An update on next-gen: PlayStation 5 launches late 2020

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Including first details on the next-generation console's new controller

Since we originally unveiled our next-generation console in April, we know that there’s been a lot of excitement and interest in hearing more about what the future of games will bring. Today I’m proud to share that our next-generation console will be called PlayStation 5, and we’ll be launching in time for holiday 2020.
These updates may not be a huge surprise, but we wanted to confirm them for our PlayStation fans, as we start to reveal additional details about our vision for the next generation. WIRED magazine covered these updates and more in a story that posted this morning.
The “more” refers to something I’m quite excited about – a preview of the new controller that will ship with PlayStation 5. One of our goals with the next generation is to deepen the feeling of immersion when you play games, and we had the opportunity with our new controller to reimagine how the sense of touch can add to that immersion.
To that end, there are two key innovations with PlayStation 5’s new controller. First, we’re adopting haptic feedback to replace the “rumble” technology found in controllers since the 5th generation of consoles. With haptics, you truly feel a broader range of feedback, so crashing into a wall in a race car feels much different than making a tackle on the football field. You can even get a sense for a variety of textures when running through fields of grass or plodding through mud.
The second innovation is something we call adaptive triggers, which have been incorporated into the trigger buttons (L2/R2). Developers can program the resistance of the triggers so that you feel the tactile sensation of drawing a bow and arrow or accelerating an off-road vehicle through rocky terrain. In combination with the haptics, this can produce a powerful experience that better simulates various actions. Game creators have started to receive early versions of the new controller, and we can’t wait to see where their imagination goes with these new features at their disposal.
While there’s much more to share about PlayStation 5 in the year ahead, we have plenty of blockbuster experiences coming your way on PS4, including Death Stranding, The Last of Us Part II, and Ghost of Tsushima. I’d like to thank all PlayStation fans for continuing the journey with us, as we embark on the future of games.

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  • What is holiday 2020? Is that an american term? Does that mean christmas? Or our summer holidays?

    • Christmas, yep.

    • Agreed. I take my holidays in June. Does that mean that the PS5 be out in June for me?

      Sony, this is a European blog. Try to at least attempt to localise your posts and ditch the non-relevant Americanisms!

    • Agreed. Sony, your audience is not only made of Americans, so you need to communicate accordingly. Saying “end of December 2020” would be better and clearer for everyone.

      That said, good news for the release date. I can’t wait to see what that new generation of consoles will bring!

    • @Toby_Shabadoo They did just give us a PS+ game that about 7 people outside America want to play so I wouldn’t get your hopes up about that.

    • Wait, what? Holidays are always associated to Christmas when it comes to multimedia entertainment. They don’t release major things in summer, let alone a gaming console.

      It’s like when they release a “summer blockbuster” on May.

    • well they gave a baseball game this month for psplus subscribers. we shouldn’t expect them to think they would care about what we would understand from holiday 2020.

    • @SuperiorMjolnir Ha, yeah. Good point.

    • [DELETED] are you talking about? “Holiday season” is a widely used term in the UK as well as America. Also, summer holidays stop being a thing once you become an adult and get a job, sorry to break it to you.

    • Holiday 2020 will be anywhere from October to December 2020.

    • Sorry but now you are just trying to find something to criticise.

      They usually use the terms holiday when it comes to games/consoles. It’s nothing new. Beside when was last time they released a console in the summer? It’s widely known that during fall/winter is were there is a peak in game releases.

      Beside using the term holiday instead of christmas could possibly also be a part of the globalisation. As they are not only catering to people who celebrate christmas.

    • I get why you angry, but think again. I’m from Hungary and we call it The holidays too. It’s not just US.

    • So how did you figure out they mean December then?

  • why were those 2 inovations the first 2 things you had to tell us about the ps5, buying it day 1 anyways tho so whatever

    • They’re not though? They’ve talked about the capabilities of the console a few times now. This is just some extra stuff.

    • Because the controller is the basis, and arguably the most important aspect, of any console?

  • At least this time since PS5 can supposedly play PS4 games I can just trade in my PS4 Pro to cover most of the costs. I couldn’t do that when going from PS3 to (my first) PS4 cos PS4 couldn’t play PS3 games. But eventually i bought most of my fave PS3 games that got remastered anyway :P

  • Can’t wait to see it and of course, to play on it!

  • What a boring way to announce such a big thing …. Lazy is more of a word I’d use

    • Are you referring to the new controller or the shocking announcement that Sonys new console is now called PS5?

  • Will Sony smooth out the issues that have been happening consistently around mature content at all in the foreseeable future?

    • you know what’s also “hot”? heat dissipation on PS4…

    • Do you mean, the censoring of adult related games for adults?

    • @Rob_Nomad the real problem would be if the heat dissipation was cold…..

    • I think Sony’s censorship policies are doing a great deal of harm to the development of VR. Not to mention that because they have exclusive control of the platform it violates the rights of consumers. They want to watch they don’t loose the right of exclusive control? It is obviously anti-competitive and the fact that they are using that control to impose limits on the rights of consumers puts them squarely at odds with the law. At least in Australia.

    • You’re internet lawyering. No actual lawyer would take that case.

      Firstly, what “rights” is it violating? You have no actual freedoms of speech or expression or basically anything in a private domain (e.g. here or on the PS store). Sony and other platform holders can do business with whoever they want, or don’t want to, by law (with a few exceptions, but not any that cover adult games). They don’t legally have to stock adult material or anything they don’t want to. They could ban depictions of Mangos if they felt like it.

      Do you actually think you could go to a children’s bookstore and take them to court because they didn’t allow you to buy (or sell) adult material?

      Should probably look up what “anti competitive” actually means, as it in no way applies.

      VR games being basically all unprofitable is the main cause of harm to VR. Which is why basically every large company has dropped it entirely, other than Sony (who will probably quietly take it out back and shoot it once the PS5 comes along)

  • Will it be quiet and will you accept noisy PS4 Pros as trade-in? That’s all I need to know. Thanks.

    • At the time the PS5 is released the Pro would be 4 years old. So it’s kind of unlikely.

    • This should absolutely be a priority. Make it quiet as a mouse and very well ventilated because every single PS I’ve owned since PS3 eventually was as loud as a jet engine, especially when playing games. I’m a heavy smoker but still…

      If it wasn’t for headphones, I wouldn’t have been able to play anything over my jet engines the last two generations.

  • Superior move would be to finally add back buttons on controller for middle/index fingers, i didnt want to “waste” money on paddles or scuf-like controller but after many years i bought one and there is no going back ever.

    Being able to for example slide, look around, heal, aim and jump at the same time smoothly in blackout is totally different gaming experience.

    Sadly i wont be able to try your new controllers because controllers should have back buttons at base at this point..

    We want controllers who can be atleast little close to mnk, we wanted to be able to aim and move with them as precisely as possible, people are not interested in finger stimulating nonsense and this stuff as much as you think..

  • i hope it has backwards compatibility

  • That’s an expensive sounding controller.

  • Althought it is exciting news i feel a little bit sad because PS4 is such amazing machine and it gave us many amazing moments, with PS4 Sony created platform that was world on its own from amazing advantures, shooters to the sports simulations it really is the best place to play.It will be sad day when PS4 will be refered to as an old console or last gen..

  • This is neat and all but I’m worried because I just got my psPro… so now I’ve got something that’s gonna be irrelevant in a year.

    • yep, maybe sorta, i reckon ps4 probably have 6 months left after it comes out, but just way it goes, will be 6yrs old next year, and feel sorry for fifa/cod/madden players who buy games that are irrelevant in a year every year lol

    • It’ll hardly be irrelevant – look how long the PS3 stuck around for when the PS4 released. PS4 Pro sales are going to sky rocket, what with the Death Stranding special edition console and the inevitable The Last of Us 2 and Final Fantasy VII Remake bundles next year. Devs aren’t going to ignore such a huge userbase, in fact they’ll probably rely on PS4 game sales in the first couple years of the PS5’s life cycle to make up for the rise in next gen development costs.

    • You should’ve gotten it at launch. Getting a console on third year is a gamble, you loose.

    • I still used my PS3 for quite a while after PS4 launched. Even after I got a PS4 in fact (I got one about 6 months after launch, I think). But then again – the backwards compatibility makes othe PS4 obsolete the moment you get a PS5, I guess.

    • Well next year someone else would probably get a PS4Pro then they would have to delay it again. Then someone else. In all reality, when you get a piece of tech later then there will always be a risk of something new coming soon after.

      Beside in all honesty PS4 will still have a decent sized playerbase for at least a year after. PS3 had a decent playerbase for some time after PS4 release. Not everyone will buy a new console day one, or within first year

    • Considering the PS5 will cost a fair bit when it’s released, you could still get some good mileage out of the Pro while you wait for the next-gen price to drop.

    • Well, a generation last for about 7 years, so that was predictable :)

  • super sony is missing now only that you can also delete trophies then it would be perfect

  • I was intrigued by the headline mentioning the new controller for PS5 since in my opinion the Dualshock 4 is such a weak point of the PS4 that it is beyond contempt. But I’m disappointed at not reading about any new analog sticks (out of appropriate material), new type of battery (with dependability and high capacity) and the list could go on… Still you got my hopes up high.

  • Excellent job Sony making the PS5 backwards compatible with PS4 games from day one. I like what Microsoft have done with backwards compatibility on Xbox One, but nothing beats just being able to put any disc in and play. Plus it means I can save space on my TV stand without needing two different consoles to play both PS4 and PS5 games.

  • I’m mostly curious about the storage.. I doubt that it will have more than 500MB SSD because SSD drives are still expensive. So maybe a hybrid drive? Hopefully 2TB, I don’t want to add an external drive and I find my 1TB is barely enough for current gen games, so it surely won’t be enough for next gen games and their 4k textures and what not.

    • SSD will be a cache i think, so yes “hybrid” in that case. not that is a bad thing at all.

    • Maybe it will have a 10gb drive and you’ll have to just stream games over PS now, bwhahaha!

      I hope i’m joking..

    • Sony said it will have a NVMe drive. As far as I know, SSHD is sata only

    • Or maybe there will be 2 PS5 models, one at 500 euros with SSD and one at 400 euros with HDD.

      I also believe that the SSD inside PS5 will have a propriatary connection, since they said that it is the fastest SSD ever created. If it is a simple NMVE SSD, it’ll cost a lot more than a simple PS5..

    • I think PS5 Pro will include Ray Tracing.

  • I always like having more feedback in my controllers, so this sounds good!

  • i can’t wait for this! i think it will be genius!

  • Death stranding is this year, last of us part 2 is February next year and ps5 is Xmas next year. So where does that leave ghost of tsushima release? Summer next year? Cross gen launch title?

  • Sounds nice, can’t wait for the other changes to the console. Sadly they didn’t show what the new controller would look like.

    • As it’s backwards compatible with the PS4, you can assume it will have a touchpad and lightbar in some way. Along with all the usual sticks and buttons.

      The PS controllers don’t change between generations in regards to button/stick layout, just width and height and the L2/R2 buttons.

    • Never say never… DS4 already feels more like an Xbox controller than a Playstation controller in a sense. Who’s to say they’ll never change the joystick allignment? I’ve been dreading that thought ever since DS4 :) It would completely ruin the traditional PS feel, but then again, for me at least, DS4 has already done that for a large part…

    • How is a DS4 remotely like an Xbone controller?

      The changes from the DS3 were a touchpad/lightbar, longer grips, new L2/R2 buttons and slight button spacing. None of which are Xbone controller features (the xbone thing barely even has grips). Nor did they add Xbone controller “features” like sticks in weird places or a nonfunctional dpad, or needing battery packs, or adapt it for people with slug hands and no fingers by removing grips.

      Like I said before the DS4 was made to be closer to the Dual Analog. Which is where basically every layout change/stick change originated from, you know, the original PS analog controller..

    • Oh yeah, not taking XB1 in account, which I believe is smaller as is. But generally I mean that it’s bigger and bulkier :) Not to mention the focus on triggers in the back and the flat joysticks. These might have come from other influences like you say, but it sure seemed to me like catering to the competition… The alligned joysticks and overall shape luckily remained the same.

      The triggers suddenly turned out to be the ‘primary’ shoulder buttons with the bigger, more vertical grips, turning the R1/L1 buttons into “mere” bumpers that are impossible to use as primary. That’s a set-up way more in line with the Xbox design. And supposedly better for shooters. Flat triggers always seemed an odd choice to me because as soon as it’s in any position but default, I’m basically touching only half of the surface or the rims even more likely, whereas the rounded ones comfortably rolled off the thumb, so to speak :)

    • 1. Playstation Meeting February 2013, Mark Cerny unveils the Dualshock 4 controller.

      2. E3 2013, PS4 unveiled.

      3. PS4 releases November 2013

      Deja Vu Again

      1. Playstation Meeting February 2020, Mark Cerny to likely unveil the Dualshock 5 controller.

      2. E3 2020, PS5 unveiled.

      3. PS5 releases in November 2020

    • @MiseryPrincess Well one thing, they removed the analogue functions from all the 4 main buttons and even the L1 and R1 button too. I guess THAT is how the dualshock 4 was like an Xbox controller, i.e. worse. Just like how PS4 was the first console very similar to an Xbox console………. again because of BAD things like not being able to store music, videos or pictures on your console anymore, more awkward and restrictive headset compatibility, charging for the online and so on.

      So I’ve always said the dualshock 4 was more like an Xbox controller but for never the reasons that an Xbox fan wants to hear. Thankfully they still put a 2006 thing into the dualshock 4 like a rechargeable battery though.

    • The removal of the analog buttons was apparently because next to no developers bothered with it on the PS2 or PS3 (basically the Bouncer, ace combat, MGS, a few sports games). Probably because the main type of game that used them (driving) switched to use the L2/R2 triggers instead of X/□. The L1/R1 buttons on a DS4 are still pressure sensitive, just not many games use them (I’m kiiind of expecting that the “haptic” and fancy L2/R2 buttons wont get used much outside first party and launch games, but we’ll see).

      Weirdly the Xbone got lots of PS3 features, like streaming from media servers/USB playing CDs etc. I guess Sony didn’t see the value in it, or consider it widely used. Probably lots of stuff was because they moved SIE to the US, and in turn the company became more “US” in it’s practices and focus. Kind of wish the Sony studios were more “international”. There’s like 9 US, 2 EU (ignoring mobile developers) and 0.5 Japanese, with a definite bias to the attention given to US titles in budget, not closing studios and advertising. There hasn’t been a single high budget Japanese produced Sony game.

      As long as the DS5 is holdable by people with longer fingers, doesn’t have stupid stick placement and non working buttons and a battery, it should be fine. Hopefully.

  • The controller is by far the most important aspect of a console imo. The original DualShock design is my favorite of all time, and so, for various reasons, the DS4 was a step down for me (eventhough it’s a great controller onto itself). With that in mind, I have tempered my expectations for the next one, and this first info hasn’t exactly got me excited either.

    Rumble is a feature I have never used. I think it diminishes the overall ‘control’ I have over my controller, which I never like. Triggers are another thing I never cared for because ADS and shooting feels slower. Adaptive sounds even worse with different resistances, although I do see potential in reverting it to a simple click like R1/L1, if done right.

    • Remember the “original” PS controller with sticks was the Dual Analog, not the Dual Shock. Which the DS4 is the closest to, with it’s wider frame, mushroom sticks (though they were longer) and much longer grips.

      The only thing I prefer on the DS3 was the longer sticks, which gave a bit more control.

    • I never had the Dual Analog (god those joysticks look awful), it does look bigger with the joysticks wider apart and those ugly, huge grips… I don’t like it at all :) I guess DS3 is the best reference to what I love in terms of design.

    • The PlayStation controllers have never been great. The DS4 is Sonys best controller for comfort. I hated the DS3 controller it use to give me strain in both my hands and wrists, it was a terrible design. The analogue placement was off, and was not parallel for the hands, this is why many men felt discomfort. I hope that the DS5 has an adjustment feature to cater for different hand sizes. Heck, if its as comfortable or if not better then Xbox controller, I’ll be happy.

    • To each his own, ofcourse. I realize the earlier design was too small for many, for one. For me, it was absolute perfection in design. Catering to different hand sizes is indeed, in a way, a point I’ve been trying to make :) Not necessarily with an adjustment feature (don’t like gimmicky things) but simply by offering different sizes (or even designs!) for sale.

    • Come to think of it, why has this not been done yet? Seriously? We get all kinds of colors, surely this is more important ‘for the gamers’ experience?! But harder and more expensive to implement, of course… ‘ For the business guys’, more likely. Ok yeah, they would have to redesign it somewhat and all, but surely it should be viable, especially if you keep it in mind for the initial design. Please Sony, make it happen! Catering to different sizes is a really great idea!

    • Sony did allow Hori to make that semi official third party “childs” controller for small hands. Though it looks pretty terrible, and lacked a proper touchpad (and grips) it’s kiiind of what you’re asking for..

    • Third party, non-official controllers are an absolute taboo to me :) But I hardly consider pads controllers. Hate the WiiU pad! DS3 and N64 are my favorites in terms of design and shape – note my love for symmetry, making alligned sticks a must.

      I’ve pondered over looking into custom made ones but with how frequently I renew that wouldn’t be practical…That’s one thing I do like better on DS4, the joysticks stay tighter and don’t feel worn out as often. And the built-in headphone port :)

  • I sold my base model PS4 last month to upgrade to PS4 Pro. I guess i will just wait for PS5 then.

  • That’s it? No pictures, no event, just a wall of text? What a way to announce your next flagship.

  • Yes! I’m so happy they announced this! I’ve been saying this for the last two years and almost nobody believed me! Thank you Sony for confirming this! By the way, i’m very happy with the details of the controller! I do hope the design of it and the PS5 will be nice too! Up until now, i always liked the designs from the Playstations (except for the slim ones). So i hope this new PS5 will look good. I don’t have any doubt about the great exclusives we will get! Playstation fan since the first our! ?

  • Great to hear! As a pro owner I still I’m in shock of graphics, sound and gameplay on a 4K tv. I don’t see why I would upgrade but if it’s next year or so then yeah, it has potential.

    So glad I got a pro at launch, those who waited and played their OG ps4 on a 4K tv can’t be happy right now.

    If you snooze you loose!

  • Reading this on the network browser of my PS4!? but I still have so much questions so when do we get more info!?

  • I said this on the US blog post and I will say it again.

    Something that has to be said. Well done on calling it PlayStation 5. I know people will joke it was the most obvious thing ever but then we live in a world without a PSP 2, a DS 2 and a Wii 2, 3 things that easily would have sold twice as much as they actually did with the names that were actually chosen for them. So we’ll done there and I can’t wait. 

    2nd, you NEED to do this with the PS5 at launch to get it out the gate in sheer brilliance. And that is, bundle FFVII Remake, even a digital version, with every single SKU of the PS5 on sale late 2020. Get talking to Square Enix now and get this done. 

    Either that or your own The Last of Us Part II. Because I guess not everyone would want FFVII Remake. Also have them ready and enhanced for PS5 too. The console will do even better if you do this. 

    Funny thing is, they will probably take my feedback in the US and do this and you will ignore it in EU like you always do.

    • And we know you won’t listen because last week 95% of us on a blog post said we don’t want a stupid baseball game as a montly PS Plus game and you…………ignored…….. every……….. single………bit……….. of feedback…….. we gave you.

    • Neither game would be appropriate though, as they’e both PS4 games. It would be a bit odd to buy a PS5 specifically to play PS4 titles launched 6-9 months before, they want something “next gen”. Selling it with old generation ported games isn’t really selling that it’s something new or something more powerful either.

      Hopefully they have much, much better launch period software this time around. The PS4 launch titles were pretty terrible. There was like a bad Killzone and an Assassins creed and erm, Resogun (the best title by far).

    • They wouldn’t be able to give away brand new launch games with every sku of the console, that is why I am saying this is a great free bonus. And it would be great. TLOU Part II, around that time, will be sweeping up all its GOTY awards lol, nobody will give a damn that it is 9 month sold. It would be up to retailers to strike deals with Sony for bundled cheaper second controller and game deals.

      And they are 2 games that will most certainly not be dated looking after been out only a few months that will both benefit by further enhancements provide by PS4. Lol Horizon Zero Dawn still looks like a game released yesterday compared to over 98% of games released since it came out.

      Backwards Compatibility is not the end all but it is most certainly a nice feature the first 2 years that a next gen console launches before the last gen consoles get made obsolete over further time. PS4’s launch would have faired better had ports of GT 6, Beyond Two Souls and TLOU been released on the console.

      Maybe if Sony stopped making games altogether since 2011 like Microsoft did and didn’t bother to give us the game of the generation in 2013, they would have had better games for launch, not that the garbage 720p/900p Dead Rising 3 and Ryse were anything to get excited about,that came to PC less than a year later with better visuals regardless.

      And AC Black Flag was awesome. Imagine buying a next gen Xbone though and playing it at 900p lol. That was pretty terrible.

  • Very nice I’m glad called it PS5 than name it the PS1 because they don’t want name what Xbox did name it xbox1 lol ?

  • This sounds awesome. Can’t wait to try out this new controller and the ps5. I think Sony should make a pro controller this generation. Make it so we can relocate the left joystick for those who prefer that, like on that other box ?

    • And turn it into an Xbox controller altogether? Why don’t you just go play on Xbox then?

      I do agree on a pro controller but not with detachable joysticks, just more expensive and durable materials.

      And what I’d personally love most of all would be a classic DS3 design on the side, with all the features so it can be used on PS5.

    • Just no. The sticks are silly that way round (which is from the crappy Gamecube controller) and it causes problems in some games.

      Being unable to use the stick and the dpad at the same time is terrible, and means you have to stop moving to do things.

    • Dualshock 3 controller was a terrible design and was uncomfortable. The Dualshock 3 was never parallel to the human body. Many men have different size hands, and most men experienced wrist strain from the DS3 controller.

      The DS4 was a improvement, and I hope the DS5 is a bigger improvement, in size and comfort.

  • I like new info, any new info, about PS5 and it’s controller. But why do we need to read that in WIRED magazine and than find a summery on PlayStation Blog? That is stupid and disrespectful to your loyal customers.

  • Who reckons the EU launch will be pushed back into 2021

    • I don’t. It happened once with PS3. Why would you reckon it will be? That’s like saying, who reckons they will blunder up this console like it meant to mean something.

      And why do people always think Sony will hit a hurdle again like they did with PS3 and then give a pass to Nintendo, the kings of releasing 3 blunder consoles in a row that each failed to sell more then the last console: the SNES, N64 and Gamecube and then relasing a 4th blunder in the Wii U.

  • I’m guessing November 2020, they always seem to go with November.

    Eu launch getting pushed back might’ve been a real concern back in the days, but they seem to have that better handled now.

    • it will not be the same as the US or Jap launch you can be guaranteed of that i would have said by a few weeks Respectively

  • Loving the dual shock 5 news, here’s hoping it’s further adapted for vr also, as I prefer to use the ds4 over the move controllers.

  • Please Guys you have to make a backwards compatibility with PS4. :)

  • Whenever it is that I can eventually afford it depending on price, finances etc.,at the time I’m curious about the expandability.

    We know it’ll use SSD tech & is b/c with ps4,but once we setup our account etc.,I wonder if we’ll be able to plug in our ps4 external HDD etc?

    Also hope the EU/AU storefront gets an overhaul-adopt IARC classification like the rival consoles have had for 2-3 yrs now! So us EU/AU customers aren’t waiting weeks/months/never for games to appear like at present!

  • I still have a PS3 backlog.

  • Never liked rumble, maybe haptic sound is something I might like, I forsee just turning it off all the time like rumble. A controller is an important thing, but features don’t mean much to me, I care more about how comfortable and responsible it is, and how it feels to press a button. Its hard to tell how a controller fits that without being hands on.

  • I hoping that an early firmware update for the PS5 will allow PS2 play back either by download after all the ones on they did release on the PS4 where not perfect to a point where Sony gave up on the idea but there was very good build for them to be improved upon maybe the PS5 will be able to deliver this

  • Can you please let us use ps4 library to play on Ps5? I have online game I have to keep playing lol

  • The Wired article mentioned that you will be able to download certain parts of a game such as the singleplayer or multiplayer only.

    I’m not falling for this as this exact feature was promised with PS4 at launch, and the only game that actually made use of it was Killzone Shadow Fall.

    Don’t tout features if you’re not going to use them.

    And bring back PS4’s Facebook integration.

  • Dear Sony,

    When the PS5 eventually arrives, can you please improve the quality and performance of these past PS4 games.

    1. The Last Guardian

    If there’s anyway to improve the camera for this game would be welcome if possible. The frame rate also needs to be 60fps locked.

    2. Bloodborne

    Graphical improvement and 60fps locked would be nice.

    3. The Witcher 3

    Graphics improvement and 60fps locked, or 120fps locked if possible.

    I specially mentioned these three titles above, because they had alot of technical difficulties on the PS4 which I hope are significantly improved on the PS5.

    Thank you

    • Should also add Medievil to that list if it’s still like the demo…

      For Bloodborne even 30fps locked would be a massive improvement..

      But still, it’s up to the individual developers.. Bloodborne didn’t get “pro” enhancements. So it’s questionable if it will get PS5 almost 6 years later.

    • I’ve never played Medievil so I can’t really comment on that.

      I’m hoping that all PS4 games are improved on the PS5. The Xbox One X has this feature, so I’m hoping Sony are doing the same with all past PS4 games.

  • Dear Sony

    Will you give the consumer the option to delete trophies on the PS5. I honestly do not care for trophies at all, I find them annoying to be honest.

    I would like to see unlockables in future games for the PS5. Instead of earning a meaningless trophy, why not unlock concept art, the making of, or trivia knowledge of the game itself?

    I know some PS4 Exclusives do have unlockable bonuses but not every game. I would like to see every PS5 Exclusive game incorporate these added bonuses, and if possible let third party developers include bonuses as well ?.

    I would also like to see PS5 Exclusive physical based games to have reversible cover art as standard. It will set you out from the crowd, and again gives the consumer a choice.


    • Unlockable content is down to game developers, nothing to do with Sony or the console.

      I agree about being able to delete trophies though.

  • Which date can we start to pre-order ps5 games on. Only PlayStation staff to reply please.

  • Will there be IPv6 support?! Very important for Germany.

  • Better be backwards compatible also the UI, needs to remember it’s connected to the internet. I really don’t like popping out of the store to remind the PS4 with the connection test for it to go “oh yeah i’m connected to the internet, i’ll work now”

  • I love how they talked about an SSD (in the Wired post) like it’s some kind of new groundbreaking tech ;)

    That being said – as long as there’s a good launch game, I’m getting it on day 1. Take my money, Sony!

  • I hope it will still have the option to swap the ssd for a larger space version can not wait for this console preorder will be put down as soon as we get a release date but maybe you can do a ff7 remake ps5 console I will buy that

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