Final Fantasy Celebration Tonight in SF

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So tonight we are holding our FINAL FANTASY anniversary celebration in San Francisco at the PlayStation Store… It’s going to be a big party and I’m pretty sure we’re ready, but when are you ever 100% ready for an event like this?

It’s been a while since Square Enix had an event at the PlayStation Store, so I can’t wait to see the turn out! I’m wondering if some of the people I saw at the last event will be there—I actually asked the folks over at PlayStation if I could blog here, just in case some of you will be returning (if you are let me know!)

And there will be an added bonus for those who show up tonight. People liked the packaging for the FF & FFII anniversary editions so much, we decided to make shirts out them just for the event. Here’s a peek….

More details on tonight’s celebration are provided here. Feel free to pass the news along. See you tonight!

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  • Aww, too bad I’m on East Coast, you guys need to come over here and do some FF parties once and a while, maybe close to NC too ^^.

  • Wow thats great that even people from Square-Enix post here. Also heres hoping more Square and Enix classics (like Dragon Quest VII, Final Fantasy VII-IX, Brave fencer Musashi, Grandia 1, Tobal No.1, and Einhander) show up on the PSN Playstation 1 classics section.

  • I’m a little disappointed we rarely get these cool events in the UK/Europe. We almost always get the good stuff late, or never, but still we remain patient and content. So I hope you guys at Sony, Square-Enix and any other developers are reading this, please pay more attention to us and do more of these events here also. You’ll be surprised how loyal your fans are here. Thank you.

  • Yeah, I think that would be a cool Download. Final Fantasy. Maybe you can even put extras for the PSP versions, on Playstation Network.

  • Final Fantasy is no fun :( but I would like Playstation Store here, send few in CO, Fort Collins..


  • Noooo! Man I wish I was there :P To far from the land down under :/

  • So how was the party? I can’t wait to get my hands on FF and FF2 on PSP…Too bad i could not go to the party. I live in Spain so go figure =/

  • Id like Xenogears in the store. Either that or Intelligent Cube

  • Ooh! nice. Sony should build a store like that one in NYC =D

  • How ironic that the TC has a Naruto avatar when it looks like that the best Naruto game ever might be on the Xbox 360? I’m just sayin…

  • Ugh, too bad i couldn’t go. Looks like I’ll be searching eBay for that FF shirt.

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