New video goes behind the scenes with the Batman: Arkham VR team at Rocksteady

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New video goes behind the scenes with the Batman: Arkham VR team at Rocksteady

Get behind the cowl in an exclusive interview with Rocksteady Studios

Today I can exclusively reveal that I am the Batman. Or at least, I was for a short while when I went to visit Rocksteady Studios to check out the progress of Batman: Arkham VR. And, true to the Dark Knight himself, this PlayStation VR game is shaping up to be a masterful – and suitably brutal – display of superheroics.

Between taking a look around Wayne Manor and the Batcave, suiting up, testing Bruce Wayne’s high tech equipment, and investigating a fresh crime scene, it truly felt like stepping into the grimy and acclaimed ‘Arkham-verse’ – using Bats’ brain rather than brawn to investigate the very personal cerebral playground rarely explored in games starring the World’s Greatest Detective.

Expect more on Batman: Arkham VR as we edge towards the release of PlayStation VR in October – but for now, enjoy the brand new ‘behind the scenes’ video above.

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  • It’ll be pretty cool to take the cowl for a spin. I’m also hoping for a VR Iron Man simulator.

  • Loving the look of this. So glad it is Rocksteady making it aswell!

    I have a solitary question regarding this game… will it be released on physical media aswell as a digital download? I ask as despite it costing £15.99 on the Playstation Store GAME show it as £49.99 along with a placeholder image.

    Thank you

    – MjA –

  • I want to get behind Sony’s effort as the hardware is usually very robust and well made – but support scares me. I feel like we will see lots of gimmicky rushed together launch titles. A couple of really good efforts like this one – but due to slow uptake on the hardware (lets face it no matter how great it is adoption rate will be slow because VR isn’t the next big thing people were banking on, and price point will always be an issue for some) impatient corporate types instead of nurturing it to become something great – will decide to stop supporting it in board meetings. Leave it to third party developers – who will try – but due to lack of good advertising support – will struggle to reach a wide enough audience.

    Sound familiar? This is what Sony did to the Vita most recently.

    Like i said – i want to get behind this but after the way they kicked that beautiful bit of gear to the curb i cant.

  • When dose you vr come out

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