Classic Star Wars titles join the PlayStation Now line-up today

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Classic Star Wars titles join the PlayStation Now line-up today

Save the galaxy in Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga, play Vader apprentice in The Force Unleashed and more

OK so yesterday we made a Wookie error and were forced into a late change. With a new hope this morning we struck back and fixed the bug. We can now confirm that the new titles in the system are fully operational.

So to drag the Star Wars puns out into the weekend, we’ve added some amazing Lucasfilm titles to our huge library of games.

Save the galaxy, swinging your lightsaber through the first six episodes in the saga with LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga. Bridge the stories of the first two trilogies and get closer to the dark side with Star Wars: The Force Unleashed. Stream LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars and piece together the action-packed events between Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith.


Here’s the list:

Just to add an extra spice, we’ve also selected two more Lucasfilm classics in the form of LEGO Indiana Jones – whether you want to recreate that boulder-fleeing moment or build a new world, these games will make sure your adventures don’t stop at Star Wars.

If you’re not a subscriber yet then there’s no better time to join PlayStation Now* – get your one week free trial today on PC and PS4. Once you’ve enjoyed your trial, you can continue to experience the freedom to play for just £12.99/€16.99 per month.

*This service is currently available in the UK, the Netherlands and Belgium.

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  • If the Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith PS2 game would come to PS4, that’d be amazing. It came out on PS3 via the PS2 emulation in 2015, why not PS4 as well?

  • Please release more Star Wars PS2 Classics for PS4. Episode III and Starfighter are available on PS3 so they should be no problem. And please release the Pandemic Studios developed The Clone Wars, Battlefront and Battlefront II as PS2 Classics for PS4. Super Bombad Racing would be cool too.

  • Would love to know the actual number of paying subscribers to this service. Seems like a giant bag of mucky cat litter to me. A giant waste of overheads that could be spent on much better things. I tried it… It works fine… But the sub cost is waay above what i’m willing to pay for access to prior generation games. The only part of it that made sense to me was access through tv’s… And that was removed! Meh… Incorporate it into the plus sub somehow and I can see it at least having some custom or at least price similar to netflix with multiple accounts for one sub. Sure people might take advantage of that a bit too much. But I haven’t seen Netflix reporting massive losses for the last… Just never.

    • Also it’s not even properly rolled out yet! Really dropped the ball with everything about this console since capitalising on MS’ miscommunication over XBox one DRM. Well they’re steadily pulling customer confidence back their way with backwards compatibility, allowing EA access on their system. Don’t even get me started on this blog… It used to be a hub of back and forth communication. Actually felt like a community. Now it’s just post then leave. No quick competitions, random number generator giveaways, no answers to simple queries… Customers only stay loyal for so long.

    • But yeah… Star Wars. Love these titles when they first came out. So, good stuff Sorry don’t know where that rant came from

    • I am (or will be, at least once the 7-day trial expires) for one. Certainly when the Now service first came out and all titles were priced individually based on length of rental I wouldn’t have touched it as it was a straight-up rip-off. But, now the service is subscription-based where you get unlimited access to 350+ games for just £12.99 it is a much better offering (particularly if you never owned a PS3.) Roughly speaking there is a probably half of these that are ‘arcade’ games (games that have no platinum trophy and only give you 300-315 points towards your profile level progress) or games with no trophy support at all. That still leaves 160-ish full priced PS3 games to play and complete for as long as you like. Even if you spent £12.99 for a whole year (totalling £155.88) to play all of these titles that still works out less than £1 per game and all the aforementioned arcade games are thrown in for free.

  • Great ,now if only 3 these weren’t already backwards compatible of which 2 are also next months freebies for guess who XBOX one !! Dont get me wrong I love both consoles , but xbox is definitely the better one in ways of caring for their customers !

  • How about PlayStation No?Amazing service I hear.

  • While it’s great you’re adding games to the service any chance you could add countries too??? Just asking even though it’ll never happen because…sony

  • Would be even better to let those that own them on digital to actually play them without a sub as i own like 95% of the list on my account think i paid enough for them when i got them shouldn’t have to pay a sub to play them again and only as a rental.

  • Everyone else has been busy discounting star wars game but not scee, why should they care about gamers?

  • Still missing two of the best Star Wars games though. It’s a bit ridiculous that the full Knights of the Old Republic game is playable on a smartphone or tablet, but not on PS4 when it was originally a console game in the first place. It was an Xbox console exclusive at the time but so was Mass Effect 1 & 2 on 360 which later came to PS3. The majority of Star Wars fans are on a console other than the original Xbox, so I don’t see the point in keeping it as the only console that can play these two games.

    • Well someone has to pay for conversion and refurbishing, and that one would want his money back and earn at least twice as invested. Btw it’s on steam sale for 2,5€. Buy it on PC. Played the hell out of both but that was 10 years ago. It’s history let’s move forward mate.

    • I’m not a Steam user and don’t have a gaming PC which is why I posted on PlayStation Blog. Plenty of people have never played these games before and I don’t see why they should be forgotten about. Lego Star Wars was released not long after in 2005 and is on PlayStation Now.

  • So any updates on this coming to Sweden? I am starting to get a little ticked off about not having this available here. I could then let my PS3 rest a little and let my ps4 just do all the work.

  • So glad I kept my PS3. What a nonsense this service is.

  • Streaming services are where hope goes to die. Esp. if you’re in an ANZAC country. No thanks. How about just releasing them on PS4, like as actual games?

  • Playstation “Now”… more like Playstation “not available in your country”… sick of Sony’s BS. Turned off auto-renew on my PS Plus subscription.

  • Its not a gd service at all, games stutter and I have top bandspeed aswell. Its overpriced, atm I would say its worth £5 a month or at least included free with a psplus subscription every month. Psplus and psnow should join together. More games need to be added as well theres just not enough especially if I want to play the games tht I loved on ps3 it will give them games extra life and more people will be online playing them again. We are lacking behind xbox gold games and there new subscription service.

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