Dreams’ Creator Early Access launches this spring – here’s everything you need to know

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Dreams’ Creator Early Access launches this spring – here’s everything you need to know

Details on how you can help shape Media Molecule’s ambitious new game

At Mm, we love to give players a way to be a part of the games we make. With Dreams, our ambition from the start was to put all the tools needed to make games in one accessible package – and allow players to make their creative mark on the world from their living room. We want community to be able to create in a way that is fun, fast and expressive and see where they take it next.

During our beta we saw players create such an incredible range of things. Clever puzzle platformers, moody first person adventures, gorgeous interactive paintings, super charming movies and so many other amazing things. Even though it’s what we’d hoped for – we had no idea how ingenious and wonderful the results would be (and our eyes may have watered a little).

So, first off we just want to say thank you to everyone who participated in the beta and for all the wonderful creations you made. This video is just a slice of all the joy you brought to the Dreamiverse:

As you may know, our small team has been working on Dreams for a long time. Beta was a very important step for us – it confirmed our tool set is ready for community – but we still have more work to be done in other areas. Every game developer wants their game to be perfect – and we are no different. We have so many ambitions for Dreams and the beta reminded us that Dreams only truly comes to life in the hands of you all – the community.

So, we scratched our chins and tried to figure out the best way to put the game in the hands of our most enthusiastic dreamers and allow us to continue crafting and polishing it for everyone.

And… we have decided to go live and release Dreams into Early Access on PlayStation this spring OMG IT’S HAPPENING!

Dreams Early AccessDreams Early Access


What is Creator Early Access?

Early Access won’t have everything that the full version of Dreams will, but you’ll get 100% of the same Dreams tools that we have used every day at MM to make our content. As well as fun, deep interactive tutorials catering for all skill sets and levels and Mm crafted arcade games ready to play and remix. If you joined us during the beta period, you’ll also have your beta creations to return to. Along the way, we’ll be adding more features, tutorials, arcade levels and assets during the Early Access period as we build towards the full slate of launch content.

Just like with LittleBigPlanet, we have always planned to evolve Dreams with the community and this is just the start. We’ll use Early Access to help us prioritise all the awesome stuff we’re already working on and get feedback as player needs develop and evolve. With refinements, bug fixes and brand new features on the way- we are kicking off the live service side of Dreams so community can get the first look at how we continue to support the game.

And of course there is no NDA, so you can stream, entertain, teach, collaborate and share to your heart’s content.


Who is Early Access for?

Early Access is for creators who want to be part of the Dreams experience from the beginning. People who will create, play others creations, get involved in the social features of Dreams and give us feedback. If you are a creator – this is definitely for you – the Dreamiverse needs curators, tastemakers, testers – it’s a great time to carve out your niche.

The most important thing is to know that the Dreamiverse is going to forming around you, so if that excites you, sign up. If you participated in the beta and felt like Dreams wasn’t fully featured enough for you yet, or you wanted more Media Molecule game content, then Early Access might not be for you. We’re working on all those things during this period so that you have everything you need on your first day in the Dreamiverse.

Dreams Early AccessDreams Early Access


This Dreams Early Access is a strictly Limited Release to ensure that we have a chance to listen to all of you, so be sure to snag your copy as soon as you can!

When released, Dreams Early Access will be available digitally through the PlayStation Store and priced at €29.99. Early Access will be available in UK, USA, Australia, Austria, Benelux, New Zealand, France, Switzerland, Italy, Germany and Spain.

We are very excited about going live this spring and look forward to updating you on all the magic happening in Mm Towers.

If you want to be the first to get notified on the Early Access live date, sign up for updates.

Thank you in advance to everyone who will be coming on this journey with us.

It’s happening people! Start Dreaming this spring!

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  • So is this for everyone? Or is it just the people that were in the beta?

    • Available to anyone who pays up but they only have “limited” spaces for early access members. Not sure what amount they mean by “limited” but yeah.

  • Will we be able to “upgrade” to the full version at release, or do we have to buy the game again?

    • PushSquare Website: “Community manager Tom Dent has confirmed that those who purchase Early Access won’t have to spend any more to get the final release.”

    • But I would be afraid, that they will release some “Deluxe edition” that has some more content. And early access will give you only basic edition. So if you are huge fan, it may push you to pay again.

      Just a speculation, but based on years of gaming experience :-D

    • They won’t do that since they even admitted that they are strictly against any dlc that would give people more creation tools than others so they won’t have a deluxe edition but that might have some fun thing pre made for you a good 2 or 3 months after release

  • Will purchasing the Early Access grant me the full game upon its final release?

  • If you buy early access will you get the full game too?

  • Why is the Dreams Creator early access only available for some certain regions? I was so excited for it and now it’s ruined because of it.

  • Is this cheaper than it will be at launch, as that might convince me to sign up as after being disappointed with LittleBigPlanet I’m a little wary of paying a lot of this.

  • So when i can pre order Early Access of dreams because not showing up on the store ?

  • So excited to play this can’t wait to see what it will look like, this game is among PlayStation exclusives that i very excited about..

  • Why only few countries?

  • No UK pricing? 30€ ≠ $30, watch the UK price be £30 lol

    • So I put it though a converter and €29.99 is roughly £26.04. Interestingly though it also says it will be $29.99 on the American version on the website, which is roughly £22.93. So not 100% sure which it will be or if they will just round it out to £30.

  • Shame I can’t get the early access eventhough I have a UK account :( BTW I I’m Irish

  • I missed the beta I have questions 1 is there a lanch date? 2 if I’m lucky enough to get this will I get finished game ie the rest for being in this early access programme or will I have to buy the rest of it 3 is there some kind of application process to go through to get access since you have said numbers are limited if so how do I apply?

  • 1st a closed beta now a paid beta we aint stupid MM if i made dreams id release it already insted of wasting time making pointless youtube video’s and a paid beta well im not buying dreams now due to you WONT RELEASE IT ALREADY insted of a pointless paid beta. !!!!!

    • ? Aggree!

    • This is smart move to build up viral attention while perfecting the game

    • Dude, it’s not finished. They’re trying to avoid the LBP3 situation that Sumo made and actually release a good product. This is not a beta at all and is early access, which most times is paid. If you want the game you’ll get the full digital version after Early access is up, so in a sense it is releasing. In the industry, this is called a soft launch. Look it up.

  • Finally ! For this game i started study game design… and i am a filmaker

  • This game could or will be a failure. Even its own developers doesn’t trust in their game. I did not see any interesting gameplay so far. What is this game at all? I want to love this, I want to try this out. But not in this stupid way. LBP was a fantastic game. All three, but I preferred the 2nd.

    • It’s a game maker you silly, pay some attention

    • This game won’t fail. People doubted it before and now playing the beta are in love with it

      When they add all tools and vr this game going to be huge and I’m supporting it all the way

      BTW even for early access this game is worth loads more for price

    • It’s not a game, it’s a dreammaker.

      Like LittleBigPlanet, it’s entirely based on Play, Create, Share.

      They will provide a basic campaign using the in-game tools they created showing what is possible, then the rest is up to the community.

      We have creators, or players. Not every player creates, and not every creator plays. It’s a chance for you to literally make up anything you can dream of, then share those dreams for others to experience.

      This will be the killer PSVR app.

    • They do trust it. Its only taking so long to finish cause its a whole game making engine. Try making Unreal Engine and Fl Studio work on ps4 on one app in 4-5 years…ain’t gonna happen. They’re soft launching it as a way of saying that they understand we want this game and it is ready enough that we trust it to be unleashed onto the public. Also, if you buy the Early Access you’ll get the full digital game at release for free.

  • I loooved the beta. Can’t wait for this!!

  • What if…. the game never gets out of early access like a lot of early access games..

    • It’s a Sony funded game I am pretty sure they won’t just suddenly close MM and forget about Dreams. Sony are very strict about early access hence why we rarely see any games in early access on PS4. I can only remember a few games that had early access on PS4 which where Ark Survival, Fortnite, 7 Days to Die and The Tomorrow Children which was a F2P game and has since closed down.

    • This is literally a game that makes other games. It’s not something that can be rushed.

  • So no early access for Norway or Sweden? May I ask why?

  • Signed up. As a musician I really want to make music videos for my own songs at some point.

  • I’m super stoked for this! Been here since the Creator Beta and I’m hoping to get back into it when the full release comes!

  • PlayStation Blog post sometimes have a habit of writing UK while meaning UK and Ireland.

    Can you confirm Ireland (specifically the Republic) won’t be getting the Early Access? Or can I start planning my creations now?

  • Producing any sort of quality content takes time, and I’m not going to sink that into someting where the only option to share is via their in game browser and I have to sign away all the rights to my work for free. This needs proper exporting options, but at least some clarification on licensing terms. As it stands right now, I’ll take my genius elsewhere!

  • Sorry that they will not launch in Brazil, I see many Brazilians interested in Dreams, even if the game still does not have the translation in PT-BR I think it would be cool to launch it here, I even created a community on PS4 to join the Brazilians interested in the game, I hope that the release of the full version does not take too long.

    Pena que não vão lançar no Brasil,eu vejo muitos brasileiros interessados em Dreams,mesmo que o jogo ainda não possua a tradução em PT-BR acho que seria legal lança-lo por aqui,eu cheguei até mesmo a criar uma comunidade no PS4 para juntar os brasileiros interessados no jogo,espero que o lançamento da versão completa não demore muito.

  • After registering with our usernames …..what happens next? How will we be notified? An alert through our consoles? Email?

  • I played the beta, but didn’t put much time into it because I was intimidated by the scope of the tools and the quality of things people have already done with them. Hopefully I can get in on this because I’d be far happier to learn at a pace that’s not dictated by a time limit.

    • Same, I really wanted to create something but time wasn’t on my side.

      I’m guessing that the early access will last for a few months to over a year depending how far along development is.

  • The beta was awesome! Definitely going to pick this up. Certainly an unlimited amount of different styles of games etc… to play or create. A real game-changer (literally) on the PS4

  • What about Canadians?

  • No Early access for Ireland then?

  • missed out on the Beta. i tarried on signing up so mystake…

    Looking forward to early access

    Thank you mm ?

  • Is PS plus needed to buy dreams Early Access

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