Explore, trade or fight across the galaxy in Elite Dangerous, coming to PS4 early 2017

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Explore, trade or fight across the galaxy in Elite Dangerous, coming to PS4 early 2017

Space-spanning open world adventure offers exclusive DualShock 4 features, PS4 Pro support

I’m thrilled to announce today that Elite Dangerous is coming to PlayStation 4. In Elite Dangerous, every star in our night sky – the whole Milky Way – is there for you to explore how you choose. Fight, bounty-hunt, trade, assassinate, mine, explore your way across human space and out into the immense galaxy beyond, flying with your friends or travelling alone.

Elite Dangerous has been a wonderful project to be involved with, made by a great team here at Frontier. Its roots go all the way back to my first commercial game, Elite, first released in 1984 with Ian Bell, while we were both at university. Two sequels followed. Over thirty years later, Elite Dangerous is a huge step forwards from those games, but the principles are the same – do what you like and live life in an immense galaxy – and today you can play with (or against!) friends and our amazing community as you travel the galaxy alone, together in a ‘wing’ or even fly aboard the same ship.

Elite: Dangerous

It is great to come to PlayStation. When Elite Dangerous arrives on PlayStation 4 next year, we’re bringing the full game with everything in our ‘Horizons’ season of expansions included, so not only can you fly your ship, but you can carry an ‘SRV’ – Surface Recon Vehicle – in your hold, and charge around the surfaces of planets and moons at up to 100mph, finding materials, attacking bases, or seeking out hidden secret things with your friends.

When you progress far enough into the game to buy one of the larger ships you might choose to carry a ship-launched fighter to help defend yourself; you can employ crew or even allow other players to help you pilot your larger ship. Craft special weapons with the Engineers, collaborate with the community and engage in massive-scale community goals. Elite Dangerous is a game you’ll play your way.

Elite: Dangerous

Elite Dangerous does not follow many of the rules of other games. It lets you move as fast or as slowly as you like, without telling you what to do or how to do it. Play purely as a sandbox – exploring and looking for some of the many mysteries within the game – or follow missions and work with other players to re-shape humanity’s control over the galaxy, as you make your way to Elite status in any or all four categories in the game – Combat, Trade, Exploration and CQC.

We’ve worked hard to make Elite Dangerous the richest space simulation ever. From our love of science and astronomy, the galaxy is as real as we can make it. You’ll look up at the night sky in our own Solar system and you’ll recognise familiar constellations, then see them change as you travel away from Earth. Visit real white dwarfs, neutron stars, even black holes that exist in our real night sky.

Every distance, orbit, planet, moon, ring and crater is as real as we could make it, with some 160,000 stars in the game taken from real star catalogues, with the rest of the 400 billion stars coming from stellar density maps to make the whole galaxy as accurate as possible. It’s a huge, real galaxy you can leave your mark on.

The galaxy is gradually evolving as players overthrow governments, align themselves with powers in the game, play with one of the giant like-minded player groups, or simply strive to discover something new. Two giant superpowers are on the edge of war, and there are hints of a nascent alien threat that may emerge as a quite real one any time now… We’re excited to let PlayStation 4 players jump aboard at this critical moment for our galaxy!

Elite: Dangerous

We’re making full use of the PS4 system and the unique features of the PS4 and PS4 Pro to deliver an experience unlike any other on the console, with features tailored to the DualShock 4 controller, whether you’re down on the surface of a planet or cruising around a stellar system, connected with your friends or meeting strangers out in the black of space.

We’re looking forward to telling you more about how we’re supporting PlayStation 4 in the coming months, before we launch in Q2 2017. We have had a great time with Elite Dangerous already. I hope you’ll come and join our fantastic community, and I’m looking forward to meeting all the PlayStation 4 players exploring our galaxy!

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  • So.. will there be PSVR and flightstick support as well ?

    • We’ve been a huge supporter and a flagship game in the VR space, so it’s something that’s important to us as a company. We have no news or info on it just yet, but currently we’re looking into bringing the game to PSVR.

      We’ll have more information in the near future.

    • Thanks for considering PSVR, as that is the make or break choice for whether I get this game.

      I just can’t play space games on a screen anymore, I need to be in it.

    • Also keeping my fingers crossed for PSVR support! If you can do it me and certainly a lot of the psvr users will surely buy this day one!! Thanks for your great work

  • I’ve been waiting since 1984 for this with PSVR support. Come on!! Say it’s going to happen!!

  • All I want to know is whether it will be cross platform or not? And will the updates keep in line with the other platforms? Or will they all be separate, with different update schedules and different servers?

    • I was told Xbox is separate from Desktop so it’ll either be entirely separate or we’ll be playing with the Xbox crowd. I would actually quite like to see players automatically added to a console specific faction (but optional if you do anything about it or not of course)

  • All I need is this game with psvr support!

  • Isn’t this already in vr on the pc? Announce psvr compatibility and I’ll be all over this! I’d gladly take some reduced graphical fidelity for the immersion of vr!

  • Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice :D

  • @David

    I was a big fan of Frontier on the Amiga, and I’m glad that Dangerous finally makes it to the PS4. However you are one year too late as I ultimately bought it on PC. We don’t need another Tomb Raider exclusivity scenario. What took you so long?

  • Looks great. Probably close to what No man’s sky should have been

  • Excellent, not too far off either. Hope it’s not just a straight port of the xbox controls and makes use of the dualshock 4’s extra functions. Likewise Frontier are developing the park design game Planet Coaster, and I think the ps4 is a lot more flexible in fitting more complex genres in.

  • Already own it on Xbox, but I shall bite if the Pro enchantments are good enough. Hope to see news about that part soonish..eh?

  • I have this for PC, but will purchase it again for PS4 if you have good ps4pro support, PSVR Support and Flight stick (I have a saitek x52 pro) support.

  • I have played this on PC in VR. Its not good, much better on a flat screen. I know that sounds crazy because its why I bought a VR headset in the first place but it just too low resolution.

    • Have you considered that your PC is just rubbish?

      And if you have Oculus, that is also rubbish, clearly the worst VR headset out there.

  • Looks great definitely purchase worthy

  • I have Elite Dangerous on my Xbox One, but if this gets full PS VR support, I will wholeheartedly and immediately purchase it again on my PS4! Help us David Braben, you’re our only hope! :-)

  • Thanks Dale Emasiri for the answer! So I shall keep my eyes and ears wide open for the news! Hoping all the enchantements aren´t only for 4K – HDR nor the VR, but for the almighty 1080p and high as possible framerate. I´ll keep my wallet ready just in case, cheers!

  • I think a large number of PSVR users would snap this up if you can get it running on the system. Though it obviously isn’t a priority for you I hope it is something you will continue to work on.

  • Finally!!! Backed the Kickstarter after playing the original / sequel on my Commodore 64 /Amiga. I received a beautiful box set that I could never play so been waiting for a pS4 announcement at every E3, PSX, Gamescom etc since.

    Would love to hear a PSVR announcement.

    I wonder what the position is with the PSPRO and PSVR, would Sony allow PSVR support on just the Pro if the demands on the base PS4 is too much?

  • I too have it on the PC, but like to keep all my gaming on the PS4 if possible. Could there be a way of ‘importing’ our PC save/progress to the PS4 version (it’s a buy here if possible)?

  • I have the base elite Dangerous game on PC and was lucky enough to play it on the Vive at EGX 2 years ago and all i can say is it was and still is the best “Game” i’ve played in VR. It felt like a “proper game”, where the VR just worked seamlessly. It wasn’t an altered VR Experience, but a true game in VR! You bring this to PSVR and you will have the greatest VR game out there by far!

    Please bring it to PSVR, i will buy this day 1!

  • In Single Player you have to be ALWAYS Connected Online, So even if you could play Single Player it will not be Possible to Play Offline.
    In other words you will Never Own the Game.
    Diablo 3 was like this but the Console Community Spoke Out and this aspect changed, Shame we don’t have a Community with Ballz .

  • https://steamcommunity.com/app/359320/discussions/0/611702631218601651/

    No Offline Mode, “Elite, first released in 1984 with Ian Bell” Exactly and was Offline.
    David BrabenFounder and CEO, Frontier Developments – Yes Frontier was ALSO worked Offline.

    Personally Dav i’d be ashamed to state what you did….And Not to Mention that it has No Offline and The We The Players Will Never Own the Game. The Excuse for Online Only including Single Player is Pathetic.

    If you don’t have a decent connection you will not be able to play the Game, If your Connection has Issues you will probably get disconnected VERY Often – Look at the Xbox1 Forums.

    So either this game is FREE TO PLAY , Which it isn’t or Give us Offline if I have to pay for it or No BUY Simple – Bye Bye.

    Take the Example of Diablo 3 on Consoles! Fight for you’re Rights People, If U Spend Cash to Purchase a Game it Should be yours to play Offline.

    Look at Titan Fall , it was ONLINE ONLY, they Learned from their Lazy mistake and made Titan Fall 2 with Single player Campaign. So I ask myself when people will Learn to Man Up and Request for a Better Service.


  • This is fantastic news! Not just three weeks ago I pinged David on Twitter asking precisely if/when we’d ever see E:D on PS4 and now this!
    I haven’t played it for a while on my Mac and frankly the experience is a little difficult with the low settings I have to use, so really looking forward to seeing how it plays on my PS4 Pro.
    PSVR is a natural fit too, however I’ve heard the quality of PSVR is pretty poor compared to the likes of Rift and Vive so not sure if it’ll be worthwhile to support.

  • This is great news. Please say we can transfer our commanders over from PC. I love the game and really want to buy the PS4 version as my platform of choice, but I don’t think I could start from scratch as I have got quite far on PC version.

  • Looking forward to hearing about the discounts as a thank you to the ps4 community for having to wait too long for release.

  • Please make a single player OFFLINE mode plz, plz

  • Looks great, Awesome.

    I do notice that the trailer for the PS4 is in 21:9 aspect ratio. I really hope that game play will also be in this 21:9 aspect ratio.
    Please, because that way we can really enjoy the game the way it should be, like in the trailer https://youtu.be/ZnGN5Tdg3HM so let it be as game play.

    thank you very much for the great game.

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