh, and Home).

  • I like how Sony is trying to support Blu-ray with this, but I think it is getting me, and a lot of the other PS3 buyers, ripped off. We bought a PS3 a while back for all that it had to offer, not knowing we could get the free Blu-ray discs.

  • BignRich,

    This promotion is to give incentive to others to buy a PlayStation 3 or other Blu-Ray player. It isn’t that Sony doesn’t appreciate your business; they and the other Blu-Ray manufacturers simply want to step on the necks of the HD-DVD group while they have them down…

  • Nice but do this promo in Europe to….You are always behind with this of stuff in Europe…look at the PS-store for example

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