This week’s update for Dreams makes finding your new favourite Dreamverse content even easier

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This week’s update for Dreams makes finding your new favourite Dreamverse content even easier

Media Molecule expands DreamSurfing into playlists to better showcase community creations

Hello Dreamers and future Dreamers! We’ve had a very exciting update to Dreams brewing and we can’t wait to finally share it with you this week.
Throughout Early Access we’ve been making a bunch of improvements to how all the amazing games and content in Dreams are discovered and recommended, like the addition of the “trending” filter and improving how Dreams are categorized. Those patches have actually been leading to something much bigger…

Welcome to the new and improved DreamSurfing! Our creative community has been creating so much that we needed a better way to showcase all of their brilliance.
This update expands DreamSurfing into playlists, where you can browse featured Media Molecule content, recommended games, what’s trending, Community Jam entries and more – right when you enter DreamSurfing. We think you’ll agree it makes exploring the Dreamiverse even easier and if you’re a content creator, it’s a much nicer way to feature what you make.
We’ll be rolling out the patch this week, but don’t panic if you don’t see a change in-game immediately. As this patch impacts our servers, we’ll be activating it for players over the course of several days. It may take up to five days for you to get the updated DreamSurfing content. Thanks for bearing with us during this time, we aim to get it out to all of you as soon as possible!


This update also includes improvements to photo management (archiving and deleting), menu tweaks and bug fixes. You can read the full patch notes here.
We hope you enjoy our newest update and please share any feedback with us on our forums, Twitter or join us for one of our Dreams livestreams. Happy DreamSurfing!

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  • Is there any chance of making the music interface anything like LittleBigPlanet where you can just drop points on the virtual piano rather than making sounds mapped to buttons?

    It’s not very intuitive and the tutorials don’t cover it that well.

    • You can provide feedback and suggestions to the developers via the forums at

    • you can do this already – when you open up an instrument you can switch between performance mode and piano roll mode (which will let you manually enter notes like you say) – hold L1 and click touchpad over the canvas.

  • Wait… this has already been released?

    • Early Access

    • Unfortunatelly no. Early Access is out. Im not sure if it ca be still purchased (they mentioned limited copies available, but Im not sure if they run out). By purchasing EA you will get also the full game in the future. (and EA should be cheaper than full game, so by supporting it, you can save some money)

      You will get all the creators tools available to play with. All the shared user levels. Few tutorials. These are actually pretty polished.

      What is missing is the main campaign (you can play only user levels), advanced tutorials (they promissed much more), VR support (promissed to be there on launch of the game). Also there is a risk that if you create something in EA, it may not work properly in the finished version, because some stuff can be changed during development making your level buggy (some people gets very creative with the tools. And even if there is bug, they find a way to use it somehow. Then the bug is fixed and level does not work anymore…)

      Hopefully the full version will be out soon. The creator tools are really pretty polished already, so Im not sure what are they waiting for. :-/

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