PlayStation Plus Double Discounts start today on PlayStation Store

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PlayStation Plus Double Discounts start today on PlayStation Store

Plus, Sniper Elite 4 is this week’s deal of the week

Our PlayStation Plus Double Discounts promotion is back and we have an amazing selection of PS4 titles available on offer!

Make a saving on Call of Duty Black Ops 3: Gold Edition, Pro Evolution Soccer 17, The Witcher 3: GOTY Edition, Far Cry 4 + Primal Bundle, and many more until 5th July 2017. And don’t forget, if you’re a PlayStation Plus member, you can save even more as you’ll receive an additional discount on top of these great deals!

If you don’t have a PS Plus membership yet, head on over to the official PlayStation Plus page for more information on how to get started.

PlayStation Plus Double Discounts (until 5th July 2017)

Deal of the Week (until 28th June 2017)


This week’s Deal of the Week is World War II shooter, Sniper Elite 4. Head to PlayStation Store today and save big on both the Standard and Deluxe editions, available on PS4.

Digital Discounts (until 5th July 2017)

Our Digital Discounts continue with savings of up to 60% on a host of amazing PS4 digital only and indie titles. Whether it’s Firewatch, Adrift, Necropolis: A Diabolical Dungeon Delve, Pineview Drive – House of Horror, there’s something for everyone at a drop down price until July 5th!

Save up to on PS3 and PS Vita (21/06/17 – 05/07/17)

Finally, you can continue to make savings on select PS3 and PS Vita titles. Don’t miss the deals on games such as WWE 2K17, NBA 2K17, Far Cry 4, Lost Planet 3 and many more. Just visit PlayStation Store and save, download and play.

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  • A total of 5 Vita games. Nice

    • Did someone just mentioned Vita? Unbelievable that there are people out there who like me are waiting for Vita deals… but hey, maybe next time we will get more than 5 games. Wink Wink

    • Pretty sure it will be the Big in Japan sale in 2 weeks (unless they’re not doing it this year) so there’ll be plenty of Vita games on sale then.

    • You say so but looking at last couple of months I am not so sure.

  • Patiently awaits tales of berseria drop :D

  • Also Banner Saga 2 is discounted (could not find it in the list)

  • Destiny the collection is koften on sale, but I have never seens Rise of Iron on sale by itself, can you do something about it?

  • So destiny collection is 24 euro but rise of Iron is still 30 euro? Makes perfect sense!

  • Always find myself scrolling down to ‘Digital Discounts’ first in these lists cos it tends to have more of what I prefer to buy. Not today though. Got the games I would have liked out of this selection already. :)

  • Once again no reply to my questions on provious thread!

    hardly anything worthwhile getting VR. Playstation if you want to get people interested in VR please give us some decent sale titles .

    Please let me know about the lack of stock ANYWHERE of the farpoint bundle!

    • Ok don’t know where you’re looking but game’s online store has it for £74.99 and it’s in stock with free delivery

    • Hi Yasink, thanks for reply but if you try and put this into basket it just says 0 items as out of stock and even the higher price of 89.99 is not working!

    • Thats strange mine is in the post as we speak

    • Ok just checked emails again and it turns out game has cancelled the order quoting stock issues and a refund will be given and apologies that email of shipping was sent.. So yup the game is gone from stores now even argos don’t stock it

  • “You know all the games that were in last weeks sale, and the sale before that etc etc… yeah it’s those games again.”

  • Almost no Estern games… bad month.

  • Mark of Kri is on the double discount list, however there is no discount in the playstation store.. Why????

  • Well, i have Hitman starter edition, i bought a year ago, liked the game and decided to wait for all episodes, now there’s a sale, Hitman on it but no upgrade pack, i can’t buy complete season because i already have Paris and only option is buying each episode separate….yeah, right… where is the upgrade pack?

    • If you’ve followed the news, the whole situation with Square Enix kicking IOI out and them going independent has very likely made them change their business model with the episodic release.

      I also bought the Intro pack back in the day, but I’m pretty sure that the upgrade pack cost 35€ or so. If you’re a Plus-member, you can buy each individual episode from the current sale for about 24€, which seems like a better deal to me.

    • How can that be the better deal? Complete season with ps+ is 17.99£, and separate episodes are 3.19£, so that is 19.14£. Why should i have to pay more and don’t forget that i already bought starter pack for the full price when it came out? And what does this greedy IO politics have to do with recent problems with SE?

  • Perfect time for me to buy Sniper Elite 4

  • Hi the Hitman episodes discounts aren’t working. The full season and bonus episode work but individual episodes don’t. Both on UK and Swedish accounts. Please help.

  • Battlefield Hardline Premium Edition is still worth as the price has dropped significantly ? Is the Multiplayer play is still active. Since I am PS+ member game is up for very cheap .

    • When I was playing it a year ago (got the dlc for free when they were giving it out for free). The base game servers were active, but I didn’t get one dlc lobby with more than a few in the lobby.

  • I’m waiting for a discount of the Lord of the Fallen DLC for almost a year, still nothing :/

  • lol i bought tomb raider like last month for 89 and i didnt even played it and now its 25

  • Didn’t already expect a sale on Telltale’s latest. They should do that more often as opposed to putting their games on sale so frequently.

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