Resident Evil 7 demo now available for all, updated with new content

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Resident Evil 7 demo now available for all, updated with new content

No PS Plus requirement to try out Capcom’s new twist on survival horror

Hello again PlayStation fans! Lots of you are familiar with what we’ve shown of Resident Evil 7 so far, from the first phone ring of the reveal trailer to the desperation of a mysterious woman on a frantic escape from a derelict mansion. Now we’re back with news about the RE7 Teaser: Beginning Hour demo, and more!

We’ve been expanding upon the world of Resident Evil 7 and the mysterious plantation house in Louisiana in which the game takes place, hinting at the terrors that lie within, and many of you have had the chance to experience these horrors for yourself by playing the Resident Evil 7 Teaser: Beginning Hour demo.


Of course, you know I’m here to talk about more than that… We’ve just announced a new update for the demo, the Twilight version update, which expands on what you can do and explore. The update will be available later today! That’s not all – this demo will be available for every PlayStation 4 user, meaning that PlayStation Plus is no longer required to gain access to the plantation house and dig into the mansion’s mysteries. Now is your chance to investigate on your own if you haven’t had the chance to before, as both newcomers and veterans of Beginning Hour will be able to see what’s changed in the run-down rooms and decrepit corridors.

We’ve also got some exciting news about the Digital version of the game available for pre-order on PSN across Europe.


The standard edition of the title will include a custom theme for the console. Users in EMEA Sony regions also have the option to pre-order either the Day-1 Survival Edition or Deluxe Edition of the upcoming horror release. The Day-1 Survival Edition will only be available to purchase up until the game’s full release at a special price, and will contain both the custom theme and the Survival Pack: Recovery Set which includes consumable healing items, an early unlock of the insanely difficult Madhouse mode, and a mysterious Lucky Coin in-game defense item.


The Deluxe Edition will include all the content from the Day-1 Survival Edition as well as a Season Pass containing access to three additional playable story episodes which will be launching after the title’s release on 24 January, 2017.

If that isn’t enough incentive, Resident Evil 7 biohazard will be fully playable in the included optional PlayStation VR mode to provide a fully immersive experience when fear comes home on January 24th, 2017!


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