PlayStation AM JAM Finalists Selected

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PlayStation AM JAM Finalists
Hi everyone, I’m Jill Grabenkort, associate promotions manager for PlayStation. From time to time, I’ll chime in here with updates on some of our promotional work. Back in mid-March, we kicked-off the 4th annual PlayStation AM JAM tour in conjunction with Camp Woodward. This series of events is a nation-wide talent search for amateur action sports athletes. After hosting these events in 11 cities across the nation with more than 850 of the best action junkies showing off their stuff, we narrowed down the competition this month and I think we’ve found the best-of the best.

Over the past week, the PlayStation AM JAM finals were held at Camp Woodward, and it was definitely a cool site to see. If you’re not familar with it, Camp Woodward is the *premiere* actions sports training facility in the country. Check out the above pic of the PlayStation AM JAM winners. Chris O’Reilly (Skate Vert), Cody Porsche (Inline), Louie Lopez (Skate Park), and Kyle Kelsey (BMX) each took home a check for $5,000 and a scholarship to Woodward Camp for the 2008 season. In the next few days, I’ll try and drop in some video here from the finals.

Our congrats to the PlayStation AM JAM winners! For those of you looking for info on upcoming events, stay tuned….

PlayStation AM JAM FinalistsPlayStation AM JAM FinalistsPlayStation AM JAM Finalists581114925_cc3b6e0b1e.jpg

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  • Man.. I can see some Sony rep going through and reading this… saying “Wow.. uhhh… This isn’t really what we had.. planned…”

    Love the blog, I check it daily. Keep up the good work.

  • Is that Whoopi Goldberg second from the right?

  • Thats really cool!

  • Sony your PR guy needs to go on G4tv Attack of the Show and really clarify what you are doing because they keep thrashing the PS3 and they have a large gaming fanbase.

    They had a segment called the Loop the topic was Can Sony save the PS3. I did not know the PS3 was dying.

    Maybe at E3 you will change everyones mind.

  • omegasyde, least you forget, the PlayStation 2 went through the exact same game drought. In fact, almost every console does. Next week will start the release of worthwhile games and will continue the trend into July, August, etc… so with all due respect, maybe it’s you who’s arrogant.

  • I think they got the message, since there’s nothing new on the blog today. Now move your arses and make the PSN useful.

  • one word three letters wanna guess?


  • @55
    This “drought” wasn’t nearly as bad and lasted only 4-5 months. Look at a game release list for the ps2, and you will clearly see I am noy lying. With the current news that Khaz releasing more game, is bright however, but man Ken Kutaguri really screwed Sony over. And remember the 3D0 and Jaquar were way overpriced, and look at what happened to them. Every editor and critic are going to compare these with the ps3, and its empty library of games. They better redesign a new PS3 low budget version in order to save thier arses.

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  • More in Canada…Plzzzz!

  • Please refrain from using the terms action sports, or extreme sports, not only is it annoying to those who participate in these activities, but also a bit degrading. Would you group the 100 meter dash and downhill skiing together as “movement sports?” These activities are very much different and should be treated as such.

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