NBA 2K16 and Gone Home join PlayStation Plus this month

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NBA 2K16 and Gone Home join PlayStation Plus this month

Echocrome, Siren: Blood Curse & God of War: Chains of Olympus also incoming

Hi everyone. Today we’re pleased to share with you two excellent PS4 games coming to PlayStation Plus on 7th June.

First up, we’re adding NBA 2K16 to the June lineup. One of the most critically acclaimed sports titles ever, the latest iteration of 2K’s basketball simulation offers robust offline modes like MyCareer and MyGM, and deep online modes including MyTeam and MyLeague. So be the baller you always wanted to be and guide your team to the NBA Championship.

Next up is Gone Home – one of the most talked about titles of the last few years. While it’s an interesting exploration/adventure game, it’s the narrative of Gone Home that really sets it apart. Developer The Fulbright Company has created an intimate and unique story that will live long in the memory.


Here’s your full line-up of games for June:

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    • How do you undo the vote? I accidentally clicked on yes.

    • I have to say I’m finally disappointed with a month of free games, but ah well. First time for everything. Would have preferred an NFL game over the NBA one, but that’s just me. Maybe next month. Although I’ve never heard of that Siren game, so will check that out.

    • The_David_Diablo

      Love that all the indie game nerds are crying that this is a bad month. NBA 2K16 is a triple AAA game and a FAR better game than 99% of that indie crap. Now to say it’s not your style is fair enough, but to call this a bad month is laughable (GOW also being a good game). Just replying here to keep my comment on the top, so Sony doesn’t think we’re all a bunch of ungrateful s**** and crybaby nerds… This is the best month since I got a PS4 last November. Tropico 5 last month was good too, if only more people gave it a chance. I would have never bought it otherwise and I actually enjoy it. Normal people appreciate the stepping up of effort. Keep the triple AAAs coming! Only indie that I genuinely liked was Helldivers…

    • detvseverybody27


  • popcorn time :)

  • Great month, finally! Good games for us

    • This would be the first month I’ve had PS+ that I would call “blegh”. Only game I’ll try is that Siren. Hate NBA games, don’t have a PSP/Vita, and looked at videos of the other two and won’t even DL them. But a first for everything I guess. Maybe next month Sony

    • All these people saying they’re not interested in gone home or won’t even DL it. Smh………………..smh

    • I hope you’re joking. Either you’re joking or you haven’t had PS Plus for that long to come out with such a ridiculous statement.

    • detvseverybody27

      This is the first month I actually like the lineup. NBA 2K16! Amazing game that cost $60! Right in time for the NBA Finals, awesome stuff Sony!

  • Carnivius_Prime

    My actual first ever month where I can’t see anything I remotely want. Maybe there will be another extra PS4 bonus game like the last couple months cos those have entertained me more than the publicised ones.

    • Carnivius_Prime

      I have God of War Chains of Olympus on PSP aaand it’s PS3 HD remaster…

      Hm come to think of it you know what would be cool? PSP games running on the PS4…

    • Daxter would be awesome if it were given the PS2 on PS4 treatment. :)

    • @andrewsqual Well, then the game would have to be ported to PS2 first… Might as well port it straight to PS4 at that point :P

    • @DoYouLikeMyID Its wishful silly thinking though. There are already Sony PS2 ports of PSP games that will probably still never see a release on PS4. Games like Jak and Daxter The Lost Frontier, Secret Agent Clank, Motorstorm Artic Edge, Syphon Filter Dark Mirror (the sequel was ported to PS2 but only in the US) AND Twisted Metal Head On (in the US).
      Why won’t they be released? I dunno but if they weren’t released on PS3’s PS2 Classics line why would they be released on PS4’s, much more effort needed for porting, PS2 Classics system?

  • Happy to see ‘Gone Home’ on there. Will give that a try… not really a basketball fan, but NBA 2K16 is less than a year old and looks really good. The PS3 games aren’t great- both are eight years old. I don’t think they even have trophies.

  • finally a great, great month!!!

    not a single system should complain, god of war it’s a superb game, worth giving instead of crappy vita indies. And I cant believe the ps4 line up… it seems Gold and the E3 had done some harm….

    Thanks sony!

    • The_David_Diablo

      And yet… There are tonnes of people complaining… XD I can’t wait until next month if we get a bunch of Indie games. These same complainers will be praising Sony while criticising people who don’t like indies for not having an open mind… NBA 2K16 is the best game Sony has offered in a LONG time. Even if you’re not a basketball fan, give it a chance. I’m not a fan of Rally for example, but I’ve always enjoyed the Dirt Series…

  • Seriously Gone Home a really niche indie game is the free game of the month out of the many other more wide appealing games you picked a “walking sim”.

    • When I hear “more wide appealing games” I feel shivers down my spine, and they don’t come from excitement…

    • From what I understand about the sportsballs, NBA 2K is the best basketball game on the market. And it sells gangbusters among the gamers who don’t reply to blogs. From what I can tell, the sportsball game is the wide appeal you’re looking for.

  • didn’t we get an NBA game about 6 months ago? And didn’t we get a god of war vita game last month or the month before?

    so much for diversity.

    • jamie-sixtyfour

      “didn’t we get an NBA game about 6 months ago?”

      Nope, nope we did not.

    • Was thinking exactly the same NBA game on the ps3 a couple of months ago and the other God Of War psp game is still available on the Vita now! Not happy with this month at all and I’m not one to moan…

    • 6 months was a bit of an exaggeration i guess but we definitely had nba2k15.

      everyone looking forward to NBA2K17 sometime next year then?

    • You’re dreaming. We got NBA 2k14. And in UAE, they got 2k13, too. But there was a small window in which non-UAE countries could get 2k13 before it was removed as we weren’t supposed to get it.

    • The second GoW game is a strong hint for the announcement of an new GoW at E3 soon, it”s a common tactic to give an older game of an franchise for free before announcing a new entry in the franchise to get people excited again about the game.

  • NBA 2K16?
    I know we’ve all been asking for retail games, but jeez.
    I’m sure Plus members in the US of A will be “stoked” about it, but speaking as a UK member I really couldn’t care less.
    I’d rather have Knack…
    On the “Plus” side (geddit?) Gone home is awesome though!

    • NBA 2K16 is a great game. Knack is not.

    • Carnivius_Prime

      Knack is a decent game. NBA 2K16 is video game basketball. I prefer just getting my actual basketball and heading to the lil court across my road.

    • Not even great for USA members, NBA 2K feels like a game that if you wanted it… you would already have bought it by now.

      But eh…. what ever, ill give it a shot.

    • Carnivius_Prime >> Well, then you know what to do, don’t you? ;-)

    • I would rather play knack than a basketball game.

    • Personally – I really couldn’t care less for NBA 2K16. Basketball is among the least favourite sports for me…

      However I’m kinda happy to see a big title on the list – I think it’s an improvement in the direction Plus is heading..

      I’m not going to play NBA games, but I think there is a huge amount of players that will.

      Let’s hope in the coming months we will see some great games that we like ;)

    • British people and basketball haha. I’ve played many 2k games (I love basketball as do most of Europeans) and this is the ps4 version so it may be good. You should try it, it’s a real sport.

    • Also speaking as a UK member, I’m totally stoked for NBA 2K16. I almost bought it the other day, so thank god.

  • I’ll summarize my feelings as: “I LOVE YOU”

  • Well thats 2 months in a row we got retail games. They were both games I personally despise (basketball is pointless), but retail nonetheless.

  • Oh and Gone Home should just be called “went home. Turns out my sister likes women. Fair play to her.”

  • Why are games not available 1st of every month? Would make more sense…

    • Carnivius_Prime

      Cos the 1st is sometimes on a weekend and games generally don’t get released then (and often at least one of the Plus games is a newly released one)?

  • This lineup on PS4 for me is the worst PS+ line-up I’ve ever seen. I don’t like sports games, so NBA 2K16 has no value for me whatsoever, Gone Home could be interesting, but for me this is the worst month of PS+ in 2016 so far. Probably I’m gonna download Gone Home or add it to the library, but if I’m gonna play it – I don’t know.

    • Carnivius_Prime

      Gone Home isn’t interesting. Or fun. Or a game really…

    • Feel the same way..first month since joining ps plus two years ago that there is not one single game I’m interested in…even though I have loads of games to be getting on with,I can’t help but feel extremely dissapointed..ah well..

    • Really? Oh well, I’ve need to see the gameplay to judge, but if this becomes true, this line-up becomes even worse for me than it is now, if it can become any worse.

  • Much better month well done Sony yayyyy. Please let siren blood curse be on PS4 too, tried it on the ps3 years ago was fun but the graphics were questionable. Really would like to try it again. Ps time to drop the ps3 now

    • Who are you to decide what console they should drop? Everyone still has a PS3 even if they don’t release that many games anymore.

    • Are you crazy, I love my ps3, even if I use it mostly for psOne game. Maybe by the time the ps5 is out, than it’d be totally reasonable.

    • Some people still have their ps1 doesnt mean sony should start posting out those old CD Roms. Ps3 was a great console no doubt but ps4 is where it’s at now

    • Except they’re still releasing stuff for PS3, even if it’s mostly cross-buy, multi-platform content.

  • nice to see another big PS4 game this month, even if it is NBA lol( still be fun to try though 8)) , and Gone Home sounds good too :).

    think youve forgotten to add some PS3 games this month though. they dont seem the, er, same level of quality as PS4 or Vita games xD.

  • Gone Home is excellent.

  • Any news what the Double Discounts are?

    • By the looks of the image for this month; Uncharted 1&2, Far Cry 4 and Just Cause 3. Which is great because I’ve been waiting for the Uncharted games to drop in price for a while! 8)

    • As well as others, obviously

  • So pretty much 4 out of 6 games are SIE’s own titles. You need to start paying developers/publishers on having their games on Plus. I mean pretty much all you do is use your own older titles for Plus games and that’s it. Sure, nobody wants to play a 2008 title that has no trophies like Loco Roco right. No wonder why PS3 is getting such average titles now. ¬_¬

    I mean what’s next, Motorstorm? Daxter? Flow?

    • Remember the days when you knew what plus games were going to be based upon upcoming releases – like giving Borderlands away near the time Borderlands 2 was going to be released. Saints Row was another – I would have thought that marketing strategy would have been successful

    • A_Valkyries_Kiss

      but also developers noticed that potential as sales, money they could be getting off their old games when friends told people who hadnt tried it to get it so they can play the 2nd etc

  • Please Sony.

    Stop giving us PSP-games.

  • Nothing to do with the PS+ update, but at the moment there’s nowhere else to ask about today’s store update. No sign of Oxenfree, the dynamic theme and avatars are there, but not the game. Any reasons?

  • Wow… it’s painfully obvious that we’re getting the cheapest options they can find. Outdated sportsgames and ancient PS3 games before the age of trophies.

  • First month there is nothing for me :(
    Oh well can’t win them all!

    Sports games though lol

  • This is amazing! (From a PS4 standpoint anyway)

  • X_Blood_Curse_X

    Another ancient cheap Sony owned IP from like 8 years ago. Yay. I could have sworn I played Echochrome on Playstation home for free…

  • I was really happy for Siren, but unfortunately it’s not available in my country. Will it be made available on psn now? It shouldn’t be hard since it’s a first party Sony game.

  • People going hysterical its a great month when its just a new enough Basketball game that has you all excited. Come on Sony, try harder with the PS3 games. Echochrome? That game I got for less than a fiver 7 years ago? Try reaching out to some publishers. Imagine giving away one of the Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm games once every 2 months or so. Maybe it would get new fans and people would go out and buy the new one then.
    Or try some different older Lego games or something or some other forgotten, budget today, decent games like Alpha Protocol or Binary Domain.
    I checked out Echochrome and Siren Blood Curse a long time ago. You are missing out on some opportunities here.

    • I can understand that you may not like it, but why shouldn’t other people be happy if they do? Different strokes. Like, I don’t even like basketball and I prefer it to any of the other options you named in your comment.

    • The_David_Diablo

      What Casymn said. Also, NBA 2K16 is well received by fans and critics alike for the most part and is a very well made game. Taste and personal preferences not withstanding, it’s safe to say NBA 2k16 is a better game then any of the ones you mentioned and certainly it’s better than anything we’ve gotten on Plus for a long time now.

  • Are we getting decent games this month to distract from the Kings Quest demo from December’s Plus games being made available for free to everyone?

    • Carnivius_Prime

      clearly not cos there are decent games this month except maybe an ancient god of war.

    • king’s Quest Ep 1 was not a demo!! Full game 7ish hours!

    • @Witcher70: king’s quest was not a full game. It was the first chapter of an episodic series and these first chapters are normally given away for free.

  • NBA 2k16 for the PS4 is such a win for me. Kind of figures why it never did get down to a proper ‘sale’ price.

    Sorry if you’re not a hoops fan, but this one game has me amped for PS+. Something that hasn’t happened in a long time for me.

    Now what game to clear from my 500GB drive? Uncharted 4 is definitely staying on even though I’ve completed it once.

  • Emperor_Mordred

    Finally a solid month, I’ll check out Gone Home for sure.
    Tropico 5 was a good start for (relatively) big PS4 games, hopefully this trend continues

  • What the actual? Every month the PS3 offering is total bullcrap, and I always think how could it get any worse? Well, congrats Sony, you’ve managed it… AGAIN.

    Even the Vita stuff blows.

    Puzzle junk on the PS3 and recycled PSP plop.

  • Oh dear, oh dear.

    Gone Home I don’t actually mind, but NBA 2K16? I’ll pass thanks.

    Where do we even start with the PS3+Vita+PSP games?

    Echochrome released what 8 years ago?

    Siren: Blood Curse (Episodes 1-12) doesn’t even have a trophy list nor does God of War: Chains of Olympus for that matter.

    At least the Vita might actually have got some love.

    • Does it even matter if it doesn’t have trophies?

    • i don’t care about trophies. I do care that Sony are taking the mick and giving us the scrapings of their verrucas in place of even half-decent titles.

    • I’m just pointing the fact out, and for me yes since I’m a trophy hunter.

      What I don’t like is they’re giving us a 7-9 year old games.

    • Bizarre – so an old game has no value because its old? New games don’t necessarily equate to good because they are new. Some of the best games ever made were released before trophies or achievements. I still play Wiz and Liz on megadrive and games on the 3DS and Wii-U don’t have trophies but they are fun.

      Echochrome does have trophies, but sometimes isn’t it fun to just play a game and not worry about getting a platinum?

    • If you are passing on NBA2K16 make sure you are not moving when do so, can get a DQ for doing that if you’re caught.

  • Bottom of the barrel PS3 and Vita games again.
    Where do you keep finding this crap?

    • I think you mean that you have played the decent games on last gen and handheld and don’t like that you don’t have anything new to play here for free. Time to upgrade my friend!

    • @Gotrek_74 Yeah, upgrade the sony handheld gen. Can you point me to where I can get a Vita 2? And also where do I get the Vita 2 games?

  • Fantastic month. Every single game on there is worth playing.

  • Siren is a great horror game,better than Resident evil has been for decades

  • Especially Siren Blood Curse. Anyone who still has access to a ps3 and is into horror (especially japanese) must play it.

    • Agreed, wish they would release PS2 Kuon on the PS4 (always wanted to play it but £100+ for a PS2 game is a bit much – the Forbidden Siren games were good too

  • I think it’s a good idea but there are a lot of people that have this game so i think you can guve this people another game as good a de 2K16

  • Oh awesome, looking forward to NBA 2K16 :)

  • Siren! Will be playing that again was a pretty good game very dark, makes me wish they had remade siren 2 as well

  • Wow awful vita games and ancient ps3 games. In regards to ps4 can i swap the basketball game for a cricket game? How about instead of a walking simulator we get a game simulator?

  • Gone Home and God of War: Chains of Olympus is not available in Saudi Arabia so What we’ll get in return ?

    • that’s what i’m wondering. also wondering if gone home isn’t available by mistake because in the release announcement post there didn’t seem to be mention of it not being available for us

  • Wow gone home is devisive. 85 from the critics and 3.7 from users.

    • There is a trophy for finishing it in a minute. So, just try it for a minute or so :p

    • The critics are all mates with the devs, the old story. That and they love pretentious twaddle, as they think it’s ‘improving games’

    • Maybe you should stop caring about numbers and watch a review from a trustworthy YouTube personality like Super Bunnyhop or Northernlion to understand what, and how, the game actually it.

      Yes, it’s a walking simulator, but a goddamn good one. The story might not be super original, but the way it’s told, is unique to say the least (the writer worked on Bioshock, nuf said).

      Avoid reading the bad reviews on Metacritic, they contain spoilers (another hint on how much you should value their opinion…)

  • Whilst PS4 is pretty decent, PsVita is terrible again! Why are PSP games included in the Vita games? Next you’ll be throwing in PSOne classics in as “Vita games” :/

  • ImmovableTonyG1

    Bit of a sloppy post – doesn’t even mention when these games are joining! Tomorrow? Next Wednesday? Could have mentioned a bit more about the other games too. I can see why people think Sony can’t be bothered, because it certainly looks that way.

  • Nba2k16 – two months in a row with a full priced game (and zombi the month before was sorta a full priced game) not my thing, but those shows we might be getting proper games from now on.

    Gone home – saw someone call this a niche game….it’s one of the most famous pc games going…..and it’s very over rated. But it is a big name indie game, happy to see it for free.

    Echochrome – a good little puzzler….but very old…old enough that it had to have its trophies patched in later….ala uncharted.

    Blood siren – again pretty old, but pretty much a full game, so a bit better than most PS3 offerings recently

    Little deviants – is this the only non-Japanese/anime style game that hasn’t been on plus? Yeah probably but it’s a full game, but a bit rough tbh

    God of war – another psp game…a good one yes but still….I think Sony will announce a change to ps+ on vita and PS3 at e3.

    • Well the PS3 is coming up on it’s 10th year so I suspect they will retire support for it and considering how they ended support for ps vita tv – I suspect the vita will last a bit longer as it has remote play etc for the PS4. The vita unless you like Japanese centric games (which fortunately I do) is just another chocolate teapot.

      This month is better than the last few months but I already own both PS3 games, not interested in NBA or any sports games, the vita is a bit meh so I guess I’m lucky I’m interested in Gone Home. Here is hoping we get some decent sales in June

    • “one of the most famous pc games going” – Indie games, yes, but that’s a long way from being popular, or even good.

    • I did say gone home is very over rated…’s a critics darling, but in reality is very dull.

  • M8 I don’t play baseball, what is this!

    If I wanted to play sports I wouldn’t have bought a PS4

  • Just want to say: NBA 2K16 <3 Thanks

  • Finally something that I’ll actually play…

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