PlayStation Store’s ‘Digital Flash’ discounts start today

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PlayStation Store’s ‘Digital Flash’ discounts start today

Save up to 60% on Inside, Abzu, The Witness, Bound, I Am Setsuna, more

As if Black Friday wasn’t enough, from today until 1st December we are celebrating some of PlayStation Store’s biggest digital titles with our Digital Flash promotion.

You can save up to 60% off a whole host of amazing titles including the likes of Inside, Abzu, Surgeon Simulator: Anniversary Edition, The Witness and many more!

Head to PlayStation Store for regional pricing, but read on for a full rundown of everything on offer!


*Some titles may not be available in your region

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  • Hey guys is this our first ever official Flash Sale? In regards to being the same name as the US store’s regular staple?

  • nice selection , some titles i have been waiting for a sale like im a setsuna, batter than the poor black friday we had, hope it’s available to all EU contries.
    thx .

  • Please, eat some mem’burries and bring the prices of games back to blog, like before.

    • Oh, I member

    • The problem was that people started to complain that either their currency wasn’t on there (PSN EU is covering a lot of the world, not only Europe) and that percentages were different for different currencies (so there were a lot of complaints bout that as well).

      I do agree that some form of currency would be nice, but I suspect there will be a lot of complaints once they start doing that again.

      I also think the comparison to the US prices has something to do with it as people were doing that as well (although they still do).

      The state of the Euro and the Pound is not helping the EU pricing for games, that’s for sure.

      But I do agree it would be nice to have prices back on the blog.
      In the meantime you can use websites like this:

  • That`s not a Flash Sale! That`s just an extended Mega Weekend Sale. Compare the the Price List on Reddit with this European Flash Sales and the Mega Weekend Sales and/or with those of US Flash Sales.

    The European Sony PlayStation Team is just trying to [DELETED] everyone here that this is an “Flash Sale” while this isn`t at all the case.

    • Well, maybe it is not the same as the US sales (which is probably true as most of their sales are a lot better than ours), but I am glad we at least get something now.

      I was disappointed (and surprised) that 2 games (Inside (as it was on the Xbox One sale) and Absolute Drift (as it was in sale on PC a lot of times)) were not in the black friday sale and they are in there now. I bought 6 games in this “flash” sale (or whatever you want to call it), so it is fine with me.

      It is just a name and maybe if this sale does well, they can deliver better prices next time around (remember that these sales are in conjunction with the publishers of those games, Sony is not alone responsible for the worse prices compared to the US).

  • Update:

    There seem to be an issue with the Database since if I follow the Digital Flash Link at the beginning I am getting an Error Message. Maybe someone from Sony could look into it when they arrive on Monday at their Office.

  • I miss the real FLASH sale for 1-2-3-4-5€ max.

  • Entwined is free?

    • It was on PS Plus before, so maybe that’s why?
      I can’t check it as I “bought” it through PS Plus.

    • I think it is one those ones that because of bug in cross buy you can keep it when ps plus expires. I have ditched plus and it is still free for me.

    • From what i can tell you get to keep cross buy games where the different console versions cam out at different times. This enables you to put in the later version in your basket and “buy” it for zero dollars. I think i works for bundles where only own some of the games but have the rest in your list thanks to plus.

    • Invisible Inc console edition and Stories The patch of destinies

  • makes sense yes.

  • Will Sideway: New York ever be discounted?
    It’s the last PS3 game on my wishlist. However, I’m pretty sure that it’ll be discounted the day after I buy it, so I’m afraid to purchase it :P

  • On various platforms – Twitter, Blog, Facebook, Reddit – over the last week I’ve seen at least 50 people (and there are many more – complain about the LACK of promised cross buy on Slain. They had bought it on PS4 expecting the Vita release free as promised by the devs.

    Now, not only has cross buy not been initiated but you’ve cut the price by more than 50%. A MASSIVE kick in the teeth to those who’ve already bought it – not only do they not get the promised cross buy yet – but had they waited for your mistake to be ironed out, they’d have saved money too.

    Shame for them.

  • Inside on sale, yeah. It has a demo now, that’s new.

  • Why is Klaus never on sale? It’s a year old but has never been on sale :(

  • This is a lot better Sony; thank you

  • Nice, but any reason why Song of the Deep isn’t available in the UAE Store?

  • Dont buy this games,eventually ugonna get free as plus games!

    • Free as in ‘rental’, you mean? Because as far as I know, you can’t play those ‘free’ games unless you are a Plus subscriber…

  • Purchasing mere days before the ps+ update? Haha, no chance.

    • Four days before a Humble Monthly Bundle too, three quarters of the time they give away the same stuff, probably because they’re offered the same discounts by publishers.

    • My guess/hope: it will be Hyper Light Drifter, it’s on sale on Steam but not on PS.

  • Mmmm I wonder what’s gonna be free with plus ( hopefully none of these games tbh)

  • Sandeep Dawett, thanks for the heads up about INSIDE
    I will now go and purchase it. Hopefully we can get a few more of those Microsoft Exclusives over here on the PlayStation.
    I’m sure we have talked before Sandeep, but is their any chance of Ori – And the Blind Forest Coming to the PSN?

    • I hope so for you (I have bought it for Xbox some time ago and it is a wonderful game (although I still have to finish it)), but I am quite sure Ori is published by Microsoft, so I doubt it.

    • Inside is a very good game, just very very short, two hours short. Ori and the Blind Forest: Definitive Edition is an amazing game, perhaps it’s just time to get a cheap Windows 2-in-1 tablet with a detachable keyboard. It’s worth it.

  • I thought about getting Slain: Back from Hell for a second, until I realized there are 2 versions, a PS4 and a Vita version. The PS4 version’s (the only version on sale) description doesn’t say anywhere that the game is cross-buy. Their loss… It’s the kind of game I would like to have on both systems, so their loss.

  • Sony, are you serious ? PS+ desember 2016 – Invisible Inc console edition and Stories The patch of destinies .

    • Those games have awesome reviews on Steam. We could do much worse… Still crossing my fingers for Hyper Light Drifter, though. I have a feeling lol

    • Oh hush! These games are fantastic! So tired of these people thinking that they are entitled some kind of vote on what’s more appropriate as a plus game than another. Sit down and try to enjoy the games instead of complaining. The guys who make the plus games appear with the help of developers, keep up the good work. You are much appreciated. You ungrateful people should be ashamed of yourselves and your complaints. Beggars can’t be choosers.

    • Stories is brilliant but it’s only £8 at full price and has been on sale a few times.

      The plus free games have been much worse than what Xbox owners have been getting.

      Xbox one owners even get 360 games now too.

      Sony could at least offer free subscriptions to ps3 games on PlayStation now to try and match Microsoft but they don’t even try.

  • Why is the Ultimate Sound Shapes-pack more expensive then the pack without the game?
    I have the game already! and now i must pay more for less….

    Anyone help!
    Can you delete a bought product from your account so you can buy it again?

    • Same problem, already have the game and some dlc. But can’t buy the ultimate sound shapes pack as well

      Please help

    • Same here. Add-On Bundle never goes on sale and currently it’s more expensive than the Ultimate Bundle, which we can’t even buy…

  • Some great games at great prices. Thank you.

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