A Quick Look Back, A Strong Push Forward

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I hope you’re enjoying our official SCEA blog. Personally speaking, it’s great to finally have a place where we can talk candidly about the things we (and you) care about. While it’s no substitute for a one-on-one conversation, I’m excited to have a chance to listen and talk with you here. With that said, everything communicated in any form these days has to be considered an “on-the-record statement” so as much as I’d like to, I can’t completely throw my corporate hat out the window.

From where I sit, this industry has the most passionate consumers of any I’ve ever encountered. For some, gaming is a way to kill some time, for others it’s a favorite hobby, but for many it’s a way of life. As a gamer myself, I fall somewhere between a low to mid level enthusiast mainly because of free time. My day job is ironically eating away at my gaming time, although lately I’m finding the PSP has helped me reclaim some of this lost time on long plane trips.

For twenty one years I’ve worked exclusively in the industry. The last twelve have been with Sony Computer Entertainment. It’s been just over six months since I became President and CEO here and I can assure you that gaming is clearly my life. Now that we’ve got the hardware to drive the business, we’re putting all our efforts into insuring that we help create the best games possible for you to enjoy. My pledge is that we will continue to put you first and foremost, to understand what you really want from us. In fact, this blog is one way that I’m hoping this happens.

In 1995, when we launched the PlayStation, the majority of the gamers were twelve to seventeen year old boys. 2D platform, fighting, racing, and sports games were the norm. Platforms were born and died within five years maximum. There was minimal difference between hardware platforms. We here at Sony championed 3D graphics, CD based technology and a more mature diverse library of games. We believed that our platform had a lifecycle that should survive well beyond the traditional five years. Some of the initial criticism we received was that the hardware was a bit pricey, the system was hard to develop for and the early software line-up needed some work. When we introduced PlayStation 2 in 2000 we received much of the same criticism. When we introduced DVD based storage we were told that CD had more than enough capacity to store game data. In a few short years DVD had all but replaced CD and that storage capacity was being squeezed by the development community. In 2006 the song remained much the same. Most of you know what transpired: 100 million PlayStations and thousands of great games later, the PlayStation had a ten year run and could still be selling today. PlayStation 2 left our original success in the dust and shows no signs of stopping anytime soon.

We fully realize that past success is no guarantee of future success, but it does give you some perspective. We have to bring the games to market that will showcase what the PS3 can do and ultimately entertain you like no other games have. We need to provide proof of what the PS3 can do for you and work tirelessly to improve the value and justify your investment. At the end of the day, it’s always been about the games. To push the boundaries of gaming beyond where they currently lie takes a great deal of risk. I think all the hardware manufacturers are doing that in some way. We could have easily produced PlayStation 2.5 at a slightly increased price over the older model, and driven some nice profits and marginal innovation for a few years but that’s not how we got where we are today. You have to gamble and make major investments in the present that will pay dividends in the future.

We’re working hard to put the best tools in the hands of the development community so they can take you places you never imagined possible. We have more than 15 games coming from our own internal studios alone this year for PS3. Our third party partners will weigh in with a host of great games giving us more than 100 titles by year end on that system alone. At our Gamer’s Day event a few weeks back, we announced 18 exclusive games for PSP. This year, PS2 owners will get a little something for everyone with games like Buzz! and Singstar. Oh, and you certainly can’t forget the PlayStation Network. Right now, we are working on a slew of games and game packs that will be offered through the PlayStation Store in the coming months, including Warhawk, which personally speaking, is the PS3 game I’ve been playing most lately.

We are heading into one of the biggest shows of the year for the videogame industry. E3 is only a month away. Everyone here at SCEA is working very hard and is dedicated to pushing the development envelope to show you not only new stuff for games like Heavenly Sword, Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune and Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction, but also a few surprises we have up our sleeves that no one has seen. You can check in here for updates as we head into the show, and I will be sure to report back once E3 begins.

So, that’s it for now from me. I really hope you enjoy our new blog. I think it is a great way for us to share information and for you to communicate back with us. I look forward to hearing your thoughts and posting more here in the weeks to come!

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  • Hey Jack and all Sony Staff.

    I would just like to start off by saying that this blog site is fantastic…giving people a real chance to give direct feedback to the people that really affect the proceedings in the company. Its also a place for a much more relaxed kind of rapour which is fantastic.

    In terms of this post I feel that the sentiments are absolutely spot on. I feel that Sony has proved itself to be the leader in both previous generations and with the right steps this time it could easily do so.

    The Playstation 3 is an absolutely amazing piece of technology…that once these AAA titles come out from Sony will fly off shelves ever more so.

    So doubters have been saying that the other companies will win this race…which could turn out to be true…but with a little foresight from Sony and the games that make gamers happy I think the PS3 will become a huge mainstay in the market.

    That was just my 2 cents…I am so appreciative of this blog and really cannot wait to see how it develops.

  • This blog is a fantastic possibility for Sony to get in contact with us gamers. I hope the feedback we will give to Sony will help you to make the games even better. So keep blogging and let’s enjoy our lovely PlayStation Family consoles.

  • Ah… I love PS family gaming machines, i had all PS1, PS2, PSP but the PS3 price is imoral for a gamer. Cut the price before that PS3 follow the same destiny of Dreamcast.

  • man this blog is going to need threaded replies BAD

  • Wow. I must admit that I greatly underestimated the importance of the rollout of this blog. I never even considered registering here to comment.
    After reading the first few posts all of you have written, those misconceptions are utterly shattered. What you are doing here is EXACTLY what Sony needs to rebuild its (somewhat unjustly) tarnished image and reconnect with its audience. You folks have earned my respect. Please do keep it up.

  • Wow. Im so happy Sony is finally doing the right thing. For months I had completely lost all hopes on the ps3. But now that Sony decided to finally listen to us, everything may change. Keep posts like this one and great games coming and the ps community will come together once again.

    PS. Please do not forget about the psp. Its another great hardware that has not been able to shine because of its lack of original games.

  • I’m glad some large corporation finally realized you cant hide behind release announcements anymore, you need to speak to your customer base regularly to keep them trusting and coming back.

    now that that is out of the way, why the heck can’t i turn off the ps3 with the bluetooth blu-ray remote control?? is there a shortcut i don’t know about like “red button + enter”? I have to use the ps button and navigate menus right now, which doesn’t help when i’m not on the input with the ps3, or the tv is off…

  • Thanks for coming up with a blog. And for listening to us (hopefully) Anyway I realized that the XMB for the PS3 is missing some pictures that the PSP have. Something small though…like setting your own background. Also you guys should be able to get HD Movies and Shows like Live has…more demos too. And please try to get some exclusives…I particularly would love to have Dead Rising on the PS3. And try to get a price drop as soon as you can. I think may lose you more money now, but at least you would be able to regain it better and possibly faster. But I’m not an expert on that, so that is just a guess to me.
    Thanks for reading.

  • Has POET said … SONY needs to reconnect with their audience … I would add …. and make it the greatest pushing force for their decision making process for the years to come. We all know that PS3, PSP and PS2 are the greatest entertainment machine ever built. With a little effort from SONY, providing a rock solid online service plus and new exclusive games, I am sure PS3 will come out as the system of choice for millions of passionate gamers.


  • Hi every body and First of all, sorry for my english!!!
    Time is very expensive and PS3 needs time. Fighting against time is harder than fighting against Microsoft or Nintendo. Sony has the ability to bomb the market but I don’t know why they do not do that. everything move slow! why can not we have something like iTunes on PS store? I remember website that do something like this but why does not sony merge that with PS store? I hope to see more PSone games on this store and I hope to find something new everyday on that. Home is interesting but I think it must be near perfect! why? because sony promised big things about that. online and multiplayer is a main factor that can change the face of a game. Resistance was a good experience and I hope about Warhawk but I think third party games are real reason to call a console online. thanks

  • Long Live PlayStation

    And a side note, whoever it was that decided to re-release Infantry to the public for free, I worship you. Seriously.

  • @sectionz

    Yes, please add thread reply because this is going to be a nightmare when all the people start commenting.

  • Read post 107

  • Cool!!! It is great to see that Sony is listening to its fans. Also about E3, I cannot wait to see what games they will show, and apparently they have some aces up their sleeves and I cannot wait to see what they are. Keep it up Sony.


  • Awsome, keep up the good work Sony, i may own both a 360 and a PS3 now, but Playstation is my home terf for sure. I will support you guys till the end, you guys have never let me down, the PSN is amazing, free is awsome, warhawk is awsome, everything you guys are doing is awsome, Blu Ray, everything. I would like to see Playstation come out on top again cuz i know you guys deserve it. I cant wait for E3 and to see what new software is coming for the PS3, Dont be afraid to take these guys comments into consideration :).

  • Hi I really enjoy this blog, really it’s too ingenious of you to make this. We really appreciate this.

    I’m from Mexico, and there is a rumor that Sony is going to launch the ps3 in august. So I just want to request that when Sony launches the console, just try to put a nice price; not so high of the real price pleeeeaseee.
    Here in Mexico you competency is very tough, and Sony must be smart with the price because that is the excuse of many people for not buy a PS3.

    Thanks for your attention.

    P.D keep MGS4 exclusive :)

  • I glad Sony is focused on bringing out new innovations to their customers. The line up of games are great and very solid. However, the price of a PS3 is what’s holding it back.

    I don’t regret my PS3 purchase but the PS3 continues to slip further behind the competion which will lead to many 3rd party developers shifting focus to other systems.

    Sony’s 1st party are producing outstanding titles but they cannot keep the PS3 afloat by themselves. Also there needs to be a shift in marketing towards promoting the games being released on disc and the PSN.

  • I’m loving this Sony blog. I find myself checking for new post at least three times a day while working.

    Mr Jack Tretton I’m extreemly happy that you guys at Sony did not create a PlayStation 2.5 as stated in your blog.

  • Thanks Jack,
    I have the fortune of being in Japan during the launch of the PS1, going to the Tokyo Game Shows & reading the Famitsu articles.
    Everyone thought Sony was crazy and then Battle Arena TohShinDen & Ridge Racer came out and shut everyone up!
    I appreciate the vision that has gone into the PS3 and you guys are really beginning to deliver on the promise with amazing firmware, PSN content, games, 1080p content and PSP connectivity.
    Keep driving to that high mountaintop that lesser companies can’t even see. The Playstation Nation will be there.

  • Just wanted to say that in respect to an earlier post, PS1 did have a direct competitor, the Sega Saturn, which was a great system as well. The PS1 just ended up knocking it out because it was better marketed, and was supposed to be easier to program for.

    Anyway heres looking towards E3 and the future, and hoping that PS3 gets some truly triple A titles.

  • Mr. Tretton,

    It’s a pleasure to see you post here. Nice little recap of Playstation history as well. I’ve been a firm supporter since the PSX. I own a PS3 and I think it’s awesome. However, we need more demo’s in the shop. Demo’s are great as we all know, and I sometimes end up purchasing games I normally wouldn’t have much initial interest in had I not had such easy access to the demo. Take Motorstorm for instance. I normally don’t play racing games, but the demo was there, I downloaded it, played it & loved it. I went out and bought it the next day. It it weren’t for the demo I probably never would have, and now I’ll be looking into more racers in the future. I think you follow my drift. Bring on the demo’s!

    Also, it would be great if you guys could bring the really great classic games to the PS Store. Titles that we gamers would otherwise have to pay an arm and a leg for on eBay. A few that come to mind are games like Final Fantasy VII, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night as well as Chronicles, Xenogears, Brave Fencer Musashi, Valkyrie Profile, Silent Hill, etc. Basically the most rare, expensive, and highest rated games. I’ve noticed with the Wii & 360 that they both got alot of the mediocre titles for download at first, and even now still make up for the majority of of their downloadable libraries.. It would be great for Sony to show everyone how it should be done by bringing quality titles to the Playstation Store for download right off the bat.

    Also, you guys are doing a magnificent job with the first party titles. I haven’t seen one yet that I don’t plan on buying. Uncharted, Warhawk, & Heavenly Sword inparticular look simply amazing. Please keep up the great work there, as well as with the FW updates.

    Thanks Jack. Don’t be a stranger.


  • Agreed, whats funny is I just made a comments post similar to that in another section of the blog. It would be great to be able to get Silent Hill 1 and Brave Fencer Musashi at a reasonable price AND be able to download from the PS3 and play it on my PSP as well.

  • Pretty awesome to see you, Mr. Tretton posting here on this blog. This will definitely be a site that I regularly visit from here on. I purchased a PS3 launch day, camping outside a Circuit City for 2 days, even though I work for a video game store (corporate wouldn’t allow employees to purchase the launch systems).

    Here’s an interesting and awesome idea. So the beta’s for Warhawk and Home are out, though few have access to them. Why not send some invites to visitors of this site, as we would be able to give ample feedback to you. Obviously we care about your products and are looking to have PS3 succeed just as much as you are, so we would give some excellent opinions. You say that you’ve been playing Warhawk a lot recently? Well let me join you.

    PSN ID: Jurgioslakiv

  • I agree with this post and I know the PS3 has so much potential. Today’s society is so caught up in instant gratification that we’ve forgotten about the rough beginnings of past PS consoles and how they proved people wrong with their power and great game library. I think the same can be said for the PS3, only the PS3 has so much more potential than it’s predecessors that we will truly be blown away once games really start taking advantage of it’s power. I’m proud of the investment I made with my PS3, and I feel I won’t be disappointed. I also can’t wait till October because I’m going to E4All Expo in LA. Maybe I’ll see you there Jack ;].

  • Nice one. As an old skool next gen gamer I will be “watching this space”…. please do it for us… plz.

    PS: Will you be announcing the 1.81 firmware any time soon??? I hear its due 13-15th June 2007 ?


  • Jack. i have a lot of things i could say to you… but i’ll instead focus on one idea i just had that i think is pretty good… its about Home.

    Facebook is a pretty popular website, and they recently opened up their program to anyone, who wants to make applications to work on the site.

    Home should implement facebook. allow users to see their facebook friendslists, and whatever else in home. AND let home users see whats happening in home when they check their facebook account.

    im sure theres many things that could work between them, and having that connectivity would really make home unique.

    anyways, just a random idea i had. and thanks for taking the time to post on this blog. i hope you do it often.. its great to hear what you have to say.

  • First off, Jack thank you for taking time to prose a little with your loyal SONY fans! This site has been needed for some time so I’m very happy to see a line of communication open.

    I consider myself to be a true gamer, a technology advocate and a prosumer! I hold a M-F, 8-5 job and I play games when time allows. That’s not each night but I do at least check my game sites daily for news and tidbits. There is so much great stuff coming and I can’t stand this wait!

    At 31 years old I’ve owned the ATARI systems, Nintendo systems, SEGA systems and now currently and XBOX 360 and a PS3 in addition to my PSP. I’ve always been the one waiting in line on launch day. Had my PS, PS2, XBOX, PSP, 360 and PS3 this way. I am a SONY fan. Best TV’s on the planet BTW! A company with a real sense for design and build quality. I’m happy to be on board with PS3 and know that you guys will pull through in the end but there is concern known as Microsoft. They are doing an extraordinary job of connecting with their consumers. They continually provide new content in one form or another. Movie trailers, Movies, Arcade Games, Demo’s, Prime time Shows and obscure internet type shows are constantly popping up in their LIVE service. With all of SONY’s Hollywood ownership; where’s our content to fill the void while we wait for the great full production games to come?

    My greatest point of concern comes from this long wait for media on the PS3. I have several friends that have come to me asking which system to buy. At my age group the Wii is less appealing based on content. That leaves the 360 and the PS3 and IMO the 360 edges out the PS3 right now by providing more downloadable content TODAY. I have heard time and time again from friends who can’t afford two systems that they are switching to Microsoft and I hate to see that happening. I know the games will be better on the PS3 but the momentum seems to have fallen short. You’re dealing with one of the most fickle consumer groups in existence. Poor support and ignorance to competition will not help you to succeed. I know SONY must be aware of what’s happening in the market but I don’t see updates happening enough on the PS Store to offset this. I fear developers will begin to switch to the system with the greatest install base and that will leave SONY falling short. You have the best system on the market. You have the greatest vision but it’s time to begin providing your consumers with content more quickly. Do this without sacrificing quality and you’ll have your market lead back.
    More and more people are beginning to push to hack the PS3 because they have this great piece of hardware sitting at home with few triple “A” titles. We gamers know what they are and we’re waiting. This Fall should be great!

    Where was our demo of LAIR to compete with Microsoft’s HALO 3 Beta? WARHAWK’s demo was just limited to a few lucky fan boys. Hardly enough to start selling systems!

    Where is the missing functionality of our robust XMB and online service for multiplayer games to compete with Microsoft’s competent LIVE service? Other poster’s have already defined what’s missing there so I won’t rehash that. God I can’t wait for HOME this fall! I need my PS3 community!

    When are we getting new visualizers for music?

    Turn that half circle of organisms in FLOW into a full circle by adding new organisms as downloadable updates soon!

    We need more ARCADE games!

    My must have list although I won’t be able to afford all these! 

    WIPEOUT PULSE (PS3 Please)
    HALO 3

  • Hey Jack,

    Here’s a protip relating to interviews:

    Before you do another interview, have a chat with Phil Harrison about how to give one. He’s got the humble thing down. It would serve your organization well for you to do the same. It might also help you keep your foot out of your mouth.

    That being said, I am very happy to be a Playstation 3 owner. I own all three systems and got them all at launch.

    Of course the content is coming this year, but your company has been late with everything so far. Insomniac (although a 3rd party) can put out a great game on time every year. Rockstar can announce a release date a year ahead and meet it. You guys need to hire some project managers and get your people on the ball because you are now feeling the results of massively over-promising and under-delivering. You owe your customers release dates and they need to be solid. We also need to know what is coming for the PSN and XMB.

    The PS3 will need a price drop this year in NA by the time the big games come out in September or the console is going to be in third place, permanently. $450 will probably put you in the most competitive position without absolutely destroying your bottom line, $500 is your maximum price.

    A supermajority of people who would even consider purchasing a PS3 can not stomach a >$500 price tag. It’s a psychological barrier you can’t overcome with more games, more functionality and better advertising.

    Also, don’t even THINK about putting out another SKU unless it’s replacing the one already out. Don’t screw it up like MS did with their Elite debacle. If you get down to $300 some day, go ahead and put out a SKU with a bigger HD for $50-$75 more but don’t ever cross that $400 threshold again once you get the price down that far.

    E3 is coming. Show me what you got and DELIVER IT!

  • Wonderfully informative post! I hope that marketing dosn’t interfere with your words here, like so many other times.
    When I got the PS1 it was the most amazing thing at it’s time, no other system had such a huuge game library than the PS1 and PS2 put together!
    I would go out today and buy a PS3, but I can’t afford it.
    I can’t wait for Warhawk, Killzone 2, Folklore and Final Fantasy 13!

  • Jack be nimble, Jack be quick, Jack please get us a real upscaling chip!

    Seriously. Put a “REAL” upscaling chip into future PS3’s, so I can buy one and use it with my Sony HDTV. If I play Resistance or Motorstorm on my Sony HDTV, it ends up being 480p. 480p isn’t High Definition. 480p is crap. Come on Jack, you’ve got the power to change this! Quietly put a “real” scaling chip into future versions of your PS3, and the info will eventually hit the interwebs, and those of us with gimped scaling chips can bite the bullet and sell our current PS3’s and get a new one with the real scaling chip. You don’t even have to announce anything or address it publicly. The fact that virtually any $100 HDTV tuner box can scale 720p to 1080i, but a $600 PS3 can’t is a joke. You know it. Stop the maddness now!

  • I am glad to see Sony plans to recapture the dominant position in gaming. Another thing to address is that the PS3 “SHOULD” be the central component in home entertainment. Unfortunately, Sont has crippled video playback on the PS3. Even by loading another OS, the RSX is disabled and video will not playback smoothly. I own a PS3, PSP, PS2 and a few of your competitors. I would gladly buy a PS3 for every TV if I could stream high quality HD video in 5.1 from a PC over a network. I hope SOny plans to open up these features in the future. Until then, I will have to stick with inferior hardware and wmv-hd files.

  • I can’t wait to see whats in store for E3…

  • Okay i have a question about the ps3 production cost we all know you were loosing a couple hundred dollars on each unit sold but this was the news at the release of the ps3 has the price for producing them gone down any yet.

  • It’s great to have a chance to talk directly to our most valuable customers. You’re passion fires me up. I’m really happy to see all the responses on the blog so far. It will take a while to sort through all of the great feedback. Bear with us, we intend to read all of them.

  • Okay i have looked over this blog and really haven’t seen you guys give one straight answer yet so here is a question that shouldn’t be hard to answer How many people from sony are posting on this blog and if they want they could tell us about them selfs what they do at sony and so forth

  • @Jack Tretton hello you know untill this blog Sony has been a near faceless company we never get any feedback from sony and i really hope this blog is gonna get the attention it deserves you have made a great system for us in the ps3 now let us tell you how to make it appeal to others if you listen to us this system will be better then any other before it i am not gonna relist things already listed just letting you guys know we know what we want if you are gonna listen then soon you will know what we want to

  • hey Mr Tretton

    i just want to say , i am happy that you guys have set up a blog. It really shows that you guys care for the consumer, i own a ps3 i think its a great system but you guys really have to step it up in terms of marketing and advertisment. Thats all i have to basically say that doesnt include anything about the firmware, well anyways cant wait for those surprizes>.>

  • Finally we have a voice good work sony


  • Wow, I don’t have much to add to that other than it’s great to see the people at the top of the pile letting their voices be heard.

    Now, any chance of a post from Phil Harrison?

  • Great job, Sony.

    This blog proves to us that you care about the consumers. I own PS3, PSP, and Sony HDTV. And I’ll continue to purchase Sony products because you listen to us.

  • I like open forums like these where you can get insight and communicate with the corporate figures. I can’t say I have too much to contribute to the whole blog apart from some random thoughts.

    I have played games since the age of 5 and have seen things evolve for better or worse and have even had an opportunity to work in the field for awhile at EA which was a great experience. I think these days though people tend to get gut reactions without looking at the big picture or knock the competitor despite them having a solid lineup or great ideas. I believe in liking each system for what it brings to the table. I think others do as well and thats why we see more multi platform titles now then ever before. You can blame it on one console being weaker or marketing or any other excuse which has been tossed out but I think the real focus for this generation will be what the first parties can bring to the table which will sell the system. I see lots of people fighting for third party exclusives and thats all well and good but it’s the first parties which I think will have to step up and make knockout titles. I guess we will see on that and I hope for the best.

    I for one am a Playstation fan since the get go however I just did not get sold on the PS3. It is not to say I will not but there just isn’t enough for me at the table yet to warrant jumping aboard the bandwagon.

    People talk power which is not really a place to focus on. We all know each console can do great things. It is about the games and little extra features. I love the features which each company is bringing to the table. Ideally we slap them all together and we have one happy gamer but thats not the reality of things.

    I think things will pick up in the long run and will then be happy to buy a PS3. I know many are fussing over the price point but I don’t see it as an issue. I see it more of a scapegoat for the lack of games and network feature support right now.

    I think you need to start by making a solid foundation which I believe is being done. I know this blog is a step in the right direction as a point of communication as communication has been off the wall and also taken out of context on more then one occasion. Once the foundation is set then things can get building and from there sky is the limits.

  • It’s good to know Sony people know what’s important and what most matter: Games. Great games will drive the Ps3 sales, and not forget the great Blu-Ray library if they keep it up. Multiplayer games online is the future and will keep people coming back, I hope Sony realize this and make something good for the PS3 in compete with Xbox360 online capabilities.

  • firmware 1.81 is it true

  • If i may make a few suggestions for this blog.

    1. Add a report feature to the comments so you guys do not have to go through hours of work to find comments that break the rules or that are unapropiate.

    2. Its a Idea from the 360’s Major Neilson Blog have the comments by the adminds or from someone like Jack Tretton in a different color so we can differentiate from comments from the visitors of the site.

    But once again great work, i’ll be checking back to this site daily.

  • @anthony1, troll….get a job stop using your parents tv..and buy your own tv…a real tv ; )

  • Right now the most bothering thing is that almost everything gets delayed. From Singstar to the Resistance and Motorstorm updates, everything gets delayed.

    Its been months since the last first party game and it doesn’t look so good until the end of July, when Singstar ships (hopefully). The lack of first parties this period is really really annoying. How are we supposed to get by?

  • I’m looking forward to see what the PS3 has to offer. There haven’t been any games released as of yet that seem to push the PS3’s power at all. I’m excited for Haze, FFXIII, and Uncharted, which all look like they are doing more to make our gaming experience seem more realistic.

  • @Dark_king #136 – We are going to have quite a few people from within SCEA posting here, including developers, producers, testers and folks from the marketing department. And, as with this post, executives as well. We’ll make sure to do as many introductions in posts until you all get to know who are the subject matter experts and put names to responsibilities.

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