Marvel’s Spider-Man, Just Cause 4 and The Golf Club 2019 join PS Now in April

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Marvel’s Spider-Man, Just Cause 4 and The Golf Club 2019 join PS Now in April

Web-sling across Marvel’s New York, soar through South American skies, or keep your feet on the green and putt for glory

PlayStation Now players, prepare to perform super heroic feats this month as a trio of PS4 titles join the service. Protect Marvel’s New York by battling Super Villains in Marvel’s Spider-Man, survive weaponised superstorms and hi-tech mercenaries in South America with Just Cause 4… and get a hole in one at TPC Scottsdale’s No.16 hole in The Golf Club 2019.
Let’s take a closer look at the games.

Marvel’s Spider-Man

Explore a new chapter in Marvel’s Spider-Man universe as a more experienced Peter Parker. Starring one of the world’s most iconic Super Heroes, Marvel’s Spider-Man features the acrobatic abilities, improvisation and web-slinging that the wall-crawler is famous for, while also introducing elements never-before-seen in a Spider-Man game. From traversing by parkour and unique environmental interactions, to new combat and blockbuster action, it’s Spider-Man unlike any you’ve played before.

  • Available to download (PS4 system only) and stream until Tuesday, 7th July

Just Cause 4

Epic action awaits as you wage war against The Black Hand, a hi-tech private military organisation ensconced in the exotic open-world of South American country Solís. The group are packing military-grade hardware and have found a way to weaponize extreme weather from towering tornadoes to tropical lightning storms. But as rogue hero Rico Rodriguez, you have unparalleled aerial mobility thanks to your instantly-deployable wingsuit and parachute. Add in your fully-customisable grappling hook, growing arsenal of weapons and the ability to drive – or pilot – any vehicle and you’ve got the makings of a blockbuster adventure.

  • Available to download (PS4 system only) and stream until Tuesday 6th October

The Golf Club 2019

…or to give it its full title: The Golf Club 2019 featuring PGA TOUR. The “featuring…” part is an important one, as it sees seven real-world spots – including TPC Scottsdale – join the already sizable range of fictitious courses that will challenge golf fans. This sim has game modes aplenty to suit your golfing preferences: make a name for yourself in the PGA TOUR Career, challenge other players in multiplayer, or build your dream course in Course Designer.

  • Available to download (PS4 system only) and stream

New to PlayStation Now?

If you haven’t tried PlayStation Now yet, now is the perfect time to give it a spin with the seven-day free trial* for PS4 and PC. Download the more than 300 PS4 (and PS2) games in the service to play on your PS4 or PS4 Pro system, or stream any of the 700+ PS2, PS3, and PS4 games to your PS4 or PC.
Stay tuned for more updates on PS Now. Happy gaming!
*Terms apply. New Subscribers only. Credit card or PayPal required. See here for details.

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  • Say what you will, but psnow has come a long way.

    • Unfortunately it still has a long, long way to go to even get close to the equivalent service for Xbox. Day one releases, more games added monthly, better quality games added monthly, proper backwards compatibility instead of dreadful streaming, poor resolution on streaming. It’s not even close.

    • It has, I got it cheap from Shopto and loving it so far, sure I’ve played Spiderman already, but that gives me more time to play Control and Tomb Raider and any PS3 game I want to try.

    • Name me an xbox exclusive (they are all on pc anyway even sea of thieves is coming on steam) that is on the same caliber of bloodborne, marvel’s spider-man, persona 5, god of war, uncharted 4 or even infamous second son. None.

    • 100% agree, a great value service.

    • Day1 releases are great, when they actually release anything

  • A weak month imo only 3 games. Spiderman looks good but the loud fan on PS4 Pro really puts me off. Just Cause 4, a poor game. Golf Club is pretty poor as well, needing a constant connection to play the campaign is silly. And online is dead. Poor month.

    Edit. Just played Golf Club for 2hrs. Awful game.

  • Sorry what? Three games? Three games added to the service for the entire month? Are you taking the urine? It doesn’t matter how ‘good’ the games are (none of them interest me, I’ve already played Spider-Man, Just Cause 3 was garbage so no interest in 4 and I really don’t need a golf game), you can do better than three games for an entire month. This is beyond a joke compared to Gamepass.

    • Then un-sub and stick to game pass then.. ?

    • Here here, intrigued what they even add to that service being as Microsoft don’t release exclusives. Day1 releases great how was Crapdown3 don’t wanna play it year 1 let alone day1 played Spider-Man but I’ll grab the season pass (currently 50% off) and smash that. Also control, not interested in just cause 4 those games are so bland. Big open spaces. Yeah that’s it’s nothing to do in them played 2 didn’t bother with 3 won’t be with 4 but plenty of other games on the service. £40 for a year from Shopto. I play and complete control the rest is a bonus for the year. Look forward to seeing what gets added for the coming months. For the price tho great value Netflix isn’t much cheaper and films last 2-3 hours max.

    • That’s what I’m saying, playing control alone pay for the whole service for a year.

    • No. “Cancel then mur mur dribble” is not the answer to “this is a poor service”.

  • I don’t like such inconstancy. then you give 10+ games, then 3 … one of them everybody own,other nobody interested in.

    • Huh, everybody own, are you talking about Spider-Man. Max 20 million sales on that game, + 100 million Ps4 sold. So no, not even close actually.

  • I can’t understand the whining of some people here, maybe they bought just cause 4 or marvel’s spider-man for 70e at launch they feel betrayed since everyone with a simple trial can now experience these great games for free (you can create an infinite amount of accounts and make 7 day trials). Asking 10 AAA games a month is too much for 60e a year, and people expect 10 games each month and for each game the dlc included. We should be grateful that for 60e a year we get to experience some of the best games available on the ps4.

    • Nobody is asking for 10 AAA games a month. But I’d prefer 5 AA games than 2 AAA and a golf sim. All we want (literally, ALL we want) is for PS Now to be as good as Gamepass. And why are you talking about DLC? Nobody is asking for DLC. Stop just making up your own arguments and then accusing other people of them. Ridiculous.

    • KratosRisesAgain

      They use to give 10+ games out every month before this change.

      That is the issue here…

    • You haven’t seen reddit yet, everyone is asking if spider-man has the dlcs with it and just look at the 2 comments above me whining about only 3 games (your comment included). And Psnow this past 6 months is far better than gamepass, at least psnow games who do not have a leaving date stay much longer than games on gamepass and as I said, for a year psnow is half the price of gamepass

    • What a fool. You’re basically announcing that’s what you do. And they are starting to remove the trial because people abuse it.

    • “(literally, ALL we want) is for PS Now to be as good as Gamepass.”

      So you want to pay £120 a year for service with less games?


    • “What a fool. You’re basically announcing that’s what you do. And they are starting to remove the trial because people abuse it.” Well, it’s still in the ps4 store and it’s not like this blog is visited by everyone nobody checks this blog as youtube is now the major source for all news. And besides, how can abusing a trial be non beneficial to sony. Imaging doing a trial to play control and you finish it in that week and you discover the huge library of games you might subscribe. That’s the whole point of a trial and they are recording the data of % of people subscribing after a trial and I think a lot do.

    • Yea not for long, its been removed in certain regions. Anyway continue robbing Sony of money you cheapskate.

    • There’s only so many games to add they can’t just put them all up on the service. Might work for Xbox as they haven’t released anything for the last 5-6 years so it’s mainly 3rd party offerings anyway

  • …And as soon as I resubscribed due to a return to a better range of games, I’m unsubscribing again. 3 games does not offer people choice. There are so many different types of gamer and the old choice of 10 games a month is always better than 3 games. I have played much of what I would like from Now and I have no interest in any of these 3 games, I know about them, heard about them so if I wanted them I would have picked them up already. With the old 10 game a month offering there was always a game or two that I didn’t know much about and those are of interest and the reason why I signed up in the first place. I take Plus games like a grain of salt these days (usually a top game or two that most people have played or those who haven’t weren’t interested in, in the first place) and didn’t want PlayStation Now to become PlayStation Now Plus. Best thing they could do is shorten the license length on these games and pay less but get more variety. Variety is a gamer’s demand.

  • KratosRisesAgain

    How do we go from 10 games back to 3?!

    dont waste your breath here complaining as Sony don’t give two flying ducks about the people who use this service. This is proof! ?

  • We want psnow in Greece too

  • ? ? ? Cry babies who pretend they have played and completed every game on Now so they have a reason to be upset.

    File along side the same people who get upset over Plus titles and PSN sales.

    • KratosRisesAgain

      Personally I wish they were consistent and add a few classic titles to the service along side the marquee titles

    • Yeah I mean I got the majority of top quality games bought them myself but I can still see value in PS now. I’ve completed Spider-Man except the dlc so I’ll use that, control looks amazing I mean being as that would generally cost £25/40 for a top quality game that’s pretty much my year covered. I wanna smash Metal gear solid 4 (typical seems like they’ve removed this)again with trophies and yeah plenty to play. If people are unhappy with the quality I dread to think what they happy with on Xbox. Hopefully MGS4 gets added back to the service again soon ???✌?

    • MGS4 is already on psnow just use the search function and you’ll find it

    • @Mr_Writer: grow up you cretin. It’s perfectly fine to complain about a service we are paying for without being called a cry baby. No, I’ve not played and completed every game on PS Now because I’m not a 12 year old who has time to play 300 games. Yet I HAVE played and finished all the games on there that interest me after only 3 months of subscribing. Now take your patronising shtick and shush.

    • Oh brilliant thanks for letting me know couldn’t see it on a list when I was looking for it but defo wanna go back through that again.

  • PS Now has gone 8 months without adding a single PS3 game..

    • Totaly agree wit You. Dont need the Service for PS4 Games only. Want more PS3 or Older Games on it. Thats what it is for me. For PS4 i got Plus.

  • Vanlischtenstein

    Warning: The comment section is full of people who believe because they pay €10 per month they are entitled to all existing games. Hey are you serious! for about €100 a year (psNow and PS+) you get access to a massive library of games with the monthly inclussion of top tier AAA Games like GoW, Uncharted4,Shadow of Tomb raider, HZ:Dawn but still complain! with €100 you can’t even buy 2 new AAA games.

    • even worse: 100e is the price of a gold edition game. I mean this comment section is full of stupid people wanting 10 AAA games a month for 60e a year.

    • From what I can read no one has asked for 10 AAA titles, so I’m not sure who you are calling stupid. The 10 titles we used to get were never AAA, just the weird and wonderful, usually digital only titles you wouldn’t neccessarily want to spend money on or couldn’t get at retail etc. That is what people are complaining about.

    • Yeah but Xbox get all games day1 I don’t actually know what Microsoft release these days but ??‍♂️????‍♂️?✌?

    • You can say that, but when psnow won’t release games like this and only indie titles even 20 of them, the backlash will be greater, remember ps+ may 2019 and the backlash there was

  • You guys are hilarious, thanks for all the funny comments :)

  • I just love the fact anyone who had a (perfectly valid) complaint about the service is dismissed as whining or entitled. It’s utterly pathetic.

    • The service has gotten much cheaper and the quality of the games has increased (yes, timed exclusivity but let’s be honest, most sony exclusives are single player only and you play it once and it’s over) and people are still complaining, the problem is expecting 10 games is just too much, on gamepass which has weirdly proven popular in this comment section has more games going each month than those entering and some games going out are AAA titles. People will always complain even if you get death stranding, sekiro and days gone since each one has it’s preferences and the argument that anybody who wanted to play spider-man has bought it since not everyone will spend full price or even 50% off at games and since you’re in the uk you know spider-man is still expensive over there even on sales.

    • Remember this blog has a coven of unhinged fanatical Sony fans running around.

      They wont accept any small criticism of Sony as valid and any opinion that doesn’t view all Sony games/services/hardware as 10/10 perfection is some “xbox fan” insanity to them. So take basically everything they say as emotionally charged or just nuts.

    • If you’re talking about me well I can say I hate a lot of the things sony does (refund policy, censorship..) but mostly they are the best in the business and can’t see anyone denying that especially for japanese games and exclusives.

    • No not you. The people who can’t manage to be polite to another human.

      However, Sony don’t really make any Japanese games, so you can’t really give them any credit for that.

      They don’t have a single big Japanese studio other than boring Polyphony (Studio Japan are small and only make mini VR games now or give support to third parties). All their big games are done at their 9 US studios and 1.5 European (basically all the big European studios got closed or made to do mobile/other nonsense). Which is a shame. US studios aren’t exactly known for their innovation or variety. So expect to see lots more third person open world games with generic main characters and lots and lots of slow, sad dialog.

  • Downloaded Spiderman and deleted it within 20min, absolutely ridiculous how loud the fan is on the Pro playing this, I don’t mind loud fan in cut scenes or menus but this is constant! Not worth it.

  • Sony needs to be aggressive with cycling in (and out) games. The existing offer is alright but if there is nothing here for you now, probably there won’t be anything next month either. 3 new Games is also kinda pathetic if you consider PS+ used to give out 6 games a month.

    I am not saying there need to be more games, however there need to be more different games.

  • Never given the Just Cause series a try except for 2. Is 4 any good?

  • At PlayStation when are you going to make the psnow service available in south africa as we have bought you ps3 consoles.

    please let us me when if possible.

  • I can somehow understand those complaining about the games.. But if you can afford to buy and play all the new games day one, you have nothing to complain about..

    I don’t have so much time to play as I used to have, so I don’t buy that many games any more. But for when I do have a week or two, I can play whatever I want. I played Spiderman for the first time today, no time to download, straight to streaming and it worked flawlessly, no noticeable lag at all.. Will download it overnight..

  • Yeaahhhh love this months selection keep it up sony

  • Another great month, extremely happy with this value service ?

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