XCOM 2, Payday 2, Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons headline PS Now this month

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XCOM 2, Payday 2, Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons headline PS Now this month

Plus action platformer Strider, shooter Sine Mora EX and a range of family friendly games join PS4's streaming service

Alien invasions infiltrate and crime sprees explode onto PS Now this month, as the PS4 streaming service welcomes 2K’s critically-acclaimed sci-fi strategy XCOM 2 and multiplayer co-op shooter Payday 2.

But that’s not all. You’ll also be able to showcase your action prowess with Capcom’s iconic ninja Strider and dazzle an empire with ace piloting skills in the bullet hell side-scroller, Sine Mora EX. Those who prefer a slower pace, rich storytelling and brain-taxing puzzles need look no further than the fantastical Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. Great games that all have great reasons to try them out – and thanks to PS Now you can access them at the touch of a button.

Find out why they’re worth playing, and what other games have joined PS Now this month, below.


Developed by: Firaxis Games

Why you need to play it: Earth is now under alien rule. Rebuild the XCOM council from humanity’s scattered resistance and reclaim our world. With its smart blend of real-time strategy, RPG mechanics and resource management, expect to put some serious time into Firaxis’ acclaimed turn-based tactics gem.

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons


Developed by: Starbreeze Studios

Why you need to play it: With their father ailing, two brothers set out on a desperate journey to find a cure. During their adventures they have to work together to overcome every obstacle. For you, this means controlling both brothers independently, one per analog stick, leading to some (enjoyable) brain-taxing logistics in this beautiful fantasy tale.

Payday 2


Developed by: Overkill Software

Why you need to play it: Payday 2 captures the high-intensity and thrills of multiple Hollywood cinema heists, and filters them through an equally high-octane multiplayer experience. Though you can play solo, the real satisfaction comes from coordinating a four-person crew in successfully executing (and surviving) a heist. Think you can do better than the big screen criminals? Here’s your chance to prove it.

Sine Mora EX


Developed by: Digital Reality / Grasshopper Manufacture

Why you need to play it: The shoot ’em up’s classic ‘time attack mode’ is retooled to add a fun twist to this genre entry, itself an upgraded version of the 2012 shooter. Down enemies to add seconds to an ever-decreasing clock timer, but be warned: every bit of damage you take speeds the timer up. Nothing like a countdown to add pressure to an already frantic bullet hell ballet.



Developed by: Double Helix Games/ Capcom Osaka Studio

Why you should play it: It’s one of Capcom’s oldest icons returning to the side-scrolling platform genre that made his name – but now its action has been filtered through recent influences to give it a more modern feel. The result is a solid mix of classic attitudes and contemporary design.

Also out this month…

If you’re looking for more family-friendly fare to entertain everyone at home over the holidays, PS Now has a new range of appropriate games joining the service this month. These join the wider catalogue (which includes LEGO Harry Potter, Ratchet & Clank All 4 One and Tearaway Unfolded) already available.

King Oddball

Have fun with physics – and an oversized tongue – as you try to destroy the world, by sharpshooting boulders at targets!


Tiny Brains

Get the family together to solve numerous co-op puzzles, and help cute super-powered lab animals escape!


Sparkle Unleashed

Save the world from darkness with quick reactions and perfect aim in this fast-paced and colourful puzzler!


Baseball Riot

A physics-based puzzler that’s all about slapstick fun with baseballs!


Want to sign up*? Find out how here.

*PS Now is available in UK, Germany, France, Benelux, Ireland, Austria and Switzerland

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  • so your big PS Now game is the big PS+ game from May? wow. I’d feel so cheated if I were a PS Now subscriber. actually, I already feel cheated as a PS+ subscriber. so nothing new really…

    Definitely not for the players.

    • Oh hush. What about the ones who missed out on the game? Stop the negativity. What you should be asking is why Ps now isn’t available in more countries.

    • likely because they can’t handle the load. I signed up for the trial a few months ago and it was barely playable because of lag. and that was despite their speed test assuring me that my internet connection was good enough.

      Sony forces PS+ for online play, to finance the monthly game service. Now they take the same game that they bought with the ‘multiplayer fee’ to dump them into their streaming library service, and make a fuzz about it as if it was a big deal. I’m sure there are a lot of casuals who subscribe to that who don’t have PS+ (because why would you, if you don’t play any multiplayer games?), but in the end it was payed for by the people who want to play their games online. And if there’s anyone out there who subscribed to both, well tough luck i guess.

    • This has got to be town to a person’s set up, my boy constantly plays the Disney games on there with zero lag.

    • You can have the perfect setup but the choice of genre can make the difference, due to graphical demand and input lag tolerance.

      Cutesy platformers often have lower resolutions, have a smaller colour palate, slower moving images, scrolling movement & large solid objects… These all suit video compression well. Platformers also forgive input lag to some degree – you can adjust for a laggy jump command but input lag on a shooter means you miss the target.

    • Dont forget that both Xbox Live and Ps Plus was only for Online play (xbox) and exclusive discounts. The “free” games came afterwards. I’m just tired of the complaints. If it doesn’t work for you then don’t bother. I have been asking for Ps Now in sweden since it came and no one bothers to answer. I want Ps Now in sweden due to all the ps3 games I enjoy to play, but I don’t want to come back to my Ps3 every single time. I want everything on the same console. Much like xbox one x. I enjoy a less amount of consoles and a wider aspect of game choices :)

    • PS+ with its monthly games and special discounts has been around since 2010. It only became mandatory for multiplayer since PS4.

    • you cannot use ps now without a ps+ so you have to have both i have both services. the only complaint i have is why havent sony fixed the 24 hours in a day problem! i need more time guys… also another set of arms would come in handy lol. if you are not happy with it stop it or you could just whine i suppose

    • have you tried moving? that would fix your issue lol

    • Wouldn’t help silly, accounts are region based

    • That’s why I’m wrote xbox in parentheses in the first place

    • huh? don’t know about xbox, don’t care for it, never have and never will. but you said both xbl and ps+ were for online play and discounts at first with monthly games added later which is not true, as ps+ was a monthly game subscription first.

      anyways, maybe you can sign up for a free trial if you create a new account in uk, so you can try the quality of the service.

    • I already did point that out as well but you are not reading it correctly. Nevermind this discussion. The reason why I don’t make a new account is because I want to continue playing on my saves.

  • Hahahaha!!! The same game as our “free” (not free) game on PS PLUS!? What a terrible mistake. What’s the logic behind this? Where, in any business, would this be right? Dear oh dear Sony. I see a couple of departments not talking to each other here. ?

  • What is the connection between the two services (Now and Plus)? One can be a subscriber of one service and not the other. People love to complain no matter what.

  • I thought I would take the plunge on PS Now last month in the Days of Play sale for £54.99 for the year. I have to say, the connection has been great overall despite reports to the contrary. But. BUT. Sony’s contempt for their own product and the customers who pay for it each month is astonishing. They just couldn’t seem to care less. There is no set announcement date for new games that I can tell. I even asked their twitter account and they said they’ll announce it when they find out the date (I only asked two days ago)! I mean, wouldn’t they KNOW the date each month?? Most of the PS4 games that do release on there have been on Plus already (XCOM, Beyond Two Souls, Until Dawn, King Oddball).

    It definitely has some good things going for it, but I’m not sure I’ll resubscribe after the year is up, unless it was for a similar cheap price.

    • Sorry to tell you but this clown show has been going on for years now. There’s never been a set day and sometimes they’ve gone over month with no update. We’re shouting into the ether here, the PS Now team have never responded, not even once.

  • Was meant to be a reply to the person above.

    • It’s shocking isn’t it. I even clicked on the PS Now link on the website earlier only to get a 404 error. I think it’s sad that a company can treat its paying customers so shoddily really. I could understand if it was free, or, like £3.99 a month even, but they WERE charging £12.99 a month until recently!!!!

      If I was more cynical I would say they were actively trying to lose customers on it because they actually want to shut it down or something?

    • It’s the most frustrating subscription service I’ve ever been part of and the fact that they’re still getting away with running it like this after all these years (around 3 years now I think) goes to show how little interest there is.

      It’s a shame because the actual technology works extremely well but the service is just so poor.

  • Idc about ps now, but commenting to say Xcom 2 is a great game. I bought it last year in a sale for like 16£ and that was a bargain. You guys are lucky you got it for free.

    I am still playing it now because I got the war of the chosen dlc when it was on sale recently and that makes it a whole different game. I highly recommend it.

  • Allow me to play my digital PS3 purchases without a subscription and we’ll talk… I’ll even buy more PS3 titles!

    Until then, PS Now is For The Payers :p

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