New discounts start today on PlayStation Store, including Mirror’s Edge Catalyst

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New discounts start today on PlayStation Store, including Mirror’s Edge Catalyst

Plus, pre-order discounts on some up-and-coming digital gems

Follow Faith, a daring free runner, as she fights for freedom in the city of Glass in our Deal of the Week, Mirror’s Edge Catalyst.

Available on PS4, you can master your environment and uncover the terrible secret hidden within the city at a drop down price until the 27th July. Download today!

Totally Digital (until 24/08/16)

It’s week two of our huge Totally Digital event on PlayStation Store! With a mix of both full game and pre-order titles available on offer, you can save up to 50% on some amazing digital and indie games!

Don’t miss out on favourites such as Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture, The Witness, Rocket League, Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty and many more. We’ve also added Bound, Headlander, Brutal, ABZU and Dungeon Punks to our list of digital pre-order titles available on offer!

Don’t forget, if you’re a member of PlayStation Plus, you can get additional PS Plus discounts on selected Totally Digital offers. Get a PS Plus membership today!

You won’t want to miss these amazing deals so head to PlayStation Store and save, download and play!

*Some titles within the promotion may not be available in your region

Save on PS3 and Vita (until 27/07/16)

Our PS3 and Vita offers continue this week with a wide range of titles available at a discounted price! You can visit PlayStation Store for all your regional pricing but here’s a complete look at what’s on offer!

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  • Quite annoying but the ps store in Sweden has been down for a while now. Hopefully it will be up and running by tonight again.

  • So, Trails in the Sky Chapter 1 is missing from the store?

    Will another feedback/queries/troubleshooting system come along for PSN that is actually workable considering zero queries have been answered so far this week?

  • 20% off on pre-orders actually gives me a reason to pre-order a game. A theme or a pretty hat just doesn’t do it for me.

    • And the fact those pre-orders will usually be at least 30% more expensive than buying retail gives me a reason to continue ignoring games on PSN until they’re part of a sale.

    • @sixsix7. Whilst I agree with your sentiment, your skepticism is entirely misplaced. The games in question are entirely digital, in fact the promotion is called “Totally Digital”.

  • Are we going to be able to pre-order Batman – The Telltale Series with the pre-order bonuses that the US has? In the US Store you can pre-order the game at a 10% discount and you get a free copy of The Wolf Among Us. Please tell me this is also coming to Europe…

  • Hey Sandeep,

    May I suggest you guys arrange a Superhero Sale like the one currently available at the US Store? Items like the Marvel Pinball tables are never discounted in the Euro Store while it’s the second time this year the US get good deals on them. Please, keep them in mind for next sales. Thanks.

  • Will be pre-ordering Abzu & Bound.
    Just a quick slightly related & probably dumb question, on the store I see both games are rated 5stars by 2 & 6 people respectively. How does this work? I’ve noticed this before and wondered what the deal is with people able to rate these games prior to launch or even playing them..??

  • Aside from Mirrors Edge and a few new ones, there is no new significant discount. Also, the plus discount on SOMA is slashed. Why is that?

    • What are the new discounts? Aside from the obvious Mirrors Edge I can’t see any others.

      Was hoping for Shovel Knight and Axiom Verge during the second week.

    • I’m glad I purchased that when it was just £4.09. ‘Cracking game for that price. It’s still worth the £6.00 they are currently asking for but I guess too many people night the game with the Plus discount and they figured that they would charge more again for it.

    • Al’s, if a company wants us to preorder then they need to put up some footage of the game in order to entice us. A simple discount without me knowing whether the game will be for me or not is not going to get me to cough up the money.

    • I bet the SOMA discount has gone because they realised that it was too good of an offer

  • “Some titles may not be available in your region”. I think this is need to be the slogan for Europe region insted ” For the Players”.No offense.

  • Erm, isnt this just the list of games from last week? :/

  • Joke of a so called sale you should be embarrassed. Can’t tell what ones are new because you have just copy and paste all the ones from last week… And the deal of the week is more than retail… Please explain how that is a deal???

  • Soooo….. just the game of the week has changed for the UK. What a waste of text just to tell us that.

  • A little misleading to say “new discounts” when as far as I can tell there is only one new discount: Mirror’s Edge

  • Rock Band Rivals Pre Order?

  • Alienation was definitely worth it for me, still some of my favourite indie games from these guys. Hope to see more high grade indies like theirs down the line. Mirror’s Edge I’ll pick up on retail discount.

  • It’s been a while since my last psn Plus subscripción added and I was interested in purchasing one month (maybe more) due to the extra save for Soma, however this deal was removed today. :( I’m afraid to say new subscription will have to wait longer.

  • Hoping for gran turismo 6 anniversary edition in the next sale and sony dont be stingy with the discount after all its your game

  • MEGA DLC discount on all games perhaps? i think that most gamers want it all in one buy, like with grid autosport. You get the game, but the DLC’s are crazy expensive: ok, i play the game then, no DLC: delete game: gone forever. Or discount the whole package…

  • Why is the soma ps plus exclusive discount slashed. I wanted to buy that game and now i don’t have enough money in my cart. Could you please put it back as it was?

    • I had the same feeling when I realized about this change. I bet the deal was until August at the time it was released last week but is not there anymore =/ Any chance of having the same deal from you Sony guys?

  • What about the theme for Bound?
    I can’t find out how to download it after preordering & PAYING…

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