Introducing the new Gold Wireless Headset for PS4 and PS VR, coming soon to Europe

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Introducing the new Gold Wireless Headset for PS4 and PS VR, coming soon to Europe

Refined sleek design and multi-positioned noise cancelling mics to enhance your audio experience

We’re happy to announce that a new Gold Wireless Headset, which delivers enhanced comfort and multi-position hidden noise-cancelling microphones. The new enhanced headset will soon be available across the region.

The headset maintains the great features you loved about the Wireless Stereo Headset 2.0, and builds on them with a new sleek form and refined over-ear cushions that make it even more comfortable for long gaming sessions. Two optimally-positioned hidden noise-cancelling mics also help support clearer communication with friends and team-mates.

Gold Wireless Headset

Returning to the mix is high fidelity 7.1 virtual surround sound that intensifies your experience in PS4 games – delivering everything from thundering explosions to the crisp footsteps of unseen enemies.

With the included 3.5mm audio cable, the Gold Wireless Headset works great with PlayStation VR and mobile devices too. The new design makes the headset extra comfortable to wear with PS VR as well. It’s a great way to stay immersed in games like new PS VR horror exclusive, The Inpatient.

Gold Wireless Headset

Also, don’t forget to download the Headset Companion App on your PlayStation 4 to load bespoke audio modes that are crafted by developers to enhance your experience in their games.

The App is also compatible with the pro-level Platinum Wireless Headset, which will continue to be available alongside Gold, offering innovative features like 3D Audio and 50mm speaker drivers.

Gold Wireless Headset

Gold Wireless Headset

Platinum Wireless Headset

Gold Wireless Headset


Let us know in the comments what you think of the new Gold Wireless Headset, and we’ll be revealing more information about the headset in the near future.

Gold Wireless Headset
Gold Wireless Headset


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  • Will thease be like the old ones because they was made that cheep the plastic cracked I dint even get my money worth out of them

    • Agreed, by the time mine finally gave up the ghost, they were held together by tape. Retailers wouldn’t accept a return due to the cracking as they said it was “physically damaged” even though Sony pretty much acknowledged that the build quality was poor.

      Upgraded to the Platinums a while back and they’re much better

    • The platnum headset will only break snap as well i had 1 6 months later it snapped

    • You are right that the old one broke (in my case after one year). This new one don’t seem to bend and therefore don’t have the same weak point.

      The 2 year EU warranty ensured that I got a new one free of charge.

    • Mine broke in 3 weeks I even had the earphones and they broke after 1 day

  • Well, this looks really interesting. One question though: “With the included 3.5mm audio cable, the Gold Wireless Headset works great with PlayStation VR and mobile devices too.”

    Does that mean it’s not wireless in combination with the VR set? The picture conveniently doesn’t show the powercord of the VR headset, so there is no way to check.

    • They said this about the 2.0 headset. It worked fine with PSVR wireless. However, You have the option to connect them via the PSVR headset with the 3.5mm cable if you don’t have a charge left in the headset. Or you don’t have enough USB ports to connect the dongle.

    • ocelot07 Incorrect. The 2.0 headset along with this cannot work wirelessly with PSVR. Only option is a 3.5mm cable for using with PSVR.

    • Ahhh right I thought that they will work wirelessly with PSVR. But you won’t get 3D sound unless you use wire.

  • Proprietary USB dongle make these a no buy from me learnt my lesson

    Lost my USB dongle for my Sony Gold headset and no replacement for it that means if you lose or break the USB adapter you have to buy a whole new headset again

    Few people on ebay sell these but for a big price that it’s not worth it.

    • I had the same thing. Called Sony support, very surprised to find spare parts (of any kind) were not available. Managed to eventually get a second dongle from a friend whose headsets got damaged in her bag.

      Any product where the support is to “buy another headset” feels ridiculous. Adding in Sony’s refusal to support Bluetooth headsets and you’ve got to wonder about predatory marketing tactics.

    • How can you lose something that is plugged in the console all/most of the time>? There is a travel bag included. Indeed its a pain in the butt that this cannot be replaced…

  • Mine and a friends old version both broke very quickly not impressed and agree with the dongle complaints too.

  • Loved the 2.0 headset had them a few years. But moved back to wired headsets ( HyperX Cloud 2 + Turtle Beach T.A.C mixamp) for much better audio quality. I assume these are going to replace the 2.0 headset and keep the £50 -£60 price?

  • I had 2 gold headsets and 1 platnum headset all snapped in the same place so y dont you just make headsets that dont have a folding part where it cracks and breaks after 6 months i bet sony did it deliberate so you have to keep replacing them . Well ive got a better headset now a turtlebeach stealth600 where they fold inwards and very well made and im never buying sony’s cheap headsets ever again no onder a well known store sent them all back after alot of people had same snapping problem

    • Turtle Beach are decent. But I wouldn’t say they have better build quality. Had the XP500 (ear cup snapped off), XCL (loss of audio in one cup, DX11 (completely died twice), Foxtrot (wireless recieve kept cutting out). Stealth 600 is a poor design in my opinion. If you are looking into a TB headset then go for the Stealth 700 or the Elit 800.

    • Sennheiser ftw.

  • Why do the headset and the VR Headset have to be OPPOSITE COLORS?

    Do you hate matching?

  • Will these be compatible with the PS3 like the old Gold headset (and unlike the Platinum)?

  • Before buying, read the other comments here and on Amazon. I appreciate Sony and love PlayStation, but the quality of these headphones are subpar. My own Gold headset (the last version) were of cheap build quality and the buttons stopped working. I have never dropped or mistreated them, and my pains are mirrored by many others. It’s unfortunate that Sony is keeping their 7.1 virtual surround sound proprietary so those of us willing to pay for quality build can’t buy from other manufacturers and enjoy the hard work and sound design put in by Naughty Dog and the others supporting 7.1 surround sound. On principle, that alone is a pain point when appreciating the PlayStation brand over the long term.

  • After a couple months of using it I’m sure the headband will snap like all the others did

  • At least there are no swing hinges to break this time…

    But as its using a clone of the SILVER headset band its going to be the head band that breaks unless its got metal inside this time…

  • From the way they’ve supported their “premium” Platinum headset, I doubt these will be worth the asking price. The original Gold headset has no less than 23 custom audio profiles for games, whereas the Platinum has 7. Also, I believe I can count on one hand the amount of games that actually support the much touted 3D audio, and it’s a great feature when present, but way too few games support it, making it kind of pointless.

  • The console has Bluetooth, bloody well get rid of the dongle!

  • Why always full headsets like these? There are already hundreds of those. What I’d really like to see are some proper in-ear headsets (not the kind you actually insert in your ear, but the old, traditional ones that just sort of sit in your ear). I hate having those huge things on my ears. Need more in-ear headsets of good quality.

  • If you can deal with a cable – either from your TV or your controller, try the Status Audio CB-1. Around 50 EUR. Amazing sound. (But they are FLAT sounding studio headphones, meaning no bass boost or such). Sadly, the company discontinued the even better OB-1s (but those were open-back, and thus could only be used in quiet environments, and had no detachable cable).

    Oh, and if you want the bass and treble boost of commercial headphones, try the Status Audio HD-1s – if you can find them. Around 15 EUR, great sound, and comes with a cable with a mic (I believe).

    Yes, Status Audio is THE “great value for very low prices” company I trust in :)

  • I just seen the reviews on Amazon, avoid this like the plague.

  • They look fantastic cant wait to own a pair.

  • Headset Companion cuando sacan esta aplicacion para colombia ???

  • You should honestly make a bundle with god of war and a possible repaint limited edition. Similar to the GT Sport one.

  • When is the release date for these? I got the platinum, gold and Pulse Elite and the gold sound by far the worst. Will you update the sound so its closer to the superior Platinum headset? Or will it sound the same?


  • They don’t reply mate, assuming they don’t even know themselves as I’ve tried Twitter and everything to get a response they are [DELETED] me right off I’m gonna cancel my pre order

  • Thank you Thank you for listening for us Sony

  • XxLone_Wolf898xX

    When will these be released to australia

  • No bluetooth again?

    I was expecting to be able to use it with other devices.

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