Welcome to twin-stick bliss with Housemarque’s arcade shooter Nex Machina, out today

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Welcome to twin-stick bliss with Housemarque’s arcade shooter Nex Machina, out today

Have you got what it takes to climb the online leaderboards?

Greetings from Housemarque!

It was ten years ago that a game called Super Stardust HD saw the light of day on PlayStation 3. As a Finnish developer with roots in arcade gaming, we at Housemarque got to create a game that combined lighting fast reflexes with a myriad of colourful explosions.

SSHD combined a thematic setting similar to the classic Asteroids, blended with the twin-stick control scheme of Robotron.


Now, after a decade of learning more and more about how to perfect the formula, we are proud to finally release Nex Machina, the culmination of our search for pure arcade gameplay. A game where simplistic design (only two buttons and two sticks are ever needed) allows the player to immerse themselves in what we’ve coined “The Zone”.

Getting into “the zone” allows for extremely complex movement patterns and tactics to arise. Players who wish to compete on the worldwide leaderboards can create truly unique personal play styles.


With Super Stardust we wanted to keep the arcade torch shining bright and now we want to do that again. Our hope is to capture a bit of that spark that lived in the arcade halls when video games were held back by graphical and technological constraints.

Being able to do that with Eugene Jarvis, who inspired us when we started gaming, is beyond wonderful. So take on the arcade challenge with Nex Machina, and compete against your friends – and the rest of the world – on our global leaderboards.

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  • Looks great but I could never get any of the trophy’s on SSHD on ps4 or ps3

  • I’m a bit confused. I read in a Sony email just now it’s got local co op but when I looked on the store it said 1 player? Either way it’s a bit disappointing as I prefer properly integrated multiplayer so I can always find someone in the world to play the game with even when it’s silly o’clock where I am. However a game by Housemarque AND Robotron/Defender (I still play these on MAME a lot) legend Eugene Jarvis does sound like a great combo.

  • Pre-ordered. Downloaded. Played and got thrashed. Love it! I’ve only just stopped playing Alienation to play Nex Machina and am already looking forward to Matterfall in August.

    2017 has already been a fantastic year for videogames. Two new Housemarque releases is the cherry on top.

    If I sound like a Housemarque fanboy, that’s because I am.

    • Fanboy eh? Do you own the Amiga Stardust games? I had Super Stardust on my Amiga. I still they’d have included it as a bonus in one of the many PlayStation sequels (loved that they included the Amiga soundtrack as optional music but I’d love the full game too with it’s gorgeous colours and neat tunnel bits). :D

  • Another incredible game from Housemarque, proving they are the very best studio right now. Cannot wait for Matterfall too.

  • As per usual you have blasted the ball out the stadium a excellent game housemarque is brilliant company

  • Its online online multiplayer and option for a future update ? We add it from start with Resogun, local was added latter.

    • You can always do share play

    • Tried to do that last night and after several failed connection attempts (saying our net connections aren’t fast enough despite both being very fast) it then said the game couldn’t be shared because it wasn’t out in my region. Which is a lie cos both my friend and I are in the UK. And as nice as Shareplay can be when it wooorks, it’s still not much good unless you’ve a friend who wants to play and can devote the time rather than being able to just match with many random people around the world available at all hours.

  • Hi Mikael,  this looks amazing but i would love to know if you have more plans for VR?? will this title have an add on? I could see this being truely amazing in VR. Please keep supporting this new medium with your amazing talent.

    Hopefully you have something which is solely a VR project as well.

    I will be buying this without a shadow of a doubt!

    I have followed you from your Amiga days through to now.

  • Only got to play the first 2 levels coz of work etc but it was great can’t wait to get home tonight to play.

  • As this article is semi-relevant to what I’d like to say and is still open for comments: How are people supposed to play a twin stick shooter when Dualshock 3 controllers are no longer available? Seriously, I’ve looked on all the reputable (UK) sites and even emailed Sony directly to ask where I can buy one (a real one, not one from Ebay that is almost certainly a knock-off), who stockists are and if they are still being produced. They wouldn’t answer any one of those questions.

    As the PS3 has only very recently been discontinued, it’s a poor state of affairs that people can’t buy controllers. I noticed an article on here (over 30 days old) about a new Playstation merchandise store. So you can sell us crumby T-shirts but not controllers? Come on! Instead we’re left to take our chances getting ripped off or using one of the many poor quality third party controllers (the vast majority of which don’t support six-axis).

    The Dualshock 4 would be a great replacement, but for some reason half the functionality has been omitted. Some games require six-axis control and the lack of rumble might not sound like a big deal but it seriously detracts from the experience after years of having it.

    I’d appreciate it if the member of staff reading this could register this as a complaint. I get the impression that the email support staff didn’t forward my email because they didn’t say they had/would or acknowledge my request for it to be forwarded as a complaint.

  • Great game. I’m crap at it, but I get a little better all the time. Hope it’s successful.

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