8 things you need to know about Gran Turismo Sport before you start racing

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8 things you need to know about Gran Turismo Sport before you start racing

Your journey through Gran Turismo Sport, from regular racer to king of the track

With the launch of Gran Turismo Sport just around the corner on 17th October, there’s a lot of exciting information to share about the new game. We wanted to provide a round-up of some of the announcements that you may have missed, as well as some new details for the dedicated amongst you.

GT Sport is built from the bottom up to provide race fans with something different, whether you’re a Gran Turismo first timer, or one of our veterans from the last 20 years of titles – GT Sport will offer something for everyone. So buckle up as we take you through eight things that you need to know in order to be fully prepared to take to the track and race!

1. Prepare to race with Campaign Mode

Campaign Mode gives players the chance to improve driving skills across four different categories and tutorial videos. Each of these modes play a key role in making every driver better prepared for racing against others.

  • Driving School teaches drivers everything from basic operations to advanced racing techniques to help make everyone an expert behind the wheel.
Gran Turismo SportGran Turismo Sport


  • Mission Challenge provides various dramatic racing situations for players to overcome. Each mission has a “friend-ranking” leaderboard to encourage drivers to challenge their friends.
Gran Turismo SportGran Turismo Sport


  • Circuit Experience lets you learn how to drive the most challenging sections of the world’s great race tracks, sector by sector, braking point by braking point and apex by apex, until you’ve mastered them like a pro.
Gran Turismo SportGran Turismo Sport


  • In Racing Etiquettes players learn signals, flags and safety car protocols to ensure fair and respectful race conditions for all.

As you naturally increase your skill level, you will be awarded with a multitude of vehicles in various race groups, as well as in-game currency to allow you to further expand your dream garage.

2. Keeping things fair – staying connected

This year’s Gran Turismo includes a world first – the only video game with an online Championship endorsed by the world’s motoring governing body, the FIA. As a competition endorsed by the same organisation that oversees some of the biggest races in the world online competition has been endorsed by FIA rules supremo Charlie Whiting, and we’re taking racing integrity very seriously for the FIA GT Championship.

In order to ensure fair racing for all, GT Sport will require an internet connection for the majority of functionality. This connectivity requirement is to ensure that progress, car availability and driver ratings are properly maintained at all times.

This doesn’t mean you’ll need PlayStation Plus though. As with all PlayStation titles, PS Plus will only be needed for the online multiplayer, portions of the Arcade Mode, including limited two-player split screen, single player races on select tracks and time trials can still be played offline.

3. Always race an equal – Advanced Matchmaking

There’s nothing worse than taking to the track and finding yourself pulling up alongside the next racing superstar in your first race.

The matchmaking system in GT Sport has been tuned to ensure that racers of similar abilities are pitted against each other. So, when you start off fresh, you’ll be placed against drivers of a similar ability. As you build up time on the track, you’ll be rematched accordingly.

For those that are curious, the matchmaking is based on three key metrics:

  • Driver Level – Your driver level increases with XP gained in races.
  • Sportsmanship Rating (‘Sport Mode’) – Just like in real world driving, we want to reward those that drive, and race, clean. So stick to the track, and limit the number of collisions to secure a positive sportsmanship rating.
  • Driver Rating (‘Sport Mode’) – Starting on E, you can build towards achieving the coveted “A” rating – but watch out, a bad sportsmanship rating will limit your ability to progress.

4. Set it up your way – car customization

Want to set up your vehicle for road, dirt, or drift? The Car Settings within your Garage allow you to change your tires, brake bias, suspension, aerodynamics, drivetrain, transmission, and power to weight ratio – basically anything you’d want to tune, you can!

That’s not the only way you can customise your ride though. In GT Sport, every mile driven means extra rewards for you; with Mileage Exchange, you can trade in-game miles for a host of customisation options for your driver avatar and vehicles within your Garage.

Gran Turismo Sport Gran Turismo SportGran Turismo Sport

You’ll still use the in-game credits earned from racing (or pre-ordering) to purchase cars.

5. Scapes pushes the boundaries of tech and innovations in photography

Gran Turismo Sport

This is not your traditional photo mode. The Scapes feature in GT Sport is a new format of photography developed from a True HDR workflow and physics-based rendering technologies. Basically, each photo location contains all the light energy information of that scene, which means your favourite car can realistically be placed in hundreds of real world locations.

Take a look at the below to see what we mean.

6. Drive on your own terms

With powerful AI-assisted systems, even the most novice driver can get the most out of driving some of the most sought-after cars in the world! The high-level driving aids can help with everything from steering, to throttle control, to braking. For the more seasoned drivers, fear not – all aids can be switched off, allowing you to race for real…

Online racing will feature a mix of assisted and unassisted racing, so there will be something for all levels when you take your race experience to the world.

Gran Turismo Sport

7. Go one step closer with PlayStation VR

Want to take it to that extra level? Then strap yourself in and check out Gran Turismo Sport in VR, featured within the “Arcade mode”…

Here you’ll be able to go head to head (1:1) against another AI opponent in over 135 cars on 27 new and classic tracks that will take you from the Japanese metropolis to the Mexican-American border.

8. You’ve been seeing it all wrong…

In preparation for GT Sport, and designed to make the most of the power of PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro, Polyphony Digital has developed brand new capturing equipment used in conjunction with HDR to ensure that the cars are as beautifully recreated in the game as they are in real life.

What does that actually mean? Well, that Ferrari and McLaren you’ve been racing before don’t actually look like that! The technology hasn’t existed to faithfully represent the Ferrari Red and McLaren Orange in a video game, so not only does the game look great, it’s now as faithful a recreation as you can get!

That’s all from us for now folks, but not all GT Sport has to offer. Stay tuned over the next few weeks as we take a closer look at some of the game’s key features, including Campaign mode, Arcade mode, and the FIA GT Championships FIA championship through our GT Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram channels.

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  • Well there’s reasons I won’t be buying the game.

    Online connection required

    VR functionality reduced to some pathetic little 1v1 tour mode.

    No thanks, you lost me at GT5 when you shut it down in favour of the rushed and mediocre GT6. Way to shaft your fans.

    • An online connection is not required, you can play offline. Please stop lying.

    • ‘In order to ensure fair racing for all, GT Sport will require an internet connection for the majority of functionality. This connectivity requirement is to ensure that progress, car availability and driver ratings are properly maintained at all times.’

      Try reading.

    • Also not having a legit campaign mode, will likely make this the worst selling Gran Turismo ever.

    • @MaxDiehard14

      At least quote the all paragraph :

      This doesn’t mean you’ll need PlayStation Plus though. As with all PlayStation titles, PS Plus will only be needed for the online multiplayer, portions of the Arcade Mode, including limited two-player split screen, single player races on select tracks and time trials can still be played offline.

    • online connection and playstation plus are 2 completely seperate entities. it means you need internet connection but you dont need plus to play most of the game, plus only required for online multiplayer. so even to play the basic game you still need internet connection you just dont need plus

  • Too bad the focus is so much on multiplayer. A great singleplayer experience would have made this a must buy for me, the focus on mp has made it a no buy for me.

    • I’m not interested in GT but it would seem to me multiplayer is the way to go for a game like this. Racing real people sounds far more entertaining than going lap for lap against programmed cars.

    • Same here, my first NO BUY Gran Turismo game and its on PS4 too. So glad I waited out to hear what the offline mode was going to be before preordering. The silence for the last 2 years on it was so obvious though.

    • The thing is, developers always think all everyone wants is multiplayer competitive “esports”, but really very few do. People want to have fun, not sit around in lobbies waiting for maybe an occasional decent match with people who don’t strive to win at any cost, regardless of how boring it is. I have no problem with competitive modes, and have done a load, but I often can’t be bothered to go through all the rigmarole entailed.

      Look at any fighting game, a genre where developers constantly remove single player content in favor of concentrating on ranked and competitive. They’ll always have achievements for “play 10 online matches” or something similar. The number of people who have this is usually between 10-20%, and the number who have the “play 100” (so are regular players of online) is usually about 1-5%.

    • I despise e-sports and online as a whole. Communities are toxic, and games that rely on it die a lot quicker when the next big thing comes out, leaving you with no singleplayer option, leaving it dead in the water.

    • Multiplayer can be ok, if it’s built upon a fully functional game and optionally used as an extra that experience. Something like Nioh would be a good example.

      But yes, online only probably means that games like this and Destiny wont work in the future, unlike GT games before it. The thing is, a large chunk of players will only be after the single player so will have nothing to do. As that subset is probably the majority (it usually is, even in “esports” titles like Starcraft 2 are played mainly single player or co op), it seems a little short sighted to not cater to them first before anyone else.

    • Your loss. Multiplayer is where it’s at. I’m still playing GT6 racing hard against a room full of friends.

      Offline mode, some career mode against crappy AI is absolutely nothing compared to the online battle.

    • @byteflare: this might sound more entertaining to you, and there might be more like you as well, but it just doesn’t cut it for me. There are 2 things that really put me off at this subject: 1. Trolls. Like someone states further down these comments there are a lot of players not racing seriously and the developer won’t be able to set up a system to ban those players from your game. 2. Time. To be able to play a mp game properly (to enjoy the challenge of playing against others without it becoming too challenging) you have to invest time into the game. If you’re a player like me (fulltime job, 3 kids, sports, somewhat of a social life left AND someone who enjoys more genres than only racing) your time is limited. I rather enjoy beating the AI, or ‘going lap for lap against programmed cars’ if you will, so that the challenge has a clear ‘ending’ to it so I can enjoy some other gaming experiences as well. As MisteryPrincess states: developers seem to think every gamer is like you. I guess comments here suggest otherwise. 2b. Time. If you’re like me and have young kids you can’t always play for a few hours without pausing a game. That doesn’t work if you’re in a middle of a race against real people. Considering the fact that the average gamer is somewhere around thirty years of age… I’m guessing I’m not the only one who has this problem.

      Call me crazy, but I just like to best tha computer/AI and don’t find beating another ‘real person’ all that interesting.

  • The Driving School may teach people how to drive, but too many simply have no intention of racing ‘properly’. My experience in the beta was that every time I seemed to be improving my own Sportsmanship Rating, some cretin would T-bone me at a sharp turn and my rating would suffer as a result, so I didn’t really get the chance to drag myself clear of the plebs and get placed with like-minded, fair-racing competitors.

    So it seems it’s going to be Project Cars 2 for me. Give me an extensive single-player game any day.

    • Do yourself a favour an DO NOT BUY PROJECT CARS2 until they have patched the enormous amount of bugs and glitches the game is a mess on consoles due to NO beta testing ! Should be great when they’ve sorted it (though when that will be is anyones guess) ?

    • project cars 2 just updated to version 2.0. i still havnt played mine yet coz im so busy with fifa. i played using gamepad (no budget for a wheel) and the controls are hard for me.

  • Come on guys this is not the REAL GT Campaign. This is just a bunch of trials

    Real GT campaign is like GT1-5

    I don’t care for online much and I used to buy GT solely for single player content

    GT Sports really lacks in offline single player content including no real campaign so this is the second GT I will pass :/

  • So… I can’t play single player content offline? That’s why I skipped Need for Speed and that’s why I’m going to skip this. I know it sounds ridiculous to even compare Gran Turismo to Need for Speed but here we are and you brought this upon yourself.

    You can see where I’m from so you know I don’t have any problems with internet connection in general. What I do have problems with is the idea of someone else being able to dictate my playing. If there’s a malfunction or maintenance in the game server or some angry RL-failure wants attention with petty DDoS or there really is a something going wrong with my internet provider, I can’t play. Something like that happens somewhere around the world and suddenly I can’t play a single player game in my home. I know it doesn’t happen all the time but it can happen at any time and if it happens once it’s too often.

    • I agree. I hope these disastrous decisions are reflected in sales and GT 7 is nothing like this. If they aren’t making a GT 7, fine, DON’T take my money then lol.

    • Fyi the upcoming NFS Payback doesn’t require online connections, same with The Crew 2

    • And we all know why. It’s ridiculous that requiring online connection even when playing solo is still a thing after all the heat high profile games have received for it. Diablo 3, Sim City, Need for Speed, half of Ubisoft library… “I’m so glad this game can only be played online” – Said no one ever.

    • @joyrul96 your comment reads like the crew 2 doesn’t need a connection??

    • Seems like my point is being proven at this very moment.

  • No proper single player campaign mode – this is a huge let down for me, so no thanks. It will be Project Cars 2 then, I think it sounds and looks better anyway.

  • My first GT was the 6th one and really enjoyed it. But with this one.. well, i don’t feel it. The menu and interface looks boring, you guys should’ve done a better job or should’ve been more creative. I hope the menu “click” sounds will be different than in the previous GT.

    I’ve played Drivelub without any assists, so i might try on this one, but first: please release a demo!

  • I hope if I am driving with all driving aids off “Expert” that I can join races or competitions where all other drivers in the race have to use that setting also.

    • Judging by the beta some races will be locked on setting so it’s fair only tires, gear ratio, suspension and downforce in certain championship races would be my guess

  • I’d like to try vr mode, but it’s probably as sickening as the Drive demo.

  • For me, the best thing about Gran Turismo was starting with an old beat up hatchback and then climbing the tree through racing to buid up a healthy garage of nice cars. Without this, to me at least, there is no game. I will be passing this by sadly. Like another gamer posted, i will get my driving kicks from Project Cars and other games with a healthy single player campaign. No great loss.

    • I still have memories of the Mazda Demio from the first game lol.

    • Damn right, my best memories of the GT series are buying some crappy used car, and working my way up – always eying those multi-million credit cars, always just out of reach, but it made the climb so good.

      I might have to give this a pass too. Wonder if Forza 7 is any good.

  • I feel that one of the most important things you should have included is that the game will have feking micro-transactions. I am not buying the game ONLY because you have free to play currency that you can buy with real money or otherwise you need to play the game for from one to tree month just to acquire one car (top tier that costs 1-2 mil)

  • 1 No proper career mode.

    2 No proper career mode.

    3 No proper career mode.

    4 No proper career mode.

    5 No proper career mode.

    6 No proper carreer mode.

    7 No proper career mode.

    8 No proper carreer mode.

    And all this EQUALS NO BUY. There isn’t really anything else to say. I guess the PS2 era and Forza THIS gen static time and weather is a massive downgrade to the series too, well done there.

    Also got to love the way the “Campaign” was number 1 on the list. Yeah, because you were SO quick to tell us 2 years ago at PGW 2015 what the “Campaign” entailed.

  • Oh what a sad state of affairs both GT and PD are in. What exactly have you being doing the past 4 years whilst Turn 10 have put out TWO full Forzas on Xbox One? You’re having a laugh if you think I’m paying full price for this with the limited real tracks. My money is on Project Cars 2 so I’ll maybe pick this up when it’s £20 and my interest in PC2 wanes. Your big mistake was releasing GT6 on PS3 a week after the PS4 launched. Ridiculous. About time you were wound up like some of Sony’s other once great studios they had no issue closing like Psygnosis/Liverpool and Evolution Studios…

  • there is only one thing you need to know: if you like single player offline racing games, DON’T buy this…and I used to really love Gran Turismo games, I have all main entrys even the one for the PSP, this will be the first one I will not buy

  • So does that really mean there will be only two cars racing in VR mode? If so why you are showing multiple cars in the VR related trailer here? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cUG5cUjcy8g

    • Because the moment when we see multiple cars are not made in vr. It’s only the arcade mode.

    • Well then I don’t get it why they are showing something that’s not true in a trailer praising VR support. This just makes fools from all the PSVR owners that were looking for this game. And I bet most of these VR users won’t buy the game also from this reason. Maybe year later on some big sale. And given the fact PSVR userbase is rapidly groving developers will loose significant chunk of sold copies with such crappy PSVR support.

  • I wouldn’t exactly describe HDR as pushing “boundaries of tech and innovations in photography”. It’s been around for at least 160 years and predates color..

    You probably mean using HDRI backgrounds to provide lighting information to the scene. However that’s pretty old too, and isn’t a photography technique. It also has a bunch of issues with shadowing (which is shown in the video) and looking a bit off.

  • Career mode sold as DLC? :)

  • I’m really loving the authentic racing feel coming through in this Gran Turismo. Having been with the series for so long it feels like this is where we’ve been heading since the first game, all that came before was preparation for this moment. Everything you’ve honed over countless hours against the computer is now going to be put to the test to see who was really listening, and I relish the challenge.

  • Like mostly everyone else I’m disappointed single player isn’t the main focus. Might have to pick it up on sale if I can hold out on a racer a bit longer.. The only racer I ever enjoyed online was Motorstorm Apocalypse and I prolly won’t touch this online. I just want to grind race at ease and buy cars in GT.

  • a year ago when i read VR support I was a %100 a day 1 buyer. Then I read limited VR support that took me down to around %60. When it was announced 1v1 I was like well I’ll just play online big races more but at least I can race someone else in VR. Now you got the nerve to say it’s 1v1 Vs AI only of all things. I have been a huge fan and have even done the 3 screen setup on a lot of the titles, But I hate to say I’ll pass on this one. Still love the series.

    • The VR was the only reason I was going for it after they practically **** on GT5 players and shut it down for the mediocre sequel.

      But after this, I’ll stick the the far superior Driveclub. At least they got handling and AI right.

  • The whole game feels like a massive mis-step; the “campaign ” just sounds tedious…. drive in a straight line, knock down cones – mind numbing; but it’s been accepted in the past because you had to open up the licenses and progress in the campaign. That it’s being billed as some sort of actual offline campaign mode is deluded.

    But it just baffles me why they haven’t got a regular campaign… they’ve got the tracks and cars done already…. they must have seen the negative feedback for the last 3 months??? Surely they could have cobbled something together in a couple of weeks? All the assets are there; just doesn’t make sense…

    the VR support was initially so exciting and then to have it watered down so much; it just isn’t inticing at all now and that’s a shame.

    The online sounds really interesting in theory, but usually is a massive switch off as you usually have at least 2-3 players who just smash everyone off the track… and you’re lucky if you can break free and get a decent race.

    Someone further up noted that the progression system doesn’t seem to distinguish between you causing the crash / driving dirty or the other person, so the tech to progress you to lobbies with competent racers is flawed, and that will be really frustrating.

    Oh well, Forza 7 out on the 3rd ?

    • It is not the assets to use in couple of weeks. It is the lack of basic AI. If they didn’t implement AI at any stage of production there is no way any normal campaign will be available even in DLC. Just online with tests. That’s it.

      It was sort of ok in Prologue games which were sold for the half of price, or even less but it won’t work with full price next part in the series game.

      It will be ok in PS+ or for a few euro on sale… Nothing else.

    • But they must have the AI tech ready to go, because of the 1v1 psvr arcade mode?…

    • You may think it’s right but in VR there is only one AI car. Not 4, 6 or 8 trying to squeeze into corner. And that’s a huge difference. I know that in tests there are AI cars but they are riding on rails without any fight between them. I wanted this game. Now, I know I won’t win any race with dualshock and few hours a week to play.

  • Reason I won’t be going near this… I played it at Eurogamer last year and it was awful… add in no single player stuff of any note and what your left with is a shell of a game not worth my time.

    • 4 years to release a half baked GT debut on PS4, which I have been waiting on since launch. I feel like I should have got an Xbox One as racers are my favourite games. The only thing stopping me is I invested in a G29, as my G25 was made obsolete with PS4, and I’m not buying another wheel. The third Forza on Xbox One will be out before we get this joke. It’s really sad given the past GT games but there’s only so long you can keep going on past glory. Thankfully there have been plenty of other decent racers on PS4 to make me not regret my wheel purchase. I might have to go back to PC which I give up on about 5 years ago.

  • VR functionality soooo very limited. I bought my PSVR for GT!! It was supposed to be fully supported! Happy with it still, thanks to DiRT Rally, DriveClub VR and also quite some other fantastic games (RE7, Battlezone and so on). But from fully supported to just 1v1, offline? come on!!

    I don’t mind that it is not photorealistic in my headset, I just want it to be in VR.

    At least let me race online 1v1; against 1 AI opponent, it is basically just hot lapping… And please, do not show us a video where GT Academy winners are talking about VR, and how great it is: in your video, you see multiple cars on track, but in reality, this is just not true! You are purposely deceiving us, the fans. Although I don’t know if I can still call myself a fan now. Had all the games except for GT1. Really really not sure if I will even buy this one…

    And no proper campaign… oh PD, what have you done…

  • I was really looking forward to this game, but with internet connection requirement I’m not interested anymore. Thanks PD. I had every GT before this sport crap.

  • This would have been a day 1 purchase for me…..right up until the announcement of the terrible VR functionality.

    What a let down.

  • Last GT game was in 2013 and it’s been 4 years since PS4 was announced. A GT game with less features on a better platform speaks for itself.

    Hoping for a better GT release but by the time it’s launched I’m pretty sure we will be hearing about the next Playstation. In the meantime I will stick to Project CARS 2. Way to go Kazu.

  • Sounds like the VR mode now includes all of GT Sport’s track layouts? The last I heard GT Sport has 19 tracks with 27 different layouts?

    Confirmation or further details would be ace.


  • PD, this will be the first GT i’ll be passing on since i played your very first GT title back on the PS1.

    Where is the value for us non PS+ subscribers or those that don’t like playing online found?

    • The first GT was amazing, bettered by GT 2. After that things started going downhill, from 4 onwards I started to get frustrated. Bizarre really that they seemed to lose their way and never made it back.

  • 1 – This is no longer the game you knew and loved.

    2 – Move on to something else.

  • Always online. So what happens when PSN is down? Pre-order cancelled

  • limited split screen means only two cars on the track??

  • Sounds great. Can’t wait to put my hands on the new GT.

    • At least you will have fun racing with the 3 other people here defending this game for no reason over and over and over and over again.

  • “Keeping Things Fair — Staying Connected

    This year’s Gran Turismo includes a world first — the only video game with an online Championship endorsed by the world’s motoring governing body, the FIA. As a competition endorsed by the same organization that oversees some of the biggest races in the world we’re taking racing integrity very seriously for the FIA GT Championship.”

    Please answer my questions or proceed them further to the relevant department/executive.

    1. Since “Driving is for Everyone”, will GT Sport, PS and FIA allow the drivers/ players from all countries around the World to create an account so they can proudly represent it in the Nations Cup?

    2. PS vouchers are not available in all countries. How can we overcome this issue?

    3. Early news about the GT Sport, said that the drivers/players will be able to acquire a certified racing licence certified by the local ASN and FIA. These days it can not be seen anywhere on the website of Gran Turismo. Is this promise not a promise any more?

    Please like my comment so it becomes a kind of petition to Gran Turismo Sport to include every Nation in the game.

    “Driving with The Best!”


  • Always online connection required? Great idea for endurance races!

    This is pure [DELETED] for a driving/racing Simulator. I can get over the missing career mode if I can race against AIs oder drive alone but this makes games nearly worthless.

  • If they focused on the AI than multiplayer then they could of probably done it so the AI learns how to drive better from you playing the game and as you get better the AI gets better and so on and so on.

  • I think that Project cars 2 will be much better than this and Forza motorsport 7 the best! I wish a game like Forza 7 and Forza Horizon 3…only this we all missing on ps. dont want to buy a xbox only for racing games!

  • I cannot believe there is no career mode! I play games to progress through them and enjoy the satisfaction of levelling up etc. Forza 2,3,4,5,6 and soon 7 all nail this and it’s why the series is so popular. This looks to be just a simulator, which if like GT 5 and 6, will be pretty dull. Such a shame. I’ll be investing in Forza 7 I am afraid and sticking with Driveclub, a game that is nearly three years old!

  • After all these years of waiting for each successive GT game, then playing it for days to fill my garage with all the old hatchbacks and saloons I’d owned in real life, plus all the cars I ever wanted to own, it looks like the dream is over and it’s time to face grim reality: Gran Turismo is finally gone.

    I never wanted to be a ‘real’ racing driver; I just want to come home after a hard day at work, fire up the console and get away from it all by pulling a stunning car out of my ‘garage’ and spinning it round some tracks, admiring the scenery, and doing a race or two to bank some credits against my next purchase from the dealerships. Maybe take a look at all my old cars, all in their correct colours, sitting there looking pristine and ready to go if I feel the need. Wonderful.

    I don’t want to have to face a bunch of anonymous strangers, muttering things into their headsets that I can’t hear, crashing into me for no reason and generally stressing me out. And I don’t have the leisure time to get good enough to beat some kid from halfway around the world who plays it all day, every day. I just want to play at my own pace, in my own time, relax and enjoy a great ‘real driving simulator’ experience. There’s a reason why GT3 remains the second highest ranked racing video game of all time. After 20 years, I guess it’s time to finally accept that Polyphony genuinely have no interest in average players having fun any more. Bye Gran Turismo. If you change your mind about the multiplayer thing let me know, okay?

  • It’s funny, really, that Polyphony chose to make an entire game out of the part of GT that I always thought was a tedious chore – the licence tests. Looking through the ‘8 things I need to know about GT Sport’, it strikes me that I don’t particularly want Polyphony to make me jump through yet more hoops in a whole driving school. And I don’t need ‘advanced AI assist’ either; I know how to drive to a standard I’m happy with already. I similarly don’t want to be compelled to follow tight FIA rules (with which I am largely unfamiliar), I just want to play a fun relaxing game that I enjoy. And I’m not interested in being matched against anonymous strangers that the game thinks drive as well or poorly as I do.

    Driving and collecting a diverse range of cars is the appeal of GT for me and as such Photo Mode was always pointless. If GT Sport consisted of nothing more than GT4 but on the PS4 with the Porsche licence and all the cars that were in GT1 and GT2 in high-def, I would pay full whack for it, no questions asked.

  • The real question now is, when are they going to make a big announcement that they screwed up (without actually admitting that they screwed up) and that there will be a huge update coming with a proper GT offline career mode. And will it matter because this game regardless has already done AC Unity levels of detrimental damage to the game’s name?

  • Such negatively. They never said this was GT7. This is their first New Generation game. It is basically a prologue game. As for the career, the career is just online. So rather than racing the same race repeatedly to grind the cash for your next car. You will have to grind against other players, not much different to a lot of games these days. Besides I would rather take 2-3 months grinding up, makes it more satisfying. If it only took a few weeks I would loose interest pretty quick. Pretty much every game requires online connection these days. PS+ is only a few £ each month.

    • Actually, Kazunori Yamauchi insinuated that this is GT7. He was quoted during a interview which can be found on gtplanet.net:

      “For me, Gran Turismo Sport is Gran Turismo 7. Gran Turismo Sport is something that marks the beginning of a new generation or era. When you consider Gran Turismo 1-6 as the first era, GT Sport marks a new generation moving forward.”

      After reading all the comments, its clear there is still a huge demand for campaign modes. I think that they could have created a game to appease both single and multiplayer gamers. It’s not uncommon to have both a fun campaign mode and a well developed multiplayer platform.

  • I pre ordered this last year thinking it was going to be amazing hoping for 1000+ cars loads of tracks and a campaign that made you want carry on playing but if all your doing is having a short so called campaign mode why not just say to the fans we are abandoning gt sport and putting all our effort into gt7 then you can give the gamers piece of mind so that they know the wait is worth while

  • Definitely my most played game on my console in years…gt sport is so realistic cars are awesome maps are perfect graphics are stunning i can playbthis game every day for years n never get tired

  • Hej alle hvorfor kan man få 1minut straf efter et løb

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