PlayStation Store’s Big in Japan promotion begins today

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PlayStation Store’s Big in Japan promotion begins today

Save up to 70% on PS4 games like Resident Evil 2, Dark Souls III, Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Legacy and more

PlayStation Store’s Big in Japan promotion launches today!
That means it’s the perfect chance to showcase how you’d handle a zombie apocalypse with Capcom’s superb Resident Evil 2. An opportunity to prove your survival skills are up to the task in From Software’s beautifully brutal Dark Souls III: Deluxe Edition. Or meet up with some old friends and get battling in Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Legacy.
These are just some of the experiences that await in the Big in Japan promotion. Check out the full range of titles below and click through to find out the promotional pricing.
The Big in Japan promotion starts today and ends on Friday, 8th May at 11:59pm BST.

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  • Again seriously, wasn’t that long ago you did the exact same sale, rubbish! Sales have been really poor lately.

  • I am looking fowards to read the comments of entitled people who always have a reason to complain; even if it is a blog post about a game releasing soon

    • Whatever floats your boat, I guess? At least their comments are relevant to a Playstation blog :) These comments targeting other people’s opinions come off as way more entitled than the average gaming complaint.

  • Really thought there might have been some Arcade Archive titles amongst this lot, oh well, at least there are some vita games discounted for once.

  • I think this is a really good sale personally!I have been waiting forever for AI : The Somnium Files to get reduced as I loved the demo and I’m also tempted by Sword Art Online :Fatal Bullet despite never played a SAO game before.Also Crystar is meant to be decent and that’s a good price to pick it up..along with a few more.

    Trouble is,I’m already deep into Final Fantasy VII Remake plus Animal Crossing on Switch and a huge backlog..

    Then again with this Lockdown I think we have a bit of time on our hands..Stay safe everyone!:)

  • Any recommendations?

  • Please put Rocksmith and it’s DLC’s on sale

  • Love it – I am already in the middle of FFVIIR and KH3 (not to mention Animal Crossing) but might have to grab something from this sale, thanks.

    Anyone know if this sale includes Vita games?

  • Kinda wish Sekiro was included in this promotion

  • Yet again, you only put the PS4 versions of the Persona dancing games and Digimon Cybersleuth Hackers Memory on sale and leave out the Vita versions. Don’t you want my money?

  • Well Time to get The Quiet Man.

  • What? Shadow of the Colossus Wander’s Pack still not on sale even with this sale?I wonder if it will ever go on sale now that the main game went free through PS Plus.

  • I missed out on the Days Gone sale which was priced at £19.49 on plus, and £24.99 for non plus members.

    The sale was ment to be from the 1.4.20 until 28.4.20, however when I checked for Days Gone just yesterday, the price was a whopping £54.99?

    Anyway I did some further research and found out not all games will be on sale until the 28th April, Days Gone being one of them?

    I then decided to buy a brand new physical copy of Days Gone on Ebay yesterday for £29.00, so if I don’t like it I can always sell it.

    I look forward to playing Days Gone for the first time next week sometime??

    • Are you serious?? That was a price for a sale, and when the sale ended it returned to it’s original pricing, you could wait for a sale for days gone. And next time for every game on a sale there’s a “this deal is available from … to …”

    • Eh?

  • The only sale where Vita owners get sales. Unfortunately visual novels ain’t my thing and own of vanillawares masterpieces on the Vita. If for some reason you just bought a Vita (Switches were sold out?) just buy ALL of the vanillaware games.

  • Just a handful of Vita games from Aksys and KEMCO on sale. No PSP, PS3 and the rest of stellar Vita games in Big in Japan is a major joke. AGAIN.

    Why don’t you want our money?!

  • nice sales! grabbing ds3 deluxe even though i had physical.

    i know it’s unrelated but please can we have celeste, salt and sanctuary, and undertale on sale with prices like these?

    they haven’t been on sale for over a year :(

  • >call themselves “Big in Japan”

    >censor Senran Kagura and Omega Labyrinth

  • mediocre sale with no true offers… little in japan..

  • Picked up the FF15 episodes and the Castlevania classics :)

  • can you remove this from the store now, a lot of games have reverted back to their normal price. Showing the sale is over with 50% of the games.

    I mean i know Sony is terrible at this kinda thing, and it shows it’s never for the players, but… at least try to keep the store updated for us second class citizens here.

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