‘July Savings’ kick off today on PlayStation Store

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‘July Savings’ kick off today on PlayStation Store

Pick up bargains on Watch Dogs 2, Assassin's Creed Origins, FIFA 19 Champions Edition, more

We’re back this week with a fresh batch of discounts going live on PlayStation Store. Save up to 70% in the July Savings promotion on titles like Watch Dogs 2*, Assassin’s Creed Origins, FIFA 19 Champions Edition, A Plague Tale: Innocence and more until 24th July.

Deal of the Week (until 17th July)

You can grab a discount on Ubisoft’s third-person shooter Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 this week. Fight to liberate Washington D.C. as you explore an open world, see a few famous landmarks and try not to get killed off by your enemies…

Games under €20 (until 24th July)

We’re also back with our trusty Games under €20 promotion where you can pick up the likes of Fallout 4, Watch_Dogs Complete Edition**, Far Cry 3 Classic Edition and more.

Games under €10 (until 24th July)

We’re not done yet! Make sure to also to pick up a few titles under €10 for gems like Human: Fall Flat, Battlefield 1 and Rayman Legends.

*Replaced by F1 2018 in Middle East.

** Replaced by NBA 2K Playgrounds 2 in Saudi Arabia.

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  • Yay, Monster Boy is finally in a sale! oh it’s still almost £30…. dangit..

  • Hesitant to buy Vampyr, considering it was listed as a PS Now game for a day, before being removed from the list. Seems like a slip up, and the game will be added to the service or PS Plus soon. The publisher probably just wanted the game to go on sale a final time, before being offered on one of the services, as we’ve seen with many games before.

  • What about PlayStation 3 sale on PS Store. There nothing on sale on PS3 (PS Store)

  • Yeah, been sorely tempted by Monster Boy myself as I’d loved (but was crap),at original arcade wonderboy & Lizardcube’s excellent Dragon’s Trap. Played M.B. bit at a mate’s place-it compares well to Dragon’s Trap,but when we got to volcano area it spikes in difficulty quite dramatically…just don’t know if I can justify $51 for a game I’m likely to rage quit! Taking the plunge on Ghost of a Tale-might be occasional frame rate issues, but such a great looking world to explore & a sucker for some stealth/puzzle action!

    With Battle Princess Madelyn still in approval purgatory (& no end in sight),might as well put the credit to some good anyways!

  • Disappointing sale yet again. Some of the games on that list are also available on the Vita , yet you decided not to put the Vita versions on sale as well. It’s almost as if you don’t want my money.

  • I’m about to buy Just Cause 4.. (Gold Edition) Any opinions about the game?

    • Those games (like most open world games) are always really, reeeeally repetitive, so make sure you don’t expect too much.

    • There’s some fun to be had there, but the graphics are far worse than JC3 to the point where it actually becomes distracting. Usually “looks like a PS3 game” is just hyperbole, but this game really looks that terrible. Add to that most of it feels dumbed down (the wingsuit challenges are usually fly through 3 rings really close together) and I’d rather just play JC3 again.

    • Thanks! But JC3 was terrible. I saw that JC4 is running waaay better than JC3, but I haven’t bought it yet.

  • How about the season pass for assassins creed origins go on sale too?! The special editions are but not the season pass. At this point its better to never buy the original game and just wait a few months, also its probably cheaper to buy one of the editions with the full game too than the season pass alone

    • Same with Ghost Recon: Wildlands and Horizon: Zero Dawn, or the discount is so small compared to the “complete” version that I would feel cheated if I bought the DLC separately. Horizon complete for 15 euro’s the the DLC for 7 euro’s for example.

  • I am waiting for Flashback for PSVita.

    Does Redout: Lightspeed Edition support split-screen for co-op ?

  • Has anyone played in Dino Frontier ?

  • This sales/discounts last too long… I mean this one is until 24.07.

    Whole month of these, in my opinion, uninspiring deals on games that were on sale XYZ times… Maybe I’ll get Ghost of a Tale, but that’s about it for me….

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