PS3 Firmware Upgrade 1.81 Coming Tomorrow

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Just a quick update: we’ll be making available firmware upgrade 1.81 tomorrow which will fix a few small issues some of you have noticed. Most notably is the RGB Full setting which a few of you wrote in about. In 1.80 we added an option to the XMB under settings allowing you to choose between RGB Full and Limited. Basically if you are connecting your PS3 to your TV using an HDMI cable, and if your TV supports RGB full range, the picture quality may be improved when this option is set to Full. Some of you pointed out that the Full setting would sometimes revert back to Limited and 1.81 will address this issue. Please keep in mind that this setting is only effective when the PS3 is connected to a TV using an HDMI cable. You can download the update tomorrow from [update: the upgrade is now available, you can download it here] or through your System Update option on the PS3 XMB.

We’re continually evaluating and improving PS2 software compatibility too. Where we can, we’ll look to share similar updates like this on our blog moving forward. Thanks for your ongoing feedback and support!

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  • true but you offer the movies as rentals for only so long that way there still cheap and it gets around the issue

  • To Dark_king:
    I agree with you, Sony should have more media on their service, for gods sake they have Sony BMG Music, maybe download songs, they have Columbia Pictures, download HD movies and other loads of stuff. They should be able to get support from their partners and keep the PS store full. I don’t know why they arent. Come on or atleast work on it.



  • My last post numer 100 was @Digi Smalls | June 14th, 2007 at 8:21 pm

  • Cool. I love this blog. Hearing about stuff like this a day or 2 in advance is a very good thing. Thanks :D

  • Please XMB SUPPORT IN GAMES THAT IS ALL I ASK OF YOU SONY….(Well and some game demos on the store but thats secondary).

  • Dark_King,

    yes but renting movies would still be taking money away from the very costly Blu-Ray initiative.

    and yes its ridiculous that XMB in game hasn’t been made possible yet. in game XBL was available at their launch in 2005. in half the memory!!

  • Good to see that updates are now being officially announced before they come.

    Why are so many of you complaining about the PSN, just because the posters job title contains “Network” doesnt mean he decides what goes onto the PSN. Network Operations seems more like a possition that handles the technical aspects of the PSN, such as distributing firmware updates, managing network loading, etc. (I could be wrong, but this is what I think)

    Also it really is uncalled for when some of you attack the mans work ethics just because your not getting what you want when you want it. “What the hell do you do all day” is really uncalled for when you dont even know the person.


    Look at that link SONY!!! IGN has address this issue since last year during November’s launch….why aren’t you doing anything about it??? Instead fixing this dumb RGB bullcrap??? Come on now….I am one pissed off PS3 owner….mark my words, others are too if you read the comments in the link above…I have told all of my friends and families about this to boycott the PS3….wake up SONY, you have this blog, time to listen to what we want!!! Go google Ps3 1080i fix/problem……..see that a lot of people feel the same way I do….you piss me off Sony…I’m going to go buy a 360 game now because all of my PS3 games looks like my Wii games…. (Resistances, Tony Hawk, Fight Night Round 3)……..COME ON ALREADY, FIX THE BIG ISSUE NOT THIS LIL CRAP..

  • how about fixing the network problem with Linksys router?


  • hello… i’m kinda new here… anyway i was wondering if the upscaling was full upscaling or only just makes things fit to the screen…

    also glad to here that it will fix some issues…

  • It’s nice to hear about this first from Sony. Great work guys.

  • This is nice that we hear it from Sony themselves.

  • Sony I don’t feel like wasting my time so I will make this short and sweet. You have some MAJOR work to do in the next few months. You owe it to every single customer that has been caught in this trap of spending $600 on a overpriced, over-hyped, under-performing system. The system updates are worthless to 1 out of 3 people. The PS store is very poorly constructed and is an embarrassment to the Sony name. Sony should actively be working with the game developers to keep release dates accurate as well. The game developer isn’t the only one to blame for these setbacks, you are as well. I once associated the Sony name with quality, innovation, and cutting-edge products. After the poor few months following the release of the Playstation 3 I am beginning to understand why many associate the Sony name with the tag “overpriced, under-performing.” I’ll expect a response as well as results in the next few weeks. Thank you.

  • everyone should stop whinning about there behing no xmb in game yet…it will come out in update 2.0 according to

  • Thanks Sony…

    Any update is better than no update. Keep up the good effort.

  • I’ll believe it when I see it.

  • I agree with born2win413. Please fix this 1080i problem. I beg and plead. Please upscale 720p games to 1080i. Please throw me a bone. Please.

  • Thanks for the update but PLEASE guys, now that you have a blog can you please try to explain to the legion of fans, why does the Playstation store is so stale??

    Sony has music
    Sony has movies

    Why arent they on the PS Store?
    Take a good look at the Apple trailer site, thats what the PS Store should look like.

    PS: please fix the linksys issue with update 1.8


  • Hey when are we going to be able to have XMB access while playing a game? Im really hope we can do this in 1.90

  • Some of you guys need to understand that in-game XMB is NOT as easy as you may think. Being a programmer and electrical engineer myself, writing code and/or building a circuit may be easy, but when you integrate it into a massive system, it will rarely work together. Lots of troubleshooting, testing, etc. is required. It’s a matter of making sure in-game XMB works with ALL PS3 games (downloadable and disc), PS1 games, etc. without any single issue (such as freezing, maybe corrupting a data save, etc.). I know many of you wouldn’t be too happy if your PS3 was freezing constantly all because you wanted Sony to hurry up with an update, that wasn’t carefully tested. Yes, having new firmware features is nice and being patient is tough, but I rather have Sony get it mostly right the first time (By taking the time) instead of having to do several minor updates to fix the issues.

    As for the PS Store, last week we were suppose to see the Resistance maps, while this week we were suppose to see the MotorStorm content. You already heard there were bugs found in both, which is why they aren’t coming out. They were planned to be part of the updates. Sony Computer Entertainment apologized many times to us. Yeah, it kind of sucks we didn’t get them, but I rather have them done right then getting something that isn’t done right. As for PS1 downloads, yes it kind of sucks the updates have been slow for them, but there are a few reasons. Downloads are made for each country individually (since retail games are being emulated). Many PS1 games are not just made to run on PS3, but PSP too (meaning controls have to be re-configured, work well with wide-screen, make adjustments, etc.). Also, it’s not like Sony can take any of the 600+ (my estimate) PS1 games and release them as a download, because they do not have the rights to distribute a third party game, unless they were allowed. There are publishers who don’t believe in digital downloads (Square Enix comes to mind) and there are some who feel $5.99 is too low pricing a game (third parties want profit). So when you think about it, SCEA can release one of their 75+ published games on PSN. If they were to release one game per week (I guarantee every PS3 owner would never be happy with their weekly release), they’d be out of downloads within 1.5-2 years to use. Also, how many N64 games are there on Virtual Console?? Although the N64 did not have a big library, very few, mostly because emulating them isn’t as cheap as classic SNES and before games (and can be more problematic to deal with). PSN probably could have weekly classic downloads, but I guarantee most of you were not happy with the Midway downloads, and I doubt you’d be any happier getting another Pac-Man, Defernder, Galaga, or any other classic game that’s appeared on most every platform. IMO, Sony’s doing a solid job at least giving us 2 brand new PSN games each month (that they developed), instead of re-releasing classic games we’re already sick of seeing. I rather see two new or interesting games every month that several rehashed classics which I’m already tired of.

    Would you rather Sony just completely shut down the PS Store and say forget it?? I don’t think so.

    As for the third parties demos, many devs have already been using the 360 as their lead platform. When it’s the lead platform, they have time to make a 360 demo (at the end of the development cycle, the 360 version is usually done while the PS3 version is being finished up). Third party demos are welcome on PSN (we got RR7, FA2, DJ Icon, MLB 2k7, etc.), just don’t complain to Sony for them not being there (go yell at the publisher). Sony put demos up to all their retail games, except for MLB 07 The Show (although that’s somewhat understandable, to get the game out quicker and not towards the end of baseball season). Making a demo isn’t just chopping a small portion of a game up and calling it a demo. Making a demo is almost like developing a 2nd game and takes a lot of time (which is why many big releases which are heavily hyped don’t have demos, like Gears of War on 360, to get it out quicker). I remember people complaining about the lack of third party demos, then we finally got them, but then complained because they were games like Def Jam Icon, MLB 2k7, etc. Well, at least those devs were nice enough to provide us a demo.

    Enough with my ranting, I’m very happy SCEA is addressing the issues from firmware 1.8. I would have liked for some PS1 issues to be solved (like the sound clipping during FMV), but I understand every problem may not be fixed right away. I am glad the RGB settings will be fixed, since I connect my PS3 via HDMI. I’ll be downloading the update as soon as it goes up.

  • woooooo

    People. Come on.

    You are begging about getting new features and updates and you are complaining about not being able to run 1080i, and all kind of things that are not THAT much useful right now.

    PS3 need to make some killer updates right now. I believe that some things need more debug than others.

    Everytime that an update gets released, we should have 50% fixes and 50% new features.

    I am not going to download this at least I have to.

    Don’t get me wrong. It is important to fix the 1080i and the Linksys router problem, but come on people, focus on the real important things right now, like Demos, rent movies (even knowing I can not use that in my country, that would help the sales worldwide), etc etc.

    Sony, real nice to have this posting but we need a little more interactions.

    I could read this tomorrow in IGN. I do appreciate the time all the people in Sony took and take and will take to do this, but please throw us some bone here.

  • if i had a dollar for all the [DELETED] and moaning…
    seriously, if there was a demo each week, some of you would be complaining that there weren’t TWO demos each week. etc.
    you can please some of the people some of the time, unless they’re online whiners.
    seriously, i don’t think sony created this blog and isn’t paying attention. i’m sure they know we want in-game XMB. can we drop it already.
    can we drop all of the repetitive bleeting like sheep and come up with something a little more original? sheesh! if this keeps up, they’re just gonna stop reading the comments cuz they’re all gonna sound the same, and then some good idea might not reach them.

    if i was sony, y’all’d be sounding like some nagging girlfriend who won’t shut up already.

  • could you guys Releases all the games below on the PSN like ASAP or atleast some of them or let us know what ps1 games will u Releases this year and could you put a Releases calender on the PSN for games and blu ray movies well i hope u read this

    Vagrant Story, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, Chrono Cross, Tomba! 1&2, Fear Effect 1&2, Wild 9 and all Oddworld Exoddus games Releases on the psone

  • There’s only one more gift that I need from the firmware update. I’m still waiting on the ability to access your own music during games. Not how the 360 does it, where the music is just playing on top of the game. I’d like to be able to actually be able to add my own music to the games sound track. Similar to how Rockstar did custom soundtracks in GTA LCS. Ridge Racer definitely needed that feature. However, if it can be done similar to how its done on the 360 that’s not a bad thing either. I’d be happy w/ that as well.

  • Mana Knight, Resistance Maps, etc., etc. shouldn’t even been mentioned by Sony then until all bugs are worked out and it is released when it is said it will be. No excuses. I’m sick of hearing excuses. Sony doesn’t perform for us, their Playstation 3 division will loose significantly…simple as that.

  • Try telling your boss an excuse in the workplace…he’ll fire you. Sony keeps giving us the excuses…I believe we’ll be “firing” them in a sense.

  • Getting official information about a firmware update before it comes out? Bravo, Sony!

    One question, though.. where do we go to report bugs that we think we’ve found in the firmware?

    I assume someone has already noticed and reported that the DNLA client on the PS3 doesn’t preserve the sort order reported by a DNLA server. Rather, it seems to sort the contents of a folder by the URL’s alphabetic ordering, which makes it impossible to listen to albums in the correct track order unless the DNLA server happens to create URL’s in the appropriate order..

    Anyway. Thank you guys so much for blogging, it feels like someone might actually care about us actual PS3 owners finally, and it is so very much appreciated.

  • Nice to know that updates will be posted about on this blog, easier way to learn about certain update features that may not be so obvious. I just hope that supposed 2.0 update comes very soon, cause all the features that were listed in that supposed update seem really awesome.


  • Nice thanks for the updates Sony! I love the frequent updates! Keep them coming! :)

  • I would like to see a more regular demo schedule. Perhaps between 2 and 3 demos per month would be a nice goal to shoot for? I’m sure that would make some people a lot happier around here.

  • Please, in further firmrwares updates, allow us to watch Blu-ray and DVD through the RGB SCART cable, for now we can’t, the PS3 does the same thing than the PS2, when we want to watch movies it switches from RGB to YUV, resulting in an ugly “Green Screen”, unwatchable !!!

    This is really stupid, we can watch movies directly through the XMB with the RGB SCART cable without any problem, but when we want to watch Blu-ray or DVD we can’t because the PS3 don’t allow the signal to stay in RGB and automatically switches it to YUV resulting in an image entirely green ! This doesn’t make any sense !

    Why can we watch SD an HD movies through the XMB, and not with the Blu-ray or DVD player ???

    In Europe SONY has solded millions of TV that have only RGB SCART input for the best input, and none YUV input.

    All DVD players and Blu-ray players (and also HD-DVD players) in the world allow an RGB SCART output, and why the PS3 and the PS2 don’t ??

    If SONY has to pay a license to allow it, then please SONY pay it, we deserve it, I have a SONY TV that cost me 4500 Euros (5996 $) two years ago, and I can’t watch your Blu-ray with my PS3, this is so stupid.

    In Europe we are hundred of people that complain about that issue in forums and Hotlines, don’t ignore us, this is a real problem.

    And don’t answer us to plug our PS3 with the composite cable, we have bought PS3 and SONY TV for their quality, we deserve quality.

    So please, fix that problem in a next firmware.

  • when is the next major firmware update coming? i hate when you do this minor firmware update bs!

  • thanks! Updates to the firmware are always welcomed and much appreciate you telling us. But please fix the MLB 07 online…you cannot even chat in the game yet…best sports game out and the online is simply ridiculous. And they have an online suite download for it in the store!!! That’s nerve!

  • This is exactly the kind of thing I’d like to see posted here. I would also like to see much more detailed patch notes. You mention that PS2 compatibility may be improving, but I want to see more specificity. Obviously it doesn’t have to be extremely technical, but the more detail you can give us the better in relation to new games that may work.

  • KnappyRootz, what you’re saying is almost exactly the same as devs and retail games. Would you want hear news that an awesome AAA game is coming out within a few days (all because the devs decided to wait until its finished to announced something), I don’t think so. People need some time to prepare for what’s coming so they’ll have the money ready. It’s not like everyone has infinite amount of money sitting there and can buy up what they want right away (even cheap).

    Also, sometimes devs think their stuff really is ready, but a bug is found at the last minute. At least Sony actually cares about quality and won’t release a big filled game/update that may do something like erase datasaves (If any remembers the MLB 2k6 incident on 360, MS’s shoddy quality control missed several severe bugs).

  • Thanks for the update, this is a great place to announce things like updates and glad to see that you are using it for that. Hoping here that this update will also address the connection issues with Linksys WRT54G routers.

  • Hello, I am Vicente from panama (central america). I have a PS3.. If someone from sony read suggestion to Sony is: add another music visualizer (a bar spectrun analyzer as music visualizer would be great and so different from other game systems) or /and a user selected background also I dont know why lot of my MP3s does not plays in my ps3 (and does not have any rights protection), the manual does not say anything about restriction because mp3 quality (128, 196, 256 kbps). Thanks Sony for this blog!


  • #38
    “as for demos on the store, i want more too, but if sony doesn’t get them from the developers, what to you expect? write to EA, Ubisoft, Namco, etc. that’s what i did – i let them know that i want/expect demos. call me a fanboy, but i can’t be the only one that doesn’t think that sony’s not sitting on a pile of demos going “hee hee hee – let’s not give them what they want!”

    Although I agree with you, I don’t see a reason why the Heavenly Sword demo from last year’s E3 has not been released. Hech, I even played a Lair demo in a PS3 pre-release party in October, and that’s still not in the store. I understand why people get upset, I thought the last 4 store updates have sucked. I’m sure our boy Eric is trying hard to make us all happy. Right Eric? Eric?

  • Does anybody know how I can make my avatar appear after I sign up to Gravatar? I have a picture tag to my Email, but it never shows up here.

  • it takes awhile for the avatar to work

  • Info about firware updates, ahead of time, directly from Sony?

    Hell it’s about time. ;-)

  • You guys need to make a update to really fix BC for disc 1 MGS3: sub. I have a U.S PS3 and My game gets a disc read error, it only happens to this game and i know alot of other people at some forums agree with me and have the same problem.

  • will the update fix the problem with the media server and the linksys routers?

  • Hey Sony, can you please give us in-game XMB?

  • Mr. Lempel, when 2.0 fw will be released? Could you pls tell us what is most important new features will be in it?

  • Okay, stupid question, but how do I know if my TV supports the RGB Full setting? I see nothing in user guide about it… My set is a Sony KDL-40V2500.

    Nice job with the blog. Thanks.

  • Please don’t MAKE me update. I figure the the less i update the more stable my ps3 will stay. The last update is what everyone was talking about and we hope you can keep up the good work.

    oh, and finally, a good source of info. thanks again.

  • I don’t know why they think they can keep us happy with these useless updates. Where are the games, PSN has looked the same for weeks now. Not one more classic game was released, where are the great PS1 games that i can play on my PSP? Where are the demos of the games that are gonna come later this year? Whatever happened to the Resistance maps? Where’s the update that will allow me to bring up my XMB from a game so i won’t have to quit the game just to read a message, and be able to listen to my music while playing? SONY FIX THE BIG PROBLEMS!!!!!, i apologize for the caps everyone, but perhaps they will see that some of us are mad. We’re tired of waiting for nothing week after week. The last meaningful download i made on my PS3 was the Sigma demo. Everything else has not been worth my time. Please, if anyone does agree with me, let them know. Maybe they’ll listen now that this blog is here, and they can see and find out directly how we feel.

  • You are right AGQ0105!

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