This War of Mine: The Little Ones & Day of the Tentacle Remastered hit PS Plus in January

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This War of Mine: The Little Ones & Day of the Tentacle Remastered hit PS Plus in January

Blazerush, The Swindle, Azkend 2 and Titan Souls also incoming for PS3 and PS Vita

It’s a great time of year to be a gamer; the no man’s land between Christmas and New Year, when the house is still full of unhealthy deliciousness and school, work and other fun-spoiling real life commitments are still a week away. And as 2017 approaches, we’ve got another stash of PlayStation Plus games coming your way to keep you playing in the new year…


Available to download from 3rd January:

Day of the Tentacle Remastered

“What possible harm can one insane mutant tentacle do?” A good question – and one you’ll find the answer to in the hilarious Day of the Tentacle Remastered as you follow Bernard, Laverne and Hoagie through a classic adventure that mashes together cartoon capers, fiendish puzzles and some of the most quotable lines ever found in a video game script.

Mad scientist Dr Fred Edison’s mutant monster tentacle has escaped from his lab with a plan to take over the world and it’s down to you, our heroes and a malfunctioning time machine to put a stop to it’s dastardly plans.

This War of Mine: The Little Ones

It’s certainly a month of contrasts, with This War of Mine: The Little Ones bringing the ravages of conflict to PS Plus. Dark, emotionally scarring but at the same time tactical and exhilarating, you’re charged with keeping a group of civilian survivors alive in the midst of a devastating war.

By fortifying your shelter by day and scavenging for supplies by night, you might stand a chance of keeping them free from disease, hunger and desperate, merciless raiders – and of keeping the little ones safe and smiling.

And the new year treats don’t stop there; PS4 players get a little extra with a couple of sneaky Cross-Buy titles in The Swindle and Titan Souls (also coming to PS3 and PS Vita respectively), as well as Blazerush on PS3 and Azkend 2 on PS Vita. So, plenty to chase the January blues away!

Last chance!

As one batch of games enters PS Plus, so another batch must leave – but fear not, you’ve got until 3rd January to download this lot, if you haven’t already:

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  • Well i m very happy i didn t buy titan sould few days ago. It s a very good month in my opinion, atleast for vita and ps4 ^ ^

  • Another month, Another indie month…

    • Another month,another anti indie whiner.

    • Pmsl LucasArts is indie now?

    • @Smash_41 Actually, on a technicality, Day of the Tentacle was remastered by an independent studio (Double Fine Studios) and would be considered and indie title now. Lucas Arts may have made the original but it was only a triple A when they made the game.

    • @Gotrek_74 — Not so much a technicality, but the Triple A version (made by LucasArts), is actually included in this version in it’s entirety, by way of a classic to new switching mode. Not enough? Maniac Mansion is also there, via an easy to find Easter Egg. There’s more Triple A than indie here.

    • I mostly buy triple A games… so this is good for me, been tempted by Swindle and War of Mine for a while, so i’m glad i can check it out for the price of being on PSN

    • I just don’t need to replay a game I finished 23 years ago. It doesn’t get better with time, still the same story. And in an adventure, STORY is what matters, not graphics. And yeah, it’s a funny little story, but I know it already.

    • Another month, another ‘anti indie whiner’ whiner… :)

    • buy an xbox one and get death trap (a van helsing tower defence game), the cave ( brilliant game was part of plus), killer instinct season 2 ultra ( 9 characters and ki classic 2) and rayman origins (epic platformer legends was way better tho) all these can be played on your xbox one. don’t want those games I just mentioned then download day of the tentacle and quit [DELETED] when sony actually give you a good game, it doesn’t happen often these days. not renewing as i’m skint tho this month blam you kingdom hearts 2.8

  • Give thumps up if u like this month games and thumps down if u don’t.

  • Startin’ off the new year with a bang. I can hear the implosion already.

    Oh, by the way, if you’re depressed, don’t play This War of Mine. It gets rough.

  • Had been close to buying day of the tentacle a few times. Can sell my copy of this war of mine. I’ll give blazrush a go. The rest ppftttttt

  • This war of mine is an excellent game and so is swindle. They are so worth playing. Titan souls has a good concept but its so frustrating that I didn’t find it fun.

  • I’m interested in This war of mine. The others..Meh…

    Titan Souls already purchased 1 year ago.

  • So 2017 is going to be worse than 2016 then.

  • Blazerush and Titan Souls are part of the January sale. Could have given people a head’s up…

  • Was hoping for some New Year miracle… Nah, that’s not real.

  • Ah… I don’t know, those titles are fine, but yet again, nothing that would make you go “Oh man, this month was so awesome”…

    Let’s wait for next month.

  • Some games I’ve heard good things about but haven’t tried. Yet people will complain they’re not AAA because games can’t be fun unless they’re AAA.

    • Exactly,the two main games are better than a lot of AAA games.End of the day,their loss.Stick to their generic stuff.

    • I guarantee you all these AAA whiners will whine endlessly if a AAA game was actually made available, because it’s nearly guaranteed they already have it. We already buy the AAA games we want, nothing wrong with variety!

    • Dude, if you’re advocating for variety, shouldn’t you be in the AAA camp? Since we got like 3 of those and nothing but indie, lol…

      Personally I don’t really care whether it’s AAA or Indie. Having them permanently in my oversized trophy list is a considerable downer for me so I’m not likely to give anything a try. That’s why the whole concept of PS+ and trying out ‘different games’ never appealed to me since I know what I like and get it, and don’t feel like trying out countless random games in the small case there might be something there for me…

      Prefer games physically so the way I see it downloading AAA for thirty minutes isn’t worth the trouble and the few indies I do give a try disappoint me and clutter my list…
      Regardless of your own preferences though, if you compare a good AAA to a good indie, the former obviously has more general value since it has a bigger budget and all that.

  • Blazerush and Azkend 2 for me this month (played DOTT many years ago).

  • Which systems is Arkend 2 available on? PS4 & Vita?

  • Ok that has guaranteed I don’t buy Full Throttle on release…..

  • Really good selection, great job!

  • “Yoohoo, Mr. Tentacle guy? I don’t feel so good.” :D Yes please, more tentacles and coins.

  • More indies -,-

  • So glad I let my PS+ subscription expire. Just got Rocket League on my laptop and use the PS4 for exclusives.

  • eh not bad though I haven’t the patience for such games anymore. I know some people gonna be very happy with Day of the Tentacle though. And I got plenty to play with recent sale purchases and older PS Plus freebies and Uncharted 4 survival mode and such so I’m content. :)

  • I expected nothing and I’m still disappointed.

  • Another truly terrible month, but i’ll keep on paying the ‘ransom’ fee that Sony charges me to keep all the old (and great) PS+ titles from the Golden Era of monthly games…

    Far Cry 3, Red Dead, Arkham City, Mass Effect 3, BioShock Infinate, Dishonoured, Max Payne, Deus Ex!

    Now, it’s just an eternal monthly cycle of fluff and filler…

    But i’ll keep on paying. Just to keep access to good stuff.

    • buy the games you like a lot, that’s better

    • @inanothercastle2

      You can’t buy the “free” PS+ games once you have downloaded them. Even after your membership expires, Sony won’t let you buy them individually and will ask you instead to renew your previous PS+ membership. That’s extortion.

    • I enjoyed absolutely zero of those AAA games listed. In fact I bought Red Dead on release day and was so disappointed with it I sold it a week or so later. Arkham City came with my PS3 Slim and I sold that too quickly. The rest I downloaded on Plus, tried to play, found them dull as heck and deleted them. I’ve often found the most actual fun games on Plus tend to be the smaller games that most of you whiners complain cos they’re “indie”.

    • Then maybe gaming isn’t for you, Carnivius.

    • @ Ryusennin: really? Was not aware of that. And what happens if you buy the DVD ?

    • @Ryusennin @yohonet. That sounds like a fault with your account. I let my plus lapse a, while ago and purchased the plus games I liked before re-subscribing later on. Glad I did because I’m leaving plus permanently in 2 months.

  • Before the PS4 was added to the PS+ lineup we had excellent PS3 and Vita games to play. Red Dead etc. I can understand it’s harder for them now because we can’t expect full retail PS4 games yet. But to be honest, I would rather them stick to just PS3 and Vita for PS+ just because the lineups were amazing. Anyone agree?

    • Why shouldn’t people expect full retail games yet? The console has been out 3 years now.

    • How does that even make sense? Due to the ps4 they have more than the double of the number of subscriptions (mostly due to the paid online requirement), if they were to remove the PS4 what do you think it would happen? Seriously, think about it.

  • Titan Souls make it worth not in money but in games quality

  • I hope you know that you have 6 months to re-subscribe before you permanently lose your old games.

    • whaow are you serious ?

    • Kidding right?

    • A quick google search shows this is a lie.

      Special segment liar! Eusivecom, you are a liar!

      Taken from the Playstation help page (a quick google search away, I suspect links would be blocked)

      Once your PlayStation Plus membership ends, content you previously downloaded at no cost as part of the membership (such as Plus Monthly Games) will no longer be available. However, free avatars and content you purchased at a discounted PlayStation Plus price is yours to keep.

      If your PlayStation Plus membership expires and you renew it at a later date, you will regain access to content that you have previously downloaded through PlayStation Plus.

      We may close your account if you don’t use it for 24 months.


  • This is a rather brilliant lineup.

  • I’m curious as to why PlayStation has took money from my account ? I don’t have plus or bought any games lately please explain

    • You won’t get an answer here I’m afraid. It would be best to go to the PS Store via browser and check out your transaction history.

  • I miss the Pre PS4 era….

  • While I loved This War of Mine I think this is an abysmal offering. A game from 1993?! As wonderful & charming as Day of Tentacle is, it does not justify PS+ membership.

    Also, This War of Mine had some serious bugs that were never addressed. The publishers just abandoned the game after it was released. It’s still playable but there are various situations where it will crash. I tried contacting them for support after launch and got stonewalled.

    As for the other offerings, they don’t set the pulse racing. Very disappointing selection.
    More fool me for renewing my plus subscription this month..

  • Another snoozefest without any full price games

  • I have an advice for Improvement of the Playstation Plus system… I think that more people would be happy if we could choose two types of plan for Playstation Plus, The current one that we have now, and another cheaper without free game nor discount for people that only wants to play online, More than that change the term “free” from those games, If anything requires payment to be taken, this is definitely not free.

    • [DELETED] We’re getting scammed enough as it is.

    • That would be fair towards the subscribers that only want online. But they’ll keep mistreating us like this because they’d lose 80 percent of their PLUS subscribers this way and only get a smaller ‘online fee’ from them instead of the full PS+ price. They’ve basically been treating a large segment of their users like chumps right in the open without any scruples, choosing profits over customer satisfaction.
      As a true fan from day one I will never forget this behaviour. This is what you get for being loyal…

    • The on-line access component of PS+ is too poor to offer as a subscription on it’s own. It would probably be better to offer a selection of more premium games but only able to pick 2. As I see it, the selections as they stand are watered down because of the need to cater for 3 different platforms with a single budget. The better subscribed platform ends up subsidising the other 2 to varying extents. The on-line component should be free, as it is for PC, but Sony use games that require it as a beating stick to force us to pay for it. That’s market driven economy folks and it ain’t gonna change until Sony are on the back foot, which they aren’t. Yet.

  • crap indie games as usual, only the selection for ps4 is good, for ps3 or vita, that’s a joke

    • So have you played them?how do you know if they are crap?Does it matter if they are indies?So you refuse to watch indie films,listen to indie music.You really don’t have a clue.A good game is a good game be it made by one guy or 100.

  • So only the two PS4 titles are highlighted in this article. The rest are a footnote.
    Is this the start of the disappearance of the Vita and PS3 games in the “service”.
    Half of the two “highlights” I have already played, in 1993! That is 19 years ago. Although a fun game at the time I would love to get some new experiences on Plus.

    • Completely remastered in 1080p with cross save support on PS4 and Vita with Trophies in 1993? I think you’re telling lies ;-)

      “Although a fun game at the time I would love to get some new experiences on Plus”

      Try This War Of Mine then, fits the bill – nothing like it.

    • 1993 was 23 years ago.

    • Smash, what do trophies change about the game? What do different graphics change about the story? If I take a book and give it a new cover, does that make it a whole new book?


  • better than last Month of course. …. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush

  • Well, Today is or was my last day of Playstation Plus subscription. I have these games on my PC as usual. I don’t subscribe to play online but to get games each month. There’s really nothing Sony can offer me.

  • I have just one question, This War of Mine is the complete game? or just the The little ones dlc…cause if it’s the full game …hell yea

  • I for one haven’t tried any of these games before so I am happy with this month

  • I am not sure but i think, except for action henk, every curve game has been available via ps plus. At least it will be the case come january.

  • Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse

  • Just bought This War of Mine from steam the other day…. But 4 Vita games, Nice!

  • good month for ps4, been wanting to try both of these. first time i’ve said that this year ;p

  • Day of the Tentacle? Oh hell yeah! One of my all-time favourite games of yesteryear, given a new chassis, new paint and trophy support. You got my attention now :)

  • More garbage, great.
    Oh, how I do hope Sony don’t intend to start as they mean to go on…

    Don’t they read the comments?

  • Oh good god, just take me now…

  • Thank you for TWoM , it is a great game .
    Literally 2 hours ago I deleted it off my phone after completing it .
    I also bought it on Steam and many a time I have hovered over buying it on PSN .
    Great month , make up for me not downloading anything from December line up .
    Very happy :)

    • So you deleted it after one playthrough?

    • No , I had it on my Android for like 6 months getting ” SAD ” or ” KARMA ” endings .
      Started recently hitting my stride by getting 2 ” GOOD ” endings in a row with Boris and Bruno .
      Pro tip – get a guitar early on .

  • Indies have their place, but we didn’t buy a console capable of high quality 3D graphics so that we could play something that could have been played on a Commodore Amiga back in the 90s. Sony know what they are doing – it is not about the players. It is about profit. Microsoft are offering far better at the moment with Games with Gold. Sony – watch out for Scorpio!!

    • Ha Scorpio .
      PS4 Pro says ” Pffft “

    • I’m a Sony fanboy for life (I expect), but to be honest, I hope the Scorpio does give the PS4 Pro a run for it;s money. Sony have become far too complacent with being on top and it’s starting to show…

      Yes, they’re a business — but they should be working hard to keep us as consumers.

    • Hah, I WISH we had more games like on the Amiga. They were often far more playable and fun than the vast majority of AAA games these days.

  • It’s about time vita was removed off the list it’s been dead for years, games with gold is way better imo, I’m not against indie games but why can’t they put one of each on like gwg?

  • As is the norm nowadays, all filler and no meat.

    As someone who owns all 3 consoles, seriously, just scrap the ps3 and vita offerings, they’re beyond pointless now and just a waste of everyone’s time.

    • This. They’ve been beyond pointless for years now, actually. But hey, at least we get 6 games technically, right? Just another example of Sony choosing profits over customer satisfaction. That pretty much describes Sony since the PS4.

  • Just took a look at the trophy guide for Tentacle , looks like a super easy Platinum in 5hrs aprox .
    Again , thanks for the great line up in January ( December I DL nothing )

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