PlayStation Store’s 12 Deals of Christmas discounts start today

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Plus, buy one get one free on select PS4 and PS3 titles until 23rd December

The PlayStation Store 12 Deals of Christmas promotion returns for another year! Deals will go live every 48 hours at midday starting today.

12 Deals of Christmas

We’re kicking off the festivities with a great deal on Rise of the Tomb Raider: 20th Anniversary Edition, available on PS4.

Buy one get one free (until 23/12/16)

In addition to the 12 Deal of Christmas promotion, we also have an amazing offer on select PS4 tiles on PlayStation Store starting today, running until 23rd December. Buy one, get cheapest free*!

12 Deals of Christmas

Favourites such as The Last of Us Remastered, The Witcher 3, Far Cry Primal and Assassin’s Creed Unity are all included, to name but a few.

We also have offers on a host of great PS3 games, but please note, the BOGOF promotion is only valid on titles on the same platform.

Here’s a complete list of what’s on offer:

PS 4

PS 3

*For full terms and conditions, click here.

**Some titles may not be available in your region

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  • Merry merry merry merry

  • Link to full terms & conditions is broken…

  • Tomb Raider is 59.95

  • emmm… and what is the deal? the same price on TR as usually

  • Define “deal” – a bargain or arrangement for mutual advantage

    Tomb Raider: 20th Anniversary
    PS Store (digital) – £44.99
    Amazon (physical copy with art book) – £24.99


  • I wonder what a ‘great deal’ on Tomb Raider will be?

  • Haha! Haha! Hahaha! So that’s buy one get one free? Buy one, get on free?? If anyone takes Sony up on this offer you are more a fool than me!! Increase the original price to make the second “one free”. Dirty tactics. Dirty…

    • It really is a poor plan they’ve put together. We complained about it last time, and we’re still going to complain about it this time round. They should just get rid of the idea.

    • Yeah, almost just fell for this, before coming to my senses are checking other online prices, can get two physical copies for the same or less than their price of one digital game in most cases, though there are a few you could possibly save a couple of coins with (AC:Unity + Mirror’s Edge saves me about £3 (digital £34.99, physical £20+£18=£38), which don’t actually get you too far now-a-days)

    • When was The Last of Us Remastered last £35?! Absolutely disgusting behaviour.

      All well and good those that have had a PS4 since launch being aware of past prices but what about people jumping in for the first time with Slim or Pro?

      I was intending on getting Pro and VR next year but I am concerned I will become a victim of Sony milking me in doing so, just like with Vita and that useless camera atop my TV. Giving serious consideration to going back to PC to escape monopolistic closed platforms… then when it comes to the hardware Intel and Nvidia are operating with no competition from AMD!

    • You are right, this is so shady! Some of the titles have literally been doubled in price before being put under this promotion. That is damn dirty.

  • Shouldn’t the Tomb Raider discount already be on?

  • Showing as €60 on the IE store. Mate did a search on Argos €35 for a physical copy!

  • And so it begins….. And buy one get one free again, bonus, oh have you illegally increased the prices again this year too, anyone checked?


      This site is the best place to check the store prices over a period of time.

    • Think it’s only illegal if they classify it as a sale, in which case they have to display previous prices in the description, which they (usually) do, but as they classify this as ‘offer with purchase’ they can legally wrangle their way round it (and don’t get me wrong, shady business practice though it is, they are just playing the system)

  • Rise of the Tomb Raider: 20th Anniversary Edition 29.99

  • IE store updated: €29.99.

    Doubt you can bundle the 12D game in with a buy 1 (the 12D game) & get 1 free.

  • I’m in Canada and it’s not on sale, so THANKS FOR NOTHING.

  • £21.99 is the price for Tomb Raider which isn’t too bad. Prices for for all the buy one get one free are poor even after the free one.

  • Thanks for the Tomb Raider offer – just purchased. That’s an awesome deal considering it’s only been out for about 6 weeks.

  • Buy one get one free, oh by the way we’ve doubled the prices! Nearly all of these games are cheaper to buy on physical disc.

  • I got several of those “Buy one, get one free” games for 10€ and less. Now they’re for 30€ up, but hey, you’ll get one free! My advice: if you actually want digital games, wait for other sale. Any 2 games combined on that list will be cheaper while on regular sale.

  • Hahahah Buy one get one free, you can buy them cheaper retail. You can’t fool us Sony!!!

  • BOGOF games LOL come on sony why do you and the compaines treat your customers like fools that we wouldn’t realise that the games have doubled back up in price …

    i bet 90% off them have recently been on sale also.. $hame on you!

  • Last year I wrote the same thing:
    12 deals of Christmas could potentially be good if the discount on the game is great. However I guess we will get into the same problem as last year and the year before. Which is similar games getting on discount so 2 spots are used for practically the same type of game. Last year Fifa and PES had like a few deals between them. Which takes 2 spots and later on even other sport games. It’s not like sport games are bad and shouldn’t be there. It’s more there need to be a balance and you can’t do that with 12 deals.

    Beside over the course of several weeks we will get less deals available than we would during normal changes of deals.
    Why not make it so there are more that gets a discount every other day? I know then it can’t be called 12 deals of Christmas. But still.
    The 12 deals of Christmas is just not consumer friendly type of doing things, nor is it good for your sales of games.

    On a side note. You could say I was almost getting a tiny bit tempted to get Rise of the Tomb Raider, but then I remembered:
    1. It’s over an year old
    2. We got screwed over by the developers so I ain’t going to buy it other than second hand. When you treat people badly don’t expect them to just come back with money to you. Crystal Dynamics/Square Enix chose quick cash over long time cash and actually still have some credibility and dignity. Sadly they sold their dignity.
    Anyway the discount on RotTR isn’t bad, better than a lot of shops here, and since none really have traded their in, I haven’t got it second hand yet, that will eventually happen.

    Final note as others mentioned, why, just why 2 for 1? I can see that prices are quite bad. Even if there would be 1 game at a decent price, you would overpay compared to physical copies.

    Add more deals at a time, more variety
    No more 2 for 1 except if there is a slight discount on them as well so it actually make sense to make use of it. As of now no sense at all.

    • It would be great if they batched the deals on FIFA and PES into 1 day. It makes sense to do so anyway, but sometimes logic doesn’t apply to Sony in these cases.

      There are the usual suspects when it comes to 12DOXMAS deals. In addition to those two football games I’d GUESS:

      COD IW
      Battlefield 1 or Titanfall 2
      Deus Ex
      F1 2016
      Mafia 3
      Ratchet & Clank & Uncharted 4 (strictly based on an idea that one of their games has to be part of the deals)
      WWE 2K17 or NBA 2k17

      Lottery picks: Assassin’s Creed TEC, Bio Shock TC, Batman RTA

      I know ROTTR will get a much lower price in future. I’m willing to wait, even though this current price is a good deal.

    • You can buy a physical art book version on amazon for cheaper, may as well wait a couple extra days being as we had to wait a year for it anyways. Also you can resell or lend to friends if you so desire. My local game has second hand copy’s for £15 and they are nearly as bad as a rip off than PSN is.

  • AYYYY Tomb Raider for 22quid! yes please! thank you sony. you made my day

    • Only a pony for a physical copy with an art book lobbed in on Amazon, sorry but some people are way too easily pleased in here it would appear.

    • Yup your sure right loyalchas. Probably his mommys money anyways.

    • ” but some people are way too easily pleased in here it would appear”

      Lol, classic. People want games for free these days. I agree the bogof thing is horrible but 21.99 for tr is actually 100% fair.

      If you can’t afford paying over 15 quid for a game that’s alright, but not everyone expects a fairly recent game to be priced at a movie ticket with popcorn on the side.

    • It really depends on where you’re from. Here, in my country (no, I’m not Spanish) that would be what you pay for a used PS3 game.
      Sad, I know.
      It’s a pretty cool deal at least for me.

  • I didn’t want to give TR devs full price cause they screwed us over by making us wait a year but 22quid is reasonable.. I’m not that heartless! lol great deal! can’t wait to see what’s next!

    • And they didn’t grind anyone over, MS gave them a bucket load of dough to keep it a timed exclusive. Oh and there was absolutely nothing stopping you owning it on PC much earlier or even buying an Xbone to have been sat next to your PS4 this time last year was there?

    • I am! I’ve waited over a year so I can wait until it drops below a tenner pre-owned so they get no sale and no profit.

    • It’s not a great deal, lol. You can buy a physical art book version cheaper brand new anywhere else. Now that’s a great deal. Not £22 for a license for a game that can be taken away whenever they want.

    • Ok so, if you’re going to be annoying at least be accurately annoying. I look at Amazon and it costs £24.99, so it’s not “cheaper”.
      Also, some people don’t care about artbooks or physical copies. I personally buy digital almost exclusively because it’s a lot more practical. I buy physical copies in addition to a digital version if it’s an exceptional game that warrants a spot in my collection. So not everyone sees stuff the way you do.

      I will gladly take this deal and enjoy the game thoroughly. I also don’t care about the timed exclusive, it wasn’t the smartest thing to do but it certainly won’t stop me from enjoying a seemingly outstanding game and rewarding the developer for it.

      All of that with money I earn from hard work, before you start spitting nonsense.

  • RIP in peace Vita.

  • Tomb Raider’s not for me but my Lara-loving friends who’ve not had much cash lately will love that £21.99 deal for the complete package. I might send them PSN vouchers to buy the game as their christmas presents. :D

  • Well, hope they’d use the voucher quickly of course before the deal ends. :P

  • They illegally raised the prices again so they could profit on that “buy one, get one for free” lol.

    Someone please sue them, they cant get away with this..

  • Nah you’re alright Cluck, seeing I reside in Woodford Blue in glorious Essexshire I’ll stay on this side of the pond but thanks for your wonderful advice.

  • You’ll have to come to Epping Forest and deport there then gobby, your move big man

    • Sorry, We’ve just had a lot of confused people on the blog lately, I wasn’t attempting to be offensive.

    • Likewise that’s a long way to travel.

    • I’m not confused, nor have I only just been about ‘lately’ I hasten to add.

      In fact you’ll find I was a great irritant to Chairman Howe many years ago, when he first came over from EA to control this bog with his iron fist to be precise. I believe he’s moved on to another role within Playstationland in more recent times though, nonetheless I’m sure he’ll be buzzing to see I’ve name-dropped him once more. (Merry Christmas by the way Christopher)

      I hate to break this to you Cluck but I took it as you took me to be one of Uncle Sam’s mob so I was highly offended thus I responded accordingly.

      We’re all allowed to set up North American PS accounts you know, anyway apology accepted and sorry I bit your head off a couple of times in response.

  • Why did you guys increase the prices for all the buy one get 1 free games ?

    Not cool

    • Tell you what’s even less cool, blind fanboyism to the point that there are still people in here ‘fighting’ Sony Europe’s corner.

      It’s only ever this time of year I feel the urge to come on to this blog and have my quid’s worth but the fact this is the third or fourth run up to Christmas running I’ve done so speaks volumes.

      This upping of the prices to then unashamedly play the BOGOF card is a dog move, no added discount on this first twelve deals of Christmas deal for Plus subscribers is a dog move and fear not as these dirty dozen progress over the next three n half weeks there will be quite a few more dog moves.

      I got Titanfall 2 on PS4 from HMV for an apple in the Black Friday deals last week(£20 for those not familiar with UK slang) and you know what……I made a conscious decision not to open it and I ended up taking it in to Game and trading it in for a gift card yesterday because I’m sick of SCEE taking me and everyone else for granted.

      I’ve refused to upgrade to the Pro and from now on I’m also refusing to buy any more multi-plats on PS4, MS have really upped their game over the last 12-18 months whilst Sony definitely haven’t, just put their feet up and milked their loyal consumers to the max. So until they decide ‘hit back’ and start giving the millions of PS4 owners a bit more back rather than take take take I’m going to buy all non exclusives for my Xbone from now on.

      Of course I fully understand the EU PS blog team have no say on the business decisions that are made by their employers but we all know the people that count at SCEE will dip in here to see what PS owners/PS+ subscribers are saying on a regular basis.

      Alas it takes more than a couple of angry voices for them to listen but when people start voting with their wallets and begin to spend their money with the competition rather than sticking to their preferred Playstation brand the big wigs at the organisation will listen.

      At the end of the day it is all about the dough, spending your hard earned money on Playstation at the minute is quite literally endorsing them taking you to cleaners and then flushing you down the khazi afterwards. This is beyond not cool or poor, it’s absolutely despicable!

      I’ll get off my soapbox and jump in the shower now me thinks

    • Hey loyalchas, I agree with you whole heartedly. But if you play a lot on your PS4 and have a 4K tv it’s def worth the upgrade.
      If you don’t have a 4K I wouldn’t bother but the difference is definitely noticeable, wether if it’s just less frame rate dips or quicker loading. Also a lot more quieter than my day 1 PS4.

      I don’t agree with any of the pricing on the PSN store and always buy retail and sell the game once I’ve platted it. Destiny and Overwatch being the exception.
      But I’d be happy if they just released a better PlayStation every few years and dropped the number. Technology advances so quick these days I don’t really wanna be using a machine built 5-6 years ago (PS3) when they could just re-iterate every 2-3 years. Especially if it stays at the £349 price point.

      VR is gonna be a flash in the pan and I guarantee within 5 years Sony will have stopped developing for it. VR has better applications than gaming and I can’t see them getting to a place where I think it should be for about 10 years. The tech isn’t there at the mo, not on console anyways. Sony VR is just a gimmick.

    • Nah not got a 4K telly yet BaSHee, we’re in the process of purchasing a humble new abode in the form of a converted barn out in the wilds of Lincolnshire shire shire so got a few more pressing things to acquire beforehand but there is a 65 inch Samsung for around a couple of grand I keep eyeballing I must admit.

      Never agreed with the pricing on here, it’s absolutely nuts! Take for instance the first Dishonored 30 quid in the this BOGOF ‘deal’ erm like you reckon? I bought it digitally for £7.50 in a deal on the Xbox Store two weeks ago!

      Totally agree with your summary of VR too, I can’t see it lasting but only time will tell. It’s not for me and an educated guess it’s not for the vast majority of gamers in it’s current guise with dinlow headband things that make you look you’ve just come out theatre after 10 hours of open brain surgery

  • Halloween deals, Black Friday deals, after it Flash sale, now Christmas and Buy one get one deals… looks like Europe is doomed with those “Amazing” deals…

  • These are pretty awful as most of these go on sale often, and usually for half off or more (like Omega Quintet which usually hits over 80% off). So no actual sale stuff and nothing for vita. Rubbish. Just utter rubbish.

  • Might be a silly question but can I play new Tomb Raider without VR?

    • But don’t buy from the store, you can get a physical art book version brand new cheaper from pretty much anywhere else and it looks really cool.

    • theres only a separate part that’s called Lara’s manor that can be played in VR as it’s from a 1st person view point. The actual game or the other modes can’t be played in VR unless you’re just using it as a screen.

    • If ya can’t get a physical copy easily in your country atleast buy PSN cards from various websites, you can get a €30 card for around €23-24 if you look around and they will email you a code. I won’t post their site as it’s prob against sonys T&Cs but if you google for it you’ll find it.

    • Thank you kindly

  • Lmao, Sony if you want a digital future, digital games need to be half price at launch, and not the £59.99 retail price that no one uses but you. The £40 price tag is what I’m talking about being as pretty much every game can be bought day 1 at £40 or under and you have a physical copy. Which can be sold if. You end up not liking the game.

    What all these Millenials don’t understand is that when you spend £60 for a digital game from Sony you are in fact not actually buying the game. You don’t own it. You own a license that can be taken from you at anytime without any explanation.
    Unwittingly violate sonys ridiciculous Terms and Conditions and boom your account has been banned, along with the money in the account and any games bought with that account.

    Now if you had a physical copy you could atleast play the game. Sonys charging 50% more for digital copy’s at the minimum for day 1 releases, older ones are even more. Sony makes waaaaaaaay more money if you buy from the store than from anywhere else. They say there for the players but in reality there for their investors.

    If you buy digital games you are just perpetuating this crap. Indie titles fair enough, buy them, but if you can buy retail, do it as it will save you a ton of money.

    I found out about sonys T&Cs recently when my account was hacked along with 1000s of others, they are definitely not for the players.

    These are not sales either, oh wow, tomb raiders £21.99, it released day 1 at retail for £29.99 in most places and that comes with a really cool art book case. You can buy tomb raider retail cheaper pretty much anywhere else.

    Also the buy one get one free is bull too as they put the games back upto full retail, well sonys retail price, lol.

    Anyways rant over, if I can stop one person from giving Sony money via PSN I’ve done my job. Do not have any kind of card registered with them or PayPal.
    If you want to purchase something there’s plenty of sites that sell codes for PSN, you can get a £25 card for around £19 if you do ya research, this is the only way I add money to PSN now.

    • RotTR didn’t launch at £29.99 in “most” places. The best offers were around the £34 mark. You also can’t buy this game cheaper physically in loads of places, the best deal was £24.99 from Amazon a few days back.

      The digital pricing in general is rubbish though. I only ever buy digital in a deep sale. The BOGOF deal is also a joke.

  • Oh nice, double dipped. Can’t wait to check out the 1080p60 mode on PS4P :)

  • Give me watch dogs 2 for £19.99 or maybe the new COD with the new remastered one for £21.99 I may be interested, but 21.99 for a game that at day 1 was £29.99 retail is just a slap in the face.

    And all the people that agree with me upvote that shizzle.

  • Does anyone know where I can get a discount code for any game that I want to purchase on the PS store?

    • There isn’t any. Only way to get it cheaper is to buy PSN credit from a UK website.

    • Get credit from (they sell £40 credit for £36.99, £25 for £23.49, etc), and also get %5 off their price by liking their facebook page (and you can get another code for everytime you order), and they also sell some game codes cheaper than PSN too (infinite warfare for £32.99?)…

      Also check out for other good money saving deals…

  • I think some of the criticism of tomb raider price is harsh here, this is probably the cheapest it’s been physical or digital. Its just not cheap enough to make it into my backlog.

    • But it was only £24.99 on Amazon the other day, and that was physical copy + artbook, hence the backlash (OK, it technically is £3 cheaper, but what’s £3 get you now-a-days?)

  • 30€ isn’t that cheap for a game released last year. I guess we’ll have to wait until next year to get it!

  • what are the other games in 12 deals of Christmas discounts?

  • I would like to know the other deals too as I want ROTR but have not bought it in case something else comes up. I have way too bigger back log of games anyway so I am not worried about missing it at the price but if it was the only of the deals I wanted then I would of bought it anyway.

  • “Buy one get one free” is possibly the biggest rip off i’ve ever seen.You increase the price of every game to make it seem like “a deal”.
    Take omega Quintet for example.It was on sale for 7.99 a few weeks ago and now it’s 39.99.What gives?
    Sony has no regard for their european customers whatsoever.

  • I remember when this promo was actually something to look forward to. Those were the days.

  • RotTR is actually a good offer. I haven’t seen any disc versions (even used ones) for a comparable price in our country.
    So the first Christmas deal is nice. Taking into account the fact that this game includes all the DLCs, the latter of which was released on October 10, 2016.

    Though I can’t say the same about the second Christmas deal. They should include Season Pass in the price. Then the price for Fallout 4 would be justified.

  • Complete overpriced games on Sony….
    …64% off in the UK for Fallout 4, but I can still buy it cheaper at Amazon for a physical copy.

    I’m sure Sony will never price fairly or respond to this comment with a truthful and informative reason for their pricing structure.

  • Discount again the following titles
    – Battlefield™ 1 – Titanfall® 2 Deluxe Bundle
    – FIFA 17 Deluxe and standard edition
    – Assassin’s Creed® The Ezio Collection
    – Watch Dogs 2 – Deluxe Edition and standard edition

  • WOW Fallout 4’s “regular” price is 69.99
    Are you guys mental? In what world does $59.99=69.99 euro

  • I can’t sign in my PSN

  • I can’t sign in my PSN
    Please I need help

  • How nice that there’s nothing for Vita and PSP again.

  • If I buy Rayman Legends,
    Can I get free The Last Of Us Remastered despite it costing initially more than Rayman Legends?
    I just don’t want to get scammed out after purchase…

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