Momonga Pinball Adventure brings a new twist to the pinball genre next week

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Momonga Pinball Adventure brings a new twist to the pinball genre next week

Join flying squirrel Momo as he takes on evil owls in an unusual adventure

Hello PlayStation fans! I’m Olivier, Producer at Seaven Studio and Plug In Digital which is bringing Momonga Pinball Adventures, developed by our friends at Paladin Studios, to PlayStation right before Christmas!

Momonga is a unique pinball game for the entire family to enjoy, where you bounce through different worlds. Join flying squirrel Momo, and pals Panda and Fry, in an epic adventure to save his tribe from evil owls who have turned the momonga village to ashes.


In Momonga Pinball Adventures we tried to add a new twist to the pinball genre. Instead of regular cabinets, you can bounce a flying squirrel through different levels. Nevertheless, we wanted to deliver a story-driven experience, so you will also find all the elements of a good old action-adventure game here, like enemies, boss fights and exploration… but with flippers!

Momonga Pinball Adventures arrives on PlayStation Store for PS4 from 21st December.


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    • Is dead

      Oh sorry “legacy”

    • You’d think given that although the Vita hasn’t sold as well as Sony would like, developers would realise that the Vita community is probably as dedicated as the DreamCast community. This game would be perfect for Vita and would sell a lot more there I expect than on PS4 when people are all playing the Christmas AAA titles. I like indies and have a Vita and PS4, but there’s no doubt this should have been either on Vita as well or Vita developed.

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