More games added to the massive PlayStation Store January Sale

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More games added to the massive PlayStation Store January Sale

Scoop hundreds of bargains in our biggest sale yet

We’ve reached the halfway point in the PlayStation Store January Sale, and we’ve got a host of awesome titles joining the promotion today!

Take advantage of big savings on favourites such as Horizon Zero Dawn and Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds, Gran Turismo Sport, Middle-earth: Shadow of War, Injustice 2 – Standard Edition, a host of Neverwinter content, and more*! And if you’re a PlayStation Plus member, we have a number of titles that have an extra discount on top, just for you.

The January Sale has hundreds of incredible offers available, spanning PS4, PS3 and PS Vita until 19th January 2018**, however, some titles will be coming out of the promotion today and on 12th January – all of which we’ve listed out below, so make sure you don’t miss out!

Not only that, we’ve also partnered with the Slow Mo Guys over on YouTube to give you access to the first episode of their new “Super Slow Show”. Check it out here.

*Please note, some titles may not be available in your region

**Promotional end dates vary per product. Please see individual product pages on PlayStation Store for details

New additions (from 5th January)

Ending 05/01/18

Ending 12/01/18

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  • Horizon Zero Dawn Standard is dirt cheap, but i’m adding 10 bucks for complete edtion which also have non purchasable bonus DLC.

  • When does Psycho Pass: Mandatory Happiness (PS4) go free for us? It’s now free for Plus users in the USA. A member of Sony’s staff on the NA Blog posted this (in direct reply to a “where’s Psycho Pass PS4?” question):

    “James Hallahan said:

    January 4th, 11:07 am

    Hey steeler192,

    Thanks for pointing out the language error early on — it isn’t technically a cross-buy. Instead, PlayStation Plus members can get both PS4 & Vita versions of Psycho-Pass separately. Thanks and game on! “

    Absolutely no mention of this being a mistake from Sony due to a typo, just a confirmation of the game NOT being cross-buy, but STILL being free for “PlayStation Plus members”.

    After such a big deal was made over everyone having the same level of content with their Plus subscriptions each month (within the EU and USA territories at least), the US region surely would not get an entire EXTRA game given to them over the EU?

    Please advise.

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    • The US blog post has now been changed to clarify (their term not mine) the situation and the upshot is the US are also only getting the Vita version.


      Edit – having read the full US comments section I see that it is now available – apologies (the wording on the blog entry is very poor indeed).Have edit both posts – which is “everywhere” I have posted!

    • @yrrek That is 100% incorrect. The update confirms the US are getting *both* the Vita and the PS4 versions. If you re-read the link you’ve sent, you’ll see all they added was clarification that the game isn’t cross-buy, but is still available free as a seperate game. If you’re still unsure, access the US store via your browser; you’ll see Psycho Pass PS4 is free for Plus users.

  • I’ve been waiting for Frozen Wilds, was kind of surprised not to see it before, seemed like the perfect Christmas experience.

    Need to pick up Edith Finch, Little Nightmares and Firewatch too… Better price on new Life is Strange would’ve been hard to ignore as well.

    Also waiting for a better sale on Fallout 4 pass, otherwise there was no point in me waiting. And a sale on South Park pass, now that the first DLC has arrived.

    • I sold my standard Fallout 4 in September for about €15 quid and then got Fallout 4 Complete version for €30 when it went down in price on :) Actually its £18 on Base right now.

      Just make sure you have the same region version of the current Fallout 4 game you own. Base are selling the “EU Edition” of the Complete edition. If your orignal Fallout 4 was a “UK Edition” disc, your saves won’t work in the Complete Edition game then as it recognises it as a completely different game.

      That way I only paid about 15 quid for the Pass. Don’t expect the DLCs to be on the disc though lol, you get a code with the Complete Edition game disc and still have to download it all regardless including any patches released since September 2017 which still totals an additional 6gbs by now.

    • Oh yea, if the DLC isn’t on disc then meh:) Might as well wait it out, not like I got nothing else to play.

  • What about Night in the Woods. 1 year out, never on sale. Also there is a game called Thimbleweed Park. Please Playstation put in more variety.

  • Titanfall 2: Ultimate Edition is still being included in the sale section, but has went back up to full price

  • Ive been waiting for ‘Thimbleweed Park’ to enter a sale too, really thought it would be in this one but no dice :(

  • LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 Deluxe Edition is listed but not on sale.

  • Damn, I saw Final Fantasy VIII was ending and thought I missed a PS4 release but it’s the PS3 version :/

    • Its only like £12-£15 on Ps4 anyway :)

      Not too bad if you know you’ll put the hours into it.

    • God I’m blind… thought you wrote VII (7) xD

      There’s 7 and 9 on Ps4 at least, hopefully this year they’ll give us 8! :D

    • There have been rumours about a PS4 remaster. It’s my favourite FF so I wouldn’t mind. I’m generally not a fan of these easy remasters of last-gen games but anything PS1 and PS2 era is a lot more interesting.

  • Think I’ll get that Livelock, looks like an enjoyable Helldivers/Alienation styled top down blaster

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