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Get an early look at new features coming to PS4 soon

The next PS4 system software update is approaching and once again we would like you to test the new features making their way to your PS4.
Starting today you can sign up to be a PS4 beta tester by clicking here. The system software beta trial will kick off next month and, if you’re chosen to take part, you’ll receive an email with instructions on downloading the update.
In order to sign up, you’ll need a PS4 console with an internet connection and a master PlayStation Network account. We’ll share more details on which features you’ll be able to test when the beta begins.

Be sure to provide feedback throughout the beta trial; while we can’t always implement every change suggested by the community, it’s really valuable for us to hear your feedback to help guide the direction we take. We’re always listening!

Your beta experience will be even better if your PSN friends sign up too, so round them up. However, don’t wait too long to sign up – we can only accept a limited number of beta testers, so get in now before it’s too late.


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  • I can’t wait to use a futuristic feature like ‘folders’.
    So I signed up, hoping you don’t screw this up (by limiting the use of folders to predefined names/categories).

    And hoping this update is not about even more social **** again.

    • Yeah, I’m quite uninspired by the social features too.

    • going into a beta with that attitude? …

    • @GrumpyMcGrump Replying to a grumpy comment like that with the name GrumpyMcGrump?

    • Just out of curiosity, why do you need folders in a PS4? I’ve got way over 100 digital games but it’s not exactly difficult to go to library and find a game lol. PS3 I understood because you could have music saved onto the HDD but PS4 I don’t see it as a big deal (probably why it hasn’t been added yet?)

    • The library sucks imho. Not easy to navigate and not costumizable. Not to mention the XMB. And still: if you download new content the XMB will put the new content in front of the Library. No, it is not a huge deal, but I feel it’s a small feature which could make it a lot easier to navigate my games in the way I choose to order them. So why have a downgrade from PS3 on which I seem to find my content WAY faster…?
      I know for a fact this can’t be the reason why it hasn’t been added b/c I’m not the only one who feels the library is just a horrible app to browse my content, as there are countless boys/girls/men/women asking for this option.

      Still, good for you (not intended offensively) the current system actually is working for you.

    • Just letting you know, Sony has always marketed the PS4 as a social console. Stop whining.

    • @mjgrierson

      I think it’s just to minimize the junk. Since you can’t remove any games on the PS4, it’s a good idea to be able to store stuff you’ll never use again, like the thousands of demos you may have downloaded, add-ons or the games you’ve recently uninstalled.

  • Does anyone have a direct link? The ‘Sign Up’ button is not working in my browser.


    Depending on your browser, it’s actually an anchor (link) tag wrapped by a button tag. So at least in shiny browsers like Google Chrome you can right-click the button and open the link in a new tab.

  • I SIGNED UP!The other times you guys did a beta I never managed to get in so,since i was so quick now,don’t disappoint me lol.Been a member since October ’09!

  • I wonder if we will actually be able to give some kind of feedback. The beta for 3.5 was limited to give only feedback when an error occured but not any kind of feedback regarding possible tweaks or changes.

    • Agreed. I had so much more feedback I wanted to give, but the format was really limiting.

    • If you read the beta email, you would have seen that you could access the beta forums through the page where your codes are stored.

    • @MaxDiehard

      Sorry, that’s just not correct. I do know that North American testers (and perhaps British testers as well?) had access to a beta forum, but the SCEE email only linked to my code, with no forum links anywhere to be found. I always make sure to read everything extensively in these situations.

      Also, please try to not act condescending right off the bat. It doesn’t make for good discussion.

    • Hi, actualy you could through the website that the voucher code was given to you, there was a feedback page to send all the feedback you wanted :)

  • Would be nice to know via PS4 notification when selected friends have started streaming their gameplay.

  • I want. but i haven’t PS4. Hey Jayne give me one and i will sign up i promise :) It just a joke, don’t bother man.

  • Will remote play on Vita work with this?

    The last beta didn’t as it moaned that the vita needed to be updated (even though it was on the lastest firmware).

    • it never works when you have a beta fw. so dont sign up if you plan on using it during the beta period

  • pass on being beta-tester, i hope someone suggests they stop forcing adverts onto front of our games, it’s gotten very stupid now, now has a different film on so the whole folder of entertainment app’s must be pushed to front.. i usually sign in on another acount then out/back into main, stops ‘my order’ of played/playing games being moved behind adverts… of course another remedy IF you’s want to keep on earning revenue off the app’s is to do online free.. don’t see why i got to pay for plus and not have control of the order in my home-screen.. also the video-store does similar, even though i get out of it by signing in/out if one of these ‘updates’ is due it will push itself infront of whatever game i’m playing, if i’m on at a day/time there updated, even caused conection issues one time, spent hours in activity but got kicked before i could complete it, went to home screen to check internet and seen there was a update to netflix or now or something i don’t use a console for, it’s a pain when i get it on main account, have to start then quit out of over 15 games to boot the advert back into library where it belongs, can’t be doing console much good?

    just quick edit.. i do not play plus titles, ever, as i said either change adverts or change plus.

  • Is one of the features being told *exactly* how much space is needed when a game can’t be downloaded/installed instead of just “iunno, just toss some stuff away”? And I do mean exactly exactly, the other day I couldn’t download Metal Slug 3 (about 200 meg download according to the store listing) despite having 11 gigs free.
    So yeah, it would be nice to know how much space is actually needed in those situations.

  • No thanks, thought of being the first to find a PS4 bricking bug makes me shudder.

    Ive been waiting patiently for these updates, hope at least one of them happen:
    – option to hide uninstalled Games
    – Arrange / Pin the first few blocks on xmb (i.e. your fav game before your most recent played)
    – Create folders, groups or “albums” or whatever sony wants to call them :)
    – add turn off remote above turn off console when you hold in the PS button.

  • Will we ever get Custom Folders? I am no programmer :D but surely adding Custom Folders can’t be that hard can it??? Oh well + make the PS4 read other external Hard drive formats would be cool to. Apart from them 2 things the PS4 is Excellent ;)

  • Please. Give us a solution to the problem of connecting to PSN we are in Iraq, we all suffer from this problem with knowing that PS4 device connected to the internet ….. Number of the problem is to ws-37397-9

    • Don’t mind the trolls. You should check out the official playstation forums, there’s a thread there about suggestions for the ps4. It does little, but is still a better option than requesting here.

  • Things I’d like… folders (a must), a Spotify app that allows me to scroll through albums not just songs (how have they not fixed this yet?), fix the upload bug whereby you have to delete the notifications in order to upload more, a more intuitive and quicker Store (‘suggested for you’ titles are just plain BAD), a more organised ‘notifications’ system – clearer options / tabs to find things… and auto-updating of games in my library without my having to put the disc in first (auto-update doesn’t seem to work for that) – so you want to play a game you haven’t played in a while (disc-based) and then there’s a 4gb update for it! ARGH! Other than these things (signed up btw) – it’s still a million miles better than the XB1 interface… ;)

    • Ive never actually read somewhere how it works, but the auto-update feature should stay exactly as is.

      It does update games on disc without the disc inserted, that ive seen with my own eyes, however, it doesnt update games you have not played it a while.
      I think this is perfect, because when you have a big library of games, digital and physical, i wouldnt want it downloading every update for games im not playing.

  • Clicking “Sign up” doesn’t seem to do anything.

  • I have signed up… However I am unsure if I will be installing them as of now. How stable were the previous betas? Do you face any risk of software damage while using the betas (Previous beta users please comment) and what features will you not be able to access during the beta, such as remote play.

    Also, will it work with my Asian PS4? (CUH-1206A) but my PSN is from UK.

    • havent had any problems in previous betas and the only thing not working was remote play if i remember correctly. the update should work on every console region

  • Also, I am someone who likes to make YouTube reviews about these stuff… is that okay? Or is there a non disclosure agreement?

    • There has been a non disclosure agreement as part of every beta software trial they have done before so I can’t imagine that this one will be any different. The last software beta trial had a forum within communities that you could post what ever you noticed to be wrong – including screenshots and video.

  • people are asking for folders, which is all well and good, i imagine like me they like stuff in a order of their own specification, though unless sen stop pushing entertainment updates, be it the video on demand on 3rd party similar type app’s to first in line, (next to ps store etc) then the order people are looking for will always be changing. on topic of these app’s. why is it IF i chose to use one it doesn’t get it’s own separate place, instead it remains grouped with all the others, hence if you want to use say twitch, you got to go into the ‘folder’ (what! lol) containing other app’s that some of us aren’t intersted in, seeing now has got a different colour for it’s tile or vidzone is featuring whoever… asking for a plug in hdd isn’t going to happen, security etc, no reasons for any of the other requests to see light of day, i too am confused by the download space needed issue, tried to download something claiming to be 3GB, with near 24GB spare yet was told to make more space.. best one though was for store ‘suggestions’ is it just me or do they show Battlefield4 to everyone else as something they may like? that feature either needs fixing or removing, very embarrassing and not worthy/fitting for sen/ps4.

    • Very much agree – the only TV app I ever use is Plex, and every time I have to scroll through three rows of TV apps I’ve never so much as downloaded to find it rather than having it on the same row as my games

  • Remote play on iPad!!!!!

  • No custom folders and no ability to permanently delete games and no possibility to choose games appearing on front page = useless to sign up for beta/unnecessary to update

    • I also thing about delete games from library in PS4. I have got some demo version next to full version.

  • It would be nice if the PS4 was able to run PS1 games we bought from the PS Store, just like how the PSP, PS3 and PS Vita are.

    • The best are games for PS1 and PS2 on the DVD – the games / discs from second hand are very cheap. So this is not bussines for Sony & Vendors – go to PS Store and pay full price once again.

  • I like that the browser based ps store lets you add items to a wish list. It would be good to see the wish list make a move to the console based store too. Also the option to gift things to people on our friends list, as recently I wanted to buy Firewatch for my friend but I could only buy him a store voucher at retail for the same value.

    I’d also like the option to delete demos and betas from my library. It’s so annoying to have 2 icons for the same game just because I played the demo before buying the full game. It just looks messy and I’ve had to create a separate account just for playing demos on to stop it happening again.

    I still hold out hope to see the option to change PSN ID’s, even if we were only given the option to do it once every 12 months or something. I chose my ID at the launch of the PS3 before I’d ever heard the term ‘furry’ used as anything more than an adjective. I’d really like the chance to disassociate myself from the other use of the word. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve had friend requests from people under the false impression that I like them am a furry.

    Other than that the PS4 is a great console. Keep it up Sony.

    • Oddly you mentioning the browser store points me to my only genuine issue with ps4’s os… its browser is far too limited. About time it had a damned upgrade. Not being able to handle simple flash sites in 2016 is a joke.

    • @PureNomad a website not being in HTML5 in 2016 is a joke.

  • I would like to see backwards compatibility for the PS3, PS2 and PSOne Games via disc and digital, along with previous purchases from the ps3’s playstation store. In addition, the play compatibility via portable hard drive just like the Xbox 360, Wii U, and Xbox One would be ultra awesome for the ultimate gaming experience in the playstation gaming world.

  • Signed up hoping to get picked again, but we’ll see. Will be exciting to see what the latest update will bring.

  • Anyone know the rate of console bricks? I’ve done one beta and been scared ever since.

  • Ps store..APPS (music apps) Spotify that’s it, don’t want Spotify! Bring back tunin then there be a choice! Don’t wont your screen savers just want to put my own photos for my screen saver! Folders. Don’t want to see most of the cr#p on the home screen! Why can’t I play my old ps games that I have spent a lot of money on and supported through the years!

  • I want you to interface ps4 beautiful than Alusband present and I want you to provide room for Bluetooth mobile phones connect ps4 and listen to music, and I want you progress Games slimmer or less in size in Games updates

  • ThroughTheIris56

    Please may we have folders and the ability to hide games we haven’t downloaded.

  • ThroughTheIris56

    Also with regards to UI, the library should be moved to the far left of the bar. It’s what everyone goes to access the most and it’s not great having to scroll the most to access it. On the trophy list games should be able to arranged alphabetically. Finally there is a lot of wasted space on the trophy viewing and games library. I feel things could be moved around in order to get more useful content on screen, as well as giving as the option to resize icons.

  • Ok, just signed up. Fingers crossed here!

    I know this is been asked several times still, i just don’t understand why a basic thing like setting an image as background isn’t possible. Since we can take screenshots of game play at least let us use that.

    • I think there are a lot of things that should be introduced into the OS by now, so hopefully 4.0 is the open gate to a flood of improvements and added features, 1 thing I think should be allowed is what you can use to get an image to make your avatar instead of just a limited area such as facebook, what if you don’t have it? where else can you get an image from? see what I mean? also a new feature is to power up from standby by voice control, if it can do it from on to standby why not the other way too? so on and so on.
      What are your thoughts?

    • @eyeti37 regarding the profile image you can use whichever you want, just use Playstation App (at least that’s what i did) and choose the picture you want, you can even take one and use. If you mean just this avatar i have here on the blog, sorry but i don’t think you can use a external picture…
      The voice command, i might be wrong, but if the system is on standby the mic sensor as no reason to always be on expecting a voice input, if it were always on that wouldn’t be a standby mode, from what i understand…

  • I’ve signed up too, just hope I get lucky and get picked.

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  • How about expandable external hard drive for games so I can save more games and I would play it a lot more than my Xbox which I’m running 4tb on with out farting around with taking my system a part. Will not happen. Just with it would SONY.

  • Unfortunately I didn’t pay my PS Plus this month, maybe next month, financial situation is not so good here in Brazil, but I really want to help playstation, hope to get an opportunity, since I already have a lot of experience as test analyst, I work with it for a several years now.

  • Just signed up cant wait to see whats changed hopefully well be able to download custom made themes like the ps3 had also add me if you want

  • Hopefully i get picked it would be my first time and i would be very greatful

  • Can’t wait xD

  • Please let there be a feature where you can change your PSN name!

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