8 things you should try out in the new Gravity Rush 2 demo

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8 things you should try out in the new Gravity Rush 2 demo

Get to grips with Kat’s moveset and start having fun in the world

You may have seen the good news: a Gravity Rush 2 demo is now available on PlayStation Store. Download it now and get to grips with Kat’s unique gravity-defying powers, explore a corner of the beautiful floating city of Jirga Para Lhao and save citizens, rescue cargo and reclaim piping-hot meals from flying thieves.

There’s a lot to take in and fun things to do, and that’s even outside the stated mission objectives. Here’s a few suggestions of things to try out in the demo.

1. Play it at least twice


Right at the demo’s start you’re asked whether you want an easier, tutorial-led playthrough (Beginner Course) or one that lets you explore straight away and eventually access all of Kat’s gravity powers (Experienced Course). Obviously it’s worth jumping into the former if it’s your first time in Kat’s world. But there’s more than just the initial guide differentiating the two; your choice will lead to different missions and new enemies. Advice? Play it twice (at least).

2. Get to Syd!


Also in this initial opening you’re given a brief guide to the camera controls by way of locating where your shipmate Syd is. Afterwards there’s a brief period to soak in the view of the sprawling Jirga Para Lhao before you dock. But come any subsequent playthrough, try and make it up to Syd before the cutscene. With no gravity powers at this early stage, it’ll give you a chance to sharpen your traditional platforming skills.

3. Ten pin bowling… and anti-grav racing


One gravity-altering superpower not touched on in either difficulty mode’s tutorials is Kat’s slide. Tap and hold L2 to scorch along whatever surface you’re on. It seemingly doesn’t serve much purpose other than to disturb city inhabitants, but switch to Jupiter mode then take aim at attacking soldiers in the Advanced Course demo and enjoy knocking them aside like skittles. Alternatively, try out some unofficial anti-grav racing and scoot around the city’s streets and corners.

4. Lunar Leap

The advanced version of the demo gives you access to both the ground-pounding Jupiter and lighter than air Lunar gravity abilities. Both are a lot of fun, but switching to the latter means even Kat’s normal jumps propel her much higher, more so if you charge the jump the longer you hold down X beforehand. With this in mind, try going full Superman and leap buildings in a single bound. In particular, can you make it over the high walkway connecting two buildings by the city’s main market square without your feet touching it?

5. Explore… everywhere


While the demo points out your next mission objective, it gives you the freedom to explore the city between the triggering of events. It’s worth taking your time to use your gravity powers to explore. Can you touch any of the traffic zooming by in the skies surrounding the city? Or even locate the above oversized crystal?

6. Get the gull…without the collectables


The Beginner demo includes a very unique chase as a seagull makes off with your tasty goods. Along the rooftop route are blue gems, that once collected will replenish Kat’s gravity gauge. They’re great for when you’re getting to grips with the game’s controls, but can you perfect Kat’s gravity falling to reclaim her kebab without blue gem replenishment?

7. Take flight then fight


Irrespective of which version of the demo you play, you’ll come up against enemy groups that need defeated during your travels. Once these fights start, see how many enemies you can take out without touching the ground or before your gravity energy depletes. It’ll give you the opportunity to fine tune your control of Kat’s powers.

8. Soak in the world


Gravity Rush 2 offers a lush, colourful world full of interesting people and amazing music. Sure you’ll dash through the demo the first (or second) time, testing powers and rushing to mission objectives. But make a point to come back and play tourist instead. There’s a lot to soak in. (But don’t let that stop you creating some mischief – try and startle the balloon seller located in the market square!)

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  • I get the impression this isn’t a five minute demo… Woohoo!

  • I have downloaded the demo, I will give it a whirl tomorrow (Loved Gravity Rush on my Vita). Hopefully it runs well on Plebstation 4, unlike the 15 fps The Last Guardian.

  • I’m deliberately avoiding anything to do with this game so I can just go in blind when it finally releases. I absolutely loved the first one, and I don’t need any more convincing to buy this one ;)

  • Played the demo, it is brilliant, especially the new hustle and bustle around the markets.

    It is also very beautiful, but somehow as you can see in the screenshots above, it has a washed out look. It would be great if they added an option to remove this filter to make the colours more vibrant.

  • Played both settings. Seems good but not sure about it being worth the 6GB download just for the demo.

  • I enjoyed the original gravity rush but felt it lacked really solid controls and a feeling of being powerful. This demo really surprised me with the solid controls and the new gravity styles actually make it a lot more fun. You really do feel like a super human now and the improvements to gravity toss (where you throw stuff)makes that attack a lot more fun and usable

  • I’d never played Gravity Rush before but always wanted to try it. After playing the demo I picked up the original remastered version in the sale. Really fun gameplay.

  • Gravity Rush was an absolute masterpiece on Vita, but is anyone else incredibly disappointed with the way GR2 controls on PS4? It feels unplayable!

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