Halloween savings start today on PlayStation Store: Until Dawn, Bloodborne, more

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Halloween savings start today on PlayStation Store: Until Dawn, Bloodborne, more

Also discounts on Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor, The Escapists

Sharpen your sword and hunt some orc with the PlayStation Store Deal of the Week, Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor on PlayStation 4. This open world action-adventure drops you into the heart of Tolkien’s fantasy epic in a story set between the events of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. And with discounts on both the Game of the Year and Legion Editions, why not head to PlayStation Store and save today!

Shadow of Mordor

Halloween (until 02/11/16)

Horrify yourself with the darkest of delights with up to 70% off selected horror titles across PS4, PS3 and PS Vita, letting you choose from a monstrous selection of savings in our PlayStation Store Halloween promotion!

Save big on favourites such as the Dead Island Definitive Collection, The Evil Within, Until Dawn, Bloodborne, Fallout 4 and many more.


The Halloween page on PlayStation Store has all your regional pricing, but here’s a look at all the amazing content available on offer!*


*Some titles may not be available in your region

PS3 and PS Vita

*Some titles may not be available in your region

Digital Discounts (until 02/10/16)

Our Digital Discounts are back with a host of savings on top digital titles for your PS4.* Whether it’s The Escapists + The Escapists: The Walking Dead Collection, Verdun or Valley, you can start your next digital adventure today!

Visit the PlayStation Store to save, download and play!

*Some titles may not be available in your region

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  • Resident Evil 4 on PS4 is not discounted in the store. Error?

  • Great sales on Dead Rising and Resident Evil games but I noticed that Resident Evil is still £15.99 and not gone down in price.

  • Fallout 4 Season Pass also not yet reduced (though the individual DLCs are)

  • Hey guys, I’m checking out the prices on the website and I see there are a couple of tittles where the discount was not applied, Resident Evil 4 and Darksiders II Deathinitive Edition. Any update about that?

  • doesn’t really fit the theme of the sale, but I wonder if they’ll ever discount KLAUS…it’s almost a year old but has never been on sale. I’d like to pick it up at a discount.

  • Fallout 4 even at 60% discount (34.99€) still is almost twice as expensive as retail (19.99€). No thank you.

  • Wow I might have been tempted on a couple of games however I’m still waiting for the Day One dlc for Dragon Quest Builders. I’ve purchased the physical input the code and although it shows them in my download list but N/A (and no not the wrong store as the one purchased is UK).

    But the really interesting fact is that on my PS4 store it still shows Dragon Quest Builders as a pre-order. The game was out on the 14th and its obviously well past that but not in SCEE store.

    So I was going to call but not at 7p a minute for help…then I contacted via an email and quess what it has me call the London number where I received no help (no surprise as your call centre staff are crap, don’t listen to the problem and well here it is on the 19th and , still no Day One dlc from the code I entered on the 14th and accepted by the PSN store still no call back from a manager as requested- you know the ones that will actually help you with the problem as opposed to the usual navel gazing response accompanied by overloud muzack crap.

    And as PlayStation added the wonderful ability to share images or video if an error to report…this simple utility to see the problem isn’t viable on the PS4 at will- you want you me to take additional steps to send via email contact and I can’t, every time I try (follow through the form and its error when send which is why I was given a London number to call)…so where do all thos video and screenshots go when given the option to report them?

    Now I get to contact Square-Enix and inform them of the incompetence of EU PSN…yay

    • Has it “downloaded” to the system? The DLC is only available in and Terra… Chapter 2. NOT in Chapter 1.

    • No it hasn’t. The only way I can see the dlc in my download list is on my phone and PC. When I try to access them (3 items) it states N/A game. It doesn’t acknowledge them as dlc, but as a game.

      On my PS4, can’t access at all and if I try to go to game page it is still listed as pre-order, so I can’t even access the dlc through game page as the game is STILL unreleased and a pre-order on the store.

      I’m also at the end of chapter 2… the issue is irrelevant to the game it’s an error on SCEE end (per usual). The dlc is not on the store because the game is not on the store and is listed as pre-order.

    • If those DLC’s are shown in your Download list through PS Store page, trust me, you have them. First I was really confused because those Day one DLC’s didn’t have Download-button on that list but when I went into Terra Incognita-mode, I saw all of those Day one DLC-materials on the list. So just go into Terra Incognita-mode and check. They are there. And that’s the only place where you can use those DLC-materials.

  • I was hoping for binding of isaac to go on sale (I know it was a + title)

    You would think a previous + title would appear in sales more frequently but its only been on sale once since its launch in 2014.

    A rebirth + afterbirth bundle would have been nice.
    Or the vita one (which ive heard the EU version is bugged and never fixed)

    Oh well its on sale on the Wii U till just after Halloween, so i might see if its added into the sales next week. If not ill pick up the wii u one i guess.

  • This is totally amazing. Thanks, guys.

  • Some decent offerings, got most of what I want (of AAA, ps2 and Telltale games, would’ve loved a sale on their Batman series already though :p). Devil May Cry 4 is somewhat appealing since the ps3 version never got trophies and I’d like to have it in my list (don’t like having games twice in my list either so normally I wouldn’t go for this). Might get that or keep an eye on the physical version. Can hold out on Fallout 4 DLC for a better sale as well.

    • Is DMC4 on ps4 only digital outside of Japan? In that case I’ll have to pick it up :)

    • The physical edition does very rarely come up for sale on e-bay but it goes for quite a high price so I would grab the download version if I was you.

  • good games, bad prices. until dawn for 19.99quid. the standard non discounted price on the US store for it is $20. MK XL i can get cheaper on disc.. & the other stuff i like i already got.

    • It should be showing up as £15.99 for those with Plus accounts. Still not a great price though as this can be purchased for around £15.00 for a physical copy.

  • Surprised to see Res 4, 5, and 6 bundle for PS4 on sale as it’s release date was a mere month ago :/ – tiny bit disappointing – I know numerous people who bought the bundle, who played 4 and 5 and are half way through 5 and therefore haven’t even cracked on with 6 yet AT ALL and yet the bundle has now been discounted already.

    Also, among other things, Fallout season pass has yet to see a discount on the store (squee).

  • Well all i got from this sale was Silent Hill for Vita, since i never tried it before. Also Muramasa Rebirth Complete from one of the soon-to-expire sales since i already got the base game from PS+ but getting the DLC was just 2-3 bucks less expensive than getting the whole bundle.

  • Oh nice, I was just about to delete the evil within from hdd (big boy) and you finally put its season pass on sale! Now that i call good timing!

  • Resident Evil (PS4) and Darksiders II Deathinitive Edition (PS4) are not discounted on Portuguese Store!
    Sort it out please.


  • Fallout 4 DLC is discounted but season pass isnt

  • Does the Resident Evil Super bundle come with all the dlc,only obvious one is res 5 gold edition but what about the others.
    Also digital sale says ends 2nd of Oct instead of Nov.

  • Gillen McAllister

    Hey there. Thanks for making us aware of the non-discount errors. The Store team are looking into it now!

  • Uncharted Collection US store 19$
    Uncharted collection EU store 34€

    we have to pay twice the amount ??

  • Nice savings… but this list is getting stale.

    And please explain to me how exactly is Fallout 4 Season Pass at 50 euros a “discount”?

  • Great. I’ve been hoping for a reduced Fallout 4 season pass for ages and it comes along during the busiest release schedule in the PS4’s 3 year life!

  • Didn’t they say EVOLVE would be FREE by the end of 2016 ?

  • So the now superfluous toukiden is on sale but not the updated kiwami edition? Dumbasses.

  • 3 years now and still no discount for Costume Quest 2. It’s Halloween, I really hoped it’d be in the sale this year. Still hope there’ll be a chance it’s added next week if there are more titles to be added.

    • Yes it’s ridiculous. After waiting 3 years I’d have thought they would have put it as the free PS+ game for October anyway.

  • Caugh where are Halloween themes 4 ps store uk

  • Some of these sales are tempting, the Resident Evil ones particularly, but is there a reason you left the Resident Evil remake out of the discount prices yet Zero is included? I was waiting till around now to see if it would go down in price on PS3 but its literally the only one not discounted :(

  • Am I missing something?

    A Halloween sale and the most Halloween game out there, ‘Costume Quest 2’ is nowhere to be seen.


  • DO not buy Darksiders 2 on PS3. The online servers are down and they are not in a hurry to fix it. (6 months already)

  • What, are these UK only? because nothing about the halloween sale is showing up in the PS Store for me. If I click on a link, it says “page not found”.

  • Don’t forget that Costume Quest 2 was released 6 months late in SCEE territories (with no explanation whatsoever). So it will probably show up in next year’s Easter Sale!

    Why not include Rock Band 4 in the sale, I hear it’s been a NIGHTMARE for anyone trying to obtain the exports ;)

  • Would have been cool if Inside and Soma were discounted.

  • There are big diffrences between EU and US store.

  • Heads up ppl snow the game early access paid beta will be out next week 25th october in NA/UK confirmed by the official twitter snow the game page NA blog has post about it so sony eu should add post about the snow game paid beta before next tuesday it will be roughly guessing £20 look up SnowTheGame twitter page for updates

  • Until Dawn… UK sale £16.99… US Sale $11.99

    Any chance you can stop ripping the crap out of UK gamers?

  • There’s some titles available on Xbox Live Marketplace but not on Playstation Store. Can you guys add Silent Hill Hd Collection to the Playstation Store. There’s a lot of people in this generation that didn’t have a chance to experience it while growing up. Those titles are also so scarce that it is impossible to get a hold of it now. Since the other HD collections were made available on PS Store, I see no reason why this has to be limited to a physical release only.

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