Grow your own organic, living ship with today’s No Man’s Sky update

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Grow your own organic, living ship with today’s No Man’s Sky update

Nurture these new life forms to birth a starship fit to your specifications, then hit the cosmos to discover all-new space curiosities that await

Hello! 2019 was an important year for No Man’s Sky on PlayStation. It was the year we brought the entire game into PS VR and much expanded multiplayer in the free Beyond update. Everyone who owned the game was overnight able to play the entire game in virtual reality and it has been extremely cool to see VR and non-VR players joining up in the Nexus to explore, embark on missions and build bases together.
We followed Beyond with two more content updates last year, Synthesis and Bytebeat, and we are starting 2020 as we mean to go on with another free release – the Living Ship update – releasing today.

The Living Ship update introduces the first new starship since Atlas Rises. But this is more than just a ship – these are strange and beautiful creatures with lives of their own. A new series of missions will take players through the ancient Korvax experiments that led to the birth of these interstellar beings. Players who wish to incubate, grow and ultimately fly their own living ship should visit the Space Anomaly and follow the call of the Void Egg…
These beautiful, organic, slightly psychedelic ships are uniquely grown (and, as with everything in the No Man’s Sky universe, procedurally-generated).They can’t be upgraded in the same way as a traditional ship: each one is individually hatched, with a unique set of internal organs that determines its abilities. If you want a fast hyperdrive, you’ll need to nurture the right sort of life within your ship…

No Man's Sky on PS4No Man's Sky on PS4

As much attention has been given to the interior of the ships as the exterior. Void ships house you within strange, organic cockpits, requiring players to fly their ship by grasping vein-covered tendrils. It looks and feels suitably unsettling to fly in VR!
The Living Ship update also brings a host of new discoverables to deep space, adding all-new space encounters to the off-planet experience. Strange new lifeforms and mysterious objects now wait between the planets, bringing more variety and unique experiences to space travel.
You might have noticed that since Beyond launched we’ve been experimenting with something new. We have been releasing regular feature updates every month or so, along with community missions and new content every week.

No Man's Sky on PS4 No Man's Sky on PS4No Man's Sky on PS4

In previous years we have focused the team around one large update. We’ve been really proud of the work we did on these huge updates like Next or Beyond, but something always bothered us… there was normally 8 months or more where we were silent, and the community was left wondering if we would ever update the game again! Meanwhile there were smaller features that were ready earlier, but had to wait until all the other work they were wrapped up in was complete.
Whilst we continue to work on more radical things longer term in the background, in the meantime we are experimenting with releasing content we know the community would enjoy as soon as we’re able.
We are enjoying these more regular updates, and the community seems to appreciate them too. This January had more players on all platforms than any previous year, and the average player enjoys longer and more varied sessions across the board. Hopefully folks will be excited about the surprise of the Living Ships update too.

No Man's Sky on PS4 No Man's Sky on PS4No Man's Sky on PS4

We hope PlayStation 4 players enjoy this new update, hopefully the first of many in 2020.
Our journey continues.
No Man's Sky on PS4

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  • Everyone, give it up for Sean!! The hardest working man in show business!!! We love you Sean!! Keep up the hard work!! Love that now you can relax without the pressure of Sony on your back for a release date. Relax, take it easy and enjoy your incredible achievement! Oh and the regular updates have been fantastic!! Big up the Sean MASSIVE!!! 

    • Haha really? All Is forgiven then? I thought this guy’s career was over and he was in hiding.

    • Then you haven’t been paying attention or are wilfully ignorant, nyquest289

      The devs have worked their butts off on this game providing huge updates full of content for no extra price. They could have just abandoned it and crawled away but instead they stuck to it and fixed it and made it far beyond even what they ever promised.

  • Since my comment got deleted, I’ll say it more nicely:

    I think the game is still very bad, but it’s a good thing that you keep updating it, as this prevents you from releasing another unfinished game, you .

    • It’s a good game. Even if not my usual thing. And I highly respect the devs for sticking with it and working hard and providing so many free updates of vast content. Getting real tired of your negative and disrespectful comments. These devs have more than made up for any disappointment of the launch version.

    • Imagine ordering a pizza because a restaurant promised you delicious pizza within 20 minutes. The pizza is half-baked and ingredients are missing, but they vanish with your money and you can’t get a refund. Six months later they reappear and want to sell their pizza again, because now their dough is soooo much better. And over the years they deliver the toppings, new sauce, cheese, etc. You’re really gonne tell me that’s how you do business?

      They don’t deserve any respect for delivering their game in chunks, three years after the initial launch.

    • Do you even know anything about business? Even your scenario is wrong. Normally I’m not this rude, but I mean… REALLY?? Do you know how many games deliver in chunks, look at Hitman for instance, even a socially-big game like Minecraft delivers their snapshots i chunks. Are you really gonna tell me No Man’s Sky is doing something wrong. Next time look at the evidence.

    • You gotta be joking me. They sold something that was in no way what they promised. They didn’t say “our roadmap is blabla, in 3 years the game will have this and that. Buy the season pass and you’ll get blabla..”. They said “Yes, you can do that in the game. It has this and that..”.

      They were broke and the game was far from finished. It’s as simple as that.

  • Very cool! I will be booting up my NMS and checking out the last few updates when this goes live on PS4.

    My thanks to Hello Games for making an already great title even greater.

    Thank you!

  • Really cool update

  • I am very shocked, can you like calm down. I’ve barely finished explore synthesis and now this? Absolutely wonderful.

  • Still boring as hell.

    Just fly on 36034 planets, all the same and grind materials for no real reasons.

    Oh but now i can fly with living ships. Great!

    No, thanks

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