Monster Hunter: World’s latest threat, The Deviljho, joins the PS4 action RPG in today’s 2.00 update

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Monster Hunter: World’s latest threat, The Deviljho, joins the PS4 action RPG in today’s 2.00 update

Plus details on the game's first season, starting 6th April

Attention all hunters! The fearsome Deviljho has been sighted in the New World, and we need you to gear up, investigate and control the inevitable damage.

Monster Hunter: World

With the version 2.00 update for Monster Hunter: World now available, hunters around the globe will be required to exercise extra caution while exploring the New World.

The Deviljho, known for its extremely powerful jaws and relentless pursuit of prey, will start roaming all of the environments of the New World, during expedition and quests ranked 6 and 7 Stars. Make sure to pack plenty of Nulberries and Adamant Seeds.

Monster Hunter: World

Hunters brave enough to track down this terrifying tyrant will have a chance to take on a Special Assignment called “The Food Chain Dominator.” Those that defy the status quo and come out on top will be handsomely rewarded with materials to craft powerful weapons and armor.

Monster Hunter: WorldMonster Hunter: World

The version 2.00 update also introduces the handy Dragonproof Mantle (which will be quite handy against Deviljho) as well as some game system changes and a number of weapon balance updates; you can read the full list on the Monster Hunter: World official website.

Monster Hunter: World

This title update is just the beginning. From 6th April until 19th April, we’ll be hosting the first of our seasonal events in Monster Hunter: World—more details coming soon here on PlayStation.Blog!

We have more of these big updates planned for the near future alongside our schedule of weekly event quests. The New World is about to get a lot more dangerous.

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  • Great! Please give some attention to the textures, we are playing on 2K and 4K TV’s not some low resolution console like the you know who…

  • There was some nice fixes to some weapons with some getting small boosts. There’s a possible bug though, as the hunting horn doesn’t display “Attack Up + Deflected Attack Prevention” (like it says in the patch notes), just the original “Deflected Attack Prevention” message with different effects.

    It would have been nice to get a few more reductions in power mixed in, such as the obvious ones (bow, dual swords) to change certain weapon classes making up 90% of lobbies.

  • I loved this game but somewhere between level 50-60 I got really bored of grinding those same monsters over and over, I just wish the end-game was more developed, I have several friends who play and we’ve all pretty much stopped and only dip back in every so often, usually when an event is on or DLC is added.

    I still want to play MHW but there’s just not enough to do to keep me interested, Deviljho was a very welcome addition but he was easier than I expected, I’ve killed him many times already and I’m once again wondering what to do next as much like tempered monsters, repetition can only go on for so long before it becomes boring.

    I’m not bashing the game tho, I loved it until end-game and do still enjoy killing monsters every now and again.

    • You should switch things up if things are getting repetitive. Switch classes, switch roles, switch builds, switch from 4 playering everything, switch to helping completely hopeless new players, switch off the things that you rely on. Especially if you’re playing a boring weapon class (the godamned bow) things can get repetitive, but there’s 13 others to use and learn to use well.

      Deviljho is only a 7 star monster, so is only around the difficulty of other 7 star monsters (Rathalos, Diablos etc). The tempered version is a 9 star however.

    • Thanks for the suggestions, I have done most of those like trying other weapons (currently using longsword which I like), I’ve helped lower levels by answering SOS’s, I have obviously done a fair bit of 4 player fights but mostly 2 manned it with my friend (except Tempered Kirin which seemed much easier to solo). Also been doing the arenas which can be tricky if using a weapon I’m not used to.

      I have since done the Tempered Deviljho and he does indeed hit a lot harder and is a good challenge.

      However, whether its helping lower levels, fighting tempered monsters or trying new builds and weapons I’m still bored as its killing the same monsters I’ve already killed many times before, I know when I reach 100 there are harder quests to do but again its just those same monsters again, just tougher.

      I played it a bit this weekend as my friend wanted the Deviljho armor but after several kills and he had all the mats we were struggling to find anything interesting to do, the only option is to kill those same monsters again and again which neither of us had any interest in.

      I still like MHW but will probably only dip in every now and again when in game events are available.

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