Saints Row: Gat Out Of Hell & Furi come to PlayStation Plus on 5th July

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Saints Row: Gat Out Of Hell & Furi come to PlayStation Plus on 5th July

Plus, Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood, Oreshika: Tainted Bloodlines, and more

Today I’m happy to share your PlayStation Plus games for next month. From 5th July you’ll be able to cause mayhem in hell, or fight your way through boss after boss in a brand new game.

First up, we have Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell. With a choice of characters, enter the open-world sandbox setting of New Hades and wreak havoc. If you are at all familiar with the Saints Row franchise, you know that some seriously over-the-top antics are waiting for you. And if you aren’t familiar with the franchise? Hold onto your hats, prepare for a wild romp, and jump in.

Next up is Furi, a new title from The Game Bakers. Built on the premise of making a game that is both simple and deep, Furi is a fast-paced, tense and ultimately rewarding gameplay experience. The depth comes from the ways with which you use your skills to take on unique opponents. Furi pits you against guardians, each with their own style, in what feel more like carefully crafted duels than boss fights. The Game Bakers have made something truly special here, and we hope you enjoy it.

And that’s not all. Here’s your full lineup, going live on 5th July:

PS Plus extra: Paragon, a PS4 console exclusive

As an added benefit this month, PS Plus subscribers can get early access to Paragon, the new MOBA from legendary developer Epic Games. From 5th July, PS Plus members have exclusive access to a free Paragon Starter Pack which includes instant access to the beta as well as other in-game goodies, such as three Master Challenges for the heroes Gadget, Murdock, and Rampage (to unlock skins, XP boosts, emotes, deck slots, and more). Make sure you take advantage of this huge head start!

With a constantly expanding roster of unique heroes, Paragon lets you customise your playstyle to complement your teammates and dominate the opposition.

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  • Click on one of the two comments below that corresponds better on how you feel about this ps+ update.
    Please, click only one (and vote one time only), so that the results are representative of our feelings towards it. Thank you.

    • >> I enjoy this month’s ps+ update.

    • >> I don’t enjoy this month’s ps+ update.

    • I know some people might think that this update is good and all and I have no problem with that. but I gotta admit, i’m not liking this month’s free games, there is absolutely nothing i am gonna get from this update. last year’s July batch of games have got to be better than this year’s, considering you’ve got Rocket League on that list…

    • On the other hand there are people like me who do not generally play games online, Rocket League did nothing for me.

    • Yakuza 5 is currently free for PS Plus subscribers… Is it replacing Fat Princess, or is it a mistake..?
      Nevertheless, I just grabbed it for free…

  • Furi looks fantastic. And always wanted to give Oreshika: Tainted Bloodlines a try. Not bad.

    • Oreshika will be a big time sync and it’s time management like Atelier games (meaning short period of time before characters grow old, mating etc). As you can use the camera to photograph yourself and have your family turned into a sumi ink version of you (that’s pretty cool as is when you come across scenic views where the characters can be photographed).

      I like the game but I wish characters lived longer than 2 game years. I’m partial to the dancer class so maybe other classes live longer.

  • Furi looks interesting and I’ve never tried a Saint’s Row title so this is a pretty good month for me. Feel bad for Vita owners that are stuck getting PSP games now though!

    • Don’t just feel bad for the Vita owners, we all lose a spot for those games.. Might as well have been a ps4 title instead..

    • Im happy with psp games if good ones, and how do you lose a spot for the games, do you honestly think sony would give us an extra ps4 title if they stopped vita ones or ps3 , i very much doubt it

    • Oreshika is pretty awesome game, you don’t know what you are saying. Shame a have both Oreshika and Saint’s Row from this month ;/

    • I’d rather a good PSP game than a [DELEED] ps4/ps3/psvita game

    • @unbiased I don’t know, they might? Cancel that, they should! It’s not like they can’t do better anymore and they’re at the top of their peak at this, LOL. Or don’t have the means, for that matter. If you keep your expectations low, they never have to bother doing better, ofcourse.. ;)

    • @Clever Ok Mr. Obvious. But I’d rather have a good PS4/PS3/VITA game than a good PSP game ;)

    • same here, i would rather have a good PS4/PS3/PSVita game then a PSP game (i don’t care if it is good or not). there are two reasons why…

      1 – lack of trophies, i’m sure all trophy hunters out there would agree with me!
      2 – controlling a PSP game on a PSVita is weird because the PSP/PSP never had a right analog stick (the PSP Go never had one ether).

    • it’s “PSP” not “PSP/PSP”. i wish there was a way you could edit your own comments… -_-

    • @stonesthrow Hey i agree they should, but they wont i would be happy with one ps3 and one vita game if they improved the quality, as some of the ps3 titles have been shocking lately too, looking at you loco roco screensaver, my personal wish is no more ps plus games for ps3 but make ps now free to all subscribers, that would give me something to cheer me up (and yeah i know the chances there are pretty slim too lol )

  • Not bad, for me better than June. Saitns row is fun and I wanted to get the DLC, but I wil notl be suprised if a lot of people don’t like it. Stand alone sure, but still it takes part after the main game…

    Also third month in a row with a PSP title… At least Oreshika looks interesting

  • RiP Vita

    POP games on PSP were absolutely awful with their lag and out of sync audio

    • Yea, getting the best game of lineup is definitely RIP Vita.

      PSP game is an obligatory reminder that Vita only has proper games left to give.

  • BRAVO BRAVO Sony! :) Nice line-up and a nice try for the first time ever I feel jealous of what PS4 and PS3 guys are getting! :)

    Nice line-up!

  • Mixed feelings for a change.. Good to see AAA again as it suggests that will be regular by now (finally!!). On the other hand, nothing much worth downloading yet.. But there is a very tiny ray of hope for the future atleast.
    I’d still be better at ease if you just split the costs or made it free online again so we’re not forced to subscribe to PS+, and it becomes a truly optional service yet again, and probably better for it..

    • whats the AAA game?

      saints row?

      its standalone dlc that lasts about 4-6 hrs and is not great (i have the plat and it was boring as hell because the story is over far too fast)

    • Granted, but atleast it comes closer to AAA than the umpteenth Indie.. But you’re right, maybe I shouldn’t get my hopes up for AAA on the regular just yet…

  • Yet another PSP game for Vita fans! :(

    • With the added bonus of being a terrible one… Since a monthly PSP game is now a thing, they could at least make it a good one

  • I was wondering why Oreshika was not on the sale, because I wanted to grab it :D Well 100% is probably the best discount i could have recieved :) In general, pretty happy with this month. Still no competition for the glorious days of PS3, but we are slowly getting somewhere :)

    • It was on sale a while ago. Shame I already have it from that sale. Wouldn’t of thought it’d end up on plus. Getting fed up of the psp games. I have psp games for my psp already. Don’t need to have them for my vita too.

  • great! good month!!!

  • Gat Out of Hell looks cool. As does Oreshika. We’ve certainly had worse months, that’s for sure! ;)

  • Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell isn’t too bad, if you liked Saints Row IV, this is more of the same which to me was welcome, but it’s more of an expansion, as the map has basically been re-skinned for the DLC. If you haven’t played Saints Row IV, then this is truly a great choice. Again I don’t think it’s an amazing month, but after a AAA game last month and this month a standalone expansion, it’s definitely a step in the right direction. Personally, I’m really excited to play Paragon, I know it’s free-to-play, but the Starter Pack is a real bonus, Keep it up Sony, a step in the right direction for sure.

    • It will be fully free on August 16 for Open Beta, so with the Starter Pack you’ll be able to join us earlier!

    • Oh right, I didn’t realise that the full release was actually that far away, makes this even better. Thank you for the heads up :D

  • some nice looking PS4 games this month, cool stuff :D. and some old but biggy PS3 games aswell, which is nice 8). not sure about the Vita ones, but they seems fun too.

  • Thumbs up for Oreshiika. Even though I own it and never played it lol.

    Thumbs down for Prince of persia. Stop giving us PSP games.

    • Yeah, I bought it in one of the Japan sales before and didn’t play it yet either. But that’s ok, it seems like a good game so that’s nice for the people who don’t have it yet.

  • Furi looks good and quite like the look of Oreshika. But I’m seriously done with buying games from the store. Sony, your policy of heavily discounting titles just before they go on PS Plus (Saints Row this month), is one of the least consumer friendly ideas ever. You’re alienating loyal customers. I appreciate that from a business perspective it probably makes sense to turn people off of buying titles which are on sale at a lower price, but the way in which you’re doing so is not exactly inspiring me to buy them on full price either….

  • Gat out of Hell is an excellent game, hours of fun

  • As a totally unrelated aside, are we ever likely to receive any sort of official response about Kings Quest Ep.1, and the fact that a supposed PS Plus title (which formed part of the IGC) then became a free title for anyone and everyone, wheteher they are a Plus member or not? That’s pretty poor as well, especially given the ill will generated by giving an episode of a full game instead of an ACTUAL full game

    • Didn’t they put some ps3 screensaver on ps+ one of these months? Do you think they care? Four months later and Broforce (PS+ March) is still broken…

    • I think it’s totally self explanatory. At the time it was released on PS+ in the IGC it was not free. If you didn’t have PS+ you’d have to pay to play it. However, after the second part of the game came out , the publisher made the decision to give the first part away for free to everyone to encourage sales of the second half. Sony had no say in this – it was a business decision on the part of the publisher. So no point in getting upset on this board about it as Sony haven’t done anything wrong in this respect.

  • fanc ulo, conti nuate a cance llare i com menti

  • mixed feelings, not bad games, nothing exceptional but reasonable, barring banner saga 2 on xbox, i think both sides a bit average this month to be honest

  • What the 3rd month in a ROW with a super old PSP!!! game for vita! This is not cool, that is not a vita game please stop this!! Otherwise really happy but hope this is now not policy waste a vita slot on a psp game, my main reason for plus is the steady flow of vita games really disappointed this seems to be you saying that it from now on out, I for one am not okay with that. Again other very happy with the month and look forward to Saints row inparticular.

  • Well, I have a retail copy of Saints row 4 wich includes a code for Gat out of hell, unfortunately, I did not redeemed this code XD … so as soon as I finish saints row 4, I should be able to sell them again as a whole pack…. XD

    Regarding the july line-up:

    Furi seems to be a good indie, maybe a pleasant surprise
    Call of juarez and Fat princess are both top games, with great reviews (it seems sony is taking care again of ps3 users)
    Prince of persia, despite being a psp title, it’s not a bad one (some related issues it seems… but ok for me) It’s ok for me to get one good psp title and another good vita title every month, if the global IGC quality is this good.
    And oreshika seems to be a great jrpg… quite a fresha addition (I dont remember any jrpg on IGC vita’s games so far)

    Well, you could enjoy more or less this lineup, but truth is they are good games, and the six of them for only 4€ a month…

    If you think you have the right to complain, you should give a think about it… really…

  • Yes, the PS Plus line up for PS4 is good at last. Especially Furi is one game I wanted to play. And the Paragon starter pack is nice.

  • Much better than the previous months

  • Dear Sony

    With the wealth of games that have (at least to my knowledge) never been part of ps+ on vita why do you insist on offering PSP games. Arkham Blackgate, Lbp vita, many Lego games, ac liberation to name a few.

    If you do not intend to put any effort into the Vita support then why continue this pretence. These PSP games are clearly tacked on to meet a quota at as little cost as possible. They aren’t even well received PSP games (gram tourismo PSP I could accept since there is clearly never going to be another hand held entry into that series)

    If you CANT budget for 2 actual vita games a month then restrict it to once real vita game. Whilst fully losing ps+ support for legacy devices would be an unacceptable move l, I have to wonder if we wouldn’t be better served by having a 4 game ps+ lineup comprising of 2 ps4 games and one each for PS3 and Vita (of better quality than the PSP and minis we are starting to see.

    • Why do people assume they have to give in to get better? If anything, they should keep the 6 spots, but fill them all with quality titles (of which mostly ps4 content as it’s mandatory there, ps3 and vita subs are still optional as should be and can stop subbing anytime). Not add quality at the cost of quantity.. It’s the VERY LEAST they could do after forcing us to sub to substandard quality (just for online capabilities for most of us, not to mention) for almost 3 years. People shouldn’t feel like they have to give in to get better, we deserve better.

    • @Stonesthrow: I’m sorry if I got the wrong impression but, are we, PS3 /Vita users less important than others for the lack of PS4’s _OPTIONAL_ multiplayer features?
      Also “(…)ps3 and vita subs are still optional as should be and can stop subbing anytime(…)”?
      Aren’t you just imposing your “want” over Sony’s and other users “need” by any chance?
      Some of us have been subbed to PSPlus since day one and if it weren’t for us, PSPlus wouldn’t even exist to start with.
      What about all those years of IGC we’ve been paying for and stocking up? We’re already being treated like second rate citizens as it is!

    • @Deoki No, you make some good points although those devices aren’t as relevant anymore and shouldn’t be bundled with the ‘modern’ PS+ subscription imo (which is mandatory for online on ps4 to begin with)
      Basically I’m asking for either : * Free online and completely optional PS+ sub or,
      if they stubbornly stick to working over parts of their audience by making them sub on ps4 stricktly for online : *Offer only PS4 content for that current “mandatory for online” PS+ sub* and add a seperate(still optional) PS3/VITA PS+ sub for those that are still interested in the older devices and their backlog.
      The only people who would come out worse in that case, arguably, are the ones who like it this way, getting a bit of everything for all consoles, they’d have to sub twice… In any case, everyone would get a full list of content tailored to their console in question (and Sony still gets to have people sub for online and keep the sham going, lol). The best (most fair) would be free online and fully optional PS+ subs, obviously:p
      But basically I’m just asking for some more consumer choice if fair dealing is off the table. You don’t expect to be forced to buy an additional television every time you buy a blu ray film either, do you?

  • You should give us the full SR4 game instead of its DLC with the money you saved from the PSP game. Anyway, thanks for COJ and I’ll try Oreshika even though I found the demo underwhelming.

  • Unsubbing (if that’s a word) this month. Been poor for a while now, it’s getting worse. They need a top title. Releasing a top basketball game last month? Great if you’re in the US but B Ball isn’t exactly our top sport here. Don’t honestly know what I was hoping for, but it wasn’t this.

  • Was looking to buy Oreshika and furi looks decent, so it’s a good month!

  • We had Call of Juarez: Gunslinger in June last year. Year later, another from the Call of Juarez? Am I the only one who’s annoyed about this? (I know they’ve offered titles in series over a few months in the past. But it takes the biscuit after a while.) At least, LADDER GOAT

  • Are you saying that they’re giving just the standalone dlc to SR, not the whole bundle?

    …just wait, till my year-long subscription expires…

  • A solid month in my view. I didn’t like the way Saints Row went after Saints Row 2 do I didn’t bother buying them. I did play Saints Row 3 on PS3 (thanks to plus) it was not as bad as I thought it was going to be. Then saints row 4 came along and it just looked so stupid considering the series started off as a gangster game. But for free I will check it out.

    Furi looks interesting. Fat Princess was great when I played it. Call Of Juarez Bound in Blood is a bit old now. But a very underrated title. Prince of Persia sure it’s a PSP game. But a very good one ill be playing this on my PS TV. Oreshika: Tainted Bloodlines going by reviews is a solid JRPG.

    • I played the original Saints Row on the other console and it was dreadful (hokey control system etc) so much so I gave 2 a miss. Played 2 when it was on plus and ingame chat was horrendous (even worse than the original Borderlands on PS3).

      I then played Saints Row 3 (and it is the only game to date I ever bought because of the reviews) and I loved it (still one of my favourite games of all time). SR4 was definitely fan service and I enjoyed it but buying it again for PS4 – wasn’t going to happen. Personally I liked that the Saint’s Row series went mental and OTT

      Oreshika / Oreshika 2 is a good game

    • The third was just better on a technical level too, a quality which a lot of gamers seem to overlook. Hated the controls of the second one, it basically just had a crosshair over your head. Atleast the third added an over the shoulder view and had more established and precise controls. That alone made it ways better just to begin with.

  • And again we get with Saints Row: Gat out of Hell a piece of dlc for a full game. You are a bunch of cheap basterd, Sony

    • It is a full game.

    • I retract my first (drunken) comment. Had a lot of fun with Fat Princess, great game. Already have all the trophies and I’m done with it but it’s cool. And free for Sony to put up I guess… I’ll try Oreshika because my Vita needs the attention, and the PSP game will be ignored.

    • MoFoMedia I got Saints Row 4 game of the year edition and Gat out of Hell is stand alone DLC, Sure it can be bought as a low budget stand alone experience but but it’s sold as DLC and not a full game. BTW The game and it’s DLC are very disappointing imho.

  • Saint Row, Oreshika, Fat princess and Call of juarez are all solid titles well worth playing. Furi has potential but going to wait for reviews / feedback from gamers before investing too much time into it.
    I like there is something good for all 3 platforms this month.

  • I actually like this bunch. Thecrappy psp game not so much, but the rest look good. Nice work

  • A friend of mine has been raving about Furi on PC for a while, but I wasn’t convinced. I guess this gives me a chance to give it a go without explicitly having to put money down for it. :)

  • Great month. Best so far this year, for my tastes.

  • Bad month. Gat out of hell is universally slated as a bad game and furi looks like it’ll get deleted after 5 minutes.
    Do the right thing, stop PS3 and vita games on plus and double down on some genuine can’t do without deals. (It’ll happen in the next 12 months)

  • Furi could be fun, Gat out of Hell was fun I guess. Worst Saints Row game but it’s something. Not even going to bother saying something about the rest.

  • SONY – exploring new ways to dazzle our subscribers and make them think something is better than it actually is
    yes what i mean is most people think the highlight of this month, SR gat out of hell, is actually a AAA title while it’s nothing but a STAND ALONE EXPANSION (DLC) of saints row 4….
    Furi might be the only game worth anything this month and that remains to be seen

    • Please go cry at your moms ears for only 4Euro a month what do you think u can expect???

    • Actually I think you should realize that PS+ is not only about PS4. Furi looks great and the remaining line-up (maybe apart from PoP) is awesome. Just buy the remaining consoles and you’ll become happier :D

    • @Finka That’s not a given and relative too.. I’ve owned all their consoles since the beginning and still do, and am a strong advocate of offering only PS4 content (that’s the console on which they’re ‘forcing’ us to sub, for online, not to mention the one of this generation). But to keep the detainees in mind, they could offer a seperate sub for those ps3 and vita players, for them it’s always been optional anyways. Both the current gen players will get all modern games, and the detainees will get a full list of titles for their devices.
      Arguably a small group will still want both, but hey, they can sucker you guys into getting both subs then:)

    • Dinki0815 go ask your mom for some milk :P
      you are obviously still a kid since you don’t know what we were getting with the same amount of money only a couple of years back

  • OK I’m presuming that you mean the old PS3 game Fat Princess and not the one the link is for Fat Princess Adventures because that is a PS4 game and you may want to fix that link.

    Gat out of Hell is good and I already have Oreshika (2 versions) and Call of Juarez (bought years ago at Blockbuster in the 4 for £20 days. I never thought I would see Oreshika as a plus title and this gives me hope more JRPG’s will offered in plus -regardless of vita or psp games

    Also as we are now receiving a PSP games as a plus title…how about Z.H.P or Growlanser in the coming months (sorry couldn’t resist) (,, ՞ਊ ՞)=☞)՞ਊ ՞)

  • Stop including PSP games in PSVita PS Plus.. You cannot call it a PsVita game! Just like you cannot put PsOne Classics in the PS3 PS Plus games.

    I purchased PS Plus for the PSVita games so for the past three months, I’ve been very disappointed.

  • Wow, pretty excited! Furi looks amazing but Saints Row is better and never played this one.. But the best part is… I am a Paragon player! I am happy now the game takes more population and this starter pack is very kind! Thanks Sony and Epic Games!!!!

    Guys, play Paragon! It’s a MOBA of strategy and war looking pretty sick!

  • Nothing what i dont have or like but good month for psplus (strategie with tropico,sports with nba2016, now action saints row) hope for a nice rpg next months please not tales of zesteria since i bought it right now

  • Very well done, Sony – great line up

  • And for the negative comments here.. I didn’t like a single month this year with PLUS. But this month, is a great month for me. But i didn’t post negative comments about plus or sony you know.. Be positive dudes, if you don’t like it, don’t complain. Just don’t buy a PS plus. Damnnnnn…. Strange gamers..

    You didn’t buy Plus with knowledge of what to get every month you know..

    • That’s like saying if you do like it, don’t compliment.. Then why comment at all? To go completely off topic and hypocritically complain about random people complaining? Right…

    • Well, he has a point. I tired of the complaints about PS Plus (and Xbox Live Gold) as well.

      There is no problem in commenting at all and I did complain here before about stuff not working correctly. I also commented about games I already played on PC and I wanted to chime in on how good the game was.

      You can comment, you can say negative or positive stuff. But each month the same reactions from 100 people is quite tiring (and it is not only on this blog, it is all over the internet, that makes it even worse).

      You pas a few euro per month for this. If you have 2 to 3 games in a year which you find interesting you got your money out of it. I don’t see a reason to complain to be honest (and otherwise, just don’t subscribe to it instead of complaining).

      (Yes, I know I am complaining as well, on an other forum they said the same thing ;)).

    • they really need an edit button:

      some corrections:
      I AM tired of the complaints about PS Plus (and Xbox Live Gold) as well.

      You paY a few euro per month for this.

  • And Sony Asia gets The Evil Within… Its not fair.

  • Well… I own both the Vita and PSP game. So don’t really care much about that. I also own Fat Princess so the same can be said there. And I really don’t care for Call of Juarez at all. So nothing for me on PS3/Vita this month. :(

    I’ve been interested in Furi ever since it was first announced, so I’ll definitely give that a go. :)

    I’ll probably also play Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell, although I’d wish we got the bundle including Saints Row 4 as well. But oh well. I still have a huge backlog to get through anyway :P

  • Destructive_Ends

    Looking pretty good this month :)

  • I’ll give saints row a try, and I wanted to check out paragon too. Thanks Sony!

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